A Racist Is A Racist Is A Racist

    I am old enough to remember seeing White racism in the ” Old South ” when I was a child.  I clearly remember the many news stories about Byron De La Beckwith, Jr., in 1963 and 1964.  Beckwith was a White racist and Klansman from Greenwood, Mississippi.  He was tried for the murder of Medgar Evers who was shot on June 12, 1963.  Both trials of Beckwith resulted in hung juries in 1964.  During Beckwith’s second trial, former Governor Ross Barnett interrupted the trial to shake hands with Beckwith.  In my view, Governor Barnett lacked basic decency and disgraced himself by displaying a pathological form of White racism. 

   In 2014, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder traveled to Florissant, Missouri, to shake hands with citizens of that region where rioting had been taking place.  Some community residents had rioted over the shooting of Michael Brown by a white police officer.  Holder was critical of law enforcement and discussed his ” humiliation ” of having his car searched by law enforcement after he was stopped for speeding. 

   Mr. Holder, in my view, has often used his power as Attorney General to promote Black racism and to silence the critics of his boss, Barack Obama.  As an American who deplores both Black racism and White racism, I am mystified why the American news media continues to view Holder and Obama as anything more than elected Black racists.  White racism from the past does not justify the new Black racism practiced by Holder and Obama against the American People and the Constitution. I found Holder’s handshaking of individuals in the area of the riots to be as disgusting as Governor Ross Barnett’s handshake of Beckwith. 

                                           R. Van Conoley  ( Editor’s note:  Byron De La Beckwith was tried for a third time in 1994 and convicted.  He died in prison in 2001, at the age of 80. )

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Bill Tavernier Sends A Strong Message

   Bill Tavernier has probably done more than any individual to promote open, honest, and clean government in Volusia County.  Sanityandsense recently obtained a copy of a document mailed by Mr. Tavernier to all the members of the Volusia County Council.  The letter was also sent to Jim Dinneen, County Manager, and to Mr. Daniel Eckert, Volusia County attorney. 

   Sanityandsense has verified the letter and has received permission from Mr. Tavernier to re-print the letter on this website.  The letter is as follows:

    ” From the very beginning, I have believed this entire Waverly Media charade of an ”investigation” to be a personal and political witch-hunt.  After reviewing the  ”interviews ” conducted by Mr. Kaney, I now, more than ever, question the validity of this gossip and false statement filled tale.  Futhermore, I personally object to the false statements, lies told, and suppositions made by council member Patricia Northey regarding me, and a family member.

   ” Firstly, Ms. Northey, it is none of your damn business where my income comes from.  All I can guarantee you is that it is not derrived from a quarter of a century plus of slopping from the public money trough. (( Pg. 7 of interview. )) You do not know what I do, because you never asked, and once again, it is none of your or Jon Kaney’s business. (( Pg. 7 interview. ))

   ” Why is it a concern of who I associate with, Ms. Northey?  None are convicted felons, but quite to the contrary, honorable individuals.  (( Pg 7 interview. ))  Contrary to the statement provided by Ms. Northey, no one in my family has been employed by any government agency within the past three years, and once again, it is none of your business.  (( Pg 7 interview. ))

   ” My happily married daughter of seven years is dating no one except her husband.  However,  Ms. Northey refers to an old rumor, fostered by her former neighbor, and treat it as fact.  A despicable lie on her part.  (( Pg. 7 interview. )) I do not brag, I do, and whatever I say or do can be backed up with documentation and fact.  Ms. Northey, can you say the same?

   ” I could call this being untruthful, but prefer to call the spade what it is.  Ms. Northey, once again, why did you lie to Mr. Kaney?  (( Pg 40 interview. ))  I was not ” doing bus benches” in Deltona, or anywhere else for anyone.

   ” By implying that I was party to ” having a contract ” on a piece of property  (( Pg 42 interview. )) for a fire station is another bold face lie, and has nothing to do with Waverly through your own admission.  I believe this false statement was made simply to maliciously damage the individuals named. 

   ” More curiously, is the interview with council member Douglas Daniels, someone I have never met or spoken with,  (( Pg 17-18 interview )) but Mr. Daniels seems to of been somewhat informed, or mis-informed, by someone in West Volusia of a few minor details.  Strangely, his statements mirror those of Council Member Northey.  Tabanere( sic ) is a common mis-pronunciation and spelling desecration of my last name when given telephonically.  In view of the comment of Mr. Daniel’s interview, and that of Ms. Northey, the possibility of violation of Florida Sunshine Law certainly does exist. 

   ” To both, Mr Daniels and Ms. Northey, I never was employed by Waverly.  I never sold bus benches in Deltona or anywhere else, and please be more careful in choosing your Sunshine Law violation scenarios.  What a tangled web we weave. ”

   Signed: Bill Tavernier; Deltona, Florida 32738; Dated September 5, 2014.

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A Wise Saying – Part 114

War against the present is always a war against facts.  Facts are the toys of men who live and die at leisure.  Individuals who are engrossed in the immediate realization of an extravagant hope view facts as something vile and unclean.  True facts are counterrevolutionary.  False information and half truths are revolutionary.                    R. Van Conoley

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A Wise Saying – Part 113

   ” From our view, the dominance of the West since the Renaissance was a five-hundred year mistake that will soon be corrected. ”              Quote by a high-ranking Communist Chinese Party Official to the U.S. Ambassador in 2005.

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John Bogle and David Stockman

   I enjoy studying and learning new things every day.  My fascination with mathematics and biochemistry has slowly been pushed to the side in recent years and replaced with studies in international economics and international finance.  With five university degrees, I surely do not need to acquire any additional university degrees nor do I see any value in studying one more ”professor written ” text book.

   As a retired person, I enjoy investing some savings in the stock market.  I found that the old Wall Street saying that it is ” better to be lucky than smart ” would often apply to me.  However, after the 2008 recession/depression, the stock market seemed to become a ”game” that became more difficult and complex.  I view the stock market as sort of a game and I enjoy winning much more than losing. In order to become a better investor, I have read hundreds of books about stocks, finance, economics, and investing over the past ten years.  Some were worthwile and some were less than worthless ! 

   I would like to recommend two recently published books that provide sound and factual information about finance, economics, and the stock market.  The first book is titled:  ” The Clash of Cultures – Investment vs. Speculation ” written by John Bogle.  John Bogle is the founder of the Vanguard Group of mutual funds where he served as chairman and CEO.  Time magazine named Mr. Bogle as one of the four investment giants of the twentieth Century.  His excellent book was published in 2012.

   The second book is titled: ” The Great Deformation ” and was written by David Stockman.  Mr. Stockman’s book was published in 2013.  Mr. Stockman was was elected as a Michigan congressman in 1976, and joined the Reagan White House in 1981.  He served Mr. Reagan as budget director and was a key architect of the Reagan Revolution.  He later worked at Salomon Brothers and then Blackstone Group. 

   While the smartest person in the world can not predict where IBM, or any other stock, will close on the next trading day, these two financial geniuses clearly explain how our economy and markets operate and how our markets have evolved.  Their arguements are so well reasoned that these two books reveal what the economic future will be with a very high probability of accuracy.  

                                  R. Van Conoley

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A Wise Saying – 112

” Stubborn and ardent clinging to one’s opinion is the best proof of stupidity.”            Michel de Montaigne ///     R. Van Conoley ( Possibly I might modify this wise saying as follows:   ” Stubborn clinging to one’s opinion after it has been scientifically refuted is a sign of psychosis. ”

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Hot- Hotter and Hottest

    To prove once again that the famous website, Sanityandsense.com is well in front of the curve, I call your attention to the well read article titled:  ” Fifty Shades of Green : The Petula Southey Story. ”  Scenes were released today from the upcoming movie: ” Fifty Shades of Grey. ”  It made international news !  People are talking about this movie !

   ” Fifty Shades of Green: The Petula Southey Story ” is rated IQ-140.  Individuals with an IQ less than 140 should not read this outstanding article unless accompanied by an individual with an IQ of 140 or higher.  This is the blockbuster that some of you may have missed.  If you read it before, as so many people did, it has the same memorable character: Petula Southey !

                                       R. Van Conoley

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A Wise Saying – Part 111

  An independent individual is an unbalanced individual.  The confidence and self-esteem which keep independent individuals on an even keel are extremely perishable and they must be generated anew each day.  An achievement today is but a challenge for tomorrow. 

   The soul of the autonomous individual has the aspects of a volcanic landscape.  There is a seismic line running through it.  This line is the line that separates the individual from himself.  All the enthusiasms, dreams, and aspirations have their origins along this line.  Independent individuals try to heal over the seismic line by a reconciliation with the self through achievement, or camouflage it by self-forgetting, or eliminate it by self-rejection. 

                            R. Van Conoley  ( Editor’s note:  I suspect that 98% of the people who read this aphorism will find it meaningless.  I believe that about 2% will understand it immediately.  Unfortunately, the 98% who find it meaningless are the individuals who most need to comprehend the aphorism and the wisdom it contains. )

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Clint Johnson For DeBary Mayor – 2014

   The following interview with Clint Johnson took place on July/17/2014.  Sanityandsense.com provides this information as a public service for all De
Bary residents. 

#1) Would you please state your background.   Ans.  ” I am 28 years old and I was born in Sanford, Florida.  I am married and I live with my wife, Alicia, in DeBary.  I attended  Stetson University.  My mother, father, and both sets of grandparents live here in DeBary.  I am a Relator and I have been very fortunate to have owned and operated several successful bussiness enterprises.  Presently, I am the owner and CEO of ‘ Screen Enforcement ‘ in DeBary and I have operated this business for six years. ”

#2) What is your greatest strength and your greatest weakness that you bring to the office of Mayor?    Ans.  ” My greatest strength is my ability to communicate clearly and concisely with people in all areas.  My greatest weakness is that I tend to lack patience with individuals who attempt to take advantage of our city government. ”

#3) As of this date, how much money have you collected and how much money have you spent.   Ans.  ” I have collected about $ 7,000.00, and I have spent $ 6,000.00 ”

#4) What issue do you believe is the most important issue for DeBary and why is it important?    Ans.  ” I believe that growth in our city is the most important issue.  DeBary needs leadership that is not afraid to fight for smart growth that serves to accentuate and improve our unique atmosphere. ”

#5) Would you discuss the issue of gambling?   Ans.  ” This is an important issue worthy of serious consideration if it arises again. ”

#6) Would you discuss taxation?   Ans.  ” I have made a very serious effort to understand the financial aspects of SunRail.  Unfortunately, I have not received any straight and factual answers.  Clearly, SunRail will impact our city, but without facts it is difficult to evaluate how this project will modify our tax base.  I am opposed to higher taxes and will continue to seek an understanding of potential future burdens.”

#7) Would you discuss growth and development in DeBary?   Ans.  ” I was the only person on the ‘ planning and zoning ‘ board to vote against the variances requested by the Dollar General Store.  I will continue to insist on growth that will improve our city. ”

#8) Are there any sections of the city budget that you believe should be decreased?  Ans.  ” I would like to decrease the amount of funds that are budgeted for administrative bureaucracy. ”

#9) Are there any sections of the budget that you believe should be increased if you are elected?  Ans.  ” I would like to see more discretionary funds available for prompt and efficient servicing of the day to day needs of our residents. ”

#10) Please rate City Manager Parrott on a scale from one to ten with 1 as the lowest and ten as the highest.   Ans.  ” 8 ”

#11) Should DeBary have our own fire department?  Ans.  ” Presently I am satisfied with our fire services.  However, I believe that the Council should conduct a yearly review to determine the most cost efficient direction. ”

#12) Should all DeBary residents have county water?  Ans.  ” Those residents who do not presently have county water could petition the Council to bring county water to them.  I would support the petition if the concerned individuals were willing to assume the financial burdens required. ”

#13) If the U.S. has another serious economic recession/depression like 2008, what will you do to fund the revenue shortage?  Ans.  ” I would reduce services that are not essential for the safety of the residents of DeBary. ”

#14) Would you please make any additional comments that you believe need to be discussed?  Ans.  ” It is an honor to offer myself to the task of working with the residents for a better DeBary. ”

                         R. Van Conoley ( Editor’s note:  Clint Johnson was elected Mayor of DeBary on August 26, 2014. )

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A Wise Saying – Part 110

  When people accuse others they are actually excusing themselves.  The more people need to justify themselves, the greater will be their self-righteousness.  Hence, the democrat crooks in congress continually accuse the republican crooks of evil acts and lack of integrity.  The republican crooks continually accuse the democrat crooks of evil acts and lack of integrity.  It amazes me to ponder that they are both absolutely correct.  However, the U.S. can not survive as a Republic unless sensible and sane Americans demand a constitutional amendment that allows third parties fair and equal ballott access in all federal elections without the reprehensible qualifying fees.  Also, third party access must be exactly the same for all fifty states. 

                                   R. Van Conoley

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