Black Lives Do Not Matter To Democrats In Chicago

As an American Citizen, I was sickened to learn that 104 individuals were shot in Chicago over the past Father’s Day weekend from Friday night to Monday morning.  That is the weekend of June 20, 2020 to June 21, 2020.  Five children were killed.

Chicago was the city where Mayor Richard J. Daley ruled over a corrupt political empire.  He was later followed by a relative, Richard M. Daley.  Chicago was the city where Barack Hussein Obama perfected his political skills in extortion, bribery, money laundering, and voter fraud.  Chicago is one city in a corrupt state where the working middle class citizens are fleeing from high taxes and high crime.  Illinois has been mismanaging the public finances for many decades and the state is heading toward bankruptcy.

Chicago is not the only city where crime is tragically high.  The high crime cities in the U.S. are all mismanaged by democrat operatives.  The U.S. is in a state of anarchy and senseless violence.  Yet, it seems that the democrat party would be glad to burn down and destroy the entire U.S. just to harm President Trump.

On May 11,2017, this website published an article titled: ” The Extraordinary Option – Martial Law. ” This article was published because it became apparent that the democrat party had criminalized the Justice Department, the CIA, and the FBI in order to overthrow President Trump in an act of high treason.  When the article was published, this website had no idea whatsoever that the terrorist wing of the democrat party would begin directing terrorist activities against our fellow Americans.  Just take a look around.

Martial Law may be declared by the President under Article 1, Section 8, Clause 15 of the U.S. Constitution.  Once the President declares Martial Law it gives the President unlimited powers and Martial Law means whatever the President says it means.  Clearly, President Trump will be slandered by the terrorist democrat party no matter what he does.  U.S. Law will be restored whenever the President declares that Martial law is ended.

This is not the country I was born in. I was born into a fair and relatively just America.  The questionable use of large sums of money by Globalist Billionaires have emboldened the very worst elements that exist in America.  Even if President Trump has to act with extreme force to restore public order to America, I doubt that America will be able to exist as one country with 50 States.  The election of Joe Biden to the office of President will cause the U.S. to separate into separate republics.  Even the election of President Trump may not be enough to allow America to remain one country undivided.

The treasonous actions of the Obama-Clinton crime families have created a destructive process that foreign terrorists never could have envisioned.  Empires end and countries Balkanize. Countries end and sometimes it may be better. Citizens are fleeing the crime ridden cities for lower paying jobs in low crime America.  The Southeastern region of the U.S. most probably will become a republic much like America used to be.  California may likely become a Communist-Socialist state like Venezuela.  Look closely, for the U.S. will not remain the same.  Very sad but very true.

R. Van Conoley  ( The President is the Commander and Chief of all U.S. military forces. The President can remove any member of the U.S. armed forces at any time as President Truman did to the arrogant General MacArthur. Hopefully the President will have military personnel in place that fully recognize and accept that Donald Trump is the Commander and Chief of all U.S. Forces at all times while he is President. Since the Justice Department was criminalized, and the FBI was criminalized, and the CIA was criminalized to commit high treason against President Trump, it seems likely that President Trump needs to make some adjustments in the U.S. Military before taking the needed actions. )

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Trump’s Problems : Analysis and Solutions

President Trump has problems.  Unfortunately some of the problems are of his own creations.  However, to be perfectly fair, President Trump has faced problems of high Treason like no other President with the possible exception of President Lincoln.

President Trump had a complex web of high treason directed against him just after his announcement for office.  While President Lincoln knew full well that the Southern states wished to withdraw from the Union, President Trump had very little information of just how complex and nefarious and how large the act of high treason was in its’ complexity and how deeply many of the members of this plot were imbedded into the bureaucratic positions of the U.S. system.

Today, four months before the presidential election on November 3, 2020, it is extremely clear to any sane and sensible American of the nefarious and illegal and treasonous actions of the top levels of the FBI, the CIA, and sadly the U.S. Justice Department’s highest officials.

It is mainly up to Attorney General Barr to act and to act as rapidly as possible without harming the innocent.  However, there is one area that the President has not acted wisely in my view.  I do not believe that President Trump fully understands the wise warnings of President Eisenhower about the Military Industrial Complex.  Clearly the general Public and the President both understand that the opposition party, the Democrat Party, can sometimes work with him and sometimes work against him.  However, I have never seen a democrat party so vile and reprehensible as the democrat party of 2016 to 2020.

What the President does not seem to understand is that he is the Commander and Chief of all forces of the U.S. military.  No member of the U.S. military has the right to criticize the Commander, the President, while in the uniform of the U.S. military.  If a member of the military criticizes the President while in uniform, he can be terminated and removed. If a member of the military wishes to criticize the President, he should resign from the military and then he is free to criticize the President as much as he wishes.

During the Korean War, General Douglas MacArthur seemed to believe that he was as important or even more important than his Commander, President Truman. MacArthur was correctly removed by President Truman.  President Trump can do the same with any and all military personnel today.  What I do not believe that President Trump fully understands is that the ” Military Industrial Complex ” that exists in Washington today is as Machiavellian as any special interest group that dumps reelection money on their favorite representatives and Senators.

What President Trump must understand is that some military generals, all of whom are under his command, are already trying to ” cuddle up ” to the Democrat Party in case the democrat party wins in 2020. Borrowing a line from George H.W. Bush, ” Watch my lips.” Watch my lips when I tell you that you will not find one active duty general that would advocate for LESS military spending.  Watch my lips when I tell you that 100% of all active duty generals will advocate for more military spending.  Watch my lips when I tell you that when high level generals retire from active military service, many become highly paid lobbyists for the ” Military Industrial Complex. ”

To help Americans and President Trump understand the nature of the Military Industrial Complex, I have converted some spending numbers to percentages from President Obama’s term. You of course remember that Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize. Of the billions and billions spent, here are the results for one year during the Obama administration of world military spending.  Of the top five countries in the world, the U.S. spent 70.2% of the total.  China was second with only 12% of the total.  Britain, France, and Russia came in at 3rd., 4th., and 5th. place with about 6% each.  Now take a look at those numbers very carefully.

For readers, and hopefully President Trump, there are a number of very factual articles on this website relating to the Military Industrial Complex.  To locate and read these articles, simply type ” Military Industrial Complex ” into the search box and click go. Do not type the quote marks into the search box. Six very informative articles will appear and the data is accurate and I am very careful to separate the facts from the opinions presented.  “Wasteful Defense Spending – F-35 ” is an example of very wasteful defense spending.

In summary, I hope that President Trump terminates a number of military personnel.  He is the President and he is the Commander-in-Chief of all U.S. military forces and he does not have to give any reasons for his actions in this area.  However, if Trump terminates some military personnel, it would be totally worthless if he can not replace that individual, or individuals,  with a persons of higher integrity, higher intelligence, and a higher allegiance to the U.S. Constitution.  President Reagan brought in James Webb to assist him with military morale and to advise him in military matters.

Mr. Trump appointed Mr. Barr as Attorney General, and I truly believe that Mr. Barr will promote justice and serve the American People first and foremost.  Now Mr. Trump must find a Secretary of Defense and high level military generals who will serve the interests of the U.S. Constitution before the Machiavellian interests of : 1) Lockeed-Martin, 2) Boeing, 3) Northrop Gruman, 4) General Dynamics, 5) Raytheon, and many more.

R. Van Conoley


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Continuous Slanders Against Donald Trump

The continuous slanders directed against Donald Trump are becoming more vile and difficult to believe.  A group of treasonous individuals, who vastly misused their power to destroy Donald Trump, will soon be indicted by Attorney General Barr.

Those who are outraged by the illegal actions of a number of unelected bureaucrats at the Justice Department, the FBI, and the CIA should approach the discussion in a different way.  Clearly there was abuse of power and clearly the bureaucrats committed serious and numerous acts of high treason.

Without violating the rights of individuals to have a fair trial, the discussion should center about the acts of high treason by numerous individuals.  Short jail terms for a few individuals would be the greatest injustice ever committed in the U.S. There are at least 100 individuals who participated in the treason against the legally elected President, Donald Trump.  Those who held high office, mostly appointed by President Obama, have vast and overwhelming evidence that can be presented to a court of law against them.

Donald Trump is in a position, as victim and President, of not being able to make statements that could damage the right to fair trials of these individuals.  Whether a person likes or dislikes Trump, all law abiding Americans must demand fair and speedy trials for the individuals involved.  If A.G. Barr and Mr. Durham do anything less than request the death penalty for those involved and convicted of treason, the justice system will be viewed as a system to punish the poor and weak and to slap powerful and rich people on the wrist by showing mercy when no mercy is called for nor appropriate.

R. Van Conoley ( The U.S. Senate hearings are, in my view, enough to gag a maggot. Watching Senator Lindsey Graham question an individual who may soon be indicted for treason was disgusting and vile.  It is an attempt, about 2.5 years too late, by Senator Graham to demonstrate that he is concerned with law and order.  Senator Graham is only concerned with promoting his own Machiavellian self interests in the 2020 elections.  Senator Graham is much alike the dim witted Mitt Romney and the U.S. Senate would be a better place without either of these double dealing and double talking con men. )

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Hiroshima and Nagasaki – 75 Years Later

On August 6, 2020, it has been seventy-five years since American forces deployed an atomic bomb called ” Little Boy ” on the Japanese city of Hiroshima.  On August 9, 2020, it will become the 75 Anniversary of the second atomic bomb that was deployed against the Japanese city of Nagasaki.  On August 15, 1945, Japan formally surrendered to the U.S.

No member of the Japanese Imperial Family was ever indicted for war crimes.

From the invasion of China in 1937 to the end of World War II, the Japanese military murdered about 10,000,000 people.  The Japanese murdered about 6,000,000 Chinese.  The  Japanese also murdered Indonesians, Koreans, Filipinos, and allied POW’s.

During World War II, 416,800 U.S. military personnel died.  During World War II, the Soviet Union lost 9 MILLION military personnel and lost a total of 24 Million military and civilian citizens.

George Santayana stated: ” Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it. ”

R. Van Conoley ( Editor’s Note: The above information is factual and not based upon opinion.  The opinion of the editor of remains that the United States is seriously mistaken in maintaining U.S. military personnel in Japan 75 years after World War II ended.  There is absolutely no reason whatsoever for maintaining U.S. forces in Japan in any capacity.  Also, the U.S. and Japan have signed treaties that bind the U.S. and Japan together if Japan should be attacked.  All treaties with Japan are outdated and serve three very negative purposes: 1) They serve to commit the U.S. to favor Japan in all disputes in the Asian region.  This is extremely unwise. 2)  The government of Japan is perfectly capable of defending itself in the Asian region.  With North Korea now in possession of Nuclear weapons, many believe that the region would be more stable if Japan also had nuclear weapons.  3) While the Trump administration is re-evaluating the role of the U.S. with Mainland China, and that is a very wise decision, the U.S. should display a more neutral role regarding China and Japan. )












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Leadership From Tucker Carlson

When conditions are not ripe, no potential leader, no matter how gifted and intelligent, and no matter how just his cause will be able to assume the awesome role of high leadership.

In pre- World Ward II Britain, the future leader, Churchill, was in the eyes of the public continuously.  But the will to follow him did not exist.  It was only when disaster shook the country to its foundations did Churchill emerge as a leader.

Today, June, 2020, in the U.S., the stage is indeed set and an outstanding leader is indispensable.  Tim Walz, John Harrington, Andrew Cuomo, Bill de Blaiso, Cory Booker, and Eric Garcetti are elected individuals with power and a desire to fill a leadership role if accepted by the American People.  All of those just mentioned have used the powerful medium of TV and all of them have looked like greater fools and in the long term injured their reputations and damaged their credibility.  They look like fools, incompetents, and even psychopaths.

Yet in this time of crisis and anarchy, one person has emerged as a Churchill like individual with a calm and sensible voice of pure reason.  Tucker Carlson has emerged and many people from all backgrounds are ready to follow him.

Tucker Carlson did not want nor did he expect to develop such a following.  Carlson is an author and a TV host on FOX network.  Tucker Carlson does have a parallel in U.S. History.  James Garfield emerged as a leader in 1879 to 1880 in spite of all of his attempts to avoid a leadership role.  Garfield was essentially forced to accept the GOP nomination for President in 1880 because honest members of his party were disgusted with the lawless and incompetent Grant.  He was elected President in 1880.

Much like Garfield, Tucker Carlson has become a leader in 2020 to an amazingly large number of People.  While Donald Trump will become the GOP nominee in 2020, Tucker Carlson may be forced into a political position after 2020.

Joe Biden, the presumed democrat nominee for President in 2020 lacks all the skills needed for leadership and independent thought.  Yet he is strongly supported by the far left extremists in his party and the anarchists that survive to promote change through chaos. The anarchists know full well that Joe Biden would be President in name only. The anarchists and the criminal element inherent in the new democrat party plan to get rid of Biden after two years, if he is elected, by declaring him incompetent under a Constitutional Amendment. This would then allow the anarchist elements to control the democrat party with about ten billionaire globalists and the non tax paying poor of American society.  Remember about half of the adults in the U.S. do not pay taxes.  Now the anarchist democrats are free to destroy the honest and law abiding middle class in America and change our Western Civilization forever.

Donald Trump, the presumptive nominee of the Republican Party, stands in sharp opposition to the new Biden-Clinton-Anarchist Party.  But what of the eloquence of Tucker Carlson and his growing leadership among Americans? The anarchist democrat party has no one individual that can match Tucker Carlson, however; the anarchist democrat party has a massive number of electronic journalists, if indeed they can be called journalists, who will run a 24-7 news cycle against Donald Trump and Vice President Pence.  The anti-Trump members have no concern about the truthful presentation of facts and claim absolution under the First Amendment of free speech.

November 3, 2020, will indeed be a day of great significance for Americans.  Also, it is not clear how the Biden-Trump debates will be conducted.  With the terrorist and violent actions recently seen in the U.S., security for the traditional Presidential debates must be a great consideration.

R. Van Conoley   ( Editor’s Note: Like 99% of Americans, I am totally appalled by the unneeded and unnecessary death of George Floyd.  The police officer, Derek Chauvin, deserves a fair trial and due process that is granted to all Americans.  Therefore, I will not comment on Mr. Chauvin, except to say that I hold the Governor of Minnesota 100% responsible for his apparent failure to regulate the police forces in Minnesota.  I also hold the Commissioner of Public safety, John Harrington, 100% responsible for the unnecessary death of George Floyd. Clinical psychologists do not know everything, but it is a good idea to have a psychological review for all officers who carry a badge and a gun. )


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Dr. Rand Paul, President of the United States

Dr. Rand Paul’s latest book titled: ” The Case Against Socialism,” was even better than I had hoped.  Published in 2019, it remains on demand from people who order books from the public libraries in my area.

Dr. Paul’s book expanded my knowledge base and was very readable. Dr. Paul made his case against Socialism in an extremely comprehensible manner.

There were several stories in the book that I found very amusing.  The first happened at a social event when Dr. Paul was seated next to Joseph Stiglitz. Joseph Stiglitz is an economist and a Nobel Laureate.  Stiglitz is an economist who is as far to the left as Dr. Paul is to the right. Even though Stiglitz is a left leaning economist, I greatly enjoyed reading all of his books.  As Dr. Paul attempted to engage Stiglitz in a conversation, that Stiglitz would not have won, Dr. Stiglitz ignored Rand and turned his attention to his guest on the other side.

The second incident involved Israeli President Benjamin Netanyahu in 2013.  After a speech to Congress, Netanyahu received a standing ovation. Dr. Paul was criticized by some in the media for ” not clapping enthusiastically enough ! ”

I believe that Dr. Rand Paul would make an excellent President of the U.S. at sometime in the future.  Sure, I like Vice President Mike Pence.  If the Trump-Pence ticket is re-elected in 5.4 months, then Pence will have the best opportunity of obtaining the GOP nomination for President in 2024. Pence could not make a better selection for Vice President in 2024 than Rand Paul.  That would be Rand Paul’s opportunity to be elected President after the 2024 election.

I view Rand Paul as a combination of three great American Presidents.  They are 1) Thomas Jefferson, 2) James Monroe, and 3) James Garfield.  In the meantime, read Dr. Paul’s book. It is outstanding.

R. Van Conoley ( Editor’s Note: James Garfield was the 20th. President of the U.S. serving from March 4, 1881 until his untimely death on September 19, 1881.  I believe that Garfield was the smartest man to have ever been elected President. Sadly, his early death was the result of an assassination.  Garfield was a man born into a family of modest means and most of his profound knowledge was self taught. )

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Joe Biden, Donald Trump, William Barr, and John Durham

As I reflect on Memorial Day 2020, I wonder very seriously if our great Republic will ever have another Memorial Day in the future.  It is not an overstatement to clearly state that the legal works of Attorney General William Barr and the Chief Prosecutor John Durham will indeed determine, in my view, if the U.S. remains one united country.

A.G. Barr and Mr. Durham are investigating the most serious of criminal actions that have taken place in my lifetime and in the entire lifetime of our Republic.  For years I have been hearing speculation in the media about the criminal actions of Donald Trump and the criminal actions of the democrat party and the criminal actions of the Justice Department and the criminal actions of the CIA and the criminal actions of the FBI.

Presently, only one thing is certain.  It is certain by any reasonable and sane standard that Donald Trump did not collude in any way with the Russian Government against the citizens of the U.S.  The Mueller Commission’s report clearly demonstrated that the entire Russian accusations against the Trump Administration were totally false and not one scintilla of evidence existed to demonstrate any wrongdoing by Donald Trump.  The testimony of Mueller before the U.S. Senate was an embarrassment to our great republic.  Mr. Mueller, in his sworn testimony, seemed even more confused than Joe Biden. Joe Biden often gets confused as to what state he is in and who he is married to.  But Mueller seemed confused as to where he was and it soon became obvious that Mueller did not even have a basic understanding of any work performed by the Mueller Committee.

The Mueller Committee clearly was not designed to uncover any facts.  If it had been, Mueller would have to have said that his committee was only designed to destroy, harass, and damage Donald Trump and his administration. Sadly, many in the media became partners in crime with the democrat individuals who criminalized the highest levels of the U.S. Government.

The democrat criminals, and other criminals in the Washington Sewer, were much more successful against former DIA Director Michael Flynn.  Recently released documents have proven beyond any reasonable doubt that General Flynn did not lie to the FBI, but that he was the victim of a criminal action by the FBI.

Now A. G. William Barr and his Chief Prosecutor John Durham are moving forward through the U.S. Justice system and surely will bring indictments against hundreds of people.  It would be completely immoral for me to state who I believe is guilty and who is innocent.  However, the number of individuals and the criminal charges that are yet to be filed are staggering.  Watergate involved the indictments of 69 individuals and resulted in 48 criminal convictions.  The Barr-Durham probe, I believe, will result in at least 100 indictments and most will be adjudicated guilty due to the staggering amounts of evidence.

It is only five full months and a few days until the Presidential election takes place in the U.S.  Obviously, many crooks in the democrat party who unhesitatingly violated U.S. Laws and committed High Treason against the American People, hope that the election will result in the election of Joe Biden. They hope beyond reason that a Biden election will allow the democrat party to finally succeed at what they started, namely the destruction of Donald Trump and a complete cover up of the many criminal actions.

However, Justice cries out for the criminal convictions of those individuals who have committed criminal acts and the total exoneration of the innocent.  Yet, the entire process of justice which is required, will take more than five months.  Therefore, it would be obscene if Trump were elected and he attempted to pressure Barr-Durham for harsher actions and more criminal indictments than justice demands.  It would also be obscene if Biden were elected and he pressured Barr-Durham to white wash the facts. Therefore, both Mr. Trump and Mr. Biden need to assure all American Citizens that the Barr-Durham investigation will remain free of political pressure so American Justice can act for all citizens in our Republic.

I support a stronger ” protective cover” for both Mr. Barr and Mr. Durham.  The forces of the “deep state” have shown just how reprehensible they can become.  The murder of Jeffrey Epstein in a federal prison clearly demonstrates the actions that are available.  The attempted destruction of General Flynn and the ongoing attempted destruction of Alan Dershowitz demonstrate that the criminal elements in the deep state remain powerful and capable of new and additional criminal actions.

I respectfully ask Attorney General Barr to immediately take all necessary legal actions to obtain all documents and video recordings from the Jeffery Epstein case and place them under the legal protection of A.G. Barr.  Additionally, I respectfully ask Attorney General Barr to facilitate the extradition of Julian Assange from the U.K. to the U.S.  Reports indicate that Mr. Assange will soon suffer the same fate as Jeffery Epstein if action is not taken. Mr. Assange appears to be another victim of the deep state just as General Flynn, Donald Trump, and now Alan Dershowitz have been.

As an American, I fully trust Barr-Durham to bring justice to this sordid, criminal, and treasonous operation activated by the most vile of criminal elements in the U.S. Both Mr. Trump and Mr. Biden need to pledge allegiance to the U.S. Justice system and clearly state that the Barr-Durham investigation will not be modified for political reasons from either the left or the right.

R. Van Conoley

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Memorial Day – 2020

Memorial Day is a federal holiday.  It occurs on the final Monday in May.  This is a day to remember all of the men and women who died while serving in the U.S. Armed Forces.

While World War II was the last legally declared war by the U.S., it is only fitting and proper to remember and honor all of the men and women who died in all of the U.S. military actions.  It is also fitting and proper to remember all of the men and women who died in the process of gathering intelligence for the protection of our Republic even though their names may remain unknown forever.

R. Van Conoley

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The Fed and Negative Interest Rates strongly supports the Chairman of the Federal Reserve System in his common sense opposition to negative interest rates in the U.S. In the entire history of the U.S., interest rates on treasury debt has never gone negative.  For 48 hours in 2008-2009, t-debt sold for a very short time at 0.00%.  That was a very short time after the 2008 equity crash.  0.00 % IS NOT NEGATIVE.  Also, the Open Market Committee has strongly opposed negative interest rates. strongly supports the efforts of the Open Market Committee.

As I recently explained to an American banker, rising and lowering interest rates are not a good or bad thing.  It just involves which side of the trade you are on. Here is an example that everyone can understand.  Suppose you are in the business of lending money and have a surplus of money to lend ( think banks and asset management companies ). If interest rates rise 1%, you are happy because in the short run you can earn more money as interest is returned to you as profits.  If you are a medium sized company and are in dire need of capital, a 1% rate increase could make it difficult to place corporate bonds and would cost a small company more capital.

If you are the Government of the U.S. and you presently have a total National Debt exceeding $ 25 TRILLION, you are happy to see interest rates decrease so you can finance the U.S. debt at a lower cost.  This is an idea that obviously has a great appeal to Donald Trump.  But like all coins, it has two sides.  If you are one of about 30 Million U.S. Citizens and you conservatively keep capital in a U.S. Bank, you are unhappy that interest rates decrease because you have your savings earning less !

While Richard Nixon was President, every dollar printed by the Controller of the currency was backed by gold held at Fort Knox.  Nixon announced on August 15, 1971, that the dollar was NO LONGER CONVERTABLE TO GOLD AT $35/OUNCE.  Nixon, Treasury Secretary Connally, and Arthur Burns had little idea what would happen and their note pads had few projections that should have been computed.

Today the dollar floats on currency markets.  It has been a very strong currency and with common sense from the Fed, the dollar could remain a strong world currency. Presently huge amounts of gold remain very secure in Fort Knox.  Fort Knox is the world’s largest supply of gold. Presently, the Fed can not buy gold for the U.S. on the open market and place it in Fort Knox.  Presently, the Fed can not sell gold from Fort Knox and use the proceeds to finance the U.S. National Debt.  HOWEVER, every ounce of gold in Fort Knox is the property of the U.S. Government and is in effect owned by the citizens of the U.S.

Congress can pass legislation that allows the Fed to buy and sell Gold on the open market in behalf of the American People.  I WOULD RATHER SEE THE FED BUY AND SELL GOLD FROM FORT KNOX ON THE OPEN MARKET RATHER THAN ALLOW OUR TREASURY DEBT TO GO NEGATIVE.  The previous statement is a very hard statement, and I hope that it never becomes necessary to add this tool to the Fed’s many tools to regulate the U.S. money supply.

The U.S. Congress has appropriated TRILLIONS of dollars to “regulate” the impact of the COVID-19 Virus.  If the Fed can not prevent negative interest rates in the U.S., it is quite possible that equity markets in the U.S. could crash and a serious world depression could follow.  Since becoming President in 2017, I believe that Mr. Trump has made wise and common sense economic decisions that benefit all of the American People.  However, I most respectfully encourage Mr. Trump to understand that his appointed Chairman of the Fed is correct and to support Chairman Powell in his common sense actions.

R. Van Conoley

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DNA and RNA and Me and You

I recently watched a late night TV show that was mainly concerned with DNA testing. Today individuals can obtain test kits and learn something about their ancestry or more exactly the region(s) of the world where their ancestors came from. I believe that I am part Irish, part English, part Scotts, and part Welch.  It may surprise some individuals but I could not care less if I were 5% Irish or 20% Irish or 90% Irish. The same holds true for the rest of my possible ethnic groups.  That is why I never had a genetic test that would indicate my ethnic origins.

But I am fascinated with genetics and I have studied genetics for over 30 years.  I would like to know what diseases I am at high risk for and what diseases I am at low risk for.  That would interest me very much.  Genetics is only one factor in human health.  An individual who may be at a higher than average genetic risk for Cancer may never develop Cancer if he/she eats healthy foods and avoids a lifestyle that would promote Cancer.  I laugh at Cancer: 1) because it does not run in my genetic family, and 2) because I take 3000 mg of Vitamin C each day that I devoutly believe prevents many forms of cancer,  and 3) I have avoided a Cancer causing lifestyle.

Unfortunately, my studies in nutrition and biochemistry did not prevent me from developing arthritis.  At least, I was fortunate in avoiding arthritis early in life.  Now that I have developed arthritis, I began a very intense study of arthritis because: 1) It is painful, 2) Doctors who are specialists love to do knee replacements, 3) Knee replacements are painful and 4) Knee replacements vary greatly in their success rate and 5) I sedulously avoid any surgery whenever possible. I recently published an article titled : ” Coronavirus (C-19),” because I am surprised that Americans as a group have a deficiency in the natural sciences and I wanted to explain exactly what a virus is in simple terms.

Type the key word: amino acids into the search box and click go and the article will appear. If you read the article on the Coronavirus, you will remember that I explained in simple terms that different amino acids make different proteins in the body.  Also, I explained that DNA and RNA are two nucleic acids that direct biochemical operations in the human body and that all life on earth has at least one form of nucleic acid inside its’ structure.

In simple terms my arthritis pain is caused by my body’s inability to make a substance known as cartilage.  Cartilage is a very specialized compound and acts effectively as a cushion to keep one bone from rubbing against another bone when the bones meet to form a joint.  Bone is living material and contains nerves and very small blood vessels and bone keeps growing and restructuring itself throughout life.  In the human knee cartilage acts as a connective cushion between the bone of the upper leg, known as the femur, and the bone of the lower leg, known as the tibia.  When the cartilage “wears out” or is not replaced, knee pain becomes an issue and a serious one at that. Since knee replacements are painful and not always as successful as needed, it seemed logical to direct the human body to manufacture more cartilage as needed.  Unfortunately medicine has not yet been able to achieve this goal.  Hopefully, someday medicine may identify specific genes on specific chromosomes and direct the needed amount of cartilage production to restore joint problems.  Unfortunately medicine today does not know how to modify the genetic code in the human body to cure diseases and keep people healthy.  A better understanding of the genetic code in humans in the future and the application of instructions to the genetic code will be a great leap forward in medical science.

R. Van Conoley ( Editor’s Note: There are genetic tests available today to inform prospective parents if they carry the genetic code that may result in a genetic defect in their children.  Also, it is known that a couple have a 1 in 30 chance of giving birth to a child with Cystic Fibrosis. If both the mother and father are recessive carriers for CF, the chances become one in four of the newborn having CF. In the world population the chances of parents having a child with Tay-Sachs disease is one in 171. Ashkenazi Jewish people have one chance in 38 of having a child with Tay-Sachs.  Many Ashkenazi Jews have the prospective husband and wife tested as carriers before marriage. This seems like a very wise course of action. )

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