The Florida Election – 2018 – Senate and Governor

Florida is tied for the third largest state by population in the U.S.  California is the most populous and Texas is second.  Florida and New York are virtually tied as the third largest state.

The one thing that people almost never find is truthful and factual information about an election.  In 2016, Candidate Hillary Clinton made the foolish mistake of believing the propaganda supplied by the Democrat Party and the liberal anti-Trump media.  Mr. Trump relied on private polls and easily won a majority of the electoral college vote. This article is truthful and factual as it is humanly possible to compose. Here are the facts.

The state of Florida has 12,875,998 registered voters.  Of that total, 4,547,635 are registered republicans.  The Democrat Party has 4,776,092 registered voters. Converting to percentages, the republicans have 35.3% of the voters statewide while the Democrat Party has 37.1%.  Florida has a designation of NPA for voters who do not wish to register either as a democrat or a republican.  NPA stands for “No Party Affiliation.” The NPA voters, along with a very small number of minor parties, are 27.6% of all registered voters.  So to win a statewide election in Florida a candidate will receive support from his party but must also win a majority of the independent voters.

Florida has 67 counties.  The three largest counties are: 1) Miami-Dade County with a population of 2.7 Million; 2) Broward with a population of 1.9 Million; and 3) Palm Beach County with a population of 1.5 Million.  But the winner in all statewide races is the individual with the most total votes. So a candidate can not ignore the other 64 counties including Liberty County with a population of 8,242.

So what is the big deal? It turns out that Florida is a state that is predictive of how the next Presidential election will conclude. In 2018, Florida has a number of statewide races that wise individuals are observing carefully since they will effect the 2020 Presidential election. The two most important statewide races are for governor and the U.S. Senate in 2018.

The republican candidates for Governor are: 1) Adam Putnam, 2) Ron De Santis, 3) Don Baldauf,  4) Timothy Devine, 5) Bruce Nathan, and 6) Bob White.  Mr. De Santis and Mr. Putnam presently hold political offices and are considered to be leading at the present time. But that could change.

The democrat candidates for Governor are: 1) Gwen Graham, 2) Phillip Levine, 3) Andrew Gillum, 4) Chris King, and 5) Jeff Greene. Presently there is no clear leader.

The other statewide race that is attracting a great deal of attention is the race for the U.S. Senate.  Bill Nelson is the Democrat incumbent and has held this seat since 2001. Mr. Nelson has served in public office for more than 40 years. The two republican candidates that hope to oppose Mr. Nelson are: 1) Governor Rick Scott who can not seek election for a third term as Governor by state law and 2) Roscoe De La Fuente who uses the nickname of “Rocky.” Rocky is a native of San Diego and strangely is also running for the Senate from Hawaii, Minnesota, Vermont, and Wyoming.  Rocky stated: ” anybody can run for any state.”

The Florida primary elections will be held on August 28, 2018.  The general election is on November 6, 2018. will cover the Florida Senate race and three other U.S. Senate races in key states in 2018.

R. Van Conoley ( Editor’s Note: Florida has four pivot counties.  They are Jefferson, Monroe, Pinellas, and St. Lucie.  In 2012, Obama carried all four of these counties and was elected President. In 2016, Donald Trump carried all four of these counties and was elected President. Had the news media been reporting facts instead of propaganda, the media could have reported by 9:00 p.m. the following: ” Candidate Trump has carried four key pivot counties in Florida. Possibly Ms. Clinton may have a more difficult race than was originally projected.”  Of course the media was busy spinning science fiction instead of projecting accurate information. )

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The U.S. Stock Market and the 2018 Elections

When Donald Trump was elected President in November, 2016, the stock market began and continued to rise.  2017 was a good year for stocks and the market closed the 2017 year with an increase of over 17%.

The question that everyone wants to know is: ” Where will the 2018 market close? ” The last trading day in June, 2018, marked the first half of the year. Stocks in the first half of 2018 ended the mid term with no gain and just a fractional loss. Why is 2018 so different from 2017?

History has shown that U.S. stock markets strongly dislike two things. They are: 1) Double digit inflation, and 2) interference with free trade.  President Trump has placed very reasonable tariffs in certain areas in order to promote fair trade between the U.S. and other countries.

So, where will the markets close on the last trading day in December, 2018?  It all depends on the October surprises that President Trump has figured out. The U.S. House and over a third of the U.S.Senate are up for election in November, 2018. The media is telling us that the Democrat Party will take control of the House and the Senate. Remember, this is mostly the same media group that stated that Hillary Clinton would win in November, 2016!  Will they get it right in 2018?

The answer largely depends on the Democrat Party’s ability to depict Trump as an opponent of free trade.  President Trump knows this and his October surprise will work something like this. President Trump and Country A will reach an agreement that will reduce tariffs and promote free and fair trade between these two countries.  That will promote confidence in Mr. Trump’s policies.  When this same paradigm is repeated with Country B and Country C, the market will rise along with Republican popularity. This is the October surprise. projects that the U.S. stock market will close 2018 with an 11.8% gain. The 2018 elections will also be a function of President Trump’s October surprise.

R. Van Conoley  ( Editor’s Note: The party in power  almost always loses mid-term elections. President Trump wants to rewrite history again. )

Editor’s Note 2- ( The U.S.-China trade situation is complex and will not be resolved in 2018. Hence, China will not be part of Trump’s October surprise. )

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Peter Fonda and Hanoi Jane Fonda

Peter Fonda, 78 year old brother of ” Hanoi Jane ” Fonda, recently published a comment about President Trump’s son.  Fonda wrote: ” We should rip Barron Trump from his mother’s arms and put him in a cage with pedophiles…”

While the psychotic ramblings of sick and deranged individuals have been made against past presidents, the news media had the basic common decency not to unwisely publicize them.  Today the extreme leftist anti-Trump media panders to the Trump haters. believes that some portions of the U.S. media have lost all perspective about how to report both news and commentary.

The pro-Trump media has not allowed the anti-Trump media to bring them down to the pathological standards now displayed by the anti-Trump leftist media.  Nevertheless, threatening the President of the U.S. is a felony under U.S. Code Title 18, Section 871. This website believes that the Secret Service should act forcefully against individuals who threaten the President in any way.  Federal law enforcement should investigate and arrest individuals when needed to protect our Republic and all elected officials.

If the psychotic ramblings of the deranged Peter Fonda are not handled wisely and legally, the President may find that in the future his only option in a state of anarchy is to declare Martial Law under Article 1, Section 8, Clause 15 of the U.S. Constitution. The extreme leftist anarchists have clearly demonstrated many times that they have no decency and will do anything to destroy our Republic. Recent tactics by the extreme leftists involve shouting and screaming at elected officials in public areas.  This is clearly illegal and should be forcefully dealt with by local law enforcement.

R. Van Conoley









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A Wise Saying – Part 160

In the end, the politics of the Euro Zone weren’t strong enough to create a fully integrated fiscal union with a common banking system.     Joseph Stiglitz

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A Wise Saying – Part 159

Killer asteroids are nature’s way of asking: ” How is that space program coming along? “

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A Wise Saying – Part 158

The dinosaurs became extinct because they didn’t have a space program. And if we become extinct because we don’t have a space program, it’ll serve us right.     Larry Niven

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Donald Trump, President Xi Jinping, and Stormy Daniels

The following conversation was recorded by the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA). It was intercepted on May 18, 2018, at 8:02 p.m. Chinese time.  The conversation is between Chinese President Xi Jinping and the Director of Chinese State Security, Chen Wenqing. Comments by the President of China are preceded by “Xi” and comments by Chen Wenqing are preceded by “Chen” .  The recording is labeled: NSA//246//05-18-18//Xi 07284 and is labeled top secret.  It was leaked to on May 26, 2018, by unknown sources.

Xi: Enter.

Chen: Good evening excellency. I would like to show you a picture.

Xi: I can not believe that you are using my valuable time just to show me a picture of a nude Western Barbarian woman !

Chen: Excellency, that Western Barbarian woman is a porn star named Stormy Daniels. In the past she has been reported to be the lover of President Trump.

Xi: She certainly has an attractive figure that is so common to Western Barbarian women.  Looking at this picture, I believe that it would take a disciplined and powerful Yang to tame her experienced Yin.

Chen: That was the belief of our State Security analysts. May I respectfully suggest that you look closely at her golden gully.

Xi: It never ceases to amaze me that some Western Barbarian women have golden colored pubics.  How unnatural ! I suggest that her code name should be ” Golden Pubics.”

Chen: That is an wonderful suggestion excellency.

Xi: But why should it be of concern to us who President Trump pillowed with?

Chen: Excellency, this Stormy Daniels has an attorney who claims that this woman needs to tell a story about her pillowing with President Trump.

Xi: That is strange even for Western Barbarians.  I see your note that she is 38 years of age. Don’t many Western Barbarian men seek a yin of a younger woman to rejuvenate them ? That is what a civilized Chinese man would do.

Chen: That is true excellency. Our agency recently recorded a conversation between banker Tang Lo-wong of Hong Kong and his nephew who is his executive assistant. Banker Tang is one of the richest men in all of China.  Here is a section of the recording.

Recording of Banker Tang: ” Ayeeyah nephew ! There is no aphrodisiac in the universe like youth. NONE my nephew. The yang needs the yin juices, but young juices, to extend a man’s life and nourish his yang. Always remember that the older your male stalk becomes the more it needs youth and change and young enthusiasm to perform adequately. But also remember that the Beautiful Box that nests between a young woman’s thighs is also an ambush, and can become your coffin if not used wisely. Therefore, I have acquired a 20 year old Western Barbarian woman to become my second concubine. At age 83, I must use this gift to myself wisely.”

Xi: Certainly Banker Tang is correct. Is there anything else Chen ?

Chen: No excellency. I and several analysts are about to view a film of this Barbarian, Stormy Daniels, as she displays her skills I a pornographic film that would be banned in China and not fit to be viewed by our civilized citizens.

Xi: Wait. In order to better understand the Western Barbarians, I will view the film with you.

R. Van Conoley


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The Gobbledygook Psychosis and Murder In Our Schools

On May 18, 2018, Dimitrios Pagourtzis murdered ten students at a high school in Santa Fe, Texas.  This was indeed a tragedy.  This type of tragedy has become all too common in the U.S.

Unfortunately, no individual or group has provided a satisfactory explanation of why this is happening in the U.S. so frequently.  The simplistic answer is to blame this senseless type of violence on the Constitutional right for responsible individuals to own guns.  This mindless theory does not explain why other countries throughout the world where gun ownership is legal, seldom if ever,  have murderous rampages in their school systems. will propose one variable that could be a significant factor in U.S. school violence and school murders.  Both the National Education Association (NEA) and the philosophical writings of John Dewey are considered responsible, to an extent, of  murders in  U.S. public schools.  Neither the NEA nor John Dewey are viewed as part of a nefarious plot to promote the murders of school children.  Yet that is a result of the actions of the two mentioned entities.

The U.S. requires individuals who wish to teach in the public school system to take a minimum number of courses in “education” and “educational theory.” Strangely, education courses in the U.S. have evolved their own language over the decades and this strange and psychotic language is often referred to as edubabble or gobbledygook.

The language of edubabble is similar to a form of English that is often babbled by seriously mentally ill individuals with a form of schizophrenia.  Schizophrenia is a serious mental disorder that is frequently characterized by verbal phrases that do not have clear and comprehensible verbal references.

Lets look at a few examples of edubabble to assist individuals unfamiliar with psycholinguistics and semantics.  Educator one might say to educator two: ” We must actualize our student’s cognitive potential across spatial and temporal scales.” Educator two might reply: ” Yes. We must also increase their effective intellectual domains.”

Unfortunately the above statements are open to 100 different views by 100 different people.  Edubabble has no common form of reference that is understandable or comprehensible.  Edubabble is simply a psychotic form of English that is applied and used in educational situations. ( Individuals who are interested in a greater depth of understanding should read and study books on psycholinguistics and semantics. There are many excellent books available in this field.) Unfortunately the U.S. educational system requires that prospective teachers and administrators study a language that is incomprehensible and lacks basic understandings in the meaning of words and phrases.

In a random group of people, some are mentally stable while others are moderately mentally stable while others are mentally unstable.  Mentally unstable individuals can often function adequately when they are associated or placed into a group where sane and sensible behavior are the norm. Conversely, mentally unstable individuals become more unstable when placed into a group or situation where sane and sensible behavior are not the norm.

Since edubabble is the language of public education in the U.S., most students are placed into an environment that increases mental instability. The main reason why edubabble has developed in the U.S. is because our educational system evolved from the writings of a man, John Dewey, who was a Fabian Socialist. As education developed in the U.S., the extremely liberal views of John Dewey became the norm. Also, like many ideologies, different viewpoints were not welcomed nor encouraged.  Hence, both moderate and conservative views in education were essentially “forbidden” in colleges of education. believes that all colleges of education should be closed at all universities in the U.S. since the material is counterproductive and at variance with basic common sense.  Also, believes that parents should be given a choice relating to the philosophy and management of the public school that their child attends.  If Dimitrious Pagourtzis had attended a well managed public institution where common sense was the norm and accountability was the rule, it would have greatly reduced the probability of the tragedy of May 18, 2018, at the Santa Fe High School !

R. Van Conoley  ( Editor’s Note: Type the term, school shootings, into the search box at the top of the home page on this website and other related articles will appear for your reading. )

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CNN At An Historical Witchcraft Trial

Many law abiding U.S. Citizens have come to believe that the investigation led by special counsel Robert Mueller is a witch hunt designed to destroy a legally elected president and represents neither justice nor the interests of U.S. Citizens.

A witch-hunt is a search for individuals labeled as witches or individuals who practice witchcraft.  Most witch hunts in Europe and North America took place from 1450 to about 1750.  Witches were tortured, burnt at the stake, or hanged. This barbaric practice existed in North America until around 1800.

However, there were no electronic devices nor electronic media to inform individuals in the 1700’s.  Therefore, I have asked the amazing Jonathan Swift to create a narrative that would have been followed if CNN were electronically covering a witchcraft trial in 1706.

Don: Well Anderson, it appears that the woman charged is indeed a witch.

Anderson: You are probably correct Don, but the trial has not yet begun.

Don: I can look at that woman and see that she is a witch with evil powers and can cast evil spells.

Anderson: It is true that she has four cats and everyone knows that witches always have cats.

Don: It has also been reported that she flies on a broom when the moon is full.

Anderson: I have some unnamed sources that state that the woman has supernatural powers.

Don: You are correct. I always know a witch when I see one.  My family came from the African region that is Cameroon today. ( Editor’s Note: Cameroon in 2018 still has laws against witchcraft and prosecutes witches for practicing witchcraft. )

R. Van Conoley ( I am deeply grateful for the assistance of Jonathan Swift and greatly appreciate his analysis. )

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A Wise Saying – Part 157

If stability and efficiency required that there existed markets that extended infinitely far into the future – and these markets clearly did not exist – what assurance do we have of the stability and efficiency of the capitalist system ?    Joseph Stiglitz

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