Information That Both Men and Women Need

I recently went into a store and a lady who was a clerk wore a  broach.   When I asked her what the broach stood for she stated that it represented support for finding a cure for Breast Cancer.  Without thinking too wisely, I stated: ” I have always loved women’s breasts.” This was indeed a politically incorrect statement even coming from an unrepentant male who frequently compliments women on their beauty.

After a small amount of discussion, it turned out that the lady knew practically nothing about recent scientific findings relating to breast cancer.  I suggested that the lady might enjoy reading an article posted on this website titled: ” Women’s Breasts and Stem Cells.” I would encourage anyone who wishes to learn some scientific information to read this article.  Readers may locate this article by typing into the search box on the home page the following: BRCA-1.

As a politically incorrect and unrepentant male, I hope that science soon finds a cure for not only breast cancer, but a cure for all cancers.   In the meantime, I believe that women misunderstand the cancer risks associated when they are BRCA-1 and/or BRCA-2 positive.  While I believe that any adult should be allowed access to their genetic code or any part of their genetic code, I believe that many individuals continue to misunderstand how to analyze genetic markers.  Unfortunately, some medical doctors lack either the time or the understanding to explain genetic markers to their patients.

R. Van Conoley  ( Editor’s Note: Although the above referenced article was written in November of 2010, the information remains up to date and accurate. )

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2017- The Year Of The Rooster

It is strange how people make decisions.  President Reagan’s wife, Nancy Reagan, depended on an astrologer named Joan Quigley.  Not since the days of the Roman Emperors has an astrologer had such influence over affairs of a nation.

Some Americans depend upon the American Astrology Zodiac Signs.  They are: 1) Aquarius, 2) Pisces, 3) Aries, 4) Taurus, 5) Gemini, 6) Cancer, 7) Leo, 8) Virgo, 9) Libra, 10) Scorpio, 11) Sagittarius, and 12) Capricorn.

Sadly, must inform our readers that astrologers and the American Zodiac signs can not predict the future.  How silly to think so !  Fortunately, this website will now reveal the only method to predict the future.  The only 100% accurate method for predicting the future is to rely upon the Chinese Zodiac.

2017 is the Year of the Rooster.  The Chinese Zodiac, known as Sheng Xiao, is based upon a twelve year cycle.  Each year is wisely associated with an animal sign.  The signs are the: 1) Rat, 2) Ox, 3) Tiger, 4) Rabbit, 5) Dragon, 6) Snake, 7) Horse, 8) Sheep, 9) Monkey, 10) Rooster, 11) Dog, and 12) Pig.  It takes a great deal of skill to analyze and predict the future using the Chinese Zodiac.  Since I have all of the necessary skills, I will share some valuable information with my loyal readers.

Donald Trump was born on June 14, 1946, in the Year of the Dog.  Hillary Clinton was born on October 26,1947, in the Year of the Pig.  Vladimir Putin was born on October 7, 1952, in the Year of the Dragon.  Mike Pence was born on June 7, 1959, in the Year of the Pig.

Using analytic techniques, it is possible to predict how compatible two individuals will be in the future.  Mr. Trump and Mr. Pence are very compatible and this is a good thing since they will have to work together.  Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are very compatible.  This is a good thing and will assure that after Hillary Clinton is tried and convicted in 2017, President Trump will commute her jail sentence before leaving office.

The really bad news is that Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin are not compatible.  A Dog and a Dragon are never compatible. Obviously this proves beyond any doubt that Mr. Putin was not attempting to help Mr. Trump in any way by using computer spyware.  Obviously, Mr. Putin was just doing the normal spying on the U.S. just like the U.S. and Israel do against many other countries.  Indeed the U.S. and Israel actually launched a cyber attack against Iran by releasing a computer virus that destroyed part of Iran’s nuclear program.  Of course none of the U.S. Congressional crooks wish to mention this because it was criminal in nature and in violation of U.S. Laws and our Constitution.

Hopefully this insightful analysis of 2017, will help make 2017 a happy year for you.  May the Year of the Rooster bring you good fortune.

R. Van Conoley ( Editor’s Note: The Chinese Zodiac is based upon the Chinese Lunar Calendar.  In 2017, the New Year’s celebrations will start on the eve of the new year which falls on January 27, 2017.  The Lunar New Year begins on January 28, 2017. )

( Editor’s Note 2: Jonathan Swift was the co-author of this article.  His valuable research is greatly appreciated. )

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A Wise Saying – Part 147

Integrity without knowledge is weak and useless, and knowledge without integrity is dangerous and dreadful.          Samuel Johnson

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A Letter of Advice For Donald Trump

Dear Mr. Trump:

As you prepare to take the oath of office and become the 45th. President of the U.S., you might benefit greatly from meeting Ernie Gallo.  Ernie is President of the USS Liberty Veterans Association.  He is an American hero who served his country with honor and distinction.

Ernie was aboard the USS Liberty on June 8, 1967, when jet aircraft and torpedo boats from Israel attacked this U.S. ship.  The Liberty was in international waters in the Mediterranean Sea.  The attack on this U.S. ship was proceeded by more than six hours of intense surveillance by Israeli aircraft.

Many believe that the U.S. and Israel, at the highest levels of both governments, agreed to attack the USS Liberty and murder all Americans aboard.  Israel certainly tried very hard.  The attack upon our ship lasted more than two hours.  The assault began by Israeli high performance jet aircraft.  This was soon followed by attack jets carrying napalm.  When the ship failed to sink, Israel then sent torpedo boats and blasted a forty foot hole in the side of the ship.  When the ship still failed to sink, Israeli forces machine gunned her life rafts, machine gunned her firefighters, and machine gunned her stretcher bearers.  No survivors were going to be allowed to live !

At this point with the passing of time, U.S. Sixth fleet aircraft were sent, and Israel apologized.  Israel claimed that they did not know that the Liberty, flying an American flag on a clear and sunny day, was a U.S. ship.

Of course, the Israeli claim is totally preposterous.  Also, an American aircraft carrying a nuclear bomb was dispatched and the plane was heading toward Egypt.  McNamara recalled the aircraft when it was known that the Liberty did not sink.  Many believe that President Lyndon Johnson wanted to “nuke” Egypt which would re-elect him president for a second term.  Others believe that the U.S. may not have known that Israel was going to attack the Liberty, but of course history has shown that the incident was covered up by the U.S. government.  No sane and sensible individual can remotely believe that it was just a mistake by Israel.

I am sure that Ernie would be glad to give you a USS Liberty T-shirt, a USS Liberty baseball cap, and a USS Liberty lapel pin.  But most importantly, Ernie would be glad to give you several excellent videos that tell the story of the USS Liberty.

34 Americans were murdered in that attack and 171 others were injured.  Surely, you as our 45th. President would want to learn all of the facts about this incident.  Surely, it would help you to better understand our past Middle East policies and our past Middle East mistakes.  Surely, you have probably thought that after you graduated from high school, instead of attending college, you could have joined the U.S. Navy.  If you had, you might have lost your life on the USS Liberty on June 8, 1967.  Also, I hope that you understand that all loyal Americans and all law abiding Americans want you to formulate a fair and wise Middle East policy.  Hopefully you will formulate your policies with as much truthful information as possible.  I remain most respectfully,

R. Van Conoley     ( Editor’s Note: The 50th. reunion of the USS liberty Veterans Association will be held at Graveside at Arlington on June 8, 2017. )

( Editor’s Note 2: Any American may become a supporting member of the USS Liberty Veterans Association by sending a check for $ 20.00 payable to: LVA; c/o Moe Shafer; P.O. Box 680275; Marietta, GA. 30068.  Supporting members will receive a copy of the LVA Newsletter. )

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Donald Trump. Global Warming, and The Democratic Party

I visit a bookstore near my house several days each week.  I know that my wife is grateful that I do this so I will not disturb her while she is watching the Home Shopping Channel or taking one of her afternoon naps.  I enjoy the bookstore because I meet so many different people with so many different ideas.

Now that the election is over, I began to wonder why any sane and sensible person would vote for Hillary Clinton.  So, while at the bookstore, I asked a number of people whom they voter for in the presidential election. Some stated that they voted for Hillary.  I asked those who voted for Hillary why they thought that she was the best choice.  All of the Hillary voters were young people, under the age of 31, and all were greatly concerned with global warming.  I was told that 97% of all scientists believed in global warming and that very soon alligators would be swimming around the North Pole because the Polar Icecaps were melting rapidly and most of the world’s land masses would soon be underwater.

While I was greatly amused by this total nonsense, I noticed that global warming fanatics were parroting the same false information.  Having read both viewpoints about global warming, I decided to do some serious research.  I researched the following three topics: 1) Climate Change, 2) Global Warming, and 3) Global Cooling.

The global warming fanatics have websites where dire consequences are predicted if the human race does not stop this terrible plague immediately.  Much of the answer is extremely unclear except that the U.S. Federal Government should be enlarged and that many new taxes are needed to deal with this serious problem.

If any of my readers are interested in learning some truthful information about global warming, I believe that FORBES MAGAZINE is the best source.  Of course, the democrat crooks and the republican crooks in congress have joined the debate about global warming.  Don’t they already have enough things to lie about ? Congressman Lamar Smith has attacked scientists verbally who disagree with his viewpoint and even threatened to subpoena their e-mails !  Not to be outdone for gross stupidity, Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli launched an investignation against climate researcher Michael Mann !  However, politicians know no bounds for human stupidity, so the Attorney General of New York initiated an investigation of Exxon Mobil for supposedly misleading investors about the risk of XOM’s common stock because of climate change !

Having proved once again that American politicians are probably the dumbest people in the universe, I would like to print a quote from Michael Lynch who wrote in FORBES ( Dec/6/2016 ) : ” … the reality is that going after viewpoints resembles the efforts of conservatives in the Catholic Church who fought some scientific theories … by condemning them rather than addressing them … ”  This is a very sane and sensible statement by Michael Lynch who criticized both sides in the global warming debate for their sleazy tactics.

My research avoided the lying politicians and fanatics on both sides and focused on scientific facts.  My research indicates that climate change and global warming/cooling is extremely complex and has a great many variables that must be considered and analyzed. Some of the scientific research clearly indicates that the earth is cooling.  Some of the scientific research clearly indicates that the earth is warming.  It just depends on what variables an individual selects to evaluate.

All scientists agree on one thing.  All scientists agree that there are climate cycles or climate oscillations.  There are cycles in atmospheric temperatures, sea temperatures, and rainfall rates just to name a few.  With hundreds of other variables under consideration, some of the oscillations occur on a daily basis, a yearly basis, and some on a ten thousand year basis !

The following is a list of some oscillations just to give my readers some understanding of the complexity involved.  They are: 1) North Pacific Oscillation, 2) North Atlantic Oscillation, 3) Artic Oscillation, 4) Interdecadal Pacific Oscillation, etc. There are too many others for a valid scientific listing.

My research, using the best valid scientific models available, indicates that the number of variables that indicate the earth is warming is about equal to the number of variables that indicate the earth is cooling.  Also, some regions of the earth are cooling while other regions are warming !

This website believes that sane and sensible people should continue to support valid scientific research into the complex area of climate change and global warming/cooling.  Also, this website believes that sane and sensible people should work to reduce both air and water pollution that will effect the quality of all life on earth.

R. Van Conoley ( Editor’s Note: President Elect Donald Trump has stated that he does not believe in global warming.  My advice to Mr. Trump is to allow the scientists to state the facts and hope that the congressional crooks remain silent on climate change. )

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A Wise Saying – Part 146

Knowledge can be conveyed, but not wisdom.  It can be found, it can be lived, it is possible to be carried by it, miracles can be performed with it, but it cannot be expressed in words and taught.

Herman Hesse

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Tai-Pan Donald Trump’s First Press Conference In February, 2017

With 90% of the liberal/Communist media doing everything possible to damage Donald Trump’s growing popularity with the American People, it seems reasonable to ask how will Donald Trump respond ?  Since the Tai-Pan has been working to assemble his team of presidential advisors, he probably has not given this too much thought.

As an admirer of the Tai-Pan, I respectfully offer a modest proposal.  I suggest that President Donald Trump hold his first press conference in February, 2017.  As President, the Tai-Pan can admit or exclude anyone he chooses.  I suggest that the Tai-Pan totally exclude all members from the lamestream media.  Additionally, I suggest that the questions be asked by the American People !

To display his honesty and integrity, I suggest that Tai-Pan Donald Trump select eight republicans, eight independents, and eight democrats to serve as interlocutors.  The 24 interlocutors should be racially, religiously, politically, and geographically diverse.  The 24 interlocutors will serve in place of the biased, unethical, sleazy, underhanded, vile, and reprehensible media.

It is not only possible, but highly probable, that the interlocutors will ask more perspicacious, more presageful, and less periphrastic and less polemical questions.  The inchoate and innominate forum should not create an internecine nor an iniquitous nor an inimical relationship between Donald Trump and the facinorous media since each now views the other as a bete noire !

The expurgation of a facinorous, histrionic, and infrangible media may indeed create a sense of well being in the American Public.  The flibbertigibbets in our factitious media will quickly learn that Donald Trump is not a flaneur.

R. Van Conoley  ( Editor’s Note: Of course the press conference should be televised.  The only media representatives present should be the TV operators and electronic technicians.)


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A Wise Saying – Part 145

Mediocrity knows nothing higher than itself, but talent instantly recognizes genius.

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

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Laughter – Part 27

Confucius say:  Man who cuts face while shaving loses face.

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Donald Trump Is Now Tai-Pan of The U.S. – Ayeee yah

I usually read three to five novels every month.  Last month, I read Newt Gingrich’s latest novel titled, TREASON.  It was excellent.  I searched for another recently published novel that I hoped would be as good as Newt’s latest novel.  I could not find any recently published novels that I thought were interesting, so I decided to re-read Tai-Pan by James Clavell.

Tai-Pan was published by Clavell in 1966, and is a great historical novel about the founding of Hong Kong.  Tai-Pan has been a worldwide best selling novel since its’ publication and has been translated into many languages.

Tai-Pan is about two very competitive world traders that takes place in 1841.  Dirk Struan is the Tai-Pan and is the owner of Noble House and ships that carry cargo to Asia.  Struan owns a fleet of ships that trade between China and England.  Dirk Struan is the hero in the novel.

Tyler Brock is another trader and is the enemy of Dirk Struan and he wishes to kill or destroy Struan and become Tai-Pan.  Brock is the villain in the novel.

I consider Tai-Pan to be historical fiction at the highest level.  As I re-read the book, I thought that there was a great deal of resemblance between Dirk Struan and Donald Trump.  Dirk Struan had three wives.  Donald Trump has had three wives.  Dirk Struan worked to insure that his family members were trained to continue to own and operate Noble House.  Donald Trump has worked to insure that his family members were trained to continue his business enterprises.

The novel is rich in great and interesting historical detail.  It is fascinating how the English and the Chinese each consider the other to be barbarians, yet each wishes to have a favorable trade advantage.  Silks and tea were exported from China to England.  Opium and other products were exported to China on English ships.

In 2017, Donald Trump faces a great challenge to improve the U.S. trade imbalance with Asian countries, especially China.  As an American, I wish my President elect the very best.

Today in China, and throughout Asia, women are proving themselves to be extremely adept in international business and international trade.  I have noticed that Donald Trump has a history of socializing with beautiful Occidental women.  Now that Mr. Trump will be negotiating complex trade deals with China, I suppose that Mr. Trump will have to learn to speak Mandarin or hire several Mandarin speaking women as advisors to assist him.  It would not surprise me if Mr. Trump soon learns the great cultural wisdom, and great intelligence, of Asian women in general and Chinese women in particular.

I hope that my President Elect will be able to resist the Asian Woman Fetish or AWF ! Asian Woman Fetish is a slang term for an interest and appreciation of Asian women by men of non-Asian descent.

I must respectfully encourage my President Elect, Donald Trump, to carefully read about Chinese Empress Wu Hu, also known as Empress Wu Zetian.  You can access this article by typing, Wu Hu, into the search space on this website’s home page and then click go.

I wish President Elect Donald Trump the very best in his Asian project.  Should you need anybody additional to assist you by traveling to Asia, I am ready to serve my President.  Ayeee yah !

R. Van Conoley

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