James Webb For President In 2016

   During the past twenty-five years, there has been only one individual elected to the U.S. Senate who had all of the right characteristics to be president.  That individual, in my view, was James Webb.  I greatly admire Webb as an honest man, a man of high integrity, and a man of intelligence. 

   James Webb was elected to the U.S. Senate from Virginia.  Mr. Webb was a combat marine and he received the Navy Cross.  He was also awarded the Silver Star and a Purple Heart.  Mr. Webb was an assistant secretary of defense and Secretary of the Navy.  Mr. Webb is the author of ten books and is an Emmy Award winning journalist. 

   Now, in 2014, Mr. Webb is a candidate for the Democratic Party’s nomination for president.  I have always believed that our country is more secure when our president has served as a combat veteran.  I support Mr. Webb as the only qualified candidate for president in 2016.  James Webb can return America to a Constitutional Republic founded on laws that serve all of our citizens and promote justice. 

                                       R. Van Conoley

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Handle Yo Bitches

   Raymell ” Ray ” Rice was an NFL player whose contract was terminated by the Ravens on September 8, 2014.  Rice was arrested and indicted for third-degree aggravated assault on March 27, 2014, relating to an incident where he punched his then fiancee, now wife, in the face.  The punch was so forceful that his fiancee, now wife, was knocked unconscious. 

   The NFL and the Ravens took stronger actions against Rice after a video of this tragic assault was released into the public domain.  Sanityandsense.com has received a National Security Agency audio intercept of Ray Rice speaking to a group of high school football players at a ” Football Clinic ” for future NFL hopefuls.  This is NSA Intercept N-078462-NV-37. 

   ” Good afternoon.  I am Ray Rice and I am the final speaker at today’s clinic for future NFL players.  This morning, you heard a discussion of defensive football strategy.  This afternoon you heard a discussion of offensive football strategy. Well, I be the final speaker and they saved the best till last. But let me tell you, if you to make it in the NFL, you gots a lot more to know than football strategy. 

   ” One of the things that you gets when signing with the NFL is a boatload of money.  I talking real big money here.  All that money allow you to meet many womens. Sho some be attracted to your money, but yo gots a lot to go around. 

   ” Now if you be a real man like me, you can handle a lot of womens.  I want to be clear here that I am talking about all the pussy you can handle.  I want a show of hands how many of you had some pussy in the last six months.  All right, now a show of hands of all of you who have had some pussy in the past year. 

   ”  You in the green shirt in the back, you be the only mans that did not raise his hand.  That mean to me that you some kind of faggot. You probably not like womens.  You go on and get out of here boy ! Ray don’t like to talk to faggots !

    ( Sound of door opening and closing. ) 

   ” Now that we got only real men here now, I want to talk in more depth about pussy.  I call it pussy, but some of you call it nookie, cunt, twat, or puntang.  It mean the same thing. 

   ” Now each of you can have at least one woman in Philadelphia, Miami, Los Angeles, Detroit, Cincinnati, and even Kansas City.  But with that many womens, yo got to know how to keep yo bitches in line.  You not careful, these bitches will try to take over and keep you from seeing other bitches. 

   ” So now I am going to show you a short video where I let my fiancee know that I am the man !  Roll the tape Chuck.  ( Pause of 40 seconds. ) Now you saw in that video that you just watched that my fiancee and I be on an elevator.  You notice how she stepped up and got in my face.  You notice that I don’t argue.  I just laid a solid right hook on her head and she was out cold !

   ” All right.  Now that you knows how to handle yo bitches, I will respond to some of your questions that you placed on cards.  The first card asks about NFL players who have been arrested. 

   ” It turns out that a whole lot of NFL players have been arrested.  It was just my bad luck to be on a video.  Here are some of the players arrested and most are still playing because the NFL more important than the law.  They is: 1) Shonn Greene, 2) John Boyette, 3) Joseph Randle, 4) Tom Johnson, 5) Derrick Shelby, 6) Jonathan Dwyer, 7) Spencer Ware, 8) Ray McDonald, 9) Quincy Enunwa, and 10) Le’Von Bell.  They be a whole bunch more, but I want to talk about a guy named Michael Vick.  Vick was in the NFL and was a great quarterback.  He got arrested for illegal interstate dog fighting.  The feds found him guitly and sent him to jail.  He back playing for the NFL now. 

   ” That is all the time I got available.  I have to catch a jet to the Middle East.  I have been selected as ” Man of The Year ” by ISIS. ”

        Written by Jonathan Swift

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   With almost all of the election results tabulated, it appears that the total level of corruption and gross incompetence existing in the U.S. Congress remains unchanged.  In 2015, our corrupt congress will have a few more republican crooks and a few less democrat crooks.  However the total lack of common sense, integrity, and worthwile ideas that came from congress in 2014 is expected to continue in 2015. 

   Also the print and electronic media appear to be even more biased toward new forms of psychotic idealism rather than objective facts and rational analysis.  So what is a sane and sensible individual to do ?

   David Stockman, author of THE GREAT DEFORMATION, offers a free newsletter that all sane and sensible individuals should read.  Just type davidstockmanscontracorner.com into your computer and enter a sane world where rational analysis replaces Wall Street delusions and financial nonsense.  In my view, Mr. Stockman is the author of the finest prose that can be found in the English language !

   The following is a quote from one of Mr. Stockman’s recent articles titled:  ” The BOJ Jumps the Monetary Shark. ”   Mr Stockman writes: ” This is just plain sick.  Hardly a day after the greatest central bank fundraiser of all time, Maestro Greenspan, confessed that QE has not helped the main street economy and jobs, the lunatics at the BOJ flat-out jumped the monetary shark.  Even then, the madman Kuroda pulled off his incendiary maneuver by a bare 5-4 vote.  Apparently the dissenters – Messrs. Morimoto, Ishida, Sato, and Kiuchi – are only semi-mad…. ”

   This is David Stockman writing Stockmanomics at its best !

                                                     R. Van Conoley

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Who Elected The Florida Press Association ???

   On Wednesday, October 22, 2014, I returned home from the bookstore.  I talked with my wife for a few minutes and then turned on our TV to check the Asian markets.  Since the Asian markets were as I suspected, I changed the station to the next channel.  Next to the business channel is a public service channel that I and about five other individuals watch. 

   On the public service channel was a replay of a debate for the governorship of South Dakota.  To my great surprise, there were three candidates in the debate.  There was the usual democrat crook who blamed the republican crooks for everything that was wrong.  There was the usual republican crook who blamed the democrat crooks for everything that was wrong.  Then there was an independent candidate who had some solid ideas and many sane and sensible solutions. 

   In the Rick Scott-Charlie Crist debates, the independent candidate was excluded.  By what right does the Florida Press Association have to exclude any registered candidates from a public debate broadcast over the electronic media?  The exclusion of candidate Adrian Wyllie was immoral.  I sincerely hope a third party candidate is elected to the office of Attorney General.  An honest Attorney General could investigate how the democrat crooks and the republican crooks got the Florida Press Association to do their dirtywork for them. 

   Once again, Sanityandsense.com endorses Mr. Adrian Wyllie for governor.  Unfortunately the Florida Press Association decided that Mr. Wyllie could not be in the debate so the citizens of Florida did not have a fair and reasonable chance to hear Mr. Wyllie.  Where is the outrage? This clearly is not in keeping with the U.S. Constitution.  This is a public disgrace !

                                         R. Van Conoley

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Keep Those Letters Coming In

This website is ” presented ” by a company and I had someone help me set it up some years ago.  The website is very well read.  Unfortunately, this website has one major drawback.  It is extremely difficult for readers to send in ”Letters To The Editor. ”  The man you love, the man you hate, the man you can not live without, Mort Culligan, suggested to me that I set up an ” easy” e-mail address so people could send in comments.  Besides being a viper tongued foe of just about every tax, Mr. Culligan is an extremely intelligent man. 

Here is the address of a website where any reader may easily submit a ” Letter To The Editor” and give YOUR opinion.  Send e-mails to : Helium247@gmail.com.  Please sign your real name and enclose a phone number and address for verification.  Neither your phone number nor your address will be published on the website. 

Individuals with opposing opinions are welcome.  Write in to support your candidate.  Please limit comments to one typed page. 

                        R. Van Conoley ( Editor of Sanityandsense.com .  Letters sent to Helium247@gmail.com will be reprinted on the website Sanityandsense.com. )

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A Wise Saying – Part 116

   I do not believe that the solution to the problem with the U.S. Government today is simply to elect honest people to public office.  The important thing is to create a political climate of opinion which will make it politically profitable for corrupt politicians to reject corruption and to act in a sane and sensible manner.  Unless it is politically profitable for political crooks to embrace integrity and honesty, the few decent and honest politicians will not continue to remain honest and decent. 

                                              R. Van Conoley

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Scientific Illiteracy In America

   In recent months I have seen pictures in magazines and in major newspapers and even on TV of individuals pouring ice water over other individuals in order to promote understanding of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis ( ALS ). It is a tragic commentary on American scientific illiteracy that the news media covers such sophomoric behavior and fails totally to inform the Public about ALS.

   While earning a degree in psychology more than 40 years ago, I completed a course in physiological psychology that used the exact same textbook on neuroanatomy as first year medical students.  Each year since graduation, I have always read at least one book each year on neurology.  I would like to comment on some of the facts relating to ALS for the readers of this website.  ALS is a serious syndrome and all adults should have some understanding of ALS. 

   ALS is just one of a group of neurological diseases that are classified as neurodegenerative.  Some of the others are: 1) Parkinson’s disease, 2) Alzheimer’s disease, 3) Huntington’s Chorea, and 4) many others that are very rare and with names that would not be recognized.  What is so unusual about these diseases is that most of the individuals affected by them have perfectly normal lives until the disease strikes. 

   In the U.S., ALS has a frequency of 1.5 to 2.0 cases per 100,000 population.  Scientists learned in the 1950′s that ALS followed a pattern like a disease seen in Guam.  Epidemiologists learned that the People of Guam ate large amounts of a plant known scientifically as Cycas circinalis.  Then the scientists learned that there was a compound in this plant called Beta-N-methylamino-L-alanine or L-BMAA for short.  L-BMAA, it turned out, was similar to another compound known as L-BOAA which caused spinal cord disease in humans.  Scientists have used these two compounds in animal studies to better understand ALS in humans. 

   While there is not complete agreement among scientists as to the exact cause of ALS, it is known that motor neurons in the spine are destroyed over time.  Superoxide dismutase, often indicated by SOD, has two similar molecules in humans that have been classified as SOD-1 and SOD-2.  Deficiencies of either or both of these enzymes may allow free radicals to damage and kill motor neurons in the spine.  Scientists know that there are 110 different mutations of SOD-1 and that there are about 40 genes that impact ALS. 

   Possibly it is even more important to realize, as Dr. Russell L. Blaylock points out, that there are compounds in our food supply that are toxic to all neurons.  Two very toxic and well known compounds are: 1) Monosodium Glutamate, and 2) Aspartane which is sold as a sweetner.  Also, there are new drugs, approved by the FDA that are toxic to the human Central Nervous System. 

   I challenge my readers to accept the only sane and sensible challenge and type the words ‘ spinal muscular atrophy ‘ into the search box on this homepage and read the related article.  Then type the word ‘ homocysteine ‘ into the box and read the second article.  You will learn a lot more than having someone pour icewater over your head !

                                R. Van Conoley (Editor’s note:   There is only one compound that I know which operates to reduce the pathological aging process in humans.  That compound is Human Growth Hormone.  The FDA, in their infinite stupidity, have banned the use of HGH for all medical uses except human dwarfism.  The FDA continues to allow toxic drugs onto the prescription market, but bans a substance that could help many over 50 years of age. Caution! HGH ” releasing agents” advertised by ” snakeoil salesmen ” in the unethical end of the health food industry DO NOT INCREASE  HGH! HGH can only be administered by injection since it is a protein molecule. )

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A Wise Saying – Part 115

To a child, to a savage, and to a Wall Street operator everything seems possible- hence their credulity.  Exactly the same is true of people who live in times of great uncertainty.  Fear and hope both heighten credulity.  Hence crooked politicians who will say anything to gain a vote usually wish to create a state of mind receptive to fantastic and absurd ideas by preaching  hope and also creating insecurity. 

                                           R. Van Conoley

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Website Visitors

There were 1,867 visitors to this website in August, 2014.  This is the third highest month since the website began. 

                                    R. Van Conoley

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A Racist Is A Racist Is A Racist

    I am old enough to remember seeing White racism in the ” Old South ” when I was a child.  I clearly remember the many news stories about Byron De La Beckwith, Jr., in 1963 and 1964.  Beckwith was a White racist and Klansman from Greenwood, Mississippi.  He was tried for the murder of Medgar Evers who was shot on June 12, 1963.  Both trials of Beckwith resulted in hung juries in 1964.  During Beckwith’s second trial, former Governor Ross Barnett interrupted the trial to shake hands with Beckwith.  In my view, Governor Barnett lacked basic decency and disgraced himself by displaying a pathological form of White racism. 

   In 2014, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder traveled to Florissant, Missouri, to shake hands with citizens of that region where rioting had been taking place.  Some community residents had rioted over the shooting of Michael Brown by a white police officer.  Holder was critical of law enforcement and discussed his ” humiliation ” of having his car searched by law enforcement after he was stopped for speeding. 

   Mr. Holder, in my view, has often used his power as Attorney General to promote Black racism and to silence the critics of his boss, Barack Obama.  As an American who deplores both Black racism and White racism, I am mystified why the American news media continues to view Holder and Obama as anything more than elected Black racists.  White racism from the past does not justify the new Black racism practiced by Holder and Obama against the American People and the Constitution. I found Holder’s handshaking of individuals in the area of the riots to be as disgusting as Governor Ross Barnett’s handshake of Beckwith. 

                                           R. Van Conoley  ( Editor’s note:  Byron De La Beckwith was tried for a third time in 1994 and convicted.  He died in prison in 2001, at the age of 80. )

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