Covid-19 And Governor Ron DeSantis

Since Ron DeSantis is the Governor of the third largest state, by population, in the U.S., he may have no idea who I am.  I am a politically active individual, over the age of 65, who would dearly like an injection of the Covid-19 Vaccine for me and my wife.

So far Governor, you have talked a very good line, but I judge people by what they do and not by what they say. How you handle the distribution of the Covid-19 Vaccine will determine if I and my wife will vote for you in the future.  Since you are my governor, I am on your side and I would respectfully like to offer you some advice. If I could serve you with any additional advice, please call me.  You certainly had no difficulties reaching me by mail while you were a candidate for governor.

Lets start by looking at what you have done. You stated that citizens 65 and over will be the first to receive the vaccine. That was indeed a common sense statement and I commend you for making it. However, it was nothing but useless talk unless you have a thorough plan to distribute the vaccine. Allow me to offer some reasonable advice.

Usually with age comes wisdom.  I believe that I am a lot sharper in intellect today than I was when I was in my 20’s and 30’s. However, as an example, I earned five college and university degrees in my lifetime. I did not have to use a computer until I took my 5th. University degree. You must keep in mind that citizens age 65 and over are not as adept in using a computer as my 18 year old granddaughter. So telling “Senior Citizens” just to use the computer is an extremely unwise decision. Already your website has “crashed” and senior citizens can not make contact.

1) Suggestion # 1. I advise you to have a phone number that is answered by a REAL PERSON that remains open 24 hours a day and remains open 7 days a week. You stated that you had hired 1,000 contract nurses to assist in administering the vaccine. I strongly suggest that you hire at least 200 individuals to monitor calls to your contact number. All people would appreciate this, especially senior citizens. Also, this line should be answered by a real person and the caller should not have to wait for 30 or 40 minutes while a message is repeated over and over again. Hint: If 200 is not enough, hire 400 or 500 as you determine needed. After all you are the Governor and you must accept full responsibility for the total operation in Florida.  Also, I am certain that I do not have to suggest to you that the individuals hired to answer the phone will be 100% informed with all relevant information that people need.

2) Suggestion # 2. Very basic common sense indicates that the state of Florida should be divided into regions. Florida has 67 Counties, but I do not believe that 67 regions are necessary. Call me if you need help, but I studied the situation and I believe that 16 regions would be about perfect. Miami-Dade County, which has more citizens than most states would be one region.

3) Suggestion # 3. Let me demonstrate how suggestion 2 might be best implemented. I live in Volusia County which is a very large county in size, but medium in population numbers. I drew my map so that Volusia and Seminole County are formed into one region. My additional advice involves this region, but should serve for other parts of Florida.

4) Suggestion # 4. Both approved vaccines need to be kept at low temperatures. Pfizer needs a much colder temperature than the Moderna vaccine. Citizens will become infuriated if you permit some dimwitted individual to mishandle a shipment of the vaccine and the temperature is not adequate and the vaccine degrades and becomes ineffective. So you will be sure to give clear and definite directions to those many individuals who assist you in distribution.

5) Suggestion # 5. As Governor, you have a level of authority over the state police known as the Florida Highway Patrol. After sitting down with the director of the Highway Patrol, you can explain how he and his officers can assist you in the efficient distribution of the vaccine and the steps necessary to maintain the chemical integrity of the vaccine. ( For example, you might wish to remind the Chief that Dry Ice is just CO2 that is frozen and is in a solid and very cold state.  So the vaccine will be stored in boxes where there is dry ice to maintain low temperatures. Dry ice goes from its solid state to its gas state without forming a liquid, so the boxes will have some white smoke coming from them as the dry ice evaporates. It is harmless and should be expected.

6) Suggestion # 6) As Governor, you will learn that several airport locations are available for each region. My region, ( Volusia and Seminole Counties) has a medium size airport near De Land. and another airport near Sanford.  At a fixed time, a military or private plane will land at the airport that you select.  Waiting at the airport will be 14 to 20 Highway Patrol Cars. Each driver will know in detail in advance how many boxes will be placed in his patrol car and exactly how many locations that he must make to complete the mission.

7) Suggestion # 7 ) After the plane lands the first set of 5 or 6 boxes will be placed into the first patrol car and he will then drive off to deliver the vaccines. Then the next, next and next and next. After the patrol cars are loaded, the plane will return to its area wherever the U.S. Government has its closest storage facility.

8) Suggestion # 8 ) While suggestion 7 is in operation, the same type of operation will be happening in several other regions.

9) Suggestion # 9 ) You of course will have informed the county sheriff and/or the local police of the operations in case you need assistance.

10) Suggestion # 10 ) Both Walgreens and CVS have been administering the influenza vaccine for many years.  Hence, you could inquire if CVS and Walgreens would assist in the administration of the Covid-19 vaccine.  Both should be eager to assist since after getting the vaccine, many citizens remember some items at the store that they need. Additional revenue is always welcome in private enterprise.

11) Suggestion # 11 ) I am sure that a wise man like you has already thought in depth about how to administer this vaccine in a sane and sensible manner. THERE IS NO NEED FOR ELDERLY CITIZENS TO SIT IN THEIR CARS FOR HOURS WAITING FOR THE VACCINE, ONLY TO BE TOLD THAT THE VACCINE IS OUT AND THEY HAVE NO IDEA WHEN THE NEXT SHIPMENT WILL BE AVAILABLE.

12) Suggestion # 12 )  I never vote for an individual because of race, religion, party affiliation, or verbal promises made BEFORE an election. I do vote for reelection of individuals who display common sense and manage their office for the welfare of the American People. I also campaign against individuals who are incompetent in their duties. I judge individuals by their decency and common  sense and their actions, not by their promises.

R. Van Conoley The present listing for the phone of Governor DeSantis is 850-717-9337. Please be polite and respectful to the office of the Governor. He is our PUBLIC SERVANT and he works for us. I believe he will do a good job. President Trump did an outstanding job in getting an effective vaccine made quickly. Now Mr. DeSantis must demonstrate that he can manage the distribution in a rapid and effective manner.

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Lou Dobbs Is The Greatest

As a law abiding American, I have a great deal of respect for the well known electronic journalist and best selling author, Lou Dobbs. Lou is intelligent, articulate, truthful, courageous, and extremely patriotic.  I enjoy watching his show.

I am an independent and a law abiding American and I started this website to disseminate ideas that I believed that Americans needed to know. I have always been active in politics, but I have avoided illegal demonstrations and I refused to lower myself to the level of too many politicians and political activists in the world today.

In 2016, I voted for a major party candidate ( Democrat or Republican ) for the first time in 40 years.  I voted for Donald Trump and I am glad that I did. People who read my website can find articles on mass political movements.  I wrote them for a purpose.

President Donald Trump has been treated terribly and many criminal acts have been committed against Mr. Trump by the democrat party and the Hillary Clinton Criminal Syndicate.  Looking back on Mr. Trump’s almost four years, I believe that Mr. Trump did many great things and he sincerely wanted to help create a better America. I believe that Mr. Trump’s greatest mistake was that he was not brutal enough to exist in the Washington cesspool. The Obama-Clinton-Biden Criminal Syndicate waged a never ending war against Mr. Trump even before he won the Presidency. The Obama-Clinton-Biden criminal syndicate criminalized the FBI, the Justice Department, and even the CIA to harass Mr. Trump. My country turned on me and this country will never be the same if the individuals who committed these numerous crimes remain unpunished.

Wikipedia labeled Lou Dobbs as a conspiracy theorist. He is not. He has the courage to stand up and tell the truth.  I had great hopes that Attorney General Barr would investigate the serious situation and attempt to seek justice for all Americans. He has not and I am extremely saddened by this. While I believe that I am as patriotic as Lou Dobbs and all of the other law abiding Americans, I am certain that the election was as illegal as Hillary Clinton smashing her electronic devices while under a legal order to turn them over to authorities. Interesting that Director Comey decided not to prosecute Ms. Clinton.

When the electors gather in Congress on December 14/2020, the results will be presented. However, that is not the end of this vile and reprehensible criminal action. The U.S. Congress votes whether or not to accept the election results for President and Vice President.  According to the Constitution and Federal law, it does not take a large number of individuals to protest the vote of the electors.  As I read and understand the Constitution in this inchoate and somewhat arcane situation, it needs only one member from the House and one member from the Senate to object to the vote of the electors. It seems perfectly clear to me that there are numerous members of the House and the Senate who would object to the electoral vote.

If the above situation happens, and I believe that it will, that will allow Mr. Trump to present his evidence regarding voter fraud. This would allow Mr. Trump and his attorneys the opportunity to speak and present evidence that they have. However, with Facebook and Twitter now setting the rules for “free speech,” is it possible for the American People to hear the evidence and decide for themselves?

I am hopeful that Lou Dobbs will look into the situation and possibly explain how the procedures work if  Congress has an objection to the electoral vote count.  This has never happened before in the history of the United States. The election will definitely not be concluded on December 14, 2020.

R. Van Conoley  ( I always voted in every election every since I turned 21 and was able to vote. Prior to 2016, I had voted for many third party candidates for President. Some over 50 may remember Ralph Nader and Ross Perot among others. )

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Liars On The Left and Liars On The Right

In the U.S. today, it is extremely difficult to obtain truthful news.  President Trump calls the left wing liars the fake news media. I fully agree with Mr. Trump.  However, Trump does not refer to the right wing liars as part of the fake news media. A person would have to be a complete fool to believe that only the left wing fake journalists represent the fake news media.

Of all of the major newspapers in the U.S., there is only one that consistently reports the news without bias and misrepresentations. The WALL STREET JOURNAL is that newspaper in my view. Removing the JOURNAL from consideration, it appears to me that 100% of the news is fake and biased news. Again, my opinion is that there is a great deal more left wing bias than there is right wing bias. It appears to me that about 80% of the biased and fake news comes from the left. However, that in no way excuses the biased news from the right wing that represents about 20% of the fake news.

Allow me to give a real example of how an author may be biased, but not untruthful. Joseph Stiglitz is an economist who is biased toward liberal economics and toward globalism.  I have read all of Stiglitz’s books and I keep a copy of his book, MAKING GLOBALIZATION WORK, on my bookshelf. After reading his book on globalization, I could not find one example where the author gave false information to promote his views. Therefore, I do not consider him to be part of the fake news media and I admire his honesty. Sometimes, Stiglitz presents facts that do not support his positive view of globalization. He points this out and I admire his honesty and integrity. However, my opinion of globalization is that it is not as worthwhile as Stiglitz implies.

Newt Gingrich is a very intelligent man and an extraordinary author in my view. His historical fiction, in my view, is Nobel Prize level writing. Of course Newt will never receive a Nobel Prize because he is biased to the right or the conservative view.  I have never found Newt giving false information to support any of his views.

Recently, I read a Gingrich novel titled, SHAKEDOWN. Since it was a novel, it was a made up fictional story.  Fictional books do not have to adhere to the same standards as newspaper and media reporting. His latest book is in a specific category of international fiction that is widely read. It was a kind of updated James Bond style novel involving the forces of good versus the forces of evil. Interestingly, the forces of good were represented by the U.S. and Israel and their supporters. The forces of evil were represented by Iran, a Russian oligarch, and a Palestinian terrorist. Since it was fiction, the storyline could follow any direction.

In the novel SHAKEDOWN, Newt makes the Russian, the Iranian, and the Palestinian the embodiment of pure evil.  That is not fake news, but it does present a viewpoint or a bias of what is good and what is evil. In the U.S. for years, Iran has been used as a political football. President Obama continually congratulates himself for developing a deal with Iran. President Trump continually congratulates himself for destroying the Obama-Iranian deal.  Who is right ?

Lets now take a look at the implied ” political slogans” that Americans are expected to support or oppose depending on your left or right wing views. The left implies several: 1) Defunding the local police is good; 2) White racism is the cause of Black unemployment and a host of other problems and 3) at least a hundred others that are well known. Now lets take a look at the right wing views. There are two main dictates that the right wing fake news media supports. They are 1) Israel is always right in all political and military actions all of the time, and 2) The U.S. must continue our mindless and never ending wars everywhere in the world.

These psychotic political viewpoints are continuously hurled at Americans 24/7. After I finished reading SHAKEDOWN, I thought that there would be some forceful and violent action taken against Iran or an Iranian individual in the near future. Well bless my soul, a top Iranian scientist was just murdered by Israel or Israel and the U.S.  Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, 59, was a top nuclear scientist in Iran and he was murdered on November 27,2020.

Trump said many times that he would never allow Iran to develop a nuclear bomb. Where does it state in the U.S. Constitution that the U.S. has the decision powers to decide which countries can have nuclear weapons ? Did the U.S. give permission for China, Pakistan, and India to develop nuclear bombs ? Of course not. But the right wing’s psychotic talking points are as insane as the left wing’s talking points.  It is an interesting fact that Israel has never signed the Nuclear Non Proliferation agreement.

I hope Americans will read an article on this website titled: ” The Overdue End of the U.S.” Our country has passed the point where we can have any form of sane government in the U.S. if we continue to have 50 states. America needs to Balkanize into several separate and totally independent countries. It could not be anywhere worse than the terror that exists today. Also, always remember: ” One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter.”

R. Van Conoley  ( Additional facts: President George W. Bush, undoubtedly the dumbest man ever elected as President, attacked Iraq after 9/11 by claiming that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. Iraq had no weapons of mass destruction and Bush knew it all along. Also, not a single terrorist that attached the U.S. on 9/11 came from Iraq. Yet ten years later, America is spending billions of dollars to keep U.S. forces in Iraq. However, the somewhat brighter Barack Obama, passively allowed the war in Iraq to continue during his eight years as President while accepting a Nobel Prize for Peace !! Totally insane. )

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The Overdue End Of The United States

I am a law abiding man, who has worked hard throughout my life, and now I am retired.  I paid all of my taxes on time, obeyed the laws of the United States, and supported my country in every possible way. However, all good things must end.  For almost fifty years, I thought that the U.S. could become a better country if we developed viable third party representatives to our governmental system.  Every industrialized democracy in the world has at least some third party representation in their government and some countries have third parties, fourth parties, and other parties.  Look closely at Israel and Italy and several countries in Europe.

But with our two party system it is easier for special interests to manipulate the will of the majority of the American People, so we never had a viable and long lasting third party.  In 2016, I was happy to see that Donald Trump was a de facto third party candidate who managed to capture the Republican Party nomination.  Trump was free to work for the good of the American People. That is why Trump was elected in 2016. I admire Trump for keeping his word and trying to clean up the “swamp” in Washington.  I voted for Trump in 2016, and it was the first time in forty years that I voted for a main party ( Republican or Democrat ) candidate for President.

However, I deeply believe in justice and fairness.  I know that the world is not perfect and it never will be. I remember one of my psychology professors in college stating: ” Looking for justice too deeply is, I believe, a major cause of mental illness in the U.S. ”  I have thought about that a lot and I have been willing to tolerate a very small amount of criminal and immoral behavior in the U.S. government because of it.

Unfortunately the level of criminal behavior in politics has always been disgusting to me as an American. After Trump’s election in 2016, the levels of criminal behavior in the political realm in the U.S. have become intolerable.  The criminal behavior was not caused by Trump in any form, but it was directed at Trump in multiple forms.  It is well established that Trump was illegally spied upon even before he received the nomination in 2016. The Criminal Syndicate of  Obama-Clinton-Biden criminalized the Justice Department, and the FBI, and even the CIA. The record is extremely clear.

Left unchallenged, the Obama-Clinton-Biden Criminal Syndicate continued to expand their activities through defunding the local police in Democrat controlled areas so their psychopaths could loot, burn, and commit numerous acts of violence. The Syndicate was aided and abetted by a portion of the news media along with corporate billionaires. Finally, it is apparent that the Syndicate criminalized the vote counting in 1) Pennsylvania, 2) Michigan, 3) Wisconsin, 4) Georgia, and 5) Arizona.  Nevada and Illinois were already thoroughly corrupt and had no intentions of allowing any fair elections in their states.

I accept and I believe that at the present time, the final arbiter of this serious mess can only be the Supreme Court of the U.S. Unfortunately, the Supreme Court can not reverse time and determine with 100% accuracy what the vote counts were that were legally cast in the five states mentioned.  I believe that Donald Trump won the most electoral votes on November 3, 2020, that were legally cast.

This level of public corruption is not acceptable to me and I believe that it is unacceptable to a large majority of Americans. From my view, it seems that the Federal Government of the U.S. is beyond redemption and rehabilitation. It is long past time when the U.S. ceased to exist. Many countries around the world in recent decades have ” Balkanized .” Our country must end and allow several new countries to arise. This, of course, would take a Constitutional Amendment. Yet, that is the very reason why our Constitution has a legal method to amend our Constitution.  The amendment would require a 2/3 vote of both houses of congress plus a ratifying vote by 3/4 of the states ( 38 states ).

I suggest that the following states be allowed to form a country and withdraw from the U.S. The states are: 1) Texas, 2) Louisiana, 3) Mississippi, 4) Florida, 5) Georgia, 6) Alabama, 7) Arkansas, 8) Oklahoma, 9) Kansas, 10) Missouri, 11) Tennessee, 12) Kentucky, 13) West Virginia, 14) North Carolina, and 15) South Carolina.  I suggest that the name might be ” Republic of America ” or whatever.

The creation of the ” Republic of America ” could be a first step in decreasing the violent crime,  terrorism, racism, criminal activity, and other reprehensible activities sponsored by the Democrat Party for the past five years. Ask yourself these questions: 1) Will people ever trust the FBI again?, 2) Were illegal acts committed against Mr. Trump by the Department of Justice?, 3) Wouldn’t this be much easier that fighting a Civil War in the U.S.?

Also, while I would encourage my representatives to support this Amendment, I would also support other Amendments that would allow other regions of the U.S. to withdraw from the U.S. I would hope that the citizens of California would form their own country since there is not another state in the U.S. that would wish to be associated with California. I hope that California names their state the ” Communist Republic of California.” Other regions of the U.S. can Balkanize or remain with the “old” U.S.

R. Van Conoley ( Editor’s Note: I have a small card that I hand out to people to advertise this website.  On the back of my card there is this quote: ” In 21st. Century America, Americans continue to accept the false delusion that we live in a Constitutional Republic where democracy and freedom exist.  Such illogical thinking will result in a tragedy unsurpassed in world history. ”



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E-Mail to FBI Director From Joe Biden

The following E-mail from Joe Biden to FBI Director Christopher Wray was intercepted by Jonathan Swift.

To: FBI Director Christopher A. Wray;    From: Joseph Biden, President-elect

Dear Chris, I wanted to thank you for all of your help to me and the Democratic Party.  It is my understanding that there are still a few FBI Agents who do not understand that the FBI is designed to totally protect the Democrat Party and work with the Democrat Party as one of our public relations organizations.  I would like for you to remove all FBI agents who do not support the Democratic Party like you.

I appreciate the intervention, under your direction, in the 2020 Presidential election.  Most Americans have no idea that the FBI and other Intelligence Agencies have electronic powers, through the most sophisticated computers in the world, to modify or change any computer anywhere in the world. Your suggestion to apply this program to only seven state vote totals in the U.S. worked very well.  The American People have no idea whatsoever that you changed the vote totals in seven states without a trace.  Your suggestion to remove every sixth vote from Trump and give that vote to the Biden ticket was extremely helpful. This was applied to the mail in vote totals so no trace is available.

I would like to re-institute the money laundering with HSBC just like it was when I was Vice President.  Also, I would like to re-establish the CIA drug trade and move our share of profits to our bank accounts. You might not know that when the U.S. took over Afghanistan, when George Bush was President,  the production of narcotics was at a low point.  When I left office as Vice President, the opium production in Afghanistan had increased by 43%. I would like to see opium production rise in Afghanistan since our team can make huge profits from this enterprise.

Do not worry, I plan to stay in many places around the world.  I plan to keep America involved in foreign wars so our government can purchase a great deal of military equipment from our great military industrial complex.  Remember that Lockheed Martin joined the Clinton Global initiative in 2010 and shortly thereafter Lockheed was awarded 17 contracts.

Many people said that Barack Obama was the brains behind the Obama-Biden-Clinton criminal syndicate.  Many said that I was just the bag man.  If the truth be told, I advised Comey, Lynch, and Eric Holder and I helped Obama achieve many of his goals. The false rumor that Obama knew how to launder money because he was trained by the extremely corrupt Chicago Mayor, Richard Daley, is vastly over rated.  I knew how to guide Obama through the crooks in the U.S. Congress and get them on our side. Yes, Chris we have a lot of work to do. I will be in touch with you just as soon as I open a backchannel to my close friends in China.

Warmest regards, /s/ Joe Biden, President-elect  11/9/2020

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E-Mail From Bill Clinton To Hunter Biden

Associate editor, Jonathan Swift has intercepted an E-mail from former President Bill Clinton to Hunter Biden.  It was obtained by using software obtained from Waterleaks.

To: Hunter Biden;  From: Bill Clinton

Dear Hunter,

I just wanted to take a minute and congratulate you on your vast accomplishments by employing money laundering, extortion, and influence manipulation.  Joe Biden, your father, trained you very well.  I was most impressed when I learned that you extorted Russia, the Ukraine, and even China.  I know your father very well, but he is not the man he use to be.  He has become somewhat forgetful.  So I wanted to fill you in on some important facts that will definitely help you in the future.

You must remember that the Clinton Crime Family joined with the Obama Crime Family and the Biden Crime Family to form one of the greatest crime syndicates in American history.  Former FBI Director James Comey was well known as the ” Clinton Fixer ” with a long history of helping the Clinton Crime Family.  Although Donald Trump fired this fine man, you do not have to worry about the FBI giving you a hard time. After all, the FBI had your computer files for a long time and did absolutely nothing. However, in the future you need to take a hammer to your computer so you can destroy all evidence just like my dear wife, Hillary, did.

I decided to pardon billionaire, Marc Rich, on my last day in office as President. In 2005, FBI Director Mueller decided to close the investigation into the Marc Rich pardon.  You can clearly understand that the FBI will protect the Clinton-Obama-Biden crime syndicate as much as possible. Your father probably never told you that on March 4,2013, James Comey joined the Board of Directors of HSBC. He held that position until he became head of the FBI in August, 2013.  He allowed HSBC to avoid criminal prosecution despite the GUILTY PLEA BY HSBC.

Sometime I can talk to you in person and help you perfect your skills in money laundering, extortion, and other criminal activities.  I also heard that an individual associated with the Biden Crime Family made public statements about you and your criminal activities and also your involvement with a fourteen year old girl.

Glad to learn that you like fourteen year old girls.  I have had a lot of experience in that area when I use to associate with Jeff Epstein.  But Epstein was about to go public so he was arrested and incarcerated in a Federal prison. While in prison, Mr. Epstein hanged himself and there was no record of how this happened since the guards did not check on him and all of the video cameras  were not working.  I think you get the picture that the FBI and the CIA were tools of the Democrat Party and did a lot of favors for the Clinton-Obama-Biden Crime syndicate over the years.

Hope you and I can get together with a couple of fourteen year old girls in the near future and party some to reduce our stress from the 2020 election. If I had a son, I know that he would be a lot like you.

Best, Bill Clinton

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Kamala Harris — The Facts

Kamala Devi Harris was born to Donald Harris, her Jamaican born father and Shyamala Gopalan, her Tamil Braham mother from India.  Her father is a Marxist economist who taught at Stanford University.

Her parents divorced when Kamala was five years old.  Kamala was greatly influenced in her world views by her maternal grandfather, T.V. Gopalan. Ms. Harris attended Howard University and later obtained a law degree from Hastings College of Law in San Francisco.

In 1994, Ms. Harris met Willie Brown whom many considered as the second most powerful man in California politics.  Brown was married and sixty years old when he and Kamala started dating.  Harris was twenty-nine at the time.  Willie Brown was the Speaker of the California State Assembly and he also ran a law practice on the side.  Brown accepted money from lobbyists and industrialists who very often seemed to get favorable treatment in Sacramento.  Brown was frequently investigated by the state Bar of California, the Fair Political Practices Commission, and the FBI.  He was never convicted by a Court of Law for any criminal activity.

Brown retired from politics in 2004 and purchased a $ 1.8 million condo.  Brown was married in 1958 and was still married during his relationship with Kamala Harris.  Until his retirement, Brown helped Kamala Harris with her career and put a lot of money in her accounts by appointing her to state commissions that paid huge salaries and did not require legislative approval.  Brown also bought Kamala a new BMW.

Most people believe that the most valuable thing that Brown gave Kamala was total access to his vast network of huge money donors and political supporters.  Brown never divorced his wife, but his relationship with Kamala finally ended.  Brown and Kamala remained very close friends.

With Brown’s influence, Kamala Harris was hired to work in the district attorney’s office of Terence Hallinan.  However, Kamala wanted more, much more.  Harris challenged Hallinan for public office in 2003.  With help from Willie Brown, Ms. Harris came in second in a three way race.  Kamala Harris won the runoff race in January, 2004, and was sworn in as the San Francisco District Attorney.

But Kamala Harris wanted more.  In 2010, Harris sought election to the Office of Attorney General of California.  Harris won that election. Harris met Douglas Emhoff and they were married in 2014.

Ms. Harris was often criticized by her opponents for selective enforcement of State Law. Harris became a political ally of Governor Jerry Brown. Jerry Brown’s sister, Kathleen, joined the board of Sempra Energy.  In 2015 and 2016, Sempra Energy suffered the biggest methane gas leak from a well blowout in U.S. history.  Many believed that Sempra should have been held criminally liable for the situation.  Yet, Kamala Harris, as Attorney General, refused to even investigate the matter.

Today, Ms. Harris is the Democrat nominee for Vice President of the U.S. The election is on November 3, 2020.

R. Van Conoley

Editor’s Note 1) Harris supported Barack Obama when Obama ran for the Senate in Illinois in 2004. After Obama was elected, Obama flew to San Francisco to raise money for Ms. Harris. When Obama announced his plans to run for President in 2007, Kamala Harris was by his side.  Harris is often referred to as the ” female Obama ” by progressives.

Editor’s Note 2) Depending upon your views, Obama was trained in political action or political corruption by the notoriously corrupt Richard J. Daley Machine of Chicago. Depending on your political views, Kamala Harris was trained for political action or political corruption by the notorious Willie Brown.

Editor’s Note 3)  Depending upon your perspective, some people believe that Former Chicago Mayor Richard J. Daley and Willie Brown will be watching the 2020 election from either Heaven or Hell.


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The 2020 U.S. Mass Terrorist Movement – Part 9

Politics in the U.S. has never been a completely clean profession.  In centuries and decades past, it was common for one candidate to spread false information about a political opponent  in order to gain votes in a sleazy manner.  The American public has never been fooled by most of the underhanded tactics.

However, even President Nixon’s tactics of having individuals break into the Watergate headquarters of his democrat opponent seem mild by comparison to todays tactics. In 2020, violence, terrorism, rioting, and even murder have been employed by a new violent faction of the Democrat party.  Clearly this is not acceptable in the U.S . Hillary Clinton’s approach in attacking her Republican opponent in 2015 and 2016 involved the criminalization of the U.S. Justice Department, the CIA, and high ranking members of the FBI.

As a law abiding American, I hoped that Donald Trump’s appointment of William Barr to become Attorney General would bring criminals, even very important high ranking criminals, to justice before an American Court of Law.  A.G. Barr served as Attorney General during the administration of President George H. W. Bush from 1991 until 1993.  Even a U.S. Attorney is not necessarily cleared for a top level security clearance. Mr. Barr had a top level clearance, and in theory, could receive top level classified information from 1) the FBI, 2) the CIA, and 3) the Justice Department.  I hoped that Mr. Barr would restore confidence to the American People by bringing  justice to the many individuals who criminalized the system for political gain.

I had hoped that A.G. Barr would, with the assistance of John Durham, have returned a number of criminal indictments before the November 3, 2020, election. Well obviously he has not done this. Also, barring any very last minute indictments, it seems that Mr. Barr will not have a single criminal charge to file before the November 3, 2020, election.  It appears to be a total and absolute whitewash of numerous criminal indictments of high level individuals from the Obama administration and other high level government officials who supported Ms. Clinton in her 2016 Presidential campaign.

One of the most vile and reprehensible individuals to associate with the rich, famous, and powerful politicians was Jeffrey Epstein.  Epstein “employed” a number of under age girls who associated with and often had sex with powerful politicians.  Former President Bill Clinton was a friend who associated with Epstein.  Epstein’s top assistant was Ghislaine Maxwell who both recruited and trained the underage girls.  Additionally, Epstein is alleged to have videotaped powerful political men having sex with his underage girls.

Jeffrey Epstein was arrested and placed in a federal jail. The jail had numerous guards and numerous video cameras to monitor the inmates.  While in Federal custody, Jeffrey Epstein is alleged to have hanged himself.  None of the video cameras were working that were near Epstein. Additionally, no guards saw or heard anything suspicious. The autopsy on Epstein displayed damage to the neck area that was totally inconsistent with hanging. The damage and broken bone structure appeared to have been inflicted by someone who attacked Epstein.

When A.G. William Barr investigated the strange Epstein death, he stated that Epstein died by hanging himself.  Mr. Barr concluded that the camera failures and the failure of the guards to perform their required duties were mere coincidences. This seems strange to many Americans. Recently A.G. Barr revealed that WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange,  will be sent to the U.S. and held in an American prison. U.S. prosecutors have indicted the 49 year old Assange on 17 espionage charges and one charge of computer misuse regarding WikiLeaks publication of secret American military documents.

Assange’s defense team says he is entitled to First Amendment protections for his publication of leaked documents. Assange is to be locked up in a Colorado Supermax prison. Assange was arrested in London on April 11, 2019.

This website,, does not condone all of the actions of Mr. Assange.  However, it appears that Mr. Assange may suffer the same fate as Mr. Epstein while in jail. It seems strange that Mr. Barr and Mr. Durham have not indicted a single person for a long and complex series of crimes, including treason, against President Donald Trump.

The American People deserve justice. If criminal behaviors committed by important and high level Americans are Whitewashed, how can law abiding Americans maintain allegiance to our Republic ?  As the states of California, Oregon, and Washington experience violence and other large Democrat controlled cities in the U.S. continue in a virtual state of anarchy and where the nightly news shows murders committed by criminals, how long can we pretend that we live in a Constitutional Republic where law and justice rule ?  Who among us can even believe that our American elections are fair and just and that the votes will be counted legally ?

R. Van Conoley


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The 2020 U.S. Mass Terrorist Movement – Part 8

Just when I believe that the 2020 U.S. Mass Terrorist movement can not get any worse, it becomes even more brutal and murderous.  Observing the terrorist movement nightly on TV stations that report real and factual news, I have a better understanding of the Puritan Revolution and the French Revolution.

It is becoming very clear that the U.S. is no longer under legal and Constitutional control and our Republic is in a state of anarchy.  President Trump is too much of a coward to declare Martial law and the democrat party aids and abets terrorists by defunding the local police. Democrat prosecutors, who have the job of protecting the public and the Constitution of the U.S., aid and abet the terrorists by failing to charge any individuals and allowing arrested individuals to go free without bail.  Sadly, I do not expect the violence and terrorism to end on November 3, 2020, with the election.

But far worse than watching innocent people being shot and often killed on TV, the U.S. has a serious pandemic that has killed over 200,000 Americans.  I attempted to explain the nature of a virus and published two articles on this website about the Covid-19 virus.

Let me be extremely clear in this article, there is a 99% effective and 100% safe cure for this virus that exists today.  The cure has been known for 500 years. The name of the chemical that cures or stops this deadly virus is called Quinine. Quinine has the chemical formula C20 H24 N2 O2.  Quinine was isolated from the bark of the Cinchona tree. The chemical was used by natives in and around Peru for more than 500 years to treat and cure malaria. The natives of 500 years ago had no idea how this chemical worked, all they knew was that it cured a deadly disease and prevented the natives from becoming sick from this terrible disease.

The terrible disease was malaria.  Jesuit missionaries learned from Peruvian natives about this compound, Quinine, and sent bark from the Cinchona tree around the world to treat the deadly disease that became known as malaria.  From the Latin, Malaria was a term with two parts: Mal, means bad and air means air. So the disease was called bad air and came to be called malaria.  People believed that this terrible disease came from breathing “bad air.” This was long before the germ theory was understood and accepted.

It turns out that malaria was caused by a Plasmodium parasite ! This parasite lives inside of mosquitoes. The Anopheles mosquito carries four different strains of this parasite.  When an Anopheles mosquito would bite someone the parasite would be transferred from the mosquito to the human.  The parasite would live and grow inside the human and in most cases would cause a terrible death.

People with malaria, even though they did not know about the disease, could be cured if they were given Quinine.  Today Quinine could be used to treat and cure the deadly Covid-19 virus.  In the U.S., the FDA sets far too many of the rules for what compounds can be sold by big Pharma.  Big pharmaceutical companies are not in business to help people; they are in business to make money. Big Pharma makes huge profits and charges outrageous prices for drugs.  Courts of Law have ruled that pharmaceutical companies can not patent NATURAL molecules found in nature like vitamin C, Vitamin B2, amino acids and many other nutrients.  So Big Pharma and many doctors push the totally false narrative that these compounds do not help people very much. They are very wrong.

Now it just so happens that a natural compound like Quinine can not be patented. However if just one atom in the Quinine molecule can be deleted, added, or placed in a different location on the molecule, the compound can be patented and sold at extremely high prices to make Big Pharma a boatload of profits !! Many years ago, Big Pharma modified the Quinine molecule to a compound called Hydroxychloroquinine. Hydroxychloroquinine did the same thing in the human body as plain old Quinine, but the Hydroxy-Q could be sold as a pharmaceutical drug ! Big pharma could make a boatload of money and Big Pharam’s stockholders were very happy. Unfortunately, for Big Pharma, all good things must end and the patent expires on medications and the any pharmaceutical company can manufacture the molecule and sell it.

Lets look at an example. Suppose Big Pharma X has a patent on compound X. Compound X can be made for about 75 cents. However, Big Pharma X states that they must be allowed to sell the compound for $45.00 for each pill. They claim that it took years of research and they can not be expected to sell this 75 cent tablet for a penny less than $45.00/pill. Some years later. when the patent expires, other companies manufacture the compound and the price drops to $1.00/ tablet. But not to worry, Big Pharma will soon discover that Compound X is not really worthwhile and a new compound Y will be patented and sold for $134.00/tablet.

Quinine is cheap and Hydroxychlorquinine is also cheap. So instead of selling a cheap, effective, and very safe cure, Big Pharma has convinced the world that they will have a safe vaccine that will cure Covid-19 and the U.S. Government will pay $2,500.00 per shot for every American to obtain this remarkable vaccine.

In the meantime there are two reasons why Quinine is not readily available. The first reason is because Donald Trump took a Quinine compound and stated that a quinine compound would be effective.  It appears that the democrat party would rather see 20 million Americans lose their lives to Covid-19 than admit that Trump said something wise and helpful. Also, the democrat party harbors the sick and psychotic belief that if the American People are miserable and frightened, the people will vote democrat.  That is truly sick, sick, sick !

In recent months, M.D.’s with the highest credentials have appeared on TV and stated that Quinine and Quinine compounds are extremely effective in treating the Covid virus. These were men and women with great expertise in immunology and biochemistry. Their amazing credentials are testaments to their truthfulness and they have valid data to back their scientific findings !

While I am glad that I have obtained five college and university degrees, I realize that these MD’s and MD-Ph.D’s have the scientific data to prove their case. Also, Quinine is considered to be an herb and could be sold in health food stores as are other herbs like Ginsing, Ginko Biloba, Black Walnut extract, and many other safe compounds that have been around for 5,000 years or more.

R. Van Conoley ( Editor’s note: Two other articles on this topic were published by this author on this website. Type Covid-19 or virus into the search space and click go if you wish to read these articles. )

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The 2020 U.S. Mass Terrorist Movement – Part 7

Two Los Angeles County Deputies were shot from ambush on September 12, 2020.  They remain hospitalized in serious condition.  The video released shows an individual who appears to be walking by the patrol car and then he fires a hand gun into the car numerous times. The video is horrific to watch.  But even more vile and reprehensible to me as an American are comments made by individuals who show approval for this viscous crime.

I have seen three videos of an individual killing a defenseless person. This is not the first murderous act by the 2020 terrorists.  All of the terrorism is taking place in regions controlled by the Democrat Party. The idea of defunding the police is an idea that is not acceptable to White Citizens, Black Citizens, Hispanic Citizens, and all other groups of American Citizens.  Yet the democrat party has employed this vile and reprehensible form of violence in order to support their agenda. I grew up respecting the police and I considered the police to be my friends.

Clearly the U.S. is in a state of anarchy and the time is long past when President Trump should have acted. The violence will not end with the election on November 3, 2020. Sadly the violence will continue to increase in the cities and the regions where the democrat party has failed to support the police and prosecutors fail to jail individuals arrested by the police. History has shown that even the strongest and most powerful empires do not endure forever.  The best that could happen is if the U.S. divides into separate and independent countries in what is now the U.S. However, that is unlikely to happen. Several weeks before the election, the terrorist network will set America ablaze and many polling areas will be unavailable and destroyed.  A contested election is what the democrat party seeks and that will be the ultimate terror for a once great and rich nation.

R. Van Conoley  ( Regardless of circumstances, the American People can be certain of one thing.  Our Citizens can be certain that the November 3, 2020 election will not be a fair election where votes are fairly and justly counted. Without a fair election, our Republic can not continue to exist. )

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