Presidential 2020 Borderline State Projections

Too much of the news was false or fake news in 2016.  Possibly Hillary Clinton’s greatest mistake in 2020 was to believe her own false propaganda. Presently it is too early to accurately compute presidential projections.  However, it is not too early to compute and analyze the 2020 presidential battleground states.

Battleground states are sometimes called purple states.  A battleground or purple state is a state that could be won by either party and is too close to designate.  The news media uses a “heat map” to show which states have voted their electoral votes for the Republican candidate ( Red ) or the Democratic candidate ( Blue ).  States too close to call are designated in purple.

Just as there is fake and false news from both the left and the right, the internet is overloaded with websites that are nothing more than propaganda tools.  Some of the political websites claim that there are seven borderline states while other websites claim that there are fifteen borderline states.

If you are ready for some straight talk, this website has statistically computed the states that are borderline states for the 2020 election as of June 30, 2019.  At this time there are ten clear borderline states.  At a later time, this website will update the projections as additional data is available and political sentiments change.  There are exactly ten states that qualify as borderline states at this time.  They are as follows:

1) ARIZONA – Arizona is a battleground state.  In 2016, Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton and won the eleven electoral votes from Arizona.  In 2020, Arizona has an important U.S. Senate race.  Arizona is deep purple presently.

2) NEVADA – Nevada was won by Clinton in 2016 in a close race so Clinton earned all of the six electoral votes from Nevada.  Nevada is deep purple for 2020.

3) COLORADO – Colorado is a battleground state that was won by Clinton in 2016 in a close race.  Colorado has a large percentage of voters registered as NPA.  NPA stands for No Party Affiliation.  NPA voters are often defined as independent voters and they are not affiliated with either major party.  Colorado’s nine electoral votes are too important for either party to ignore.  Also, Colorado is geographically located in the region that is part of the Arizona-Nevada-Colorado complex.  Presidential candidates that campaign Colorado are located in an area where it would be also wise to visit Arizona and Nevada.  Colorado is deep purple for the 2020 presidential election at this time.

4) VIRGINIA – Virginia is now viewed as a purple or battleground state for the 2020 presidential election.  Clinton won Virginia in 2016, but political analysts point out that Trump might have won Virginia in 2016 if Trump had invested more time and money in Virginia.  Also, if Trump had invested more time and money in Virginia, he may have lost other states and lost the 2016 election.  Virginia, with thirteen electoral votes is deep purple at this time.  While the Democratic party holds much of the local and countywide offices, the Democratic party has lost popularity in the state recently.

5) PENNSYLVANIA – Pennsylvania is viewed as deep purple by just about every valid political analyst.  Pennsylvania was won by Trump in 2016 in a very close election.  Pennsylvania, with their 20 electoral votes is too important for either party to ignore.

6) NEW HAMPSHIRE – New Hampshire was won by Clinton in 2016.  With only four electoral votes, some may think that NH can be overlooked.  It can not and it remains deep purple at this time.

7) MAINE – Maine was won by Clinton in 2016 in a close election.  In 2020, Maine has an important Senate election that might help the republican candidate win the state.  Maine has only four electoral votes, but neither party can ignore this deep purple state.

8) MICHIGAN – Michigan was won by Donald Trump in 2016.  It was an amazing victory for Trump that few expected.  Yet, the republican nominee has no guarantee that he can win again in 2020.  Michigan has a U.S. Senate race that might help the Democratic candidate in 2020.  Michigan has 16 electoral votes that are deep purple at the present time.  With fourteen congressional districts, it is important for both parties to have popular congressional candidates supporting their respective tickets.

9) WISCONSIN – Wisconsin was a stunning victory for Trump in 2016.  Many analysts believe that Clinton could have won this state if she had invested more of her time campaigning in Wisconsin.  Wisconsin with ten electoral votes has some strong liberals on the Democratic side and strong conservatives on the republican side.  With a small number of independents, it may be the independents that decide who wins this deep purple state in 2020.

10) MINNESOTA – Minnesota was won by Clinton in 2016 in a close race.  The state has 10 electoral votes and is presently deep purple at this time.  A number of political analysts believe that Obama purposely located a large number of immigrants in Minnesota. Many of the immigrants were awaiting court decisions and governmental decisions relating to their status.  Citizens from Minnesota are strongly independent having elected Jesse Ventura as governor in past years.  Reading today’s headlines, you might believe that the 2020 presidential campaign has already begun in Minnesota.  With eight congressional districts it is important for both parties to have popular  congressional candidates seeking election on November 3, 2020.

R. Van Conoley

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A Gold Star Award For Michael San Nicolas

Every 30 to 60 days, this website awards a gold star to a member of congress for doing or saying something that helps the American People.  This gold star award goes to Representative Michael San Nicolas.  Mr. San Nicolas is an American Citizen that was born on the Island of Guam.

On Wednesday, July 17, 2019, Mr. San Nicolas was a member of the U.S. House Banking committee that was gathering information about another proposed form of a digital currency or a cryptocurrency. The gentleman testifying before the committee was somehow connected to Facebook.  Evidently Facebook now wants to deal in a new digital currency.

Representative San Nicolas asked the individual testifying before the committee a number of extremely important questions.  The representative did his homework very well.  Unfortunately the answers rendered were far less sensible than the questions asked.  Representative San Nicolas finally said: ” I simply do not believe you. ” Those were exactly my thoughts and I congratulate the Representative for his thorough questioning of the Facebook representative.

Readers should read an article published on this website on January 27, 2018.  The article is titled: ” Bitcoin: The Greatest Scam In The Universe. ” Simply type the word bitcoin into the search box on the home page and the article will appear for your perusal.

I admire a lot of things that President Trump has accomplished in the U.S. economy.  However, I am not aware of any position taken by President Trump regarding cryptocurriencies.  With the 2020 presidential election looming nearer and nearer, it seems like BOTH the democratic candidate and the republican candidate should state a clear position on digital currencies.

While my article referenced above is totally opposed to digital currency in any and all forms, I have an open mind and I would be glad to change my mind if any well informed individual could explain to a reasonable degree how this inchoate and arcane system would work in our present economic system in both the U.S. and the world.

R. Van Conoley  ( Editor’s Note: Mr. San Nicolas is a member of the Democratic party and serves in the House as Guam’s at-large district. )

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2020 Presidential Projection : 6/30/2019

As of June 30, 2019, it makes very little sense to project trends in the November 3, 2020, Presidential election.  The two major parties have not even held their conventions.

However, since almost every political poll was wrong and extremely misleading in 2016, will issue the first in a series of Presidential polls relating to the 2020 Presidential election.  This website and The Los Angeles Times Poll were the only two preference polls that were proven valid by the election results.

The following are the data obtained as of June 30, 2019, regarding the 2020 Presidential election.  The democratic choice was stated as democratic without any name attached.  The republican choice was stated as republican without any name attached.  The results follow:

The democratic candidate would win three states. They are: 1) Massachusetts with 11 electoral votes; 2) The District of Columbia with 3 electoral votes; and 3) Oregon with 7 electoral votes.

The republican candidate would win four states. They are: 1) Tennessee with 11 electoral votes; 2) Montana with 3 electoral votes; 3) Indiana with 11 electoral votes, and 4) Mississippi with 6 electoral votes.

So as of 6/30/2019, the democratic party has 21 electoral votes projected.  As of 6/30/2019, the republican party has 31 electoral votes projected.  As of 6/30/2019, 486 electoral votes were undecided.  The number of electoral votes needed to win is 270.

All political projections are subject to change when the data changes.  This website uses factual content, statistical analysis, voting trends, and a heavy emphasis on voters registered as independents or registered as (NPA ) no party affiliation.

R. Van Conoley

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A Letter To President Trump

Dear President Trump:

You and I are the same age.  Like you, I never smoked, abused alcohol, nor ever used illegal drugs.

Unlike you, I have studied nutrition and biochemistry for more than 50 years.  I suffer from arthritis and it is painful.  As a young man I remain thankful that I was healthy.  But as a young man I carefully observed my relatives on both my mother’s and father’s sides of the family.  I noticed that almost none of my older relatives ever suffered from cancer, heart disease, diabetes, or kidney disease, but almost all were victims of some form of arthritis which started in their early 50’s.  Genetics does indeed play a great factor in our health.

The American medical establishment wants to treat arthritis with knee replacements, hip replacements, and other forms of surgery which are often painful to the patients but extremely profitable to the surgeons.  Sometimes the surgery does very little to help the problem and sadly sometimes the surgery can damage the patient and even expose the patient to bacterial infections.

Understanding osteoarthritis is so very simple that I will explain it in one easy to understand sentence.  Osteoarthritis occurs when a connective compound between bones, known as cartilage, wears out and is not replaced.  The destruction of cartilage allows one bone to come in direct contact with another bone when the cushioning cartilage is depleted.

Cartilage is a special compound that is different from bone.  Many Seniors your age and mine take two compounds found in cartilage called glucosamine and chondroitin in hopes of growing new cartilage and curing their pain and their arthritic condition.

Unfortunately, God or evolution or both, did not make human life that simple.  Research has very clearly shown that certain biochemical compounds are produced in smaller quantities as people age, especially individuals over 50 years of age.  Cartilage is a compound that is under produced in older individuals and there lies the source of pain and arthritic aging.  My research focused on one very simple question.  What compound, if any, would safely promote the growth of cartilage in older adults ?

The answer to that question can be found in a gland that lies deep in the brain.  It is called the pituitary gland.  The pituitary gland produces a small number of protein hormones.  One of the hormones produced by the pituitary gland is called Human Growth Hormone and is abbreviated HGH.

Several decades ago, HGH was called the anti-aging hormone.  While HGH can not turn back the clock and make me and you like we were when we were 20 years old, HGH can effectively and safely reduce many problems associated with aging.  HGH can promote cartilage growth in many individuals who suffer with arthritis from deficiencies of cartilage.

For your information, Mr. President, the FDA today allows the use of HGH in two groups of people: 1) Children with dwarfism, and 2) Adults over the age of 60 who test low in HGH and have a valid need for HGH. The FDA, correctly in my view, banned HGH for the use in healthy young adults solely for the purpose of increasing athletic performance. The FDA ban relating only to athletes has made it impossible for a law abiding citizen like me to obtain HGH.

Since you have been so extremely kind and considerate as to allow Americans with terminal diseases to take FDA medications not yet approved and you have been so kind and decent as to aid Americans who suffer from kidney disease, would you please consider a way to allow Americans with painful arthritis to take the FDA approved and legal drug HGH ?  I believe that millions of Americans with arthritis would be extremely grateful.

Most respectfully,  R. Van Conoley   _____________________________

Editor’s Note: There are several forms of arthritis which are slightly different from osteoarthritis. These forms of arthritis, while similar, involve an auto-immune aspect.


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James Comey, Robert Mueller, Loretta Lynch, Hillary Clinton, and The International Banks Involved In Money Laundering

What most Americans do not know is that international criminal enterprises need international banks to launder their money.  It is no longer feasible to bundle hundred dollar bills into stacks and place them in a suitcase and then carry the suitcase into a bank and deposit the funds.  This worked fine when Richard Nixon was president and he spoke of his “slush fund” and stated that paying off individuals would not be a problem.  It is ironic that Richard Nixon was the president who took the U.S. off the gold standard and thereby vastly increased the money supply.  After Nixon, “slush funds” had to be modernized by corrupt bank corporations to accept vastly more funds.

Traveling backward in time, the first big corporation that shaped the world was the East India Company.  This company received a Royal Charter from Queen Elizabeth I on December 31, 1600.  This company was fairly corrupt and helped the British Empire give the ” Royal Shaft ” to the rest of the world.  But that was a time when being a Queen meant more than just being well known in the LGBTQ community.

As time passed, so did the powerful East India Company.  But old criminal enterprises like the East India Company were replaced by much newer and more modern criminal enterprises like international banks.  HSBC Holdings is a multinational banking and financial services company.  It is the seventh largest bank in the world and the largest bank in Europe.

Former FBI Director James Comey is a well known ” Clinton Fixer ” with a very long history of helping the Clintons within the Justice Department.  The Clintons have repaid Comey’s loyal service by assisting  him with corporate board appointments that have earned Comey millions and millions of dollars.

Comey’s protection of Hillary Clinton goes back to the mid-1990’s and the infamous Whitewater scandal.  Robert Mueller headed the FBI from 2001 to 2013 and he was a very good friend to the Clintons.  Loretta Lynch was Attorney General from 2015 to 2017.  Lynch was the successor of Eric Holder and both were appointed by Barack Obama.

In January, 2016, Judicial Watch obtained 246 pages of internal memos under a Freedom of Information Act ( FOIA ). The FOIA documents were obtained from the Office of Independent Counsel, Ken Starr.  The documents allegedly prove beyond any reasonable doubt that Hillary Clinton and Webb Hubbell were guilty of fraud in the Whitewater real estate affair.

As editor of this website, I must make decisions about what is published and how long each article is in length.  While many people would read an article that is about one or two typed pages in length, few would read articles of 25 to 35 pages in length.  Therefore,  with the above historical review, I shall summarize many important facts and allow the readers to research each in greater detail if interested.  The summaries follow:

** Bill Clinton decided on his last day in office to pardon billionaire Marc Rich.  In 2005, FBI Director Mueller made the decision to close the investigation into the Marc Rich pardon.  FBI Directors seem to have immense powers indeed.

** In 2004, Deputy Attorney General James Comey limited the criminal investigation into Sandy Berger to protect the Clintons and the Clinton Administration.  Even Deputy AG’s seem to have immense powers indeed.

** On April 1, 2005, while Mueller was head of the FBI, Berger was allowed to plead guilty to a misdemeanor protecting the Clintons !  What a great April Fool’s joke on the American People.

** James Comey, Robert Mueller, and Loretta Lynch were all involved in the HSBC  scandal in which the bank managed to avoid criminal charges in a MASSIVE money-laundering scandal for which the bank paid a $ 1.9 billion fine to the U.S. Government.  The fine sounds like a lot, but it is a very small sum if HSBC laundered drug money and money from criminal and terrorist organizations.

** On March 4, 2013, James Comey joined the Board of Directors of HSBC. He held this position until he became head of the FBI in August, 2013.

** By allowing HSBC to avoid criminal prosecution despite the GUILTY PLEA by HSBC, Comey, Mueller, Lynch, and Eric Holder were enabling HSBC to remain in the money-laundering business.

** It is absolutely impossible that the NSA,  CIA, Treasury and other U.S. agencies were unaware of the role that HSBC was playing in laundering hundreds of billions of dollars for drug dealers and terrorists.

** The CIA now operates in the criminal drug trade as it has since its inception.

** When the U.S. took over Afghanistan, the production of narcotics was at a low point.  With a helping hand from the U.S., opium production in Afghanistan has increased by 43% as of 2016, setting a new record for the production of opium.  ( Editor’s Note: The East India company also dealt in narcotics, but only sold them to the Asian markets and did not sell them in Britain. )

** Comey cashed in using what I call the ” Washington cess pool ” to enrich himself. Before Comey joined HSBC, he was a general counsel to Lockheed Martin from 2005 to 2010.  ( Editor’s Note: Lockheed is producing the F-35 at a cost of $ 120 Million per plane.  Unfortunately, older planes in our arsenal are superior to the F-35 and the F-35 has a bad habit of having the computer code jam while the plane is in flight. Also, the F-35 has never been used in any mission since it was produced ! )

** In 2010, Lockheed Martin joined the Clinton Global Initiative. Shortly thereafter, Lockheed was awarded 17 contracts from the State Department.

** For eight years, Barack Obama ruled over an ongoing criminal enterprise that he managed from the White House after his election in November 2008.

** Now the average person might say that Obama was not smart enough to manage such a vast criminal political organization.  Obama defenders would say: ” Where did Obama learn to be so corrupt? ” That indeed is a fair question.

** Obama earned his doctorate in political corruption from the Richard S. Daley Institute of Criminal Politics.  Richard Daley was Mayor of Chicago from 1955 until his death in 1976.  After his death the Chicago Daley Machine continued to rule Chicago and quickly learned that their corruption could only be continued by promoting black citizens who shared their criminal philosophy.  The Daley Machine placed their bets on a young Black man who was a very fast learner named Barack Hussein Obama.

** To head up a corrupt organization, a corrupt leader is required.  The Daley organization and the Democrat Party brought Barack Obama and Eric Holder to the ” Washington cess pool. ”

** Of all of the corrupt individuals appointed by Obama, none has done more to destroy our Republic than John Brennan.  Obama appointed John Brennan as head of the CIA.  It now is up to Attorney General Barr about how to handle this extremely serious situation.  Soon Robert Mueller is scheduled to testify before congress.  Can you think of any questions that you would like to ask Mueller while he is under oath ?

R. Van Conoley ( Recommended reading: 1) “Ship of Fools” by Tucker Carlson; 2) ” The Case For Trump;” by Victor D. Hansen; 3) ” Understanding Trump;” by Newt Gingrich; 4) ” The Late Great USA;” by Jerome Corsi and 5) ” Clinton Cash;” by Peter Schweizer.

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President Trump and the Fed

President Trump recently stated that he would appoint Judy Shelton to the Federal Reserve.  That is the duty of the President. His responsibility is to appoint individuals to the Board of Governors of the Fed and to fill any appointments when they occur.

On March 21, 2014, I published a very well researched article which I believe provided a great deal of factual information for consideration.  The article was titled: ” Goldfigure: Fort Knox and the Price of Gold.”  If readers wish to read or reread this article, simply type, Fort Knox, into the search box on the home page of this website and the article will appear.

While the U.S. National Debt has increased since that article was written, the underlying calculations remain accurate.  To the best of my knowledge the amount of gold held in the extremely secure Fort Knox remains at 368,000 gold bars.  That number of gold bars is equal to 147,300,000 ounces of gold.  Using the National Debt at the date the article was written, the price of gold would have to have been greater than $ 120,000.00 per ounce to cover our National Debt at that point in time.  Now gold is a valuable metal and has been throughout much of world history.  But $ 120,000.00/ounce is a very high amount.  It would be higher today with the significant increase in the U.S. National Debt since the article was written.

In that article, I speculated how the U.S. might handle the situation.  A quote from that article reads: ” … I am not wise enough to know the exact answer…”  One possibility that I did not discuss, but I have thought about at length is to allow the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System to buy and/or sell gold from our supply in Fort Knox.  Possibly the regulations could allow the Governors to buy/sell gold once every six months on the open market.  Additionally the Governors would be allowed to buy/sell gold as a percentage of the U.S. supply.  For example the Governors of the Fed might be  allowed to buy/sell gold, but restricted to 1% of our gold supply at an offering.  OK, lets do the math. A buy/sell transaction restricted to just 1% of our supply would be 3,680 bars of gold which translates into 1,473,000 ounces of gold !!

Allow me to assist President Trump and Judy Shelton who must indeed be much smarter than I.  Possibly President Trump, with his impressive business degree from Wharton, probably already has a complex paradigm completely worked out that may be vastly superior to my paradigm.  Also, individuals who do not trade on the international markets must remember that an offer to sell may be so high that there are no buyers.  Also, an offer to buy may be so low that there are no sellers.

Also, Americans must remember that the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 that created the Fed was wise in that it removed the ability of Congress to establish interest rates and vested this important monetary function in seven Governors of the Fed.  Certain institutions of the U.S. Federal Government work fairly well on paper and in reality.  Other institutions of the Federal Government are extremely dependent on the quality of the individuals appointed by the President.  The term for an appointment to the Board of Governors is for 14 years.  The Fed is designed so that every two years a Governor’s term expires.  So, unlike his cabinet, when a President appoints a Governor, that Fed Governor may be there years after the President has left office.  Also a Fed Governor may retire or resign before their term expires and that allows the individual who is President to appoint a Fed Governor for the remainder of that term.

I look forward with very great interest to study in depth exactly what Judy Sheldon’s plan entails.

R. Van Conoley ( Editor’s Note: I fully realize that I omitted the operations of the Fed Open Market Committee.  For the “grey beards” and the experts in international finance and economics, The Open Market Committee consists of the seven Fed Governors plus five members selected from the heads of the twelve regional Fed Banks.  Some may remember that President Obama appointed Tim Geithner to the Fed as well as the U.S. Treasury Department.   I, along with the Chinese, are still laughing about this.  Also, Americans must keep in mind that the Glass-Steagall Act worked very well for many years.  The Glass-Steagall Act was weakened beginning under President Bill Clinton and effectively destroyed after the 2008 depression when new banking legislation became law. )

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Why This Constitutionalist May Not Vote For Trump In 2020

I do not want a President who is either a fool or a coward.  Donald Trump is no fool. Trump has implemented an economic plan that brought prosperity to the U.S.  Trump has shown courage and stood firmly against the criminal onslaught by the corrupt Democrat Party as they attempted to destroy him with a totally false narrative.

Recently, Eric Trump was spit on while he was eating dinner in Chicago.  The U.S. Secret Service agents took the woman who spit on Eric Trump into custody.  She was released after Eric Trump decided not to press charges. Eric Trump, in my view, was a coward who had no respect for U.S. Laws by failing to press charges against this criminal.  It would be very hard for me to vote for any Presidential candidate who is not tough on crime.

The cowardly attack on Eric Trump is indeed a criminal act and I am deeply disappointed that charges were not filed against this individual who attacked Eric Trump and in essence attacked all law abiding citizens of the U.S. I consider Donald Trump to be a decent man and I admire much of what he has done as president.

The preamble to the U.S. Constitution states: ” We the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and to our prosperity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America. ” The President of the United States is the Chief Executive officer of the U.S. The Constitution clearly states that one of the duties of the President is to insure the ” domestic tranquility.”

Now I have heard and read a lot of fake news recently.  Unfortunately I was not reading fake news or watching fake news on TV when I saw and read about masqued left wing terrorists assaulting innocent citizens while smashing car windshields and inflicting harm and damage and destroying domestic tranquility in a region of the U.S. It places me in a difficult position when I see a man I admire like Donald Trump acting like Pam Bondi and ” running away from terrorist thugs ” who are committing criminal acts against them and the American People. I will freeze in Hell before I vote for any of the Democrat fools now seeking the office of President.  However, it makes my decision much more difficult when I view any elected official, Democrat or Republican, allowing terrorist thugs to intimidate them, or members of their family,  in public.

R. Van Conoley ( Editor’s note: History is replete with facts where individuals inflicted horrors and barbarism against innocent people.  While sane and sensible Americans must be cautious that our government does not abuse its’ power, we must be cautious about any government which allows anarchy to become the norm as it has in some regions of the U.S.  I almost always oppose the death penalty for individuals except in extreme cases.  One such extreme case involved one of two brothers who were known as the Boston Marathon bombers.  Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was captured, tried, found guilty, and sentenced to death for his terrorist acts for the 2013 bombing.  Our tax dollars provide health care, food, and shelter to this terrorist.  He is presently appealing his conviction. Yet, each day that the U.S. fails to carry out the sentence of a U.S. Court future terrorists are emboldened.)

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6/26/19 and 6/27/19 : These Days Will Live In Infamy

On 6/26/19, Beto O’Rouke, Cory Booker, and Julian Castro all spoke in Spanish.  Unfortunately these three individuals were as incompetent and as simplistic in Spanish as they were in English.  They were not impressive in any way.  However, the Democrat Party has targeted the Spanish speaking voters in the U.S. and especially in Texas to help promote a Democrat Party victory in 2020.  In Texas, about 40% of the registered voters speak Spanish.  Therefore, the Democrat Party has decided that all of the Spanish speaking voters in Texas will vote Democratic and flip Texas from Red ( Republican) to Blue ( Democrat ) in 2020.  Sadly for the Democrats, there are significant numbers of Hispanic voters who voted Republican in 2016, and probably will do so again.

So the Booker, O’Rouke, and Castro smackdown ended up making all three look like fools. There was no winner, just three losers.

Bill DeBlasio demonstrated that he was a good public speaker.  Unfortunately, DeBlasio has been unable to explain why New York has become such a mess under his lack of leadership.  Many believe that DeBlasio will go from 1% to 0% in the fake Democrat polls.

Elizabeth Warren, like Booker and O’Rouke, continues to misidentify her ethnic background.  While she had some common sense and did not apologize about not being Native American enough, she did promise higher taxes for those Americans who pay taxes and especially cautioned the evil corporations that they would have to pay more.  At this point, I had to take an anti-nausea tablet to help me get through the full two hours of nonsense.

Amy Klobuchar stated that she was a winner and that she would continue to be a winner.  Unfortunately Klobuchar displayed a total lack of sincerity and presented herself as insincere and unethical.

John Delaney, Jay Inslee, and Tim Ryan stated that they were really nice guys and left viewers wondering what positions they held.  Viewers wondered if all three would poll at 0% next week.

The Democrat Debate on 6/27/19, was even more worthless than the debate of 6/26, if that were possible.  Bernie promised that all taxpayers would pay a lot more under a Sanders Administration.  Those on public welfare were delighted, except those who still wanted a job. But most of the job seekers had gone to work under the Trump economy.

Joe Biden stated that he liked Negroes and that he was not a racist.  I suppose that Joe Biden’s son likes Ukrainians best, especially those who helped make him rich.

So, I asked myself some questions:

1) Of these 20 people, do any appear to be sane and have common sense.  Yes, Tulsi Gabbard appears to be sane and have common sense.

2) Was there a candidate that appeared to have a high set of ethical standards?  Yes, Tulsi Gabbard displayed a high set of ethical standards.

3) Have any of the candidates served with distinction in the U.S. Military? Yes, Tulsi Gabbard served with distinction.

4) Would I consider voting for any of the 20 candidates in 2020? Yes, I would consider voting for Tulsi Gabbard if she could explain in detail her economic policies and her economic positions.  Her support of Bernie Sanders in 2016, is not a deal breaker for me if she has a sane and sensible economic plan.

R. Van Conoley


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Christopher Steele, Julian Assange, and the VIPS

It will be a major task for Attorney General William Barr to sort out all of the facts relating to the Russian Collusion Hoax.  It is now very well established that President Trump was not involved in any form of Russian collusion.  However, there appears to be many possible criminal acts that occurred by the DNC, Hillary Clinton, and high level members of the U.S. Government.  I trust William Barr to act fairly and to bring individuals involved in wrongdoing before a court of law.  I am concerned about two individuals.  Both Christopher Steele and Julian Assange have certain knowledge about events that transpired in the U.S. even though neither is a U.S. citizen.

Christopher Steele appears to have been motivated by money and greed.  Steele appears to have been drawn into a criminal plot of enormous proportions because of his past association with British Intelligence.  Steele was offered $ 50,000.00 if he would corroborate the findings of Fusion GPS.  The Steele document is considered by most authorities to be pure trash without any valid factual content.  Steele, under oath in Britain, has already testified that he can not state that his document was accurate in any area.  Steele appears to be as false as his sleazy and fake document.  Yet, it is extremely important for the Barr investigation to learn whom Steele had contact with in the U.S.

As a law abiding American, I hope that A.G. Barr would give Steele total immunity from prosecution in order to obtain Steele’s truthful testimony.  The U.S. Government has to establish in U.S. Courts which Americans violated our laws.  This is indeed a serious matter for our Republic.

Julian Assange could not be more different than Christopher Steele.  Assange views himself as a journalist who believes that he can make the world  a better place by publishing information often obtained from “secure” government and private computers that his organization hacked.

Hillary Clinton, the DNC, and the Clinton Foundation have consistently promoted what appears to be a totally false narrative.  The Clintons, who may have extorted over one BILLION dollars through the Clinton Foundation, promoted the narrative that Vladimir Putin and Russian Intelligence gave Assange all of the information and documents that Assange eventually published.  Since Ms. Clinton was so helpful to Putin and to Russia in obtaining a share in a Uranium company located in the U.S. and Canada, I wonder why Putin would want anyone other than Hillary Clinton to become President of the U.S.?

Assange has consistently stated that he did not obtain any information or help from Russia.  The VIPS agree with this.  The VIPS were founded in 2003.  VIPS stands for Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity.  The VIPS consists of career CIA, FBI, and NSA agents who love America and wish to help our Constitutional Republic in every legal way possible.  The VIPS have concluded that the DNC computer was not hacked.  The VIPS concluded that the DNC data was copied onto an electronic storage device.  The VIPS, who have extraordinary expertise, have stated that the amount of information obtained by Assange could not possibly have been gathered by hacking.  The VIPS also concluded that the copying of DNC material was accomplished by an insider and then transmitted to Assange.

On August 9, 2016, Assange was interviewed on Dutch TV.  During that interview Assange began talking about Seth Rich who was an employee at the DNC and an opponent of Hillary Clinton  because he supported Bernie Sanders.  Assange stated in the interview: ” Whistleblowers go to significant efforts to get us material- and often (take) significant risks. There is a 27 year old that works (sic) for the DNC who was shot in the back, murdered just a few weeks ago…”

Assange was implying that Seth Rich was the source in the DNC who provided him with information.  Assange, through WikiLeaks, on August 9, 2016, offered a $ 20,000.00 reward ” for information leading to the conviction of the murderer of DNC staffer Seth Rich.”

The murder of Seth Rich was clearly a professional job.  There were no witnesses and no individual has been charged with the crime.  Clearly A.G. Barr must attempt to learn which individual(s) gave the order for Seth Rich’s murder.  Possibly the future of our Republic depends, to a degree, upon this murder investigation.

Today Julian Assange is alive and he could testify, under oath, about everything that he knows.  It appears to be quite a lot and it could help the U.S. bring justice to the individuals involved in many criminal acts.  Sanity and Sense believes that A.G. Barr should grant total immunity to Assange if Assange will testify truthfully in the U.S. about all material facts involving WikiLeaks.

Assange is presently in custody in Britain.  If Assange should die while in custody, it would be tragic for justice in the U.S.  Assange’s security and health should be protected by the U.S. Government in conjunction with Britain.  Apparently there are individuals who wish to terminate the life of Mr. Assange in order to protect themselves.  That can not be permitted.

R. Van Conoley

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Has Deadly Ebola Crossed The U.S.-Mexico Border ?

DRC stands for the Democratic Republic of the Congo.  The DRC is a large country in Africa and has been and continues to be the focus of the World Health Organization.  Ebola is sometimes called Ebola Virus Disease (EVD). Ebola is sometimes called Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever (EHF ). This article will use the common term of Ebola to define this disease. Ebola is a hemorrhagic viral disease.  Presently a trial vaccine has been developed, but the vaccine has not been approved for use in the United States and it is not yet considered safe to administer in the U.S.

Ebola was first identified in 1976 in Africa in the Sudan and the DRC.  Presently Ebola has killed more than 1,300 individuals in the DRC and the World Health Organization reported that the Ebola virus has crossed the border into Uganda.

Recent reports indicate that individuals from the DRC have crossed the U.S.-Mexico border and are now in the U.S.  A reporter-journalist who is multi-linguistic recently interviewed emigrants who entered into the U.S. from Mexico.  The emigrants stated that they were from the DRC.

The CDC has not issued any warnings as of June 15, 2019.  Many in the medical community have expressed great concern that U.S. officials have not been sufficiently prepared to identify and control the entrance into the U.S. of this extremely contagious viral disease.

Additional information will be published on this website as it becomes available.

R. Van Conoley

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