Evaluating The Evaluators

   Clint Johnson was elected Mayor of DeBary in 2014.  Mr. Johnson was sworn in as mayor at the first 2015 Council meeting on January 7, 2015.  Mr. Mike Brady was elected in 2014, and he was sworn in as a Councilman on January 7, 2015.  Ms. Lita Handy-Peters was re-elected in 2014, and was sworn in again as a formality on Januaty 7, 2015.  Mr. Chris Carson and Mr. Rick Dwyer are both halfway through their terms and both were present at the January 7, 2015 meeting. 

   I attended the 1/7/2015 meeting so I could observe how the council worked with two new members.  At this meeting, Mr. Johnson made a motion to increase the yearly salary of City Manager Dan Parrott.

   As a DeBary resident, and as a former DeBary City Councilman, I would like for Mayor Johnson to have handled the situation differently.  The following is what I would have liked to have heard from Mr. Johnson.  { ‘ Since I have just assumed the office of mayor, I have noticed that former Council and the city manager have failed to follow certain established rules and regulations that are needed to establish open, honest, and clean government.  Long established policy in DeBary has been for each council member to complete and submit a written evaluation of the city manager on a yearly basis.  Therefore, I move that this council direct the city manager to place a copy of the established evaluation form into the mailbox of each council member by 3 p.m. on Jan/9/2014.  Additionally, in this motion, each member is required to complete, date, and sign the evaluation in full and return the evaluation to the city manager on or before 3 p.m. on January 21, 2015, date certain.  This will allow the DeBary Public to read and inspect the individual evaluations, which are public record.  At a council meeting in February, 2015, I would seek a motion to discuss the evaluations in public and also listen to any and all input from the Public. I seek a second to this motion. ‘ ]

   Ms. Handy-Peters clearly stated that the previous council had failed in their responsibility to follow this simple established proceedure.  Mr. Dwyer also stated that this council should base decisions relating to the city manager on written evaluations and established proceedures. 

   Based solely on remarks made at the council meeting on January 7, 2015, I would like to evaluate all council members on a scale from A( Excellent) to F ( Failure. ) Mayor Johnson  = grade F;  Councilwoman Handy-Peters = grade B;  Councilman Dwyer = grade B;  Councilman Carson = grade C;  and Councilman Brady = grade C.

                      R. Van Conoley

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A Bordello For DeBary

   Sanityandsense.com recently learned that a bordello has been proposed for construction in the DeBary Golf and Country Club Estates.  B.J. Construction, L.L.C., hopes to build a world class bordello in DGCC Estates.  Mr. Cox, CEO of BJ Construction, stated that once the erection is completed the value of the homes in DGCC would increase by about 25% each year.  Mr. Cox stated that five acres of attached land that is presently being used as a golf course has been purchased by his construction company and will house the bordello. 

   At a recent meeting for DeBary residents, Mr. Cox introduced two of the providers and stated that the outdated term of prostitute is no longer used.  All of the providers will be licensed massage therapists who offer both massage and ”full service.”  The two providers who spoke at the meeting were Luscious Lucinda Lovelips and Lulu LaCome.  The providers told residents that the average provider at this establishment could earn about $ 150,000 yearly.  They also stated that at least five of the providers would be selected from women in DeBary who apply.  This is just one of many ways that the bordello will provide jobs for DeBary residents.

   After the meeting Sanityandsense.com spoke with several residents and several DeBary Council Members in attendance.  Longtime resident Archie Richman stated: ” Since Glen Abbey will have their Wal-Mart and the Dirkson area will have a new gambling casino, I strongly support the erection of a bordello for our community.”  Additionally, resident Maxwell Davidson stated: ” I believe that when Mayor-elect Clint Johnson meets with Luscious Lucinda, he will quickly support the erection of a bordello. ”

   Councilman Rick Dwyer was in attendance at the meeting.  When asked if he would vote for construction of the bordello, Mr. Dwyer stated that he was doing serious research relating to this issue.  Mr. Dwyer stated that a bordello located in the Czech Republic, known as BIG SISTER , was very interesting.  Dwyer stated that his research indicated that the providers at BIG SISTER would service their customers for free in exchange for their patrons agreeing to have their sex acts videotaped and broadcast to eager viewers.  Mr. Dwyer also stated that he had studied the Nana Entertainment Plaza in Bancock.  The Plaza is a four story building housing over forty bars where women dance and strip.  Also, Mr. Dwyer stated that The Site in Australia is a brothel with a theme that might best suit DeBary. Lastly, Mr. Dwyer stated that the PASCHA is a bordello in Colonge, Germany.  The PASCHA resides in a twelve story building and serves over 1,000 customers daily.  Mr. Dwyer stated that he might use some of his own funds to visit different bordellos throughout the world so he could cast a thoroughly informed vote.

   Councilman Chris Carson was also in attendance and spoke to Sanityandsense.com.  Sanityandsense.com asked Mr. Carson if he planned to vote for construction of the bordello. Carson stated that he would be inclined to vote for construction as long as the bordello enterprise agreed to donate massive amounts of money to his alleged non-profit corporation. 

        Written and Researched by Jonathan Swift

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Ronald Reagan – Legacy Of Lies

   I never cease to be amazed by how many famous and powerful Americans are able to create an aura and false image which often continues to define them.  There is no better example of this than the very likeable, but extremely stupid, President Ronald Reagan. 

   Ronald Reagan waged a campaign against incumbent President Jimmy Carter by stating that Carter was a reckless spender who was flooding the Federal Government with ” red ink. ”  Reagan clearly promised the American People that he would reduce the U.S. National Debt, which was approaching one trillion dollars !

   After Reagan became prersident, he did two things.  Firstly, Reagan cut taxes.  Secondly, Reagan greatly increased defense spending and did virtually nothing else to reform the U.S. economy as he promised.  Even the slowest witted person can very easily understand that if the Federal Government cuts taxes and increases spending, then the YEARLY DEFICIT must increase.  This is exactly what happened and an increase in our yearly deficit was enough to increase our U.S. National Debt. 

   On October 22, 1981, early in President Reagan’s first term, the U.S. National Debt reached and then passed the Trillion dollar mark for the first time in the history of the U.S.  Watch my lips now; it had taken our Republic 205 years to reach a debt level of one trillion dollars. 

   Now in December, 2014, the U.S. National Debt has reached and surpassed a new level of 18 Trillion dollars under Barack  Obama ! It is even more stunning to understand that the U.S. National Debt went from one trillion to more than 18 trillion dollars in just 33 years !

   It is absolutely impossible for me to find a serious Keynesian economist or even a moderately serious socialist economist or even a radical Marxist economist who will in anyway attempt to justify the massive accumulation of debt from Reagan through Obama.  The only reason that the U.S. has not had to declare bankruptcy is due to the amazing fact that if any international economist examined the ten largest economies in the world, he would find that the U.S. debt level, while bad, is not as bad as others.  Having studied the ten largest economies in the world, I predict that Japan will go virtually bankrupt in 2015 due to its’ massive debt levels.  When Japan fails, the ”House of Cards ” that represents the world economy may begin to crumble and create a worldwide depression. 

                                            R. Van Conoley

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Keynes Versus Hayek: The Fight Of The Century In Japan

   Many people throughout the world attend sporting events.  Many sporting events have systems in place to declare a winner.  In the U.S. there is a series of playoff games that leads to a final clash of the two greatest teams.  The NFL has a Superbowl where the winner is ” crowned ” as the best team of the year. 

   In 2015, there will be a clash between two competing economic ideas.  The event will occur in Japan between the economic ideas of John Maynard Keynes and Friedrich von Hayek. 

   In 1944, an Austrian emigre living in England published a book that became one of the great classics of economic literature.  In a book titled ” Road To Serfdom, ”  Hayek argued that the extention of central planning by a government is the start of growth constraints on individual liberty and will eventually lead to either a fascist or communist tyranny.

   While Keynes and Hayek were friends, the writings of Hayek contradicted the writings of Keynes.  Supporters of Keynes believe that Keynesian economics brought an end to The Great Depression in the U.S.  Supporters of Hayek dispute this assumption. 

   Today in Japan there begins a clash between the ideas of Keynes and Hayek.  Japan is an archipelago of 6,852 islands.  The four largest islands are: 1) Honshu, 2) Hokkaido, 3) Kyushu, and 4) Shikoku.  Japan has the world’s tenth largest population in excess of 125 million people.  Until very recently Japan had the world’s second largest economy and was second only to the U.S.  The economy of Japan has had some problems.  Just as the U.S. has the Federal Reserve System to act as our Central Bank, Japan also has a Central Banking System. 

   Japan has a massive amount of debt.  Japan’s debt is excessive in terms of the per capita debt level and also in terms of debt in relation to the Gross Domestic Product of Japan.  The Central Bank of Japan and the Japanese government took economic action.  Clearly there was a choice between the economic ideas of Keynes and the economic ideas of Hayek.  The Bank of Japan (BOJ) clearly made a decision to follow the ideas of Keynes and increased their debt and began to print money that was not backed by real GDP growth. 

   If at the end of 2015, Japan is economically strong, this will prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the ideas of Keynes were correct.   At the end of 2015, if Japan is bankrupt or in an economic crisis, this will prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the ideas of Hayek were correct.  The fight may be observed by observing the net gain or loss of individual wealth in Japan.  Also, the fight may be observed by looking closely at how the Japanese currency moves on the international money markets.  If the Japanese Yen increases in value against most of the other currencies of the world, score points for John Maynard Keynes.  If the Japanese Yen decreases in value against most of the other currencies of the world, score points for Hayek. 

   There can be only one winner.  The Japanese people and the BOJ have their money on Keynes.  The international markets and the shifts in wealth are yet to be determined.  May the best idea win.  Will it be Keynes or Hayek?

                                                  R. Van Conoley

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Senator Elizabeth Warren Speaks

    On Thursday afternoon, December 11, 2014, Senator Elizabeth Warren spoke on the floor of the U.S. Senate against a provision in a bill that would have allowed big banks to engage in risky trades backed by taxpayer money.  The section of the bill that Warren spoke against was written by Citigroup.

   Since Citigroup does not have a seat in the U.S. Senate, it is extremely important for all law abiding Americans to learn exactly how this nefarious provision got into the bill.  It is not enough to remove this immoral provision. It is important for Americans to learn exactly which U.S. Senators allowed and/or assisted in adding this provision. 

   Do members of the U.S. Senate have the courage to investigate the U.S. Senate and name those responsible?

                                   R. Van Conoley

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73 Years Ago On This Date

   Seventy-three years ago, American Forces were attacked at Pearl Harbor.  The American People can not fully express our everlasting appreciation to the men and women who fought and died to keep our country free. 

      R. Van Conoley, December 7, 2014

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Who Does Not Like Israel ?

   I have wondered for a long time how citizens of the U.S. and citizens throughout the world viewed Israel.  I believe that the U.S. media is biased and does not report the news in a fair and just manner.  Therefore, I carefully read an article published about a poll conducted by the BBC ( British Broadcasting Corporation. ) The BBC poll asked a question that was worded in the following manner : Do you view Isreal’s influence on the world as 1) mainly positive or 2) mainly negative ?

   A majority of Americans viewed Israel favorably, but not by much.  In the U.S., 41% of respondents viewed Israel as mainly positive while 39% viewed Israel as mainly negative.  China had a 42% positive view and a 42% negative view.  Interestingly, Israeli residents had only a 22% favorable view and a 50% unfavorable view !

   Additional polling in the U.S. was conducted by age and by political party affiliation.  The poll question was as follows : Do you view Israel’s actions in recent conflicts as 1) Justified or 2) Unjustified ? In the 18 to 29 year old age group, the vast majority viewed Israel’s actions as unjustified.  In the 30 to 49 year old age group, the majority viewed Israel’s actions as unjustified.  In the age 50 and above group, the majority viewed Israel’s actions as justified. 

   Finally, the above question was asked and the results were tabulated by political parties.  A majority of republicans viewed Israel’s actions as justified.  A majority of democrats viewed Israel’s actions as unjustified.  A majority of independents viewed Israel’s actions as unjustified. 

   Israel’s supporters state that there is rampant anti-Semitism in Europe.  A survey released by the Anti-Defamation League stated that 34% of East Europeans and 24% of West Europeans harbored anti-Semitic views.  Some of the Israeli government critics stated that the highliting of anti-Semitism in Europe is designed to excuse the Israeli abuse of human rights. 

                                                           R. Van Conoley

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18 Trillion Dollars

   On December 2, 2014, the National Debt of the United States reached and then passed the 18 Trillion dollar level.  This level of debt equals $ 153,729.00 for each individual taxpayer.                   R. Van Conoley

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James Webb For President In 2016

   During the past twenty-five years, there has been only one individual elected to the U.S. Senate who had all of the right characteristics to be president.  That individual, in my view, was James Webb.  I greatly admire Webb as an honest man, a man of high integrity, and a man of intelligence. 

   James Webb was elected to the U.S. Senate from Virginia.  Mr. Webb was a combat marine and he received the Navy Cross.  He was also awarded the Silver Star and a Purple Heart.  Mr. Webb was an assistant secretary of defense and Secretary of the Navy.  Mr. Webb is the author of ten books and is an Emmy Award winning journalist. 

   Now, in 2014, Mr. Webb is a candidate for the Democratic Party’s nomination for president.  I have always believed that our country is more secure when our president has served as a combat veteran.  I support Mr. Webb as the only qualified candidate for president in 2016.  James Webb can return America to a Constitutional Republic founded on laws that serve all of our citizens and promote justice. 

                                       R. Van Conoley

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Handle Yo Bitches

   Raymell ” Ray ” Rice was an NFL player whose contract was terminated by the Ravens on September 8, 2014.  Rice was arrested and indicted for third-degree aggravated assault on March 27, 2014, relating to an incident where he punched his then fiancee, now wife, in the face.  The punch was so forceful that his fiancee, now wife, was knocked unconscious. 

   The NFL and the Ravens took stronger actions against Rice after a video of this tragic assault was released into the public domain.  Sanityandsense.com has received a National Security Agency audio intercept of Ray Rice speaking to a group of high school football players at a ” Football Clinic ” for future NFL hopefuls.  This is NSA Intercept N-078462-NV-37. 

   ” Good afternoon.  I am Ray Rice and I am the final speaker at today’s clinic for future NFL players.  This morning, you heard a discussion of defensive football strategy.  This afternoon you heard a discussion of offensive football strategy. Well, I be the final speaker and they saved the best till last. But let me tell you, if you to make it in the NFL, you gots a lot more to know than football strategy. 

   ” One of the things that you gets when signing with the NFL is a boatload of money.  I talking real big money here.  All that money allow you to meet many womens. Sho some be attracted to your money, but yo gots a lot to go around. 

   ” Now if you be a real man like me, you can handle a lot of womens.  I want to be clear here that I am talking about all the pussy you can handle.  I want a show of hands how many of you had some pussy in the last six months.  All right, now a show of hands of all of you who have had some pussy in the past year. 

   ”  You in the green shirt in the back, you be the only mans that did not raise his hand.  That mean to me that you some kind of faggot. You probably not like womens.  You go on and get out of here boy ! Ray don’t like to talk to faggots !

    ( Sound of door opening and closing. ) 

   ” Now that we got only real men here now, I want to talk in more depth about pussy.  I call it pussy, but some of you call it nookie, cunt, twat, or puntang.  It mean the same thing. 

   ” Now each of you can have at least one woman in Philadelphia, Miami, Los Angeles, Detroit, Cincinnati, and even Kansas City.  But with that many womens, yo got to know how to keep yo bitches in line.  You not careful, these bitches will try to take over and keep you from seeing other bitches. 

   ” So now I am going to show you a short video where I let my fiancee know that I am the man !  Roll the tape Chuck.  ( Pause of 40 seconds. ) Now you saw in that video that you just watched that my fiancee and I be on an elevator.  You notice how she stepped up and got in my face.  You notice that I don’t argue.  I just laid a solid right hook on her head and she was out cold !

   ” All right.  Now that you knows how to handle yo bitches, I will respond to some of your questions that you placed on cards.  The first card asks about NFL players who have been arrested. 

   ” It turns out that a whole lot of NFL players have been arrested.  It was just my bad luck to be on a video.  Here are some of the players arrested and most are still playing because the NFL more important than the law.  They is: 1) Shonn Greene, 2) John Boyette, 3) Joseph Randle, 4) Tom Johnson, 5) Derrick Shelby, 6) Jonathan Dwyer, 7) Spencer Ware, 8) Ray McDonald, 9) Quincy Enunwa, and 10) Le’Von Bell.  They be a whole bunch more, but I want to talk about a guy named Michael Vick.  Vick was in the NFL and was a great quarterback.  He got arrested for illegal interstate dog fighting.  The feds found him guitly and sent him to jail.  He back playing for the NFL now. 

   ” That is all the time I got available.  I have to catch a jet to the Middle East.  I have been selected as ” Man of The Year ” by ISIS. ”

        Written by Jonathan Swift

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