Charlie Crist, Rick Scott, and Adrian Wyllie

   The two vile, reprehensible, double-dealing, vulgar, arrogant, Narcissistic, repugnant, and thoroughly corrupt individuals seeking election to the office of Governor on behalf of the democrat crooks and the republican crooks are an insult to all law abiding citizens of Florida.  Charlie Crist and Rick Scott are both totally unqualified to serve as governor. 

   By studying these two corrupt vulgarians, it seems reasonable to ask:  ” Is there anything more reprehensible than a corrupt politician. ”  After serious thought, I must conclude that there is one thing even more reprehensible.  Members of the corrupt print and electronic news media are, in my view, even more reprehensible than corrupt politicians.  Members of our corrupt news media directly aid in the election of corrupt politicians by failing to research and publish the news in a fair and unbiased manner. 

   The Florida Press Association excluded third party candidate Adrian Wyllie from the gubernatorial debates.  Citizens of Volusia County must be reminded of the 2012 election when Jason Davis was excluded from a debate held at a private yacht club.  The underfunded Jason Davis eventually won the general election and now serves as Chairman of the County Council.  Citizens did not like the way Mr. Davis was treated.  I believe that citizens of Volusia County did not like the way Adrian Wyllie was excluded from the debates. 

   I endorse Adrian Wyllie as the best qualified candidate for governor of Florida.  I believe that many sane and sensible law abiding citizens of Florida will vote for Mr. Adrian Wyllie on November 4, 2014, and create a state government that is open, honest, clean, and serves the People. 

                                 R. Van Conoley ( Editor’s note: The Florida Press Association lists their phone numbers as follows: Dean Ridings = 321-283-5277 and Wendy Walker = 850-521-1220 ext 2.  I am sure that Mr. Ridings and Ms. Walker would be glad to hear from any citizens who have questions. )

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Letter From Carl D’Agostino

” Glad you did your Christian duty helping the lady with thermodynamics.  I’m sure her electricity generated heat in a dynamic fashion. ”                                                        Signed: Carl D’Agostino

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Letter From Brian Chess

” Hi Van,  I really enjoyed your last article titled: ” More Thoughts Regarding Mr. Rich Gailey and Pastor Fred Lowry.”  I thought that I was actually in the middle of a romance novel of some sort and then of course it all changed at one point but that was good.  I love the complete honesty with the situation and how much you admired that girl and her attributes. You are fortunate that you still remember the laws of thermodynamics.  All the Best to you. ” Signed Brian Chess                               (Editor’s Note: Thank you for your letter.  One of the points I was attempting to explain is that Christians can read different sections of the Bible and view the world differently.  Have you ever heard a minister deliver a sermon on the Song Of Solomon?  I never have, but it is part of the Bible.  Alas, I did not remember all of the equations relating to thermodynamics, but the book contained the equations, and having been a mathematics instructor, I was able to work several problems once I saw the equations. Also, if you type in the name ORAL ROBERTS or Jimmie Swaggart into the search box at the top of the website, there is another article that you may enjoy reading. )

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Election Law Violations of Patricia Northey has recently learned that more than forty election law violations have been filed with The Florida Elections Commission against Ms. Pat Northey.  This website will not comment on any of these allegations until the proper legal authorities have investigated this matter.  Also, Ms. Northey will probably be required to answer questions, under oath, by the investigative committee of the Florida Elections Commission.  Ms. Northey may have answers that will prove her innocence. 

   Editor’s Note:  By signing a form and certifying the document with the Florida Elections Commission, Ms. Northey may publically address any or all allegations leveled against her.  She may do this before the November 4/2014 election.  Should Ms. Northey wish to publically address these allegations before the Nov/4/2014 election, this website will allow her sufficient space to address any or all of these issues.

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More From Morton – Letter # 2

” Witness these recent photographs of Volusia County District 5 Representative, Pat ‘FREE MONEY’ Northey and her handpicked District 5 replacement Baptist Pastor … ‘Fast Freddy’ Lowry.  Witness how they share campaign signs indicating mutual support and the continuation of current corporate control of their SEAT on the Volusia County Council. 

”…. do the research for yourself, it is easy … forward this info on to another Volusia County voter or tax victim .

” Remember, Volusia County has an $ 88,000.00 DAILY payment on its debts… ”

   Signed:  Morton Culligan, Taxpayer Defense Activist- DeBary, Florida

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Letter From Mr. Morton Culligan

” Volusia County Voters and taxpayers, Visit  …    on  Facebook…. 550 likes in 6 days … hello…              Citizens are fighting back against the corporations that purchase massive influence in county government. 

” Be a good citizen  … research the campaign financial reports of candidates Pat Northey and Fred Lowry … why are corporations donating so much money to these two candidates  …  look at the insurance companies associated with Brown and Brown in Daytona.  Hyatt Brown is on the board at the Daytona Speedway Corp and they just got a $ 20 Million free money GRANT … hello.  Volusia County will borrow the money …YOU pay the interest … all the millionaires laugh.  It was not fair to the taxpayers at all.  Insurance contracts for Volusia County are huge. 

” Why are Patty and Fast Freddy Lowry getting all those checks from the same address at 2379 Beville Rd. in Daytona Beach? 

” Why did the law firm of Gray and Robinson Inc. of Orlando get a recent $50,000.00 Volusia County contract?  What is Pat Northey’s connection with Grey and Robinson LL.C.? How much has Gray and Robinson given Fast Freddy Lowry? 

” It appears to some taxpayers that what is happening is certain corporations want control over the Volusia County district 5 seat and the council seat at large.  Do the research for yourself. ”

                Signed:  Morton Culligan, Taxpayer’s defense department.

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More Thoughts Regarding Mr. Rich Gailey and Pastor Fred Lowry

   I settled into a comfortable chair at the bookstore.  Shortly after reading several pages in my economics book, I looked up and saw a beautiful lady sitting across from me.  Her soft and sensual blonde hair fell loosely below her shoulders.  Her stunning green eyes were focused on her laptop computer that was sitting upon a large book titled: ” Thermodynamics. ”  It was impossible for me not to notice her outstanding figure since she was wearing skin tight slacks and a wonderful T-shirt. 

   Having been raised by my parents in the Methodist Church, I have memorized many verses from the Bible.  As I covertly looked at this beautiful lady, I recalled a quote from the Old Testament taken from the Song of Solomon.  Chapter 4, Verse 5 reads:  ” Your two breasts are like two fawns, twins of a gazelle, that feed among the lilies. ”  After reflecting upon this thought, I recalled another quote from Chapter 4, Verse 16:  ” Awake, O North wind, and come, O South wind !  Blow upon my garden that its fragrance may be wafted abroad.  Let my beloved come to his garden, and eat its choicest fruits. ” Lest anyone need any additional Biblical analysis, this verse depicts a woman opening the gates to her garden (body) and inviting her man in to feast on her delicious fruits. 

   Fully fortified by Christian Biblical directives, I spoke to the lady and asked her if she were studying thermodynamics.  It turned out that she was studying thermodynamics and was in dire need of assistance.  As a good Christian, I was glad to talk to her and even correctly worked a problem for her.  It was indeed no small miracle that my answer was the same as given by the answer key in the back of the book. 

   After the young lady left, I began to wonder how a follower of Pastor Fred Lowry would have responded to the lady.  You may recall that Pastor Fred Lowry is the ” Jimmy Swaggart-Oral Roberts” type of pastor who after election to the Deltona Commission raised taxes and launched an expensive and mindless campaign to close a store called Dare Wear. 

   I believe that any devoted follower of Pastor Lowry would not have spoken to the young lady.  They would have been offended by her clothing.  I believe that Lowry and his followers are more likely to relate to the Islamic Koran ( Qur’an): Sura 33, which states: ” Tell thy wives and thy daughters and the women of the believers to draw their cloaks close around them …. so that they may be recognized … ” supports Rich Gailey in his race against Pastor Lowry.  The homophobic Lowry will increase your taxes and continue his pecular obsession with women’s clothing if elected. 

                                      R. Van Conoley ( Also recommended: 1)” Political Endorsements and Political Analysis For Nov/4/2014” and 2) ” Pastor Fred Lowry vs. Mr. Rich Gailey For County Council District 5.” )

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Keep Those Letters Coming In

This website is ” presented ” by a company and I had someone help me set it up some years ago.  The website is very well read.  Unfortunately, this website has one major drawback.  It is extremely difficult for readers to send in ”Letters To The Editor. ”  The man you love, the man you hate, the man you can not live without, Mort Culligan, suggested to me that I set up an ” easy” e-mail address so people could send in comments.  Besides being a viper tongued foe of just about every tax, Mr. Culligan is an extremely intelligent man. 

Here is the address of a website where any reader may easily submit a ” Letter To The Editor” and give YOUR opinion.  Send e-mails to :  Please sign your real name and enclose a phone number and address for verification.  Neither your phone number nor your address will be published on the website. 

Individuals with opposing opinions are welcome.  Write in to support your candidate.  Please limit comments to one typed page. 

                        R. Van Conoley ( Editor of .  Letters sent to will be reprinted on the website )

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Political Endorsements and Political Analysis For Nov./4/2014

   U.S. Congress – District 7                 Sanityandsense endorses Al Krulick as the best qualified candidate of the three candidates in this race.  With the democrat crooks in a race with the republican crooks in congress to see which party can destroy America and the U.S. Constitution first,  the only sane answer is to elect sensible third party candidates.  Mr. Krulick is seeking election without involvement with either the democrat crooks or the republican crooks.  Don’t waste your vote on the two parties of public corruption, vote for Krulick who is NPA ( No Party Affiliation. )

GOVERNOR AND LIEUTENANT GOVERNOR OF FLORIDA   -   Both Charlie Crist and Rick Scott are a public embarassment to the law abiding citizens of Florida.  Avoid the democrat party of crooks and avoid the republican party of crooks and vote for Adrian Wyllie and his Lt. Gov. partner, Mr. Greg Roe.  Sanityandsense endorses the Wyllie-Roe ticket for clean government. 

ATTORNEY GENERAL OF FLORIDA   Bill Wohlsifer is by far the best qualified candidate.  Bill is not associated with the democrat crooks nor the republican crooks.  He is seeking election on the LPF ticket. 

CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER -  No qualified candidates in this race.  The big insurance lobby has already won and YOU WILL PAY. 

COMMISSIONER OF AGRICULTURE  – No qualified candidate ready to work for the People in this race. 

STATE SENATOR – District 10    Walter Osborne is the least ” unqualified ” candidate in this race.  Sanityandsense endorses Walter Osborne. 

STATE REPRESENTATIVE – District 27     David Santiago ( Republican) is in a race with Bob Garcia ( Democtat). Since Santiago is backed by massive special interest money,  Santiago will only serve the special interest groups as he has done to his great financial advantage in the past.  Garcia is free to represent the people and is not ”owned” by the special interest groups.  Endorsement for Garcia. 

Sanityandsense has no recommendations for judicial retention nor for any of the judicial races.  By severely restricting the rights of free speech, these races are nothing more than contests of money and popularity.  Serious voters are not able to obtain information and informed judgements are impossible.  

SCHOOL BOARD – District one (1). The Volusia County School Board is possibly the most psychotic and incompetent governing body ever created.  Dollar for dollar, the Board is even more wasteful and unproductive than our corrupt U.S. Congress.  Dr. John Hill and Mr. Don Sorro are the two candidates.  Both candidates are rated as highly unqualified and neither has a clue as to how to rerpair the damaged Volusia School System.  Hill is backed by republicans and Sorro is backed by democrats and the Volusia Teacher’s Organization.  The independent voters will decide this race and Hill has made himself unavailable to answer questions.  Mr. Sorro does not seem to even understand the issues.  Very sad. ( District covers DeBary NORTH of Highbanks to County line along the Western corridor of Volusia. ) 

SCHOOL BOARD – District Three (3).  George Trovato and Linda Cuthbert are the two candidates in this race.  Trovato is mainly backed by republicans while Cuthbert is mainly backed by democrats and the Teacher’s Union.  However, there are a million light years of difference between these two candidates.  Mr. Trovato is extremely intelligent and he has many common sense ideas that could bring real reform to the psychotic School Board.  The soft spoken Trovato is a game changer and his approach could modernize and restructure the Board and the System for the benefit of all residents.  Also, Trovato has designed his campaign to benefit all of the People, the democrats, the republicans, the independents and the students, and the parents.  Trovato is opposed by the ” old education establishment ” that promotes psychosis and Nepotism.  A strong endorsement for George Trovato.

COUNTY COUNCIL AT LARGE – ( Countywide vote.) Joyce Cusack and Patricia Northey are the two candidates.  Sanityandsense strongly endorses Joyce Cusack because she is highly qualified and she has tried to protect the rights of individuals over the corrupt practices of an incompetent county government.  Ms. Northey is nothing more than a tool of the special interest groups and has promoted her Machiavellian interests over the needs of the county residents.  Strong endorsement for Joyce Cusack.

COUNTY COUNCIL DISTRICT ONE (1)  Andy Kelly and Pat Patterson are the two candidates.  Pat Patterson is basically a political parasite living in the rectum of the insurance lobby and other special interest groups.  Endorsement for Kelly mainly because he is not Pat Patterson.  The district covers DeBary NORTH of Highbanks and continues northward along the Western border of Volusia County. 

COUNTY COUNCIL – District 5   Pastor Fred Lowry and Mr. Rich Gailey are the two candidates.  If you want to vote for a dimwitted individual who does not understand the need for the separation of church and state, and you like having your taxes increased and your tax dollars wasted, and you are looking for a candidate loaded with special interest money, and an individual who will impose his ” Jimmy Swaggart-Oral Roberts” form of religion upon you, then Pastor Lowry is indeed your candidate.    If you are looking for a sane and sensible moderate with sane and sensible plans to modernize our county government, then Rich Gailey is your candidate.  Sanityandsense endorses Rich Gailey.  District 5 is DeBary SOUTH OF HIGHBANKS and Deltona and Osteen and Enterprise. 

DeBary City Council Election ( DeBary residents only.)

DeBary City Council – Seat 3.   Sanityandsense endorses Mike Brady as the only qualified candidate in this race.  Mr. Brady is a gentleman and he is free from all special interest control. 

DeBary City Council – Seat 4.  Lita Handy-Peters and Leslie Kinsella are the two candidates.  Sanityandsense has no recommendation for this race. 


                                                          R. Van Conoley

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Pastor Fred Lowry vs. Mr. Rich Gailey For County Council District 5

   Jimmy Swaggart is a televangelist who cautioned the members of his Christian congregation against the evils homosexuality and marital infidelity.  Swaggart stated:  ” I’ve never seen a man in my life I wanted to marry.  And I am going to be blunt and plain: If one ever looks at me like that, I’m going to kill him and tell God he died. ”  When many expressed outrage over this comment, Swaggart said it was all a joke. 

   Jimmy Swaggart liked to point out the ”sins” of other prominent religious figures.  After pointing out the ”sins” of Pastor Marvin Gorman, Gorman retaliated and hired an investigator to follow and photograph Pastor Swaggart. 

   Pastor Swaggart was photographed entering a motel with a prostitute.  Strangely enough, the prostitute gave a sworn statement that said that she and Swaggart did not have sex.  Swaggart paid her to perform  ”pornographic acts” while Swaggart got an up close view of her vagina. 

   Swaggart stated on TV that God had forgiven him in a hilariously famous scene on his TV show.  Swaggart stated:  ” LOOOORRRRDDDD, I HAVE SINNED AGAINST THEE ! ”  Swaggart cried real tears and even placed himself in a self-imposed penalty box on his TV show !

   I was a member of the Republican Party for many years and I served on the Republican Executive Committee when my wife and I lived in the South Florida area.  In 2007, I left the Republican Party and changed my party affiliation to independent or ”No Party Affiliation.” (NPA).  One reason, among many, that caused me to leave the republican party was the continuous ”verbal gay bashing” that was mailed to me in the republican party literature.  Just as Swaggart was known to denigrate gay citizens, this rather strange form of homophobic behavior became part of the republican party’s ideology. 

   Readers may now begin to understand why I did not wish to be a member of a party with the likes of Jimmy Swaggart, Pastor Jim Bakker, and Oral Roberts.  Bakker was jailed for criminal activity and Oral Roberts believed that he talked to God, and stated that God told him to raise more money !

   Today an individual, in my view, who is a mixture of Jimmy Swaggart, Jim Bakker, and Oral Roberts has decided to seek election to the Volusia County Council.  Pastor Fred Lowry is a candidate for Volusia County Council – District 5. 

   Pastor Lowry was a member of the Deltona City Commission where he voted for a massive tax increase for Deltona Citizens.  Also, Pastor Lowry had a high absentee rate while on the Deltona Commission.  With apparently little understanding of municipal finance, Pastor Lowry launched a crusade against Dare Wear Adult Superstore.  As a pastor, Pastor Lowry believes that he knows what people should think and do.  Lowry apparently has no concept regarding the separation of Church and State.  After getting all hot and bothered, Lowry managed to waste a lot of taxpayer money ” fighting ” Dare Wear.  Today Dare Ware continues to operate as a business in Deltona as it has for over 20 years.  I have never visited Dare Wear.  I have never had any desire to visit Dare Wear.  Also, I never plan to visit Dare Wear.  That is my choice.  However, Lowry with his ” Jimmy Swaggart ” style of ” Christianity”  knows that he has been selected to remove this store and decide what citizens may and may not do.  He probably also has a list of books that people may and may not read. 

   Lowry has done one thing that may gain some votes in November.  He has been very successful in obtaining special interest contributions from donors living outside of his District.  Since the news media eschews serious research and most forms of investigative reporting, this website will publish some of Lowry’s special interest contributors in another article.  Since Lowry is a friend of Pat Northey, in my view, Ms. Northey must have shown Lowry how to bow and scrape before the monied special interest groups !

   So, if you are looking for a dimwitted Pastor who does not understand the need for the separation of church and state, and you like having your taxes increased and your tax money wasted, and you are looking for a candidate loaded with special interest money, and an individual who will miss meetings, and an individual who will dictate his form of religion to you, then Pastor Lowry is your choice.

   If Pastor Lowry sounds like a bad choice, then you may wish to consider his opponent.  Rich Gailey placed first in the primary election, but did not obtain the 50% plus one vote needed to win.  Mr. Gailey has extremely strong grassroots support in District 5 and appears very popular with Democrats, Republicans, and independents.  Mr. Gailey was endorsed by the Volusia Building Industry Association and has plans to create a favorable climate in Volusia County to attract new business enterprises.  Mr. Gailey appears to be a sane and sensible individual who was endorsed by his party.  Oh my!!! Did I forget to mention that while Lowry is a Republican, his own party failed to endorse him. 

                                          R. Van Conoley

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