Comrade Senator Bernie Sanders Speaks to DNC

On July 25, 2016, Senator Bernie Sanders spoke before the Democratic National Convention.  In case you missed the speech, the following is a short summary: ” Blab, Blab, Blab, Blab. ”

One interesting point made by Comrade Bernie is that Comrade Bernie and Fuhrer Hillary Clinton reached an agreement much like the Nonaggression Pact signed by Joseph Stalin and Adolph Hitler in 1939.  The Sanders-Clinton Pact involves college education.  This Pact assures all families that have a household income of $ 125,000.00 or less that their “children” can attend college ” just like the rich. ”

Comrade Bernie and Fuhrer Hillary Clinton are bound to turn on each other just as Hitler turned on Stalin.  Comrade Bernie surely pictures millions of happy college students wearing Che Guevara T-shirts and discussing the wonderful ideas of Karl Marx all under the guidance of Communist Professors.

But sane and sensible individuals already know that without warning Fuhrer Hillary Clinton will launch an Operation Barbarossa style attack on all colleges and universities using her Jackbooted Thugs from Black Lives Matter ( BLM ). Conservative white citizens, Jews, and all other undesirables will be purged.

Lest you, gentle reader, believe that this essay is only a ” tasteless satire,” I suggest that you carefully read the DNC e-mails that were released by WikiLeaks ! Just as Hitler clearly defined his racist psychosis in ” Mein Kampf, ” Fuhrer Hillary Clinton has clearly defined her racist attitude toward any and all individuals who would challenge her.

Hillary Clinton is a vile, reprehensible, and disgusting racist and anti-Semite.  The commonality of Clinton’s racist doctrine and Adolf Hitler’s doctrine is undeniable.  Too bad America does not have a fair and open press that will report the facts.  The e-mails from WikiLeaks are available for reading on the Web.

R. Van Conoley

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2016 U.S. House- District 6 ( Florida )

The candidates seeking election to the U.S. House- District 6 ( Florida ) failed to submit answers to the 2016 Federal Questionnaire. Neither the democrat candidates nor the republican candidates returned the questionnaire.

Additional research shows that most of the candidates did not even bother to list a phone number on their campaign websites so concerned citizens could call and ask a question.  All websites, however, did list a mailing address for campaign contributions or a payment method for individuals who wish to contribute. projects that the democrat winner and the republican winner of this primary, held on August 30, 2016, will be the candidate from each party who collected the most contributions.

To read the 2016 Questionnaire, type ( 2016 Questionnaire ) into the search box on the home page of this website and then click go.

It is extremely sad that the democrat primary winner and the republican primary winner are the only choices on the November, 2016 General election ballot.  The Public deserves a “third choice” titled : No qualified candidate.  It is a waste of taxpayer money to elect any individual to this office.

R. Van Conoley

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Ayatollah Barack Hussein Obama and Fuhrer Hillary Clinton – An Intercepted E-Mail

Jason Aborigine, founder and CEO of Waterleaks, recently released an intercepted e-mail involving Ayatollah Barack Hussein Obama and Fuhrer Hillary Clinton.  Obama and Clinton were discussing ways to promote violence at the Republican National Convention.

The Republican National Convention begins on July 18, 2016, in Cleveland, Ohio.  Ayatollah Obama and Fuhrer Clinton agreed that the Black Lives Matter Movement (BLM) was under strict directions from BLM Oberst-Gruppenfuhrer, BLM Obergruppenfuhrer, and BLM Oberfuhrer.

Both Obama and Clinton agreed that members of BLM should bring a large supply of rocks to defend the BLM members from the ” racist police pigs. ” Also, BLM members should have several packages of matches to help set police cars on fire.

Both Obama and Clinton agreed that violence could be massive with a number of lives lost.  Fuhrer Clinton stated: ” Violence will demonstrate to everyone that Donald Trump is a racist. ”  Ayatollah Obama stated: ” Well don’t worry.  I can give you my word that Attorney General Loretta Lynch knows not to indict any BLM members because they need to have their important voices heard.  Having won the Nobel Prize for Peace, I know you will bring world peace as I have. ”

R. Van Conoley


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Laughter – Part 17

” Everybody’s got to believe in something.  I believe that I’ll have another beer. ”

W.C. Fields

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Hillary Clinton Is A Racist, A Political Terrorist, and a Psychopath

I grew up in the ” Old South ” and I was able to observe racial segregation first hand.  Black Americans in the 1950’s and the 1960’s did not have the same rights as White Americans.  This was wrong, and to our credit as a country our laws and racial attitudes evolved and equality is now the law of the land.

But some forms of hatred still exist in America.  On Thursday, July 7, 2016, 25 year old Micah Xavier Johnson began shooting police officers in Dallas, Texas.  When the killing ended, Micah Johnson had murdered five law enforcement officers in cold blood.  The killer died when a bomb squad robot killed him after negotiations failed for his surrender.

While Micah Xavier Johnson was the murderer, he was clearly given psychological aid, comfort, and direction by: 1) Barack Obama, 2) A.G. Loretta Lynch, 3) A.G. Eric Holder, 4) the Black Lives Matter Movement, and 5) Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

Since the Ferguson riots, the U.S. has suffered from a violent outbreak of anti-White racism organized and directed by Black racists and the democrat party.  If White mobs harassed black citizens and screamed racist slogans and claimed that the existence of Black people was oppressive, the media would condemn this as racism.  Yet, when Black Lives Matter racists do this to White citizens, the socialist media calls this a civil rights movement !

Hillary Clinton and many of her operatives work relentlessly to convince Black Americans that they are the victims of White racism.  This is a pathological political strategy designed by Hillary Clinton and her associates as part of an overall strategy to elect Hillary to the office of President.

Hillary Clinton is a vile, reprehensible, and disgusting individual whose political pathology has no bounds of civilized behavior.  The commonality of Hillary Clinton’s racist doctrine and the doctrine of Adolph Hitler is undeniable.  Both Hillary Clinton and Hitler turned people against people of another race by employing hatred as a unifying agent.

F.A. Voight tells of a Japanese mission that arrived in Berlin in 1932 to study the National Socialist Party ( NAZI Party. ) Voight asked a member of the mission what he thought of the Nazi movement.  He replied: ” It is magnificent.  I wish we could have something like it in Japan, only we can’t because we haven’t got any Jews. ” ( Fritz August Voight, UNTO CAESAR – New York G.P. Putnam, 1938, page 301. )  What the Japanese diplomat failed to understand was that the Jews were only a tool for the psychotic pathology of Hitler.  The Japanese learned a clear lesson when they began an extermination of the Chinese.  Hatred is a unifying agent and it is presently used by the Black Lives Matter Movement and the democrat party.

While Donald Trump is attempting to make America great again, Hillary Clinton is employing the most vile and reprehensible form of racism to promote her Machiavellian political agenda.

R. Van Conoley

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George Will, The Republican Party, and Pecksniffian Arrogance

George F. Will, born May 4, 1941, is an American newspaper columnist and a commentator.  His father was a professor of philosophy specializing in epistemology.

George Will earned his B.A. Degree in religion in 1962 from Trinity College.  He later earned B.A. and M.A. Degrees from Magdalen College.  He earned a Ph.D. degree from Princeton University and his dissertation was titled ” Beyond the Reach of Majorities: Closed Questions In the Open Society. ”

Will recently attracted a great deal of attention when he stated that he was leaving the republican party.  It turns out that Donald Trump is just not conservative enough for George Will.

Like Will, I have obtained five college/university degrees in my lifetime.  Unlike George Will, I have never thought that any one of these degrees has made me better than other Americans or a smarter person than the average American !  Indeed, I believe that I am an average American who has simply invested time and effort in obtaining a number of college and university degrees.  Each time I earned a degree, I said to myself: ” OK, now I have accomplished something, but there are many more things for me to learn. ”

It is extremely clear to me that George Will believes that he is better and smarter than other Americans because of his education. George Will clearly states in his writings that he believes that it is his place to advise other Americans because he is better and smarter.  Having read Will’s work for many years, I find his writings to be arrogant, supercilious, and the ramblings of a Pecksniffian pseudointellectual who believes that his superior knowledge should be accepted by all Americans.  Like many of his followers in the old republican party, George Will has a vast shortage of ideas that can be implemented to make America a better and stronger country.

Of course George Will does not like Donald Trump.  Donald Trump has clearly defined problems that plague America and Trump has offered clear and sensible solutions.  The ” Blue Collar Billionaire ” has clearly connected with millions of blue collar working-middle class Americans who are tired of the philosophical nonsense disseminated by the two major parties.

Trump wants to make the lives of working-middle class Americans better by repairing a terribly damaged economy that was created by both democrat crooks and republican crooks.  George Will views the honest and hard working middle class Americans as the unwashed masses that are too illiterate for him to deal with.

I left the republican party eight years ago exactly because people like George Will were destroying it.  I am delighted that George Will has left the republican party, but I know that the republican party will grow into a more democratic and inclusive party without George Will.  As an independent, as soon as Donald Trump officially obtains the republican party nomination, I plan to go to the Supervisor of Elections in my county and change my party affiliation back to republican.

Now that George Will and a few followers have left the republican party, I hope Mr. Will can start a third party that will display his views and values.  I would like to suggest that Mr. Will name his third party : ” Fascist Party of Pseudointellectuals. ”  That would be great. The democrat party would be on the extreme left and appeal to  communist/socialist Americans.  The new republican party, defined by Trump, would be an inclusive party of moderate Americans with real ideas to make America Great Again.  The ” Fascist Party of Pseudointellectuals, ”  under the leadership of George Will, would appeal to extreme right wing Americans that think they are better than the many honest and law abiding Americans that built America.

R. Van Conoley

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Laughter – Part 16

Sometimes business owners have a sense of humor.  The following are signs on various businesses.

On a plumber’s truck.  ” We repair what your husband fixed. ”

On the door of a gynecologist’s examination room.  ” Dr. Herman Jones, at your cervix. ”

On the door of a maternity room.  ” Push. Push. Push. ”

In a podiatrist’s waiting room. ” Time wounds all heels. ”

In the front of a funeral home. ” Drive carefully.  We’ll wait. “

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Bill Clinton’s Penis, Donald Trump, and Evolutionary Biology * Genitalia Politics – Part 2

In ” Genitalia Politics – Part 1, ” this website discussed the exchange between Marco Rubio and Donald Trump in a republican presidential debate.  Rubio stated that Donald Trump had little hands.  On live TV, Donald Trump stated: ” Look at these hands, are they small hands?  And he (Rubio) referred to my hands- if they are small something else must be small.  I guarantee you there’s no problem.  I guarantee. ”

Sadly there are no journalists who are qualified to discuss and analyze the complete history of Genitalia Politics.  Therefore it is incumbent for to plug this hole.  Genitalia Politics began in the presidential election of 1992.  In the 1992 presidential election, there were three main candidates.  They were: 1) Bill Clinton, 2) George H.W. Bush, and 3) Ross Perot.

In 1992, the Bush campaign labeled Bill Clinton a draft dodger and a womanizer.  Of course Bill Clinton was both a draft dodger and a womanizer. However, Dick Morris, who was one of Clinton’s top advisors in 1992, told Clinton to only answer the issue of being a womanizer.

So in 1992, as the election was drawing closer, Bill and Hillary appeared on TV and discussed the issue.  Hillary was ” standing by her man. ”  Yet, Bush still had a close lead and the Bill and Hillary duo had little effect on the poll numbers.  So the Bush campaign attempted to embarrass Bill Clinton by encouraging one of Bill’s former girlfriends to talk about Bill Clinton.  One of Bill’s former girlfriends made the following statement: ” I have never known a man so eager to use his mouth for pleasure and so skilled at it. ”

After Bill Clinton’s skills in oral sex were publicized by one of his former girlfriends, a strange thing happened that the Bush campaign did not expect.  Clinton’s poll numbers began to rise with women and continued to increase until the November, 1992, election.  Bill Clinton won that election with 44,909,806 votes or 43% of the vote.  Incumbent Bush received 39,104,550 votes or 37.4% of the vote.  Ross Perot received 19,743,821 votes or 18.9% of the vote.

In 1996, Bill Clinton sought re-election. Since Americans are obsessed with sex, much like the British are obsessed with the Royal Family, American TV was delighted to provide a discussion of Bill Clinton’s salacious activities 24/7.  Bill had acquired some new girlfriends by 1996 and Monica Lewinsky was one of them.  Ms. Lewinsky stated that Clinton brought her to orgasm within two minutes of their first engagement. Again Bill Clinton’s poll numbers began to rise with women.  In the 1996 election, Clinton received 47,404,185 votes or 49.2% of the vote.  Bob Dole received 39,197,469 votes or 40.7% of the vote.  Ross Perot received only 8,085,294 votes or 8.4% of the vote.

Why did Bill Clinton receive such strong support from women in both 1992 and 1996 ? To answer this profound question, it is necessary to review some basic evolutionary biology.  It basically comes down to egg cells and sperm cells.  A normal mature male produces one hundred million to three hundred million sperm cells per ejaculation.  So in the world of evolutionary biology, sperm are almost worthless.  Men are free to squirt them here and there.  Who cares? There are a lot more sperm cells where those came from.  There is no secret mechanism in the human male designed to carefully nurture sperm cells.  They just get mass produced and then fired out.

But in women, a great amount of work goes into producing an egg.  An human egg is 85,000 times larger than a sperm cell. Also, each woman is born with all the eggs she will ever have.  It takes about 29.5 days to nurture one egg and send it down the passageway.

In genetic terms, the investment that a Homo sapiens ( Human ) male makes in the sex act is a courtship and a few minutes of doing his most favorite thing in the world.  Then he is free to leave and squirt his sperm elsewhere.  Are you beginning to understand why men and women view the world differently ?

Evolutionary biology states that there must be a reward for the sex act for both men and women.  In the male, the penis is easy to find and orgasm is easy to achieve.  In the human female, the clitoris is not nearly so obvious and easy to locate.  Hence, attaining the female orgasm is not always easy and may be difficult.

Many men are so totally clueless about the clitoris that Sigmund Freud developed a whole theory about why vaginal orgasms are superior to clitoral orgasms.  No wonder Freud was never happily married.  No wonder that women’s activists hated Dr. Freud.

Today, after eons of evolution, women are universally attracted to men who can provide good orgasms for them.  An example may clarify this point that is readily understood by women but is probably not so well understood by men.  Suppose that Linda, an adult single woman, knows two men.  Bob is average looking and an average conversationalist, but he provides Linda with many orgasms when they are together.  Zak looks like a movie star and has a charming personality and is a good conversationalist, but he does not provide Linda with orgasms when they are together.  Evolutionary biology will determine that Linda will select Bob over Zak about 99.9% of the time.  If you thought male looks were very important, how would you account for Henry Kissinger’s popularity with women in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s ?

So it should now be clear to everyone why women liked ” Bad Boy Bill” Clinton and voted for him in two presidential elections.  Now what can Donald Trump learn from all of this?

Donald Trump has been divorced twice and married to three different women.  Also, Trump has had ample time to date various women between marriages.  Yet the only thing that has been established about Trump is that several attractive ladies have come forth and stated that Trump is a gentleman in every way and helped them with their careers.  Please, give me a break ! This is not what women want to hear.  Trump is in dire need of a ” Bill Clinton ” testimonial.  A woman Trump dated, hopefully between marriages, needs to state something like: ” I dated Donald for six months and while he was a gentleman, I had so many orgasms with him that the next day my legs were still shaking. ”

Evolutionary Biology is not subtle and neither is Genitalia Politics in 2016 !

R. Van Conoley ( Readers who may wish to learn more of the Clinton Monica Lewinsky relationship are encouraged to type, Monica Lewinsky, into the search box on the top of the home page of this website. Click go and the article will pop up. If you have already read this article, you deserve a cigar. )

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A Wise Saying – Part 141

” A powerful, victorious ally is yet another name for master. ”

Alexander Hamilton

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Laughter – Part 15

She’s not easy, just horizontally accessible.

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