Communism and Bigotry: Clinton and Trump

Hillary Clinton, and her supporters, often call Donald Trump a racist because he was endorsed by a White Supremacist.  Mr. Trump has a long history of providing jobs for White, Black, Hispanic, and all other Americans.  Additionally Mr. Trump refused the endorsement.

I wonder if Hillary Clinton will refuse the endorsements of the many Communist college professors who support her?   Americans have a great deal more to fear from Ms. Clinton’s embrace of the Socialist/Communist ideology than a few bigoted white individuals that are not part of the Trump campaign.

Ms. Clinton has embraced the ideology of agitator and terrorist Saul Alinsky.  With independent voters flocking to Donald Trump in recent weeks, Ms. Clinton seems to need to deflect her numerous illegal activities that define  her by attempting to label Mr. Trump a bigot.

Donald Trump has gained votes and support in key swing states, like Florida, where Trump now leads Ms. Clinton.  As Mr. Trump carries his message to Black Citizens, it has become increasingly clear that Trump will carry a greater percentage of Black votes in 2016 than any republican candidate has in the past 50 years.  Several key swing states are moving toward Trump as the Trump campaign continues to speak before record crowds.

R. Van Conoley

Posted in Local and Political News, Next Year's and Future Headlines Today | Tagged , , , , | Leave a comment Recommends These Two Clinton Articles strongly recommends these two outstanding articles about the Clinton Klan.

An article titled: ” Empress Wu Zetian and Hillary Clinton ” was published on July 7. 2015.  To immediately access this article simply type ( Wu Hu ) into the search box at the top right on the home page.  This article will immediately appear on your screen.  Type only Wu Hu without the parenthesis.  This article gives Americans an opportunity to envision a Hillary Clinton Presidency.  It also contains quotes from the French, German, and Syrian Ambassadors.  ( Editor’s Note: This article is not recommended for students who are Home Schooled. )

An article titled: ” President Bill Clinton and Two Porn Stats: The Naked Truth ” was published on May 27, 2012.  To immediately access this article simply type ( Brooklyn Lee ) into the search box at the top right on the home page.  This article will immediately appear on your screen.  Type Brooklyn Lee without the parenthesis.  If only President Clinton had indeed pursued this business venture, I believe that the Clinton Foundation would never have been established and Hillary would not now be facing federal indictments.

R. Van Conoley

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Drunken Ben Bernanke Tells It Like It Is !

This website believes that candidate Donald Trump is vastly superior to Hillary Clinton because of his superior knowledge of economics, finance, and international economics.  Every two years the President of the U.S. appoints a new member to the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System as an old member rotates off the Board.  This website also believes that the Board of Governors of the Fed has made poor decisions because the last three presidents have appointed incompetent individuals that are trained in theoretical economics.  Economic theory and economic reality are two different areas entirely.

Janet Yellen is presently Chairwoman of the Board of Governors.  Before Ms. Yellen, Ben Bernanke was Chairman of the Fed.  A few years ago when Dr. Bernanke was Chairman, he told everyone at a bar what he really thought about the Fed.  After consuming a large amount of alcohol, here is what Bernanke said: ” Look, they don’t want anyone except for the Washington, D.C. bigwigs to know how bad s*** really is.  Mounting debt exacerbated… by unchecked consumption, spiraling interest rates, and the grim realities of an inevitable worldwide energy crisis are projected to leave our entire economy in the sh*****. ”

R. Van Conoley


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Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton: Who Can “Fix” the Economy ?

The following are three economic facts that are accurate and very important to all Americans.

1) Under President Bill Clinton, 45% of ALL gains in personal income went to the top 1% of the country.  Clinton was president from (1993 to 2001).

2) Under President George W. Bush (43), 65% of the gains in income went to the top 1% of the country.  George W. Bush was president from (2001-2009).

3) Under Barack Obama, 91% of the gains in personal income went to the top 1% of the country.  Barack Obama will be president from/to (2009-2017).

So, from 1993 to the present the super-rich kept getting richer and richer.  I would have no problem with this if the working-middle class Americans were also gaining in wealth accumulation.  They are not.  It is sad and tragic.

Many Americans have probably heard from both Clinton and especially Trump that the next president will have the right to send the name of the next Supreme Court Justice to Congress for confirmation or rejection.  That is true and the next president will also have the right to send other nominations to Congress if any Justices resigns or dies.

On a scale from 0 to 100, with 0 meaning that it has no importance and 100 meaning that it is of great importance, I would rate the importance to be about 20.  It has some importance, but not too much.

The next president will be allowed to nominate a new Board Member to the Central Bank of the United States every two years.  The U.S. Central Bank is known as the Federal Reserve System and it was created by the Federal Reserve Act that passed congress on December 23, 1913.  The Board of Governors is the Board that I am referring to.  The Board has seven members.  Also, the Federal Reserve System has the FOMC, also known as the Federal Open Market Committee.  The Federal Reserve System, often called the Fed, operates independently from the president and does not answer to the Secretary of the Treasury.  The man or woman who is head of the Board of Governors of the Fed is called the Chairman or Chairwoman.  ( The Fed members are independent once nominated by the president and confirmed by congress.  Also, the Chair of the Fed is often called before congress for questioning, but congress may not direct the Fed or its Chair ).

Now here is the main idea that many Americans do not know.  The Fed has great power over the U.S. economy. Hence, the individuals that are appointed to the Fed are of great importance to all Americans.  The Fed is important to the rich and the poor alike. The power of the Fed effects the world economy ! A “smart” Fed makes the U.S. strong economically.  A “dumb” Fed makes life hell on earth for poor and lower working class Americans.

How important is the president’s power to appoint Board Members to the Fed? Using the same scale that I used above for the Supreme Court, 0 to 100, the president’s power to appoint Board Members to the Fed is 95.  To me, this power is the greatest power that the president has in his ability to appoint individuals to any office including the Cabinet and all ambassadors and other advisors.

I do not wish to complicate things for my many readers, but there are two main reasons why Americans do not know much about the Fed.  1) Economics is a rather complex subject and many individuals find it hard to understand, especially in the complex international economy. 2) Many members of the press and members of the electronic media lack even a basic understanding of the Fed and international economics.  It is not a conspiracy theory, but the media can not report accurately about a subject that they do not understand.

Now allow me to take all of the above valid and correct information, and apply it with some of my opinions listed.  Dr. Ben Bernanke was Chairman of the Fed for a period of time.  In my view, Bernanke was a very nice gentleman who knew a great deal about economic theory.  However, Bernanke lacked real world experience in the international economy.  Bernanke is now gone from the Fed and Janet Yellen is now Chairwoman.  Ms. Yellen is a very nice lady, but she lacks, in my view, sufficient real world experience in the international economy.

Now allow me to present my opinion based on a large number of facts.  Donald Trump has a very solid understanding of economics and international finance.  Trump has the ability and the real world experience to understand the international economy and has the common sense to select sane and sensible individuals for nomination to the Fed Board of Governors.  Using the scale above with 0 as the lowest score and 100 as the highest score, I would rate Donald Trump a score of 98. This means that Trump is extremely qualified to understand the U.S. economy and make sane and sensible appointments to the Fed.  Hillary Clinton has almost no understanding of the U.S. economy and replied that she would ask her husband for advice on economic matters.  Hillary Clinton has no real world experience in international economics. Using the scale above with 0 as the lowest score and 100 as the highest score, I would rate Hillary Clinton a score of 5.  This means that Ms. Clinton is highly unqualified to “fix” the huge number of problems in the U.S. economy.

“Fixing” the U.S. economy and allowing lower income individuals to participate in the American Dream should be the top priority of the next president of the U.S. In Ms. Clinton’s defense, she did get a lot of money from America’s largest Investment Bank, Goldman Sachs.

R. Van Conoley   ( Editor’s Note: Contrasting opinions are welcome at this website. A valid e-mail address is required for publication.  All registered individuals may send mail to this website.)

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Trump and Clinton: The Role of the Media

Due to the First Amendment in the U.S. Constitution, our government can not now regulate what newspapers print and what the electronic media reports.  However, there must be a level of fairness.  If the media becomes unfair, laws will be enacted to regulate the First Amendment just like laws have been enacted to regulate the Second Amendment.  The Second Amendment allows law abiding individuals to own guns.  Yet year after year new laws are added to restrict the Second Amendment.  This could happen with the First Amendment and it could have serious ramifications for our Constitutional freedoms.

Any individual over the age of ten, with a few functioning neurons in their cerebral cortex, can clearly understand and observe that some TV stations/networks strongly slant their news to the left and act as cheerleaders for the democratic party.  Other TV stations/networks strongly slant their news to the right and act as cheerleaders for the republican party.

Sane and sensible individuals who read this website clearly understand that I have dealt with the issue of media bias in many articles over the past five years.  I used satire to poke fun at the growing media bias in the U.S.

While I would prefer to find a TV station/network that is just and balanced in their reporting, it is impossible.  Sane and sensible individuals know that the world is not always fair and injustice and unfairness are part of life.  The issue becomes: ” What should Americans do when the U.S. electronic media stops reporting the news and becomes nothing more than a propaganda outlet for and against certain political ideas ?”

On the many electronic channels that are delivered into my house that report news and political analysis, 90% are clearly biased in favor of the liberal/progressive philosophy that is represented by the democratic party.  Also, 10% are clearly biased in favor of the conservative/new populist philosophy that is represented by the republican party.  This ratio of 9 to 1 is clearly, in my view, not fair and is not the American Way.  This ratio is extremely biased for Ms. Clinton and extremely biased against Mr. Trump.

The terrible injustice gives pro Clinton propaganda 90% of the time and pro Trump propaganda 10% of the time.  The Honorable Clarence Thomas said it best.  When Anita Hill testified before congress, Judge Thomas stated that he became a victim of an “electronic lynching.”  In 2016, Donald Trump has clearly become the victim of an electronic lynching.  This is not the American Way, but if a modicum of fairness is not restored, legislation may be needed to regulate the First Amendment just like legislation has been added to modify the Second Amendment.

R. Van Conoley  ( Editor’s Note: The focus of this article was on the First Amendment.  However, since the Second Amendment  was mentioned to demonstrate a concept, I would like to briefly comment on the Second Amendment.  In the editor’s view, additional legislation is not needed that relates to the Second Amendment.  Our government simply needs to fairly enforce the laws that are now on the books relating to the Second Amendment. )

( Editor’s Note 2 : Will the extremely important Trump-Clinton debates be fair and unbiased? Who decides if third party candidates can participate? What level of popular voter support is needed to allow a third party candidate on stage in the debates? )


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The Ramifications of Hillary Clinton’s Actions

This website,, specializes in informing the Public about issues that our government believes should remain unknown or seldom discussed.  The focus of this article is about the consequences of Hillary Clinton using an unsecure computer/server that was kept in her house.  This is not new news, but I would like for my readers to view it in a different light with some additional information that was strangely omitted by the mainstream media.

First, it is necessary to go back in time to some “old” news and examine it again.  Back in 1998 and 1999, President Bill Clinton was involved with Monica Lewinsky.  Bill and Monica had sex in the White House.  That is old news. Most people do not know that the FBI and the Israeli Mossad had recorded numerous cell phone conversations between Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky.

The highly respected author, Gordon Thomas, published a book in 1999 titled: ” Gideon’s Spies- The Secret History of the Mossad. ”  Thomas states that information relating to the Clinton-Lewinsky Sexgate affair surfaced when Special Prosecutor Kenneth Star was questioning Monica Lewinsky under oath.

Ms. Lewinsky testified under oath that after she and Bill Clinton finished a sex session that involved oral sex, Bill Clinton told Monica Lewinsky that a foreign embassy was tapping and recording  both of Lewinsky’s two phone lines in her D.C. apartment.  Gordon Thomas states that Tel Aviv used the tapes to stop a probe of an operative code named ” MEGA ” who was in deep cover in the White House.  Israel was blackmailing the President of the U.S. by telling him that if he did not stop the investigation of ” MEGA,” the sex tapes would be made public !

Now lets move forward 17 years in time to 2016.  Hillary Clinton is the democratic nominee for president.  Hillary Clinton violated U.S. policy by sending and receiving classified information from a private server in her house.  It is also known that Hillary Clinton deleted over 33 thousand ( 33,000 )  e-mails and other documents from her unsecure computer to prevent U.S. intelligence from learning exactly what documents were sent and received.

There are at least three countries in the world that have more than the necessary levels of technical skills needed to have “hacked” Ms. Clinton’s computer.  They are: 1) Russia, 2) Israel, and 3) China.  I am 100% certain that all three of the countries have copies of every e-mail and other document that was on Ms. Clinton’s unsecure computer.  I am also 100% certain that several other countries and other “third parties” have copies of the documents from Ms. Clinton’s computer.  Please understand that some of the documents “deleted” were classified ABOVE the level of Top Secret ! What this means is that at least three foreign countries, and probably more, have copies of the most secret documents that effect U.S. security.

Now ask yourself this question.  Do you seriously believe that any of these three countries would hesitate to blackmail Hillary Clinton if she became president ? The answer is obvious since Israel already did.  All countries spy on each other.  That is why individuals with security clearances must never violate operating rules.

By Hillary Clinton’s irresponsible actions, she has jeopardized the safety and security of our country and even cost the lives of deep cover foreign American agents operating in hostile countries ! The depth and amount of damage done by Ms. Clinton’s actions may adversely effect our country for years or even decades.

I am absolutely amazed that Ms. Clinton would lie to the American People about so serious an issue.  There are issues that go far beyond partisan politics.  It is shocking to me that 100% of the print and electronic journalists are not asking Ms. Clinton to resign her nomination for president and allow another qualified person to assume the democratic nomination.  Yet, a fairly large percentage of the media are aiding and abetting Ms. Clinton in her crimes against America.

If Ms. Clinton fails to do what is in the best interests of America by resigning her nomination for president, I would ask the American People to act as a de facto jury on November 8, 2016, and cast your vote for any of the other three candidates seeking the office of president.  Americans may cast a vote of guilty against Hillary Clinton on November 8, 2016, by voting for: 1) Donald Trump, or 2) Gary Johnson, 0r 3) Jill Stein or 4) write in a name of another person for president.  Ms. Clinton violated the law simply for her convenience because she believes that she is above the law.  Ms. Clinton is not above the law and law abiding Americans should not tolerate her criminal behavior.

R. Van Conoley

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The 2016 Presidential Debates – Trump v Clinton

There are three presidential debates and one vice presidential debate scheduled for 2016.  The three presidential debates are scheduled for: 1) September 26, 2016;  2) October 9, 2016; and 3) October 19, 2016.  The vice presidential debate is scheduled for October 4, 2016.

I, like many millions of other Americans, am saddened, disappointed, and disgusted by the extraordinary bias displayed by the news media.  This disgust applies to both the print media and the electronic media.  It is clear to me, and I believe to millions of other Americans, that at least 80% of the media are nothing more than cheerleaders for Hillary Clinton.  Several unbiased Watchdog organizations state that 90% of the media treat Hillary Clinton gently while attempting to make Donald Trump look bad in many aspects.

As a law abiding American, I strongly support our First Amendment right for free speech.  However, I expect American reporters to display journalistic integrity in their reporting.  In the print media, editorial opinions should remain on the editorial pages and should not be embedded into news reporting.  I expect fairness from the electronic media also.  In 2016, the ” Liberal Media ” has ignored so many of the basic rules of justice and fairness that the approval rating for the news media now stands at 6% .  That is even lower than the pathetic 9% approval rating for congress !

Both the democratic nominee and the republican nominee have high negative ratings from the American Public.  There are two “third-party” candidates in the race that have legally accessed the ballots in enough states to win the needed 270 plus electoral votes.   These two parties are the Libertarian Party and the Green Party.

The Libertarian Party has nominated former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson as their presidential choice.  His vice presidential running mate is former Governor of Massachusetts, Bill Weld.  The Libertarian Party is on the ballot in all 50 states and in the latest unbiased polling had 16% of the vote.

The Green Party has nominated Dr. Jill Stein as their presidential choice.  Her vice presidential running mate is Ajamu Baraka.  The Green Party is not on the ballot in every state, but they are on the ballot in enough states to win the 270 plus electoral votes needed to be elected.  There is presently no valid polling data available for the Green Party.

There are several other parties, but none of them are on the ballots in  enough states to obtain the needed 270 plus electoral votes.  Several are on the ballots in only one or two states.

I do not believe that it is the business of a group of good for nothing crooks to decide who should be in the debates.  Nor do I believe that the media should decide who should be in the debates.  Since, the seemingly never ending series of republican primary debates allowed candidates on the stage that had 1% of the vote or less, I believe that if either the Libertarian Party or the Green Party has 5% support or more, then they should be in the debate.  By setting the threshold at 15%, the democrat crooks and the republican crooks are rigging the election against legal third parties.  I believe that 5% is a fair and just threshold and I would like to hear any candidate that has 5% or more of the U.S. electorate behind him or her.  Since the first debate is scheduled for September 26, 2016, it seems fair that the decision should be made from unbiased and fair polls before September 12, 2016.  Donald Trump has said over and over again that the political system is rigged.  Surely he would wish to allow any third party into the debates that had attained the 5% threshold by 9/12/2016.

Third Party candidate, Ross Perot, participated in the 1992 Presidential Debates.  I believe that much of the political corruption displayed by the congressional crooks is mainly due to the fact that the U.S. is a de facto two party system.  There is nothing in the U.S. Constitution that states that the U.S. must be a two party system.  Our Founding Fathers believed that our elections should be fair, just, and open to all responsible law abiding citizens.  I look forward to the 2016 Presidential Debates and expect to see any third party on the debate stage that polls at 5% or more.

R. Van Conoley  ( Editor’s Note: The question not dealt with in the above article involves the fairness of the moderator and the panel asking questions.  Here are five individuals that I believe would ask fair questions and display integrity.  They are: 1) Megyn Kelly, 2) John Stossel, 3) Greta Van Susteren, 4) Kristen Powers, and 5) Judge Andrew Napolitano. These five individuals, in my view, have displayed journalistic integrity and have brought respect to a much disrespected media. )

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Hillary Clinton’s Latest E-Mail From WaterLeaks

To: Ms. Eva Stalin-Amin

From:  Director of Personnel of The Clinton Foundation; December 7, 2009

Dear Ms. Stalin-Amin,

Congratulations on your joining the Clinton Foundation.  Since the Clinton Foundation does not maintain any written documents that could possibly harm Hillary Clinton in any way, you should consider this e-mail as a personal instruction booklet for the Clinton Foundation.  Please be advised that the Clinton Foundation collects hundreds of millions of dollars from: 1) International Drug dealers,  2) International Criminal Organizations,  3) Dictators who systematically abuse basic human rights,  4) World leaders who stone to death homosexuals,  5) Countries where women do not have rights,  6) Multinational corporations who will receive special treatment when Hillary becomes President,  7) Corporations who dump toxic wastes into the environment,  8) The International Banking Community,  9) Islamic Jihad Union,  10) Abu Nidal Organization,  11) Abu Sayyaf Group,  12) HAMAS,  13) Hizballah,  14) The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Columbia,  15) The Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan,  16) Ansar-al-Islam,  17) Army of Islam,  18) Boko Haram,  19) ISIL,  20) Al-Shabaab,  21) Members of the Russian Mafia,  22) Armenian Mafia,  23) Uzbek Mafia,  and 24) numerous other individuals and organizations.

You may be tempted to believe that many of these donors work against the best interests of the American People.  Please remove that thought from your mind because at The Clinton Foundation we believe that the “ends justify the means.”  Also, all of the monies collected by the Clinton Foundation will be thoroughly laundered through multiple shell corporations.

Also, for the security of all individuals in The Clinton Foundation, we have located our computer server in Hillary Clinton’s basement so that it is hidden from U.S. Law Enforcement.  Now what could possibly go wrong ?

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The Clinton Foundation – An Ongoing Criminal Enterprise

The Clinton Foundation was established in 1997 as the William J. Clinton Foundation.  From 2013 to the present time, it is known as the Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Foundation.  The Foundation was established as a nonprofit corporation under section 501 (c)(3) of the U.S. Tax Code.  It was established by former President Bill Clinton with the mission to ” strengthen the capacity of people throughout the world to meet the challenges of global interdependence. ”  The offices are in New York and Little Rock, Arkansas.

Through July, 2016, the Foundation has raised an estimated 2.1 Billion dollars through donations from U.S. Corporations, foreign corporations, political donors, and other groups and numerous individuals.  The Clinton Foundation received support from members of President George W. Bush’s friends and former members of his administration.

Due to the unusual way the Foundation keeps most of their money ” in house, ” Charity Navigator, an ethical charity Watchdog, stated that it does not have a methodology to rate the Clinton Foundation.

In December, 2008, Bruce Lindsey was the CEO of the Foundation and he and Valerie Jarrett, co-chair of the Obama-Biden Transition Team, signed a “memorandum of understanding ” that the Clinton Foundation would not ” create conflicts or the appearance of conflicts for Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State. ”

While Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State, more than 180 individuals, companies, and foreign governments gave money to the Foundation while LOBBYING THE STATE DEPARTMENT for various exemptions and rulings.  From February, 2001, to May, 2015, Bill Clinton gave 637 speeches and made $ 132,021,691.00 in speaking fees alone.  Hillary gave 92 speeches from February, 2013 to March, 2015.  Hillary Clinton was paid $ 21,648,000.00.  Bill Clinton earned at least $ 500,000.00 ( half million or more ) in 13 speeches.  Eleven of the Half million dollar speeches made by Bill happened when Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State, 2009-2013 !  All eleven of those speeches were delivered outside the U.S. including both Russia and China.

Author Peter Schweizer published a book titled: ” Clinton Cash,” in 2015.  The author argues that foreign donors have already received a return on their “donations.”

Surprisingly, Hillary Clinton while Secretary of State encouraged U.S. firms, including Cisco, Intel, and Google, to do business and work with Russia.  In Schweizer’s book, the author goes into detail how the deals helped Russia and allowed ROSATOM, a state owned Russian company, to gain control of 20% of the Uranium in the U.S. through a wholly owned subsidiary !

Additionally, The Clinton Foundation had a number of very questionable deals with: 1) Kazakhstan,  2) Columbia,  3) Nigeria,  4) Rwanda,  and 5) Russia.  From all appearances, The Clinton Foundation appears to be an ongoing criminal enterprise with massive funds and appears to be working against many political interests of the U.S. and the American People.

Never in the history of the U.S. has a former President established a Foundation while his wife was U.S. Secretary of State.  The Clinton Foundation appears to violate numerous U.S. Laws and the funds of the Foundation are almost impossible to track.  Several billionaires who befriended Bill Clinton appear to have aided and abetted The Foundation in “hiding” monies by assisting in the establishment of several shell corporations., the news and financial organization, disclosed that the Clinton Foundation did not disclose 1,100 foreign donations as required by U.S. Law.  Interestingly, Mike Bloomberg endorsed Hillary Clinton for President.

From all available information, it appears that The Clinton Foundation: 1) Did not comply with U.S. Law, 2) Cost Americans many needed jobs, 3) Created deals that would seriously economically harm millions of working middle class Americans, 4) Made a number of billionaires much richer, and 5) Worked against the official policies of the U.S. by dealing with political leaders who were and continue to work against the interests of the U.S.

Hillary Clinton is the wrong choice for the democratic party.  Hillary Clinton is the wrong choice for women.  Hillary Clinton is the wrong choice for all law abiding Americans.

R. Van Conoley ( It seems strange that the media which is entrusted to serve the American People with truthful facts has asked so few questions about the Clinton Foundation.  Also, it appears that some organization besides WikiLeaks may have many additional e-mails sent by Hillary Clinton that detail a clear conflict of interest between Secretary Clinton as Secretary of State and Hillary Clinton as a Foundation member and candidate for President. Americans should remember that President Richard Nixon was elected, in 1972,  overwhelmingly and Americans knew many facts about Watergate.  Yet after Nixon was re-elected, more Watergate facts quickly forced Nixon to resign ! Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it. )


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Hillary Clinton – Bill’s Partner In Crimes Against Women

I watched the Democratic National Convention.  One of the speakers at the Convention spoke about sexual slavery and human sexual trafficking.  I believe that all decent and all law abiding Americans would strongly condemn both sexual slavery and human sexual trafficking.

Hillary Clinton has made a political career of being a woman and continually uses her gender to imply that American women would be much better off if she were elected President.  Would they really ?

Hillary Clinton is married to former President Bill Clinton who is a known sex addict.  As an American, I believe that much of Bill Clinton’s womanizing was unwise.  Yet Americans, in my view, can only pass moral judgments about the Clinton Klan in relation to criminal actions.  Bill Clinton’s sexual affairs with both Gennifer Flowers and Monica Lewinsky were consensual sex.  Maybe unwise, maybe unethical, but nothing illegal.  ( Editor’s Note: The Lewinsky affair only became criminal when Bill Clinton lied under oath about the affair. )

Since Bill Clinton is a sex addict, his activities did not stop with consensual sex.  Juanita Broaddrick accused Bill Clinton of rape.  Kathleen Willey accused Bill Clinton of groping her without her consent.  Paula Jones accused Bill Clinton of sexually harassing her.  Also, many other women stated that Bill Clinton sexually harassed them, but refused to sign sworn statements and did not wish to make public statements.

So what did Hillary do about all of Bill’s sexual misconduct ?  Hillary Clinton aided and abetted her husband by helping assassinate and destroy the characters of these women  who appear to be victims.  While Hillary Clinton is against sexual trafficking of women, the same Hillary Clinton knowingly and willfully aided her sex addicted husband in his assaults on women !

How is it possible that such a vile, reprehensible, and disgusting woman like Hillary Clinton could receive the Democratic nomination for President of the U.S. ?  Certainly part of the answer lies in the fact that the ” Clinton Foundation ” accepted massive amounts of money from foreign countries while Hillary Clinton was U.S. Secretary of State ! Many of the countries that “donated” money to the Clinton Foundation prohibit women from having the basic human rights that U.S. women maintain ! ( Editor’s Note: It is strictly forbidden in our U.S. Law that foreign governments and foreign nationals are totally prohibited from donating money to candidates in U.S. elections. So, if the Clinton Foundation did nothing to assist Hillary Clinton, then no laws were violated. However, if the Clinton Foundation “washed” or “laundered” funds and redirected them to Hillary Clinton our laws have been seriously violated. )

Hillary Clinton was the wrong choice for the Democratic Party.  Hillary Clinton is certainly the wrong choice for American women.  Hillary Clinton is the wrong choice for America.

R. Van Conoley ( Editor’s Note: When the camera turned to  feature Bill Clinton, I thought: ” Here is the second President of the U.S. ever to be impeached by the U.S. Congress.” Yet not a single representative from the liberal electronic media made any statement about Bill Clinton’s impeachment ! Yet this same media will spend a great amount of time and effort to make Donald Trump look bad for the most minor statements.  The media bias is almost as disgusting as Hillary Clinton’s actions in aiding and abetting her husband’s illegal actions. )



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