Donald Trump Secures the GOP Nomination

On May 26, 2016, the Associated Press reported that candidate Donald Trump has secured 1,238 delegates.  Mr. Trump has secured the republican nomination for president.  There will be no “brokered” convention.

On June 7, 2016, primaries will be held in the following states: 1) California, 2) Montana, 3) New Jersey, 4) New Mexico, and 5) South Dakota. The results from these states are expected to provide Mr. Trump with more than 1,400 delegates.  The number needed to secure the nomination is 1,237.

R. Van Conoley

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State Department Inspector General Criticizes Hillary Clinton

On May 25, 2016, the Inspector General of the U.S. State Department issued an 83 page report that was highly critical of Hillary Clinton’s e-mail practices while she was U.S. Secretary of State.  The report stated that Ms. Clinton never provided security details to agency officials responsible for safeguarding classified government information.

Sources believe that State Department officials are attempting to avoid responsibility for their lack of oversight of Ms. Clinton’s irresponsible and criminal actions.  Clinton and her senior aids declined to speak with the IG’s investigators.

Clearly Ms. Clinton is not qualified to be president of the United States if she did not follow security rules and regulations while she was U. S.  Secretary of State.  The definitive FBI report is expected to be released shortly after Ms. Clinton is interviewed by the FBI.

R. Van Conoley

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MSN Thugs

As a person over 55 years of age, I accept that my 12 year old granddaughter probably knows more about how to do more things on a computer than I.  However, once I learn an algorithm, I remember it.

MSN, who is responsible for the Windows operating system, ” upgraded ” my computer to windows 10 without my permission.  So, not surprisingly, I could not get on the net because the algorithm was different.  So, I called MSN and was connected to India, and had the lower version of Windows restored to my computer.

Here is my question.  How is MSN any different than any hacker if they reconfigure a person’s computer without the person’s permission ? This type of forceful tactic is unethical in my view.  MSN should be much more considerate of their customers.

Additionally, the near monopoly status now enjoyed by Microsoft is not an excuse to be abusive to their customers.

R. Van Conoley

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Laughter – Part 13

Help wanted: Telepath.  You know where to apply.

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June 8, 1967 * 49th Anniversary on June 8, 2016

June 8, 2016, will soon be here.  It is the 49th. anniversary of the Israeli attack on the USS Liberty.

On June 8, 1967, jet aircraft and torpedo boats from Israel attacked the U.S. intelligence-gathering ship, the USS Liberty.  The USS Liberty was in international waters off the coast of the Sinai Peninsula.  The attack was preceded  by more than six hours of surveillance by Israeli forces.

Israel knew that the USS Liberty was a U.S. ship because it had an American Flag flying and it was clearly identified by numerous other markings and it was a clear and sunny day.  Also there were no other ships near the USS Liberty.  Israel began the attack using high performance aircraft.  Then jets used napalm.  When the USS Liberty did not sink, Israeli torpedo boats were sent to blast a forty foot hole in the ship’s side.  The attack resulted in the cold blooded murders of 34 Americans and the wounding of more than another 170 Americans on that ship.

What many Americans do not know is that an American aircraft was launched and was flying toward Egypt carrying an atomic bomb.  If the Liberty had sunk as intended, an atomic bomb would have been dropped on Egypt in retaliation for the attack on our ship.  The Israeli forces were there to make certain that there were no survivors after the attack to tell the world that the Liberty was attacked by Israel.  The problem was that the Liberty just would not sink even after it was hit by Israeli torpedo boats ! Since the attack had been going on for sometime and the Liberty was still afloat, U.S. Defense Secretary Robert McNamara recalled the aircraft carrying the atomic bomb that was meant for Egypt.

President Lyndon Johnson believed that an atomic attack on Egypt would reassure his reelection in 1968, and distract his critics from the great failure of the Viet Nam War.  So President Johnson made a deal with Israel. Johnson wanted Israel to destroy the Liberty so he could bomb Egypt.

In 2016, a 94 year old former SS guard who served Nazi Germany was brought to trial in Germany for crimes against humanity and the Jewish prisoners in Nazi concentration camps.  Since there is no statute of limitations for murder, it seems just and moral for a 94 year old former Nazi SS guard to stand before a court of justice.  The former SS guard is named Reinhold Hanning.

Most civilized individuals abhor everything that the Nazi Government of Germany stood for.  Most civilized individuals abhor the pathological individuals who deny that the Holocaust happened.  What some Israeli’s fail to understand is that many informed Americans find the lie, that continues to be Israeli policy, that the attack was just an accident.  It is a lie equivalent to the lie that Holocaust deniers disseminate.

The families of the murdered and injured Americans on the USS Liberty do not hate Israel nor do they hate Jews.  Just as Jews, and many others, want the truth disseminated about the murders of innocent Jews during World War II, the families of men on the Liberty want the truth about the Liberty attack to be made public.

The USS Liberty Veterans Association will never cease to exist until the truth is made public.  The sons and daughters, sisters and brothers, granddaughters and grandsons will continue to carry their quest for the truth forward.  The USS Liberty Veterans Association is serving all Americans by seeking to uncover all of the facts of this horrible incident.  If Americans do not have the backbone to demand the facts, America will be weakened.  Who exactly in Lyndon Johnson’s administration colluded with which Israeli officials to bring about this horrible incident?    The U.S. NSA has a recording sent from an Israeli pilot refusing to attack the ship because it was an American ship.

The USS Liberty Veterans Association will gather for their annual memorial service at Arlington Cemetery at noon on June 8, 2016.  All Americans who love freedom and support justice should be there either in person or in spirit.

Readers who desire additional information may contact: Liberty News; P.O. Box 680275; Marietta, GA. 30068.

R. Van Conoley  ( Editor’s Note: Survivors of the USS Liberty incident were treated badly by the U.S. Government.  They were told never to talk about the incident. Many were told that other U.S. Veteran’s associations did not wish to hear anything about the attack and Liberty Veterans were excluded from some veteran’s associations. )

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Bill Clinton’s Penis and Donald Trump’s Penis * Genitalia Politics- Part 1

During one of the many republican presidential debates, candidate Marco Rubio stated that candidate Donald Trump had little hands.  On live TV, Donald Trump stated: ” Look at these hands, are they small hands? And he (Rubio)  referred to my hands- if they are small something else must be small.  I guarantee you there’s no problem.  I guarantee. ”

Marco Rubio was of course implying that if Trump had small hands, then he must also have a small penis.  Americans must be relieved to learn that Donald Trump has a normal sized penis.

This is a syndrome that refers to as ” Genitalia Politics.” We remind our readers that the size and shape of President Bill Clinton’s penis was the focus of journalistic analysis in years past.  Bill Clinton stated: ” I did not have sex with that woman.”  The woman was White House intern, Monica Lewinsky.  It turned out that Bill Clinton did have sex with Monica and ejaculated on her dress.  For more details, we direct our readers to an article titled: ” President Bill Clinton’s Penis and Monica Lewinsky’s Vagina.”  You may quickly locate this excellent article by typing, Monica Lewinsky, into the search box and then click go.  The article will appear on your computer screen.  ( Editor’s Note: If you have already read this article, you deserve a cigar! )

Of course, with the new dynamics of genitalia politics, Ms. Lewinsky revealed the creative use of a cigar and provided a discussion of the shape of Mr. Clinton’s penis.  The issue of whether Mr. Clinton has a curved penis or Peyronie’s Disease remains open for additional journalistic analysis.

Anthony Weiner, former member of the U.S. House, transmitted pictures of his penis using the electronic media.  This led to his resignation from congress in 2011.  Evidently, the public found Mr. Weiner’s Weiner to be unsatisfactory in many aspects and Weiner lost his last election obtaining only 4.9% of the votes.

Now you are probably asking yourself: ” How can we evaluate Hillary Clinton since she does not have a penis. ” This is certainly a valid point.  Fortunately the issue has already been addressed by this very proactive website.  Our new readers are directed to an article titled: ” Empress Wu Zetian and Hillary Clinton. ” This article may be accessed by typing, Wu Hu, into the search box and then by clicking the go button.  ( Editor’s Note: If you already know the biography of Empress Wu Zetian, you deserve two cigars ! )

Since the November 8, 2016, election is a long way off, you should remain electronically connected to this website for the latest breaking news in genitalia politics.

R. Van Conoley

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Laughter – Part 12

Women are now in the U.S. Military.  The generals do not put them in the front lines because they do not know if women can fight and kill.  I know women can fight and kill.  All a general has to do is walk over to a group of women and say:  ” You see the enemy over there?  They all say that you look fat in your uniforms. ”

R. Van Conoley

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DeBary City Council Meeting on June 1, 2016

The DeBary City Council will meet on June 1, 2016, at 7:00 p.m. to consider and render a decision that will determine if Mayor Clint Johnson violated section 4.04 of the City Charter.  A finding that Mayor Johnson violated the City Charter will result in Mr. Johnson’s forfeiture of the office of Mayor.  A finding that Mayor Johnson did not violate the City Charter will exonerate Mr. Johnson.

R. Van Conoley

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Laughter – Part 11

Why don’t Jewish mothers drink ?  It interferes with their suffering.

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Donald Trump’s Vice Presidential Choice

Donald Trump is now the republican nominee for president.  Trump’s most important decision will be his selection for Vice President on the republican ticket.  If Trump makes an unwise decision for the position of vice president, he will lose the general election.  If Trump makes a wise decision for the position of vice president, he will win the general election on November 8, 2016. recommends the following two candidates as the two best qualified candidates for vice president on the republican party ticket.

Pamela Jo ” Pam ” Bondi-  Pam Bondi, age 51, is presently the elected Attorney General of Florida.  Bondi received her college degree from the University of Florida and then earned her JD ( Law ) Degree from Stetson University College of Law.  Bondi worked as an Assistant State Attorney in Hillsborough County, Florida.  Later, Ms. Bondi was elected statewide to the office of Attorney General of Florida.

Ms. Bondi is articulate and is extremely skilled in public speaking.  She would strengthen Trump’s base in all regions in the U.S.  She would also increase Trump’s popularity with women and increase Trump’s chances of winning the large and extremely important swing state of Florida.

Susana Martinez – Susana Martinez, age 56, is presently Governor of New Mexico.  She obtained her college degree from the University of Texas and earned her Law Degree from  the University of Oklahoma College of Law.

She began her career as an Assistant District Attorney in New Mexico’s 3rd. Judicial Circuit.  Later she joined the republican party and served three terms as District Attorney from 1997 to 2011.

In 2010, Ms. Martinez was elected to the office of Governor of New Mexico.  One element of her platform for governor was to secure the U.S.-Mexico border from illegal immigration.  She signed legislation opposing sanctuary status for illegal immigrants who commit crimes in New Mexico.

Ms. Martinez is the first woman to be elected governor of New Mexico and the first Hispanic female governor in the United States.  In 2013, she was named one of  TIME magazine’s 100 most influential people in the world.  Ms. Martinez would also strengthen the Trump ticket in all regions of the U.S.

Both Ms. Bondi and Ms. Martinez are extremely well qualified to become vice president.  Both are highly educated.  Both have been elected to statewide office.  Both would strengthen the republican party ticket.  Both are highly respected.

R. Van Conoley

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