The Absolute Cure For Arthritis

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I am waiting for my pain to be reduced.  I had my second knee replacement surgery and it is painful.  Hopefully healing after the surgery will lead to better health and less pain.

I often ask myself this question: ” Is there a better way to do this?” I asked myself that question recently several times. It appears to me that there will be a better approach to health.  The future approach to medicine lies in understanding genetics.

Thomas Perls of Boston University analyzed the genes of people who were over 100 years of age on the assumption that some people are genetically disposed to live longer and healthier.  He identified over 280 markers for genes that slow down the aging process and make people healthier.

Donald Trump, very wisely I believe, has added a space force to our National Defense system.  I sincerely wish that he had added a gene research force to our medical studies.  I am 100% certain that in the near future people can be treated medically by ” up-regulating” and “down-regulating” genes in our genome. I wish it were already in existence.

R. Van Conoley



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Tucker Carlson Interviews Li-Meng Yan

If the world were a fair place, then Tucker Carlson should be awarded the Pulitzer Prize for Public Service.  Since truth is no longer part of journalism, a truth telling person like Tucker Carlson could never be accepted by many U.S. government interests.

On Friday, Tucker Carlson interviewed Li-Meng Yan, also known as Yan Limeng, who was a virologist working in a laboratory in China.  It has been known for sometime that that Wuhan had a laboratory where genetic engineering took place.  Yan stated that the Covid-19 virus was engineered in the laboratory in Wuhan China.  I believed this for some time.  The existence of the virology lab was not unknown.  What shocked me is that Yan stated that the deadly virus was released on orders from the Chinese government and the Chinese Communist Party.  The implications were that the U.S. Government was part of the cover up.

I am writing to refute the statement that the deadly virus was released on purpose or in collusion with the government of the U.S. I am certain that the U.S. Government would not lie on purpose to the American People.  I can not think of anything that would lead me to believe that the U.S. Government would lie.

Then again, I remember the USS LIBERTY.  The LIBERTY was an American ship that was under the control and command of the National Security Agency (NSA). In June, 1967, the LIBERTY was positioned ” out of line of sight” of other American and Soviet ships in the Mediterranean Sea.  Israel and Egypt( with allies) were ready for war.  The day was clear and sunny and the ship was clearly an American ship.  Israeli aircraft overflew the ship for hours.  Then Israel attacked the ship with high performance aircraft.  Then planes from Israel attacked the ship with napalm.  Finally when the LIBERTY did not sink, Israel attacked the ship with torpedoes.  The attack lasted more than two hours, and 34 Americans were murdered and 171 others were wounded.  Finally the government of Israel apologized and said that did not know the identity of the ship.  Now. why would our “good friend” Israel do such a thing?   After all, the U.S. has given Israel billions and billions of dollars in  foreign aid to Israel for decades.   Now the cynics state that U.S. President Lyndon Johnson and the President of Israel had jointly planned the attack and after the LIBERTY was sunk, President Johnson was going to retaliate by dropping an atomic bomb on Egypt.  LBJ needed something to help him get reelected in 1968, and nuking Egypt for “sinking” our ship would have insured LBJ’s reelection.  But the LIBERTY did not sink.  So people can believe the evil conspiracy theory about LBJ and the Israeli President, or they can believe that Israel just made a mistake. I just can not believe that LBJ would lie to the American People or that a President would allow the murder of 34 Americans just to be reelected. ( Editor’s note: An American aircraft carrying a nuclear bomb was launched toward Egypt, but the plane was recalled by McNamara when it was learned that the LIBERTY was still floating.)

Then again, I remember Jeffrey Epstein.  Epstein was a pedophile and had an airplane known as the LOLITA EXPRESS.  It is known that Epstein had many influential friends like Bill Clinton, Prince Andrew, Mort Zuckerman, Woody Allen and many other famous Washington politicians.  Epstein was arrested and placed in a U.S. maximum  security jail with cameras, top notch guards, etc.  Epstein is alleged to have hanged himself. Strange that all of the important security cameras did not work. Also, the guards slept and did not supervise the prison.  Also, the neck damage to Epstein was not consistent with hanging.  So, people can believe the evil conspiracy theories, or you can believe that Epstein took his own life. Who can doubt the U.S. Government?

Americans have been observing UFO’s for decades.  The U.S. Government has said that UFO’s did not exist.  After about 75 years, the government finally stated that there were many records of UFO’s. I believe that they just forgot to tell us. My government would not lie to me.

The U.S. was attacked by terrorists on 9/11/2001. President George Bush ( Bush 43) stated that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction and the U.S. had to punish the evil Hussein.  Unfortunately, Iraq had absolutely nothing to do with the 9/11 attack on the U.S. So after the U.S. attacked Iraq, many years passed and the U.S. finally admitted that Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11 and that no weapons of mass destruction existed in Iraq. But I am sure that the “intelligence” that indicated that Iraq had such weapons was based on extensive research because my government would never lie to me.

Former President Trump was impeached twice because federal agents used false information and obtained wiretaps to be used against Mr. Trump. The totally false documents were used as a basis for the first impeachment.  The second impeachment was so ridiculous that the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court refused to have anything to do with it. Who are you going to believe.  Will you believe the conspiracy theorists will you believe our fine government?

Before the 2020 Presidential election, thousands of people slept all night long near where Trump was going to speak so they could hear Mr. Trump the next day. Now are you going to believe that Joe Biden’s stories of Cornpop and his admission that he used foreign aid money meant for Ukraine to enrich his drug snorting son won Biden the election? Or are you going to believe the ridiculous theories that there was massive voter fraud in 2020. Surely these conspiracy theories about voter fraud must be made up.

But lastly, are you going to believe that Barack Obama was awarded the NOBEL Prize just because he was elected President? Of course that is ridiculous because Barack Obama was known as a never ending crusader for peace and political justice all of his life.  Who can possibly believe that Obama earned the equivalent of a degree in  massive political corruption by joining the corrupt Daley machine of Chicago ? You  can trust your government to tell you the truth.

I am so thankful that the historical truth has finally come to light. I always wondered when Americans would learn that our Republic was formed in 1619. These crazy conspiracy theorists lied to you about our Constitution and extremists have torn down statues to prove that law and decency are not the foundation of America.

R. Van Conoley



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Defunding The Police

As a man over the age of 65, I enjoy thinking about my experiences when I was younger.  When I was about eight or nine years old, I brought back to my home in South Florida some firecrackers that my mother allowed me to buy in the state of Georgia.  Firecrackers were legal in Georgia, but illegal in Florida.  I, along with two of my friends, were setting off several firecrackers.

A few minutes later a police car drove up.  One of my friends recognized the officer and said: ” let’s go and say hello to Chester.” We walked over to the police car and Officer Chester said to us that he needed our help !  Chester told us that he had reports that some boys were setting off firecrackers.  He asked us to look around and tell these boys that firecrackers were illegal and could cause serious injury.  Chester also stated that he would not enjoy taking these boys home to their fathers and state that they were breaking the law.  That put an end to the problem very quickly.

My small city had a downtown region which consisted of two banks, a pharmacy, one grocery store, and some small shops.  Often when I and some of my friends were downtown, we would see Officer Chester.  We would always go over and say hello to Officer Chester.  He always had time to talk to us and we all admired and respected him very much.

Some years later when I was in college, I was heading to the bank when I saw Officer Chester.  I put out my hand to shake hands with my friend.  Chester said I can not shake hands right now.  Chester opened his two hands just enough so I could see that he was holding very gently a baby bird.  Chester told me that the mother bird had pushed the babies out of the nest and this bird had not managed to fly off.  Chester rescued the baby bird just one step before a cat arrived. Chester told me that he was going to release the bird in a safe place and I agreed that was indeed a good idea.

My lifelong admiration and deep respect for law enforcement began with my admiration and respect for Police Officer Chester.  I grew up in a time when citizens admired and respected police officers.  Also, I noticed that Black Citizens would stop and talk to Officer Chester.  That was a time when Black Americans had not acquired all of the legal rights that they later gained.

Today, as an American, I am deeply troubled by the ” defund the police” movement.  The democrat party has a radical element that has encouraged Black Americans to mistrust and even hate the police.  I view this as a terrible development in American society.  I see segments on TV where police officers are in danger of their lives because lawless members of a violent mob are throwing bricks, rocks, and even toxic chemicals at law enforcement officers.

There are geographic regions of the country where both law abiding citizens and police officers now find intolerable.   They are moving to other regions of the U.S. Also, a person does not have to be a genius to understand that certain radical groups in the democrat party are promoting hatred for the most vile and reprehensible of political reasons.  This simply can not be tolerated.

America’s most trusted law enforcement agency, the FBI, has become criminalized by a faction of the democrat party. Elected members of the U.S. government also are given special treatment, and at times, even exonerated for serious criminal actions.

Law abiding Americans can not ignore the growth of violent crime in our country.  I hope the problems can be solved without violence.

R. Van Conoley

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CRUSHING The Working-Middle Class of America

Citizens who constitute the working-middle class of American Citizens are being crushed courtesy of the Democrat Party and the crooks of the U.S. Congress.  One fact is indisputable and that fact is that President Donald Trump worked fairly and within the Constitutional limits of the U.S. to assist all working-middle income citizens in America.  Trump was a great President in many ways, but he was not perfect.  In my view, Trump’s greatest achievement was acting as a public servant for all Americans and by not allowing special interests to dominate him and the American People.

Today working middle income citizens are being crushed by the Democrat Party in conjunction with the democrat controlled congress.  I did not believe that the republican congressional crooks were one scintilla better than the democrat congressional crooks.  Crooks are crooks regardless of their claims to conservatism or progressivism.  2016 was the first year in forty years that I voted for a major party candidate for president.  Yes, I voted for Trump in 2016 because he was in reality a third party candidate that captured the Republican Party nomination.  But Trump meant what he said and he said what he meant.  Trump wanted to be a great President, and in many ways he was.  As a non smoker, a non drinker, and a non drugger, Trump was kind of an antidote to the liberal Hollywood actors who support a worthless and ultra liberal or Communist lifestyle. These worthless Hollywood elites live a lavish lifestyle and all too often lack the common sense to avoid stepping in the human feces left on the public streets by the homeless and mentally ill individuals living just outside of the cement walls that surround their million dollar mansions.  True that some actors are decent citizens, but the 5% or so are to afraid to speak out.

Sadly, the members of the U.S. Congress are a lot like the Hollywood elites.  The cost of seeking election to the U.S. House or the U.S. Senate is so great that congressional members must continually kiss the feet of America’s billionaires in order to have enough money to be re-elected to congress so they will not have to work at an honest 8-5 job daily.  This is something, in my view, that Trump never understood to the full extent necessary. There were several members of the republican party who were never comfortable with Trump.

My opinion is that democrats are basically political scum who will sell their souls to the special interests who will fund their sleazy campaigns.  My opinion of republicans was exactly the same until Trump entered the 2016 campaign and tore up the rule book. Trump was so greatly admired by working middle income citizens that the democrats had to develop a new low level of sleaze to defeat Trump and save the democrat party to institute lawlessness, higher taxes, and hatred for law enforcement.

The question is: ” How could the sleazy congressional democrats, in conjunction with some sleazy and worthless congressional republicans, destroy Trump.  Hillary Clinton and the Obama Crime family had already criminalized the FBI and the CIA and the justice department. But more was needed.  More, much more, was found when a majority of congressional crooks formed an alliance with big Tech billionaires.  CEO Jack Dorsey of Twitter, Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, and Sundar Pichai of Google have entered into an alliance.  These three multi-billionaires fund many democrat and some republican campaigns legally with their vast sums of money and power.  In exchange congress passed legislation that effectively amended the Communications Act of 1934 and the Telecommunications act of 1996.  Congress passed a law, Section 230, that insulated big tech against many forms of legal liabilities that other individuals and corporations in the U.S. must follow.

Section 230 essentially gave big tech the “freedom” to decide the rules for the dissemination of information.  Rules of fairness and free speech no longer exist.  What is fair is what “big tech” says is fair.  In my view this is such a flagrant and immoral act that congress has destroyed freedom of speech in America.  America can never be a free society if citizens can be censured by big tech to promote one political party over another political party.  In my view, section 230 is so unethical that I would hope that the Securities and Exchange Commission would immediately delist Twitter, Facebook, and Google from trading on any and all American stock exchanges.  Instead, the congressional crooks protect a monopoly that can not and must not exist in a Constitutional Republic.  Twitter, Facebook, and Google are free to run America as they see fit from behind their ten foot high cement walls with armed security while the democrat party defunds local law enforcement which has increased lawlessness and murder in America. Big tech and the Communist media remain silent while Black and low income Americans kill others with illegal guns that somehow the democrat party finds acceptable.  It is amazing that the democrat party wants to take guns from law abiding citizens, but never feels it necessary to launch enforcement actions against illegal gun ownership.  But to really make matters far worse, the democrats have passed laws against gun ownership by law abiding citizens in high crime areas.

Common sense should tell anyone with an ounce of intelligence that this situation can not end well.  The legal separation of the U.S. into four separate countries would be the best course of action, but those in power are unlikely to allow individual freedom to those they despise.

R. Van Conoley  ( Things are getting so out of hand, that I would not be surprised if illegal immigrants can cross the U.S. border at will and not be checked for Covid while Biden tells people to wear two masks and cautions of new viral mutations. )

Editor’s Note: ( In essence it makes no difference how decent and how great a person is who is elected President if the Congress remains an institution of crime. )

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Understanding The 2021 American Revolution

I recently had a birthday and I would like to share some of my knowledge with you.  With age comes both wisdom and pain.  I would not wish to share any of my pain even if it were possible. The wisdom I would like to share involves mass political movements.  Having obtained five college and university degrees in fields like mathematics, the natural sciences, psychology, business, and biochemistry, it may seem strange that I have been a self taught student of history for the past fifty years.

I readily admit that I took only the required history courses while earning my college degrees.  However, I believe that a human usually can continue to learn throughout an entire lifetime and should do so whenever possible.  Possibly the nutrients of phosphorous bound Serine and the Omega-3, DHA, have kept my central nervous system in good working order.  Unfortunately, my studies of the biochemistry of arthritis have not been nearly so successful. So my fifty years of post university studies have resulted in, I believe, an in depth understanding of history.  I especially became a student of mass political movements and the underlying causes of these movements.

Fanaticism is the basis of all revolutionary and mass political movements of change.  It is often difficult to understand that the communist fanatic, the fascist fanatic, the Jewish fanatic, the Christian fanatic, and all other promoters of mass terrorism have a core set of values and beliefs.  The absolute core belief of all fanatics is the lack of belief in themselves as individuals.  All fanatics have an unwanted self that they dislike and wish to be rid of. Hence, a fanatic is more than willing to give his allegiance to an individual or cause that will free him from a hated and failed self and obtain a new identity.

There is a time when a society is ready for a mass political movement.  In pre-Hitlerian Germany it was often a toss up whether a restless youth would join the communists or the Nazis.  In the overcrowded state of Czarist Russia, the simmering Jewish population was ready for both revolution and Zionism.  Weizmann quotes his mother: ” Whatever happens I shall be well off.  If Shemuel ( the revolutionary son ) is right, we shall be happy in Russia ; and if Chaim ( the Zionist ) is right then I shall go to live in Palestine.”

Today in the United States,  there are two opposing mass political movements.  The Communist oriented mass political movement is led and was started by Hillary Clinton.  Ms. Clinton was driven to a state of psychotic fanaticism after she lost her lifelong goal of being elected to the office of President  in 2016.  Ms. Clinton’s anger, disgust, and hatred were directed at Donald Trump who Ms. Clinton knows robbed her of her lifelong dream.  A second defeat, once to Barack Obama and then to Donald Trump, drove Ms. Clinton to an abnormal hatred of Donald Trump and all things related to Donald Trump.

The opposing mass political movement consists of the fundamental supporters of Donald Trump.  By any sane and sensible standard, Mr. Trump suffered a tremendous amount of political harassment during his four years as President.  He was impeached twice on false charges. Also, Mr. Trump inherited a federal governmental bureaucracy that did not maintain a fair and just relationship with his administration.

The purpose of this article is not to promote either the Hillary Clinton supporters nor the supporters of Donald Trump.  It is imperative to point out that both political movements are involved in an internecine fight which has surpassed the boundaries of anything the U.S. has seen since the U.S. Civil War.  The political destruction has now reached the state, county, and city levels of all regions in the U.S. One example is the political recall of the Governor of California.  California is the largest state in population in the U.S. and is strongly supportive of the democrat party.  A recall vote of the governor of California would be a massive political defeat for the democrat party.  Also, the governor of the state of New York is under massive criticism related to his alleged sexual abuse of a number of women who worked for him in the past.  Governor Cuomo is also under severe criticism for how he mishandled the Covid-19 crisis in his state. New York is tied for third place with Florida in population and is a democrat controlled state.

U.S. Republican Representative Matt Gaetz is under investigation by the democrat controlled House Ethics Committee.  The war between the two mass political movements has reached levels of destruction never before seen in the U.S. in the 20th. Century.  The moves against Mr. Gaetz are certain to cause the Trump supporters to remind Americans of pedophile Jeffrey Epstein who befriended a great many democrat politicians.  It is alleged that former President Bill Clinton flew 58 times on Epstein’s airplane, known as the Lolita Express.

The 2021 Revolution is also a political revolution with the Clinton led supporters intent on destroying the working-middle class in the U.S. as well as many law enforcement agencies. The Trump supporters are intent on winning a majority of seats in the U.S. House in 2022. The Clinton supporters are equally intent on keeping the democrat majority in the U.S. House.  Also, election laws to insure fair and just elections for Americans differ greatly between the two opposing movements.

Crime has increased in all areas and regions in the U.S. after the defund the police movement was supported by the democrat party.  Today the U.S. is not the country that I was born into and grew up in.

R. Van Conoley

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Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, and Ross Perot

Sometimes when individuals set out to accomplish something worthwhile, they mistakenly create situations that have the opposite effect.  Throughout my adult life, I have worked for open, honest, and clean government.  I believed that the U.S. was really not much of a democracy because the U.S. has succeeded throughout our history in keeping third party candidates from participating in our Constitutional Republic most of the time.

Stop and think for a moment what Congress would be like if the Senate had 40 elected democrats, 40 elected republicans, and 20 third party candidates. I believe now, as I have all of my adult life, that third parties could and should have played a great role in our government.  With this in mind, allow me to discuss the Presidential election of 1992.

The year of 1992 was an unusual year because a third party candidate was ” Larry Kinged.” Being ” Larry Kinged” became a term that meant that a person received instant fame from an appearance on the Larry King show.  A multibillionaire with an East Texas twang in his voice became an almost overnight sensation.  The billionaire was named Ross Perot.  The 1992 Presidential election was a three way contest between: 1) Governor Bill Clinton as the democratic candidate, 2) President George H.W. Bush as the republican candidate, and 3) Ross Perot as the third party candidate who ran on the reform party ticket.

My wife and I always managed to take a small week long vacation each summer at this time in our marriage.  One summer my wife would select the destination and the next summer I would make the selection.  The summer of 1992 was my turn and I selected to visit Dallas, Texas with my wife.  Ross Perot held a great reform party convention for any and all who wished to attend.  At the time, I thought that Ross Perot was great and I really believed that he could be elected President. Unfortunately, Mr. Perot lacked the harshness to last the distance in a full term campaign.  Many said that Perot “did not have the stomach” for the vileness of a presidential campaign. He wavered in his campaign and disillusioned many of the voters.

However, Perot returned to the campaign and participated in several three way presidential debates.  After the election, Bill Clinton received 43% of the popular vote or 44.9 Million plus votes. President Bush, seeking a second term, received 37.5% of the popular vote or 39.1 Million plus votes.  Ross Perot received 18.9% of the popular vote or 19.7 Million votes.  Bill Clinton, with his running mate, Al Gore were elected.

At the time, I viewed both Clinton and Bush as establishment candidates.  Ross Perot was an early form of a ” Donald Trump type” candidate.  It is never possible to state that if one variable were changed, history would have been changed.  Many individuals thought that President Bush ( Bush 41 ) would have defeated Bill Clinton if Perot were not in the race.  It is impossible to know, but a rather strong argument could be made for a Bush victory if Perot were not a candidate.

At the time, 1992, I was glad that I voted for Perot and was glad that he was a candidate.  However, looking backwards in time from 2021, I believe that Bush (41) was the last really effective President  since Eisenhower in the 20th. Century.  Looking at the present, the election of Bill Clinton brought not only Bill Clinton to office but created presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.  Knowing what I now know, I would have voted for George H.W. Bush if I could regress in time.

The election of Bill Clinton set in motion the two presidential campaigns of Hillary Clinton.  In 2008, Ms. Clinton was defeated by Barack Obama and the Daley Machine of Chicago. Then in 2016, Ms. Clinton was defeated again by Donald Trump.  The second defeat of Hillary Clinton for president resulted in the hate filled, vile, and reprehensible mass political movement with Ms. Clinton as the political mover and manipulator of the mass political movement which continues today and continues to evolve in ways that in my view are reprehensible and not compatible with our Constitutional Republic.

It is extremely difficult for me to believe that Joe Biden who seldom attracted a crowd could gain more popular votes than Donald Trump who held political rallies where thousands of people often camped out overnight in order to attend a Trump rally.  In the U.S. today, it is not how many people vote for a candidate, but apparently more often who counts the votes.

America has experienced exponential political  changes in the past five years. Political revolutions all have a driving leader. The French Revolution, the Puritan Revolution, the Russian Revolution, and differing religious revolutions have all had differing mass political leaders.  Hillary Clinton’s role as the leader of a mass political movement in the U.S. has had greater effects on the U.S. than if she had been elected President.  There is more to come and I can not comprehend the defunding of city, county, and state police organizations in order to promote a political cause.

R. Van Conoley ( Editor’s Note: I wrote and published a series of articles which I hoped explained the basic causes of mass political movements, and how mass political movements operate.  Those interested can easily locate these articles which remain posted on this website.  I remain very hopeful that the U.S. can continue without violence and a defacto Civil War. However, the increasing crime rates in the U.S. and the continuing violence remains a serious concern. )

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Joe Biden’s Brain and Hillary Clinton

As editor of , I insist that all of my reporters and assistant editors adhere to a strict standard.  The following article was researched and written by our associate editor, Dr. Jonathan Swift. I approved the article only upon the basis that Dr. Swift strictly separate the scientific facts from areas of speculation.  Dr. Swift has done so and I allowed the following article to be published on R. Van Conoley, editor.

SCIENTIFIC FACT:  Experimental neuroscientists have been studying how the human brain remembers and stores information. Much of the research has been performed on laboratory animals like rats and monkeys.  Studies have shown that human memories are scattered into different regions of the brain.  The ultimate goal of memory research is to determine how these scattered fragments are reassembled when a memory is recalled.

It is known scientifically that there are electromagnetic vibrations oscillating across the brain at about 40 cycles per second.  They can be picked up on an EEG scan. Previously it was thought that memories might be stored physically close to one another.  New theory has determined that memories are not linked spatially but rather temporally, by vibrating in unison.

Scientists found that memories are transmitted through a region of the brain called the hippocampus before they are stored as either a long term or short term memory. Scientists at both USC and Wake Forrest research labs have identified that there are at least two sets of  neurons that pass through the hippocampus by studying the brains of mice.  They are called CA1 and CA3. Using this information, scientists have studied the neurological signals entering and leaving the hippocampus in laboratory animals and in humans.

MIT scientists were able to advance neurological research by using a technique called optogenetics.  This method allows a light to shine on certain neurons and stimulate them.  Scientists believe that they could restore a human’s memory by implanting an artificial hippocampus.  Are you ready for this ?  MIT scientists were able to implant not only ordinary memories, but also memories that never took place into test animals !!

SPECULATION BASED ON INTERVIEWS: Before becoming President, Joe Biden was scheduled to have an operation that would place an artificial hippocampus into his brain to assist him with recall.  Hillary Clinton learned of this operation and called upon former CIA Director, John Brennan, to conduct a covert operation against Biden’s surgeon and the surgeon disappeared.  Ms. Clinton contacted the Biden family and explained that she would find a replacement surgeon for Joe Biden.  As a former Communist supporter, Brennan was instructed to locate a surgeon who was an avowed Communist. Brennan carried out his instructions from Hillary Clinton, and the surgeon who operated upon Joe Biden implanted an artificial hippocampus which contained false memories that Communism and Socialism are the greatest things in the universe.

Speculation is very strong that the surgeon transferred memories from the brain of Bernie Sanders onto the artificial hippocampus. Also, events that actually happened to Joe Biden have been removed.  Speculation is strong that is why the Chinese government was so rude to members of the Biden Administration recently in Canada.  The Chinese government is very angry that Joe Biden does not remember all of the bribes that the Chinese gave to Joe and many members of Joe’s family.

Jonathan Swift wrote and researched this article.

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Doth God Exact Day Labor ?

Poet John Milton asks in one of the world’s most famous sonnets: ” Doth God exact day labor light denied ? ”  Milton was pondering if he should continue to work writing poetry since he was now blind. Milton came to the conclusion that he should. After the ” English Revolution”, often called the Puritan Revolution, Milton returned to his writings and created some of his most famous works.  Interestingly, Milton supported the Revolution and spent much of his time before the revolution writing political documents in support of the future Lord Protector, Oliver Cromwell.

While my vision is fine, arthritis now makes it difficult for me to walk without pain. This has created a political problem for me because I have supported open, honest, and clean government all of my life.  I have decided to continue working for good government, but I will have to be satisfied with writing political essays.

The website you are now reading has been my website for over ten years. I have made a serious attempt to inform the American Public about information without employing the vulgarity that is now so often found in political comments today.

I am not a betting man, but if I were, I would bet that the next President elected in 2024 the will be one of eight people.  They are: 1) Tucker Carlson, 2) Tulsi Gabbard, 3) Senator John Kennedy of Louisiana, 4) Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina, 5) Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky, 6) Mike Pence, 7) Donald Trump, and 8) Dr. Ben Carson. Senators Kennedy, Scott, and Paul are all up for re-election in 2022. These three Senators could gain great political capital by supporting and assisting other candidates who share their views in 2022. However, if they are involved in difficult races, each would have to remain on their respective home turf campaigning for their re-election.

That leaves Tucker Carlson,  Tulsi Gabbard, Mike Pence, Donald Trump, and Dr. Carson free to assist others and promote their chances of securing the Republican nomination.  The final results of the 2022 elections in the U.S. House and the U.S. Senate will greatly determine the qualifications of the next Republican Presidential nominee. Donald Trump can draw crowds like no other candidate in the history of the U.S. Also, Trump may have his daughter-in-law seeking election to the U.S. Senate from the increasingly important  state of North Carolina.

Also, Trump has his own fantastic airplane and as a former President, he has 24 hour Secret Service protection.  Former Vice President Mike Pence also has 24 hour Secret Service protection.

I hope American Citizens will encourage any or all of the above candidates to come to your area and speak before public gatherings. If Americans sit back and do not become politically engaged, honest and law abiding Americans are effectively giving up their political rights to a small group of left wing extremists who are supported by a small group of political billionaires who work relentlessly to crush the working-middle income citizens in the U.S. Sane and Sensible Americans must work much harder to keep the rights and liberties that have existed in the U.S. until 2021.

R. Van Conoley  ( The political protest that occurred after President Trump addressed a group of Americans was tragic because President Trump clearly encouraged a peaceful protest.  As an American, I am greatly disturbed by how much totally false information was disseminated after the citizens unwisely tried to breach the Congressional buildings. It turns out that there was not a single person in that group carrying a loaded pistol or a rifle. IT AMAZES ME THAT THERE IS SO MUCH FALSE INFORMATION DISSEMINATED IN ORDER TO PROMOTE ONE POLITICAL AGENDA. ONE, AND ONLY ONE PERSON WAS KILLED IN THE PROTEST. A protestor, unarmed, and outside the building was shot by someone inside the building. IT IS IMPORTANT TO KNOW WHO SHOT AND KILLED THAT PROTESTOR. Why has the “law enforcement” individual not even been identified? Was that individual told by high authorities to kill a protestor? Did he believe that his life was in danger. Sadly Republicans in Congress talk a tough line, but time after time Republicans lack the courage to investigate incidents in behalf of all American People. Clearly rules apply to one political philosophy do not apply to others. This is not the America that I was born into and in which I grew to adulthood.

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Will Our Next President Be Tucker Carlson or Tulsi Gabbard ?

All of the false news, the fake mews, the manipulated news, and the ever increasing levels of incivility are clearly not the American way. I have avoided using my website to promote any religious, political, or social cause.  I have attempted to present information that would be useful to Americans who wish to be better informed.

I do not believe that the U.S. can ever come together again as one nation with a common goal of a democratic government with a just free enterprise system that serves the moral needs of all Americans. I believe that the U.S. would be best served by the separation of our fifty states into three or four separate and independent countries.  This can be achieved without violence or a Civil War. It can be accomplished by a Constitutional Amendment that allows this to happen legally. Presently the state of Oregon has a proposition which would allow part of Oregon to leave that state and become affiliated with another state.  It is the same idea that I presented on a much smaller level.

However, the U.S. remains one nation and I would like to see honest elections where all Americans can have a strong belief that the votes have been counted legally and fairly. Sadly, the U.S. has had reasons to believe that past elections have had votes manipulated by both political parties. It would be so very easy to pass federal legislation that could bring this wish into reality. Congress shows very little interest in helping the People and is mainly interested in supporting their Machiavellian interests and the special interests that fund their campaigns.

I have a small amount of hope left that the U.S. could find a great leader who could lead and unify the U.S. in 2024.  I have a great deal of admiration for FOX political analyst Tucker Carlson.  I believe that Mr. Carlson would make a great President for America. In a world where false news and outright lying and slander remain the norm, Tucker Carlson speaks with a clear voice and presents extremely relevant information while allowing alternative views to be presented. I sincerely believe that the People in the U.S. want a non-politician as President.

I also admire Tulsi Gabbard. Ms. Gabbard was a candidate for President in 2020 in the Democrat primary. In my view, the entire 2020 Democrat primary was a horrific deal that was the culmination of five years of hate and rage by the Democrat party against President Donald Trump.  The excessive hatred against Donald Trump kept the entire Democrat party from developing sane and sensible ideas about how the government should be managed.  Tulsi Gabbard was the only Democrat in 2020 who had sound and independent ideas about how to manage the U.S. She was clearly independent of the Democrat corrupt establishment. Hillary Clinton who is superb at destroying people and spreading hatred implied that Ms. Gabbard was a ” Russian agent ! ” Ms. Gabbard replied: ” Thank you Hillary Clinton. You, the queen of warmongers, embodiment of corruption, and personification of the rot that has sickened the Democratic Party for so long, have finally come out from behind the curtain ….”

Donald J. Trump may or may not wish to seek the office of President again in 2024.  If he ran and was elected, Mr. Trump would be 77 years old at the beginning of his presidential term.  Possibly Mr. Trump may not make any decision until after the 2022 elections. In 2022, 100% of the House seats will be up for election and at least 33% of the Senate seats will be up for election.  The republican party seems to have a fairly good chance of winning enough seats in the House to become the House majority party.  It is also possible for the republican party to gain majority status in the U.S. Senate in 2022.

Also, Laura Trump is considered to be a candidate for the U.S. Senate from her home state of North Carolina.  Laura Trump has demonstrated that she is an articulate public speaker and could capture the republican nomination in North Carolina.  North Carolina is considered to have moved from red ( Republican ) to purple ( undecided ) and would be needed by either of the main candidates in the 2024 presidential election.  Laura Trump is the daughter-in-law of Donald Trump and is married to Eric Trump.

It seems like a very wise decision for Donald Trump to sit down and have a long private conversation with Tulsi Gabbard.  Ms. Gabbard has no future whatsoever in the Democratic party. She is too independent, too honest, and has too much integrity to remain affiliated with the democratic party.  While many women have sought the office of President from Roseanne Barr, Sonia Johnson, Cynthia McKinney, Elizabeth Warren, Shirley Chisholm, Hillary Clinton, and Jill Stein, I seriously believe that only Tulsi Gabbard has what is needed to become President. As a member of the House, Ms. Gabbard refused to vote for the impeachment of President Trump which took a lot of courage on Ms. Gabbard’s part !

There are not really many individuals in the U.S. that I believe could handle the thankless job of President. Besides Tulsi Gabbard and Tucker Carlson, I believe that Donald Trump, Senator Rand Paul, Senator John Kennedy, Senator Tim Scott, Dr. Ben Carson, and Mike Pence have the necessary intelligence, the common sense, and the ability to lead the U.S. in our darkest hour.

R. Van Conoley


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Covid-19 And Governor Ron DeSantis

Since Ron DeSantis is the Governor of the third largest state, by population, in the U.S., he may have no idea who I am.  I am a politically active individual, over the age of 65, who would dearly like an injection of the Covid-19 Vaccine for me and my wife.

So far Governor, you have talked a very good line, but I judge people by what they do and not by what they say. How you handle the distribution of the Covid-19 Vaccine will determine if I and my wife will vote for you in the future.  Since you are my governor, I am on your side and I would respectfully like to offer you some advice. If I could serve you with any additional advice, please call me.  You certainly had no difficulties reaching me by mail while you were a candidate for governor.

Lets start by looking at what you have done. You stated that citizens 65 and over will be the first to receive the vaccine. That was indeed a common sense statement and I commend you for making it. However, it was nothing but useless talk unless you have a thorough plan to distribute the vaccine. Allow me to offer some reasonable advice.

Usually with age comes wisdom.  I believe that I am a lot sharper in intellect today than I was when I was in my 20’s and 30’s. However, as an example, I earned five college and university degrees in my lifetime. I did not have to use a computer until I took my 5th. University degree. You must keep in mind that citizens age 65 and over are not as adept in using a computer as my 18 year old granddaughter. So telling “Senior Citizens” just to use the computer is an extremely unwise decision. Already your website has “crashed” and senior citizens can not make contact.

1) Suggestion # 1. I advise you to have a phone number that is answered by a REAL PERSON that remains open 24 hours a day and remains open 7 days a week. You stated that you had hired 1,000 contract nurses to assist in administering the vaccine. I strongly suggest that you hire at least 200 individuals to monitor calls to your contact number. All people would appreciate this, especially senior citizens. Also, this line should be answered by a real person and the caller should not have to wait for 30 or 40 minutes while a message is repeated over and over again. Hint: If 200 is not enough, hire 400 or 500 as you determine needed. After all you are the Governor and you must accept full responsibility for the total operation in Florida.  Also, I am certain that I do not have to suggest to you that the individuals hired to answer the phone will be 100% informed with all relevant information that people need.

2) Suggestion # 2. Very basic common sense indicates that the state of Florida should be divided into regions. Florida has 67 Counties, but I do not believe that 67 regions are necessary. Call me if you need help, but I studied the situation and I believe that 16 regions would be about perfect. Miami-Dade County, which has more citizens than most states would be one region.

3) Suggestion # 3. Let me demonstrate how suggestion 2 might be best implemented. I live in Volusia County which is a very large county in size, but medium in population numbers. I drew my map so that Volusia and Seminole County are formed into one region. My additional advice involves this region, but should serve for other parts of Florida.

4) Suggestion # 4. Both approved vaccines need to be kept at low temperatures. Pfizer needs a much colder temperature than the Moderna vaccine. Citizens will become infuriated if you permit some dimwitted individual to mishandle a shipment of the vaccine and the temperature is not adequate and the vaccine degrades and becomes ineffective. So you will be sure to give clear and definite directions to those many individuals who assist you in distribution.

5) Suggestion # 5. As Governor, you have a level of authority over the state police known as the Florida Highway Patrol. After sitting down with the director of the Highway Patrol, you can explain how he and his officers can assist you in the efficient distribution of the vaccine and the steps necessary to maintain the chemical integrity of the vaccine. ( For example, you might wish to remind the Chief that Dry Ice is just CO2 that is frozen and is in a solid and very cold state.  So the vaccine will be stored in boxes where there is dry ice to maintain low temperatures. Dry ice goes from its solid state to its gas state without forming a liquid, so the boxes will have some white smoke coming from them as the dry ice evaporates. It is harmless and should be expected.

6) Suggestion # 6) As Governor, you will learn that several airport locations are available for each region. My region, ( Volusia and Seminole Counties) has a medium size airport near De Land. and another airport near Sanford.  At a fixed time, a military or private plane will land at the airport that you select.  Waiting at the airport will be 14 to 20 Highway Patrol Cars. Each driver will know in detail in advance how many boxes will be placed in his patrol car and exactly how many locations that he must make to complete the mission.

7) Suggestion # 7 ) After the plane lands the first set of 5 or 6 boxes will be placed into the first patrol car and he will then drive off to deliver the vaccines. Then the next, next and next and next. After the patrol cars are loaded, the plane will return to its area wherever the U.S. Government has its closest storage facility.

8) Suggestion # 8 ) While suggestion 7 is in operation, the same type of operation will be happening in several other regions.

9) Suggestion # 9 ) You of course will have informed the county sheriff and/or the local police of the operations in case you need assistance.

10) Suggestion # 10 ) Both Walgreens and CVS have been administering the influenza vaccine for many years.  Hence, you could inquire if CVS and Walgreens would assist in the administration of the Covid-19 vaccine.  Both should be eager to assist since after getting the vaccine, many citizens remember some items at the store that they need. Additional revenue is always welcome in private enterprise.

11) Suggestion # 11 ) I am sure that a wise man like you has already thought in depth about how to administer this vaccine in a sane and sensible manner. THERE IS NO NEED FOR ELDERLY CITIZENS TO SIT IN THEIR CARS FOR HOURS WAITING FOR THE VACCINE, ONLY TO BE TOLD THAT THE VACCINE IS OUT AND THEY HAVE NO IDEA WHEN THE NEXT SHIPMENT WILL BE AVAILABLE.

12) Suggestion # 12 )  I never vote for an individual because of race, religion, party affiliation, or verbal promises made BEFORE an election. I do vote for reelection of individuals who display common sense and manage their office for the welfare of the American People. I also campaign against individuals who are incompetent in their duties. I judge individuals by their decency and common  sense and their actions, not by their promises.

R. Van Conoley The present listing for the phone of Governor DeSantis is 850-717-9337. Please be polite and respectful to the office of the Governor. He is our PUBLIC SERVANT and he works for us. I believe he will do a good job. President Trump did an outstanding job in getting an effective vaccine made quickly. Now Mr. DeSantis must demonstrate that he can manage the distribution in a rapid and effective manner.

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