Trump-Clinton Debate One * Observations

Rule 1-  For Hillary Clinton- Never interrupt Donald Trump when it is his turn to speak.  Ms. Clinton followed this rule and is awarded a grade of A.  It gave Ms. Clinton needed credibility.

Rule 1- For Donald Trump- Never interrupt Hillary Clinton when it is her term to speak.  Mr. Trump frequently violated this rule and is awarded a D.

Rule 2- Both candidates must follow the allotted time limits that are set by the moderator.  Ms. Clinton is awarded a grade of B+.  Mr. Trump is awarded a grade of C- . Do not talk past your time limit.

Rule 3 – Do not allow your opponent to set your agenda and place you on the defensive.  Hillary Clinton awarded a grade of A.  Mr. Trump awarded a grade of D .

Rule 4- Be prepared to answer a question that would take any normal person at least 15 minutes to answer in just 2 minutes.  Hillary Clinton grade of B . Donald Trump grade of C.

Rule 5- Debate preparation is extremely important and it shows.  Hillary Clinton awarded a grade of  A+.  Donald Trump awarded a grade of  D- .

Rule 6- The world is not a fair place.  Politics is extremely unfair.  The moderator asking the questions be may biased.  However, the moderator should never interrupt the candidate during the candidate’s allotted time.  If the moderator believes that a candidate did not answer the substance of a question, he may state this AFTER the candidate has answered and offer the candidate some additional time by repeating the question ( but only once ).

Rule 7- The public is much smarter than some believe and they can see through deception.

OTHER OBSERVATIONS: Lester Holt is either biased or extremely simple minded or maybe both.  One flagrant example of this is when Holt asked Mr. Trump a question about the economy and embedded in his question an editorial statement that the economy is doing very well.  Now if Holt is a weekly card player with George Soros, Warren Buffett, and Mike Bloomberg, Holt may foolishly have reason to believe that the economy is doing very well.  It was Trump’s responsibility to immediately challenge and explain that the U.S. economy is serving the top one-tenth of one percent of rich Americans very well.  However, many working and middle income Americans remain in a world of severe economic pain that Trump has pledged to alleviate.  Trump did not respond quickly enough with a good answer that he has covered many times before eloquently.  I award Holt a grade of C for his management of the debate.  I award Holt a grade of D for his ability to ask informative questions.  I award Holt a grade of D for fairness.

HOW TRUMP CAN WIN IN NOVEMBER- Trump clearly has a platform that is vastly superior to Ms. Clinton’s platform on taxes and on preventing terrorist attacks on America. Trump is also “light years” smarter than Hillary Clinton on international finance and economics.  Also, Trump has very sensible plans to restructure and modernize the incompetent U.S. Government.  Trump must stay on message on these major issues.  Additionally, Trump has an insurmountable lead over Ms. Clinton with registered Republican voters, independent voters, and most working-middle income voters.  Trump must continue to gain votes from both women and Black Americans as he has been doing.  Trump’s very wise statements that he would protect all Americans and all children of all ethnic classes gained him votes from women and minorities.

HOW CLINTON CAN WIN IN NOVEMBER- Ms. Clinton can win the election by employing only one method.  Ms. Clinton can win if she is able to drag Mr. Trump into the Cesspool of sleaze that has characterized  Clinton Campaigns for decades.  Ms. Clinton continually uses attack ads in a never ending attempt to keep Mr. Trump from gaining votes with women and American minorities.  If Mr. Trump steps into the political cesspool that Hillary Clinton learned so well from Saul Alinsky, then she can defeat Mr. Trump.  Ms. Clinton’s attack ads often display Donald Trump speaking.  You can often understand what your enemy fears most by understanding how your enemy tries to intimidate you.  Therefore, Mr. Trump may wish to run some ads where Ms. Clinton was attacking candidate Barack Obama in 2008.  An ad with a screaming Hillary Clinton saying: ” Shame on you Barack Obama,” may assist Trump in countering Ms. Clinton’s campaign of sleaze.

R. Van Conoley

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Presidential Poll By on September 27/2016 conducted phone interviews with men and women in the following states after the Presidential Debate on September 26, 2016: 1) Iowa, 2) Ohio, 3) North Carolina, 4) Georgia, 5) Florida, 6) Arizona, 7) Nevada, 8) Colorado, 9) Wisconsin, 10) Pennsylvania, and 11) Michigan.

Rule 1) Only voters who voted in the 2012 election were used.

Rule 2) Only voters who were registered NPA ( No Party Affiliation ) or independent were used.

Rule 3) Only voters who stated that they were UNDECIDED before the debate were used.

Rule 4) Only voters who agreed to be polled after the debate were used.

Rule 5) a) States where likely independent voters stated that they were more likely to vote for Hillary Clinton after the debate added a proportional percentage to Hillary Clinton’s national polls average in that state.

Rule 5) b) States where likely independent voters stated that they were more likely to vote for Donald Trump after the debate added a proportional percentage to Donald Trump’s national polls average in that state. projects that if the Presidential Election were held on September 28, 2016, Donald Trump would receive 353 electoral votes and Hillary Clinton would receive 187 electoral votes.  Clearly Donald Trump did very well with independent voters in these eleven states. used the accepted ” Heat Maps ” red or blue projections for the other 39 states.  The poll was unbiased and as fair as humanly possible.

R. Van Conoley

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Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton: Can Americans Handle The Truth ?

The truth can be very difficult to ascertain and it can be even more difficult to accept.  The main reason that this website has such a large and dedicated readership is because this website is dedicated to finding and explaining truthful information.  The author never allows his views to tempt him to present false information.

It is 100% truthful to state that the U.S. National Debt is presently 19.5 Trillion dollars as of this date.  It is also 100% accurate information to state that the U.S. National Debt is a serious problem that could become even more serious.  It is also 100% truthful to state most politicians use manipulative verbal tactics to confuse and mislead Americans about this serious problem.

Allow me to explain a very basic concept that causes much confusion.  Each year our federal government is required to produce a yearly budget.  This budget is passed by congress and sent to the president.  The president can either sign the bill and it becomes law or the president can veto the bill and return it to congress.

The yearly federal budget sent by congress to the president can be either: 1) a budget with a surplus of cash, or 2) a budget with a shortage of cash called a budget deficit.  Only the federal government can produce yearly budget deficits.  States, counties, and cities are legally prohibited from producing budgets that are deficit budgets.

A yearly federal budget will be a surplus budget when the cash collected by the U.S. government ( mainly from taxes ) exceeds the cash spent called expenditures.  Conversely, a yearly budget will be a deficit budget when the cash collected is less than the expenditures.

Lets take a look at the last five presidents of the U.S. In order, they are: 1) Ronald Reagan ( two terms for 8 yrs), 2) followed by George H.W. Bush ( one term for 4 yrs), 3) followed by Bill Clinton ( two terms for 8 yrs), 4) followed by George W. Bush ( two terms for 8 yrs), 5) followed by Barack Obama ( 2 terms for 8 yrs).

Now lets relist these presidents by how much they increased or reduced our National Debt.  Sadly, all five of these presidents pledged to reduce our National Debt and all five increased our National Debt.  They are listed from the smallest increase in debt to the largest increase in debt. Bill Clinton increased the National Debt by 1 Trillion 396 Billion dollars over his 8 year term.  George H.W. Bush increased the National Debt by 1 Trillion 554 Billion dollars over his four year term.  Ronald Reagan, who campaigned on reducing the National Debt, increased the National Debt by 1 Trillion 860 Billion dollars during his eight years as president.  George W. Bush increased the U.S. National Debt by a staggering 5 Trillion 894 Billion during his eight year term.  Barack Obama, with most of his eight year term near an end, has increased the National Debt by a stunning 6 Trillion 494 Billion dollars.

There are two extremely important questions that need to be answered. They are: 1) Why does congress continue to create such huge budget deficits? and 2) How can the U.S. reduce our National Debt? The second question is easy to answer but very difficult to achieve.  The U.S. National Debt can eventually be reduced to zero, or reduced to much safer levels, if congress only creates surplus yearly budgets.  Enough surplus budgets over a long time would reduce our National Debt to zero.

The question of why congress creates so many and so large yearly budget deficits is an opinion answer.  Fortunately about 95% of economists agree with my answer, but they answer it in such academic language that it is difficult to understand.  My answer is direct and I believe brutally truthful ! Congress has 535 members.  Being generous, lets agree that five members are honest and want to work for the American People.  That leaves a number of democrat crooks and republican crooks that total 530.  These congressional crooks know that it is always popular to decrease taxes.  These congressional crooks also know that it is unpopular to increase taxes.  So our congressional crooks are glad to lower taxes even when it is not justified.  But our congressional crooks main priority is getting reelected to congress.  These same congressional crooks know that they must increase expenditures to ” pay back ” their special interest friends who funded their campaigns.

Hence, a corrupt congress will pass yearly budget deficits most of the time.  Congress, could be responsible and decrease unneeded and unnecessary expenditures, but they would lose their ” special interest friends. ”

What America needs is a great president who can work with congress to produce yearly budget surpluses year after year.  I like Donald Trump and think that he has many good ideas.  However, I will not vote for Donald Trump unless Donald Trump takes the following oath to the American People.  ” I, Donald Trump, if elected president do swear to the American Citizens that I will never sign a yearly budget bill that is a yearly budget deficit.  I will veto every budget bill that is a yearly budget deficit and I will then work with congress to reduce unneeded expenditures so that all budgets under my administration will be budget surpluses.”

R. Van Conoley ( Editor’s Note:  Barack Obama stated that he would reduce our National Debt by 50%.  The “lamestream” media never mentions this.  Additionally, the projection is that when Obama leaves office in January/2017, he will have increased the National Debt by a total of 6 Trillion 695 Billion dollars.  Both George W. Bush (43) and Barack Obama are equally responsible for gross financial mismanagement and reprehensible increases in the U.S. National Debt. )

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A Wise Saying – Part 143

Most people do not really want freedom, because freedom involves responsibility, and most people are frightened of responsibility.

Sigmund Freud


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Hillary Clinton : An American Terrorist and A Political Psychopath-Part 2

Hillary Clinton is an American Terrorist and a political psychopath.  Using Saul Alinsky’s ” Rules For Radicals,” Hillary Clinton sends messages to her thugs to incite violence.

On Tuesday September 20, 2016, Hillary Clinton stated that she was ” speaking directly to White People…”  Typical of Saul Alinsky’s rules, Ms. Clinton attempted to divide Black and White Americans.  She clearly understands that Donald Trump is gaining support and votes in the Black Community.

Referring to an incident in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Ms. Clinton stated: ” How many times do we have to see this in our country…? This is just unbearable.  And it needs to be intolerable.”

Rioting broke out in Charlotte, North Carolina, over a police officer involved shooting in Charlotte.  The main thing that law abiding Americans must understand is that Ms. Clinton never calls for calm and never asks citizens to allow our legal system to do its job.  I guess Ms. Clinton has learned that the American legal system can be subverted if your husband is a former president and can arrange a meeting with the Attorney General of the U.S.

The Alinsky method always involves the issuance of emotional statements.  In this case it was a directive for ” Hillary’s Thugs ” to infiltrate and increase the probability of violence and rioting.  Then again, what can Americans expect from a woman who allowed or encouraged the father of the Orlando mass murderer to sit behind her at a political rally ?

R. Van Conoley ( Editor’s Note:  Ms. Clinton claims that she knew nothing about Seddique Mateen attending her political rally.  Of course, everyone knows how truthful Ms. Clinton can be ! )

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Hillary Clinton: An American Terrorist and A Political Psychopath-Part 1

Hillary Clinton is an American Terrorist and a political psychopath.  Using Saul Alinsky’s :  ” 12 Rules For Radicals, ” Hillary Clinton sends messages of violence to her followers.  Often her messages are very public and should receive much more media attention.

Omar Mateen shot and killed 49 people inside an Orlando nightclub before he was killed.  The father of this terrorist is Seddique Mateen.  Seddique Mateen attended a political rally for Hillary Clinton in Kissimmee, Florida, after the horrible terrorist attack.  Seddique Mateen can be clearly seen sitting behind and to the side of Hillary Clinton during the Hillary Clinton Rally.

This arrogance sends a clear message to terrorists around the world.  Seddique Mateen is saying in effect: ” My son recently murdered 49 infidels in cold blood.  My son supported Jihad.  Now look at me, I am a free man attending a political rally for Hillary Clinton.  Hillary Clinton is our candidate.  Do you see how foolish the Americans are? ”

Additionally, Seddique Mateen has a history of stating pro-Taliban and anti-American rhetoric on his satellite TV show which is based in the U.S. and viewed around the world !

R. Van Conoley

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Why I Like Donald Trump-Part 4

I like Donald Trump because he wants to restore the rule of law in the United States.  Why should the U.S. have laws if they are not enforced ?

It is against U.S. Federal Law for any individual to illegally enter the U.S.  Our Mexican neighbors to the South have a vastly lower yearly income than citizens of the U.S.  Also, there is a great amount of poverty in Mexico.  Therefore, most of the illegal immigrants entering the U.S. are just poor Mexicans seeking work to earn some money.  Also, I have some Mexican friends who entered the U.S. legally and they are the nicest people that anyone can meet.  Sadly, a small number of illegal immigrants from Mexico, are criminals and come to the U.S. for criminal purposes and will not obey American Laws.

I admire Donald Trump for stating that he would build a wall on the U.S. Southern Border.  This wall will make both America and law abiding citizens in Mexico safer.  Additionally, Donald Trump has said numerous times that he will build “doors” into the wall so that Mexican Citizens can apply legally to enter the U.S.

What the ” lamestream ” media in the U.S. does not cover is the fact that corrupt American businessmen want illegal immigration to continue.  Corrupt American businessmen hire illegal immigrants and pay them a salary that is below the minimum wage level and this violates numerous local, state, and federal laws.  Also, the corrupt businessmen do not pay social security and do not pay for medical insurance as American Laws require.  This effectively creates ” slave labor ” and is vastly unfair and in violation of numerous American laws.

Also, there are numerous social costs associated with illegal immigration.  Almost 90% of the social costs relating to America from illegal immigration are paid for by the working-middle class Americans, who can least afford the financial burden.  Americans must face the tragic fact that the 535 members of the U.S. Congress are not interested in working for America or the American Citizens.  Both the democrat congressional crooks and the republican congressional crooks receive large and numerous “campaign contributions” from the same corrupt businessmen that wish to keep illegal immigration working for them.

Donald Trump’s desire to return our country to a ” Rule by Law ” is not what everyone desires.  Trump is opposed by: 1) Corrupt businessmen who profit from illegal immigration, 2) democrat crooks in congress who accept “contributions” from corrupt businessmen, 3) republican crooks in congress who accept “contributions” from corrupt businessmen, and tragically 4) some multinational corporations who wish to sell their products in the U.S. without paying the legal costs of doing business !!

Once built, the wall on the U.S. Southern border will benefit: 1) all law abiding Americans, 2) all law abiding Mexican Citizens, 3) all law abiding business enterprises doing business in America and Mexico.  This wall could have, and should have, been built 40 years ago.  Of course, the corrupt individuals that oppose the wall can not state that they do not want the wall because it will interfere with their corrupt dealings.  So the corrupt alliance that opposes the ” Border Wall ” must demonize Donald Trump by calling him a racist.

Donald Trump has a history of employing White, Black, Hispanic, and all other Americans fairly in his many business enterprises.  Yet, the ” Blue Collar Billionaire ” is courageously backing the working-middle income citizens in the U.S. by fighting for justice for all Americans.  Never in my lifetime have I seen the Republican Party reach out to all Americans before.  Mr. Trump has created a ” New Republican Party ” that will make America Great Again !

R. Van Conoley

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A Wise Saying – Part 142

To spell out the obvious is often to call it into question.

R. Van Conoley

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Why I Like Donald Trump-Part 3

On December 7, 1941, the Imperial Forces of Japan attacked American military forces at Pearl Harbor.  Congress declared war against Japan, and the United States was forced into World War II.  After Japan surrendered in 1945, the U.S. became an occupying force in Japan.

Now after more than 70 years, the U.S. has more than 52,000 military personnel stationed in Japan !  Japan, in my view, is quite capable of defending their own country.  Yet Donald Trump, and Donald Trump alone, has been the only serious presidential candidate that discussed how American military forces might be deployed in the future.

In my view, American military forces should have been removed from Japan more than 35 years ago.  It is now time for Japan to begin paying for their own defense.  More importantly, the U.S. and Japan have defense treaties that date back to 1947.  With the emergence of a new and more powerful China, it would benefit the U.S. to develop a new Asian policy that is compatible with both Japan and China, but favors neither.

Also, the U.S. presently has more than 36,000 military personnel stationed in Germany and has a total number of 62,753 stationed in Europe.

America can not continue to maintain un-needed and un-necessary military forces around the world while ignoring the infrastructure of the U.S. and our out of control National Debt.   America will continue to maintain the most powerful military force in the world, but must not allow the military industrial complex to force unwise defense spending on our citizens.

Donald Trump alone has been the only candidate to seriously state that the U.S. must re-evaluate all aspects of our federal budget to better serve the American People.  I admire his common sense and his honesty.

R. Van Conoley  ( During and shortly after World War II, what country would you guess suffered the most deaths?   Russia was in first place, but which country was in second place?    China was in second place and Western history books seldom discuss this.  Also, I find it so interesting that both China and Russia fought on the Allied ( U.S. ) side in WW II. Yet as soon as the war was over, they became our enemies.  Germany and Japan were our enemies in WW II. Yet U.S. tax dollars began to rebuild both of these countries almost as soon as the War was over. )

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Why I Like Donald Trump – Part 2

Kim Jong-un is the ” Supreme Leader ” of North Korea.  Kim has developed nuclear weapons and frequently threatens other countries including the United States.

I greatly admire Donald Trump because he had the courage and the common sense to talk about this issue during the republican primary debates.  I noticed that there was not another person on the republican debate stage that would make any comment on this issue !

The United States fought a ” Police Action ” in Korea from June 25, 1950 until July 27, 1953.  The U.S. suffered a loss of 33,652 lives in the Korean War.  Today Korea is divided into two parts: 1) Communist North Korea, and 2) South Korea.  South Korea is an ally of the United States.  North Korea is an enemy of the United States.

More than 63 years after the Korean War ended, the U.S. still has military forces stationed in South Korea.  Kim Jong-un, leader in North Korea, continues to brutalize his own People, jail people without cause, and frequently murders people who disagree with him.

Mr. Trump stated that if elected president that he would consider working with China in regards to the serious situation in North Korea.  Also, Mr. Trump stated that he thought that South Korea might be forced to develop a nuclear weapon in order to protect itself from North Korean attack.  I believe that Mr. Trump was extremely wise because he did not state an absolute course of action that he would take, but courageously addressed an extremely important issue.    However, Mr. Trump made it clear that the U.S. would not tolerate North Korea’s irresponsible actions if he were president.

On a scale from 0 to 100, with 0 being the lowest score and 100 being the highest score, I would rate Mr. Trump’s statements a solid 100 as they relate to North Korea.  Also, I agree with Mr. Trump that the U.S. can not continue to pretend that it is the world’s policeman.  America can not continue to maintain military forces all around the world while ignoring the infrastructure of the U.S.  Also, with a National Debt surpassing $ 19 Trillion, the U.S. can not afford to indulge in reckless spending everywhere.  While America must maintain a powerful military force, we must control our military industrial complex and not allow it to bankrupt the U.S.  Again I would rate all of Mr. Trump’s statements about Korea a solid 100.

R. Van Conoley  ( Whenever a presidential candidate makes any sort of definitive statement, the opposition party may try to misrepresent the statement.  Also, the 2016 presidential election, in my view, has been handled unfairly by a large portion of the print and the electronic media.  A large portion of the media has neglected its’ moral obligation to fairly and justly report the news. )


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