Alleged Election Law Violations of Fred Lowry

Bill Tavernier is a political activist in Deltona, Florida.  Many consider Mr. Tavernier to be a great supporter of open, honest, and clean government.  Mr. Tavernier has filed five counts of election law violations against Mr. Fred Lowry who is a candidate for County Council in group 5.  Mr. Tavernier’s filings read in part:

Respondent, Fred Nelson Lowry, Jr., is a candidate for Volusia County Council district 5.    ……  

Count 1:  Respondent Lowry violated Section 106.19 (1)(b), Florida Statutes………….

Count 2:  Respondent Lowry violated Section 106.19(1)(d), Florida Statutes ………….

Count 3:  Respondent Lowry violated Section 106.11(4), Florida Statutes …………

Count 4:  Respondent Lowry violated Section 106.19(1)(d), Florida Statutes ………

Count 5: Respondent Lowry violated Section 106.07(5), Florida Statutes  ………….

    Editor’s note:  The five alleged counts of election law violations will be decided by a controlling legal authority in Tallahassee, Florida.  If Mr. Lowry would like to respond to any or all counts, this website would be glad to publish his response.

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Another Letter From Morton Culligan

   ”  Volusia County’s most outrageous political viper Pat ‘ Free Money ‘ Northey has the nerve to sling mud with her record of wallowing in suspicious campaign contributions.

   ” Look at all those campaign contributions Patty cakes and her son  ‘ Fast Freddy ‘ Lowry have been getting from corporations that do big money business with Volusia County…. huge checks. 

   ” Pat and ‘ Fast Freddy ‘  are supposede to represent district 5 not Daytona millionaires and billionaire corporations. ”

Signed Morton Culligan, Taxpayer defense department              ( Editor’s note:  This website is glad to publish Mr. Culligan’s opinion.   However, it seems more reasonable to refer to Councilperson Northey as Pat ‘raising your taxes again ‘ Northey.   You might also wish to consider that Councilperson Northey was the great ”Green Environmentalist” until the lobbyists came to Volusia with briefcases stuffed full of money to pave over our main remaining natural environment in Southeastern Volusia.  Then Councilperson Northey’s motto was build, build, and build.  Also, this website recommends typing in the words ” Petula Southey ” into the searchbox at the top of the home page.  Read the Petula Southey story. )  All letters are welcome and letters may be sent directly to: .

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David Santiago Is A Liar

   David Santiago lies to the citizens when he refers to himself as a veteran.  Santiago was in the reserve and never served on active duty.  His opponent, Bob Garcia, is a U.S. Army veteran who served America from 1967 to 1982.

   Being a veteran is not always enough to get my vote.  However, lying to the Public the way Santiago has is enough to lose my vote.  I am an independent and I have very little respect for either the democrat party or the republican party.  I have a sign in our yard for Bob Garcia because he is the best qualified candidate and he has not lied to the Public.  My wife is an ultra-conservative and almost never votes for any democrat.  Yet my wife has already cast her vote for Bob Garcia because she views him as the only honest man in the race. 

   Also, I believe that if the news media had the ”brains” to read and understand the    ” Net Worth ” statements that candidates must file as public record, Mr. Santiago might be answering questions before a Grand Jury.  How did Santiago’s net worth change so radically after his election in 2012 ?  The numbers clearly do not add up for me and I believe that they would not add up for any reasonable person who took the time to do the research.  This is the purpose of the news media.  The news media should have done the necessary research on each and every candidate.  Clearly they did not. 

   I suggest a vote for Bob Garcia on November 4, 2014. 

                                 R. Van Conoley  ( Editor’s note:  The Garcia-Santiago race is for a seat in the Florida House of Representatives – District 27.  This district covers DeBary, Deltona, and other regions in Volusia County.  All citizens regardless of party affiliation may vote in this race.  Please see an article titled: ” Political Endorsements and Political Analysis For Nov/4/2014. ” The article was published on October/4/2014, and is on this website. )

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Who Elected The Florida Press Association ???

   On Wednesday, October 22, 2014, I returned home from the bookstore.  I talked with my wife for a few minutes and then turned on our TV to check the Asian markets.  Since the Asian markets were as I suspected, I changed the station to the next channel.  Next to the business channel is a public service channel that I and about five other individuals watch. 

   On the public service channel was a replay of a debate for the governorship of South Dakota.  To my great surprise, there were three candidates in the debate.  There was the usual democrat crook who blamed the republican crooks for everything that was wrong.  There was the usual republican crook who blamed the democrat crooks for everything that was wrong.  Then there was an independent candidate who had some solid ideas and many sane and sensible solutions. 

   In the Rick Scott-Charlie Crist debates, the independent candidate was excluded.  By what right does the Florida Press Association have to exclude any registered candidates from a public debate broadcast over the electronic media?  The exclusion of candidate Adrian Wyllie was immoral.  I sincerely hope a third party candidate is elected to the office of Attorney General.  An honest Attorney General could investigate how the democrat crooks and the republican crooks got the Florida Press Association to do their dirtywork for them. 

   Once again, endorses Mr. Adrian Wyllie for governor.  Unfortunately the Florida Press Association decided that Mr. Wyllie could not be in the debate so the citizens of Florida did not have a fair and reasonable chance to hear Mr. Wyllie.  Where is the outrage? This clearly is not in keeping with the U.S. Constitution.  This is a public disgrace !

                                         R. Van Conoley

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Charlie Crist, Rick Scott, and Adrian Wyllie

   The two vile, reprehensible, double-dealing, vulgar, arrogant, Narcissistic, repugnant, and thoroughly corrupt individuals seeking election to the office of Governor on behalf of the democrat crooks and the republican crooks are an insult to all law abiding citizens of Florida.  Charlie Crist and Rick Scott are both totally unqualified to serve as governor. 

   By studying these two corrupt vulgarians, it seems reasonable to ask:  ” Is there anything more reprehensible than a corrupt politician. ”  After serious thought, I must conclude that there is one thing even more reprehensible.  Members of the corrupt print and electronic news media are, in my view, even more reprehensible than corrupt politicians.  Members of our corrupt news media directly aid in the election of corrupt politicians by failing to research and publish the news in a fair and unbiased manner. 

   The Florida Press Association excluded third party candidate Adrian Wyllie from the gubernatorial debates.  Citizens of Volusia County must be reminded of the 2012 election when Jason Davis was excluded from a debate held at a private yacht club.  The underfunded Jason Davis eventually won the general election and now serves as Chairman of the County Council.  Citizens did not like the way Mr. Davis was treated.  I believe that citizens of Volusia County did not like the way Adrian Wyllie was excluded from the debates. 

   I endorse Adrian Wyllie as the best qualified candidate for governor of Florida.  I believe that many sane and sensible law abiding citizens of Florida will vote for Mr. Adrian Wyllie on November 4, 2014, and create a state government that is open, honest, clean, and serves the People. 

                                 R. Van Conoley ( Editor’s note: The Florida Press Association lists their phone numbers as follows: Dean Ridings = 321-283-5277 and Wendy Walker = 850-521-1220 ext 2.  I am sure that Mr. Ridings and Ms. Walker would be glad to hear from any citizens who have questions. )

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Letter From Carl D’Agostino

” Glad you did your Christian duty helping the lady with thermodynamics.  I’m sure her electricity generated heat in a dynamic fashion. ”                                                        Signed: Carl D’Agostino

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Letter From Brian Chess

” Hi Van,  I really enjoyed your last article titled: ” More Thoughts Regarding Mr. Rich Gailey and Pastor Fred Lowry.”  I thought that I was actually in the middle of a romance novel of some sort and then of course it all changed at one point but that was good.  I love the complete honesty with the situation and how much you admired that girl and her attributes. You are fortunate that you still remember the laws of thermodynamics.  All the Best to you. ” Signed Brian Chess                               (Editor’s Note: Thank you for your letter.  One of the points I was attempting to explain is that Christians can read different sections of the Bible and view the world differently.  Have you ever heard a minister deliver a sermon on the Song Of Solomon?  I never have, but it is part of the Bible.  Alas, I did not remember all of the equations relating to thermodynamics, but the book contained the equations, and having been a mathematics instructor, I was able to work several problems once I saw the equations. Also, if you type in the name ORAL ROBERTS or Jimmie Swaggart into the search box at the top of the website, there is another article that you may enjoy reading. )

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Election Law Violations of Patricia Northey has recently learned that more than forty election law violations have been filed with The Florida Elections Commission against Ms. Pat Northey.  This website will not comment on any of these allegations until the proper legal authorities have investigated this matter.  Also, Ms. Northey will probably be required to answer questions, under oath, by the investigative committee of the Florida Elections Commission.  Ms. Northey may have answers that will prove her innocence. 

   Editor’s Note:  By signing a form and certifying the document with the Florida Elections Commission, Ms. Northey may publically address any or all allegations leveled against her.  She may do this before the November 4/2014 election.  Should Ms. Northey wish to publically address these allegations before the Nov/4/2014 election, this website will allow her sufficient space to address any or all of these issues.

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More From Morton – Letter # 2

” Witness these recent photographs of Volusia County District 5 Representative, Pat ‘FREE MONEY’ Northey and her handpicked District 5 replacement Baptist Pastor … ‘Fast Freddy’ Lowry.  Witness how they share campaign signs indicating mutual support and the continuation of current corporate control of their SEAT on the Volusia County Council. 

”…. do the research for yourself, it is easy … forward this info on to another Volusia County voter or tax victim .

” Remember, Volusia County has an $ 88,000.00 DAILY payment on its debts… ”

   Signed:  Morton Culligan, Taxpayer Defense Activist- DeBary, Florida

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Letter From Mr. Morton Culligan

” Volusia County Voters and taxpayers, Visit  …    on  Facebook…. 550 likes in 6 days … hello…              Citizens are fighting back against the corporations that purchase massive influence in county government. 

” Be a good citizen  … research the campaign financial reports of candidates Pat Northey and Fred Lowry … why are corporations donating so much money to these two candidates  …  look at the insurance companies associated with Brown and Brown in Daytona.  Hyatt Brown is on the board at the Daytona Speedway Corp and they just got a $ 20 Million free money GRANT … hello.  Volusia County will borrow the money …YOU pay the interest … all the millionaires laugh.  It was not fair to the taxpayers at all.  Insurance contracts for Volusia County are huge. 

” Why are Patty and Fast Freddy Lowry getting all those checks from the same address at 2379 Beville Rd. in Daytona Beach? 

” Why did the law firm of Gray and Robinson Inc. of Orlando get a recent $50,000.00 Volusia County contract?  What is Pat Northey’s connection with Grey and Robinson LL.C.? How much has Gray and Robinson given Fast Freddy Lowry? 

” It appears to some taxpayers that what is happening is certain corporations want control over the Volusia County district 5 seat and the council seat at large.  Do the research for yourself. ”

                Signed:  Morton Culligan, Taxpayer’s defense department.

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