Expulsion and Censure For Congressional Crooks 2019-2020

The good news for corrupt members of congress is that the U.S. Constitution does not authorize the recall of either a U.S. House member or a U.S. Senate member by recall petition initiated by citizens.  The really bad news for corrupt members of congress is that Article 1, Section 5, Clause 2 of the U.S. Constitution allows each body of congress to censure or expel a members.

Upon a formal vote on a resolution, a member of the House or the Senate may be censured or expelled.  In 1797, William Blount was expelled by the Senate for treason and conspiracy.  In 1861 and 1862, fourteen Democrat Senators were expelled for supporting the Confederate rebellion.  From 1808 to 2011, seventeen Senators were charged but not expelled.  Of the seventeen, four resigned rather than face a vote of expulsion.  In 1995, Bob Packwood resigned after being charged with sexual misconduct.  In 2011, John Ensign resigned after being charged with financial improprieties.

In 1954, Senator Joe McCarthy was censured.  Other Senators who were censured in recent years were: 1) Thomas Dodd, 2) Herman Talmadge, and 3) David Durenberger.

The U.S. House has censured a number of representatives, but only a few were expelled in recent years.  The House expelled Michael Meyers in 1980 and James Trafficant in 2002.  Both were convicted of criminal acts so the House had no choice but to expel them.

Alleged criminal acts were committed by high ranking members of: 1) the FBI, 2) the Justice Department, 3) the CIA, and 4) the DHS.  Research by WWW.Sanityandsense.com strongly supports that some Democrat members of the House and the Senate aided, abetted, and conspired with the Democratic National Committee (DNC ) in the commission of criminal acts.

WWW.Sanityandsense.com projects that at least five members of the U.S. House will be criminally indicted or expelled by the House.  WWW.Sanityandsense.com additionally projects that two Democrat Senators will be indicted for criminal actions and then also expelled from the U.S. Senate.

If Watergate was a grain of sand, the criminal actions by the DNC and their surrogates in 2015, 2016, and 2017, is all of the sand on all of the beaches in the world.  TREASON IS A SERIOUS CRIME.

R. Van Conoley ( Hillary Clinton allegedly smashed and destroyed cell phones and other electronic devices to hide criminal evidence.  It makes absolutely no difference.  The probability of the National Security Agency ( NSA ) having recordings and transcripts of every phone call and every e-mail sent by Hillary Clinton and the DNC is estimated at 99.999%. But most importantly, only one person in the entire world can order the Director of the NSA to turn over the recordings to the Attorney General or to the Public.  That one individual is the President of the U.S., Donald Trump ! ) Additionally, while there is ample evidence that the FBI, the CIA, and the Justice Department were criminalized by the Obama Administration, the DNC, and Hillary Clinton, there is not one scintilla of evidence that the NSA misused or abused the power of their agency. )

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Alan Dershowitz

I have been totally appalled by the vile and reprehensible witch hunt conducted by Robert Mueller.  I have been appalled by the extremely biased “news” that has been used to promote ideological positions instead of facts.  I have been appalled by the psychotic rants I have seen on TV that sometimes pass for opinion programming.

Out of the chaos of the current environment of 2016 through 2019, I have found a voice of common sense, decency, reason, and civility.  I enjoy listening to Professor Alan Dershowitz whenever he appears on TV.  Even though I have earned five college and university degrees in my lifetime, I am glad that I never stopped learning.  I attempt to learn something new every day.  None of my degrees is in law, so listening to Mr. Dershowitz always teaches me something new and thought provoking.

Professor Dershowitz, in my view, is the anti-toxin of all of the hate and rage that now exists in the U.S.  I sincerely hope that the TV stations that purport to disseminate the news would have Professor Dershowitz on much more often.

As a law abiding American, I am deeply concerned about the politicalization and the criminalization of the FBI, the U.S. Justice Department, and the Intelligence agencies that have immense power in the U.S.  I know very well that criminal indictments will in the future be handed down and that those charged will have their day in a court of law.  I am thankful that in America our Constitutional right of free speech encourages a man as wise as Alan Dershowitz to comment on the events that exist today.  Thank you Professor.

R. Van Conoley

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House Judiciary Chairman Nadler

House Judiciary Chairman Nadler has stated that Attorney General William P. Barr must testify before his committee on Thursday, May 2, 2019.

I seriously wonder how many democrat members of the House Judiciary Committee will eventually be indicted for criminal actions when Attorney General William P. Barr finishes his investigations into criminal activities committed by individuals against Donald Trump as a candidate and Donald Trump as President ?  Nadler and his democrat buffoons on the House Committee are wasting their time by trying to intimidate William Barr.

R. Van Conoley

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Is Donald Trump A Coward ?

I would never like to believe that Donald Trump is a coward.  I believe that President Trump has shown great courage by standing strong against the vile and reprehensible witch hunt that was so unjustly launched against him by a democrat party totally devoid of any sense of morality and basic decency.

President Trump is the legally elected Chief Executive of the United States.  This means that it is President Trump’s duty to enforce or execute all federal laws in all states and regions of the United States.

Today there are cities that call themselves sanctuary cities.  There are states that call themselves sanctuary states.  All sanctuary cities and all sanctuary states are in effect saying to the U.S. Government that they do not have to follow U.S. Laws.  This seditious and totally illegal behavior relates to undocumented immigrants.  The Constitution of the U.S. clearly states that all federal laws are supreme over all city and state laws that conflict with federal law.

Many of these illegal city and state sanctuary laws were passed during the Barack Obama Administration.  Obama placed his political career and the best interests of the Democrat Party ahead of the U.S. Laws he swore to uphold.

President Trump has not only a Constitutional right to enforce federal laws, but President Trump has a Constitutional duty to enforce all federal laws in the U.S.  President Trump has the constitutional responsibility to order the arrest by the FBI of any individual or individuals who violate U.S. Laws.

President Trump can order the arrest of any governor or Lt. governor of any state that declares itself to be a sanctuary state and illegally protects undocumented immigrants in violation of federal law.  President Trump has the constitutional duty to order the arrest of mayors, vice mayors, and any and all other elected or appointed officials who refuse to follow U.S. Law.

I believe that all local and state officials on any and all levels of city or state government who refuse to enforce or comply with federal law to be in rebellion against the Government of the United States and are encouraging Treason against the Government of the United States.

What I do not understand is why President Trump has failed to enforce U.S. Immigration Laws and why city and state officials are not presently in jail awaiting trial if their local and state laws violate any form of U.S. Law.  Also, every person arrested is not entitled to be released on bail.  Treason against the U.S. is a serious charge and I believe that every official charged should be denied bail.

If any Federal Court wishes to countermand the President and create a Constitutional crisis, the President can then declare Martial Law which is defined in our Constitution under Article 1, Section 8, and Clause 15.  Mr. Trump has tried the easy way and it has not worked at all.  Now is the time for Trump to say: ” No more Mr. Nice guy.”  It is also time for President Trump to say to our Federal Courts: ” Go ahead. Make my day !”

R. Van Conoley

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The Tucker Carlson Challenge

I began watching Tucker Carlson when he obtained his own TV show on FOX.  The more I watched, the more I began to admire his common sense, honesty, integrity, and his ability to clearly present important political information in a fair and just manner.

I purchased his book titled: ” Ship of Fools,” and I plan to read it again in the near future.  Mr. Carlson is, in my view, a truthful journalist and not an ideologue.

I do not know if Tucker reads this website: WWW.Sanityandsense.com.  I hope that he has read it from time to time.  Tucker is not a “know it all” and he appears to be an individual who has a true desire to learn new things and explore new ideas.  It is my belief that individuals need to learn new things in order to understand the present and also to help predict the future with some reasonable accuracy.  Therefore, I am presenting two topics for Tucker Carlson to read about and hopefully to study.  One of these topics happened in the past on a specific date.  The second topic is an ongoing situation that happened and continues to happen in America.  I have written about both of these topics on this website, so Tucker and any other readers do not have to go too far to understand some aspects of these two topics.  Since Tucker is an opponent of lying and group think, I hope he decides to present each of these topics on his show on different dates.  Also, an in depth presentation hopefully will result.

TOPIC I. In June, 1967, jet aircraft and torpedo boats of the State of Israel attacked the U.S. intelligence gathering ship, USS Liberty.  The ship was in international waters off of the coast of the Sinai Peninsula.  The attack was preceded by more than six hours of intense surveillance by Israeli aircraft with excellent photo reconnaissance ability.

The day was clear and there was no mistake that this was a U.S. ship.  The LIBERTY was not in a line of sight and other U.S. and other foreign ships in the region could not directly see the LIBERTY.  Israel was just hours away from another war against other countries in the region.  No other ships were within 50 miles of the LIBERTY.  Israel began the attack against the LIBERTY using high performance jet aircraft.  Next Israel deployed Napalm against the LIBERTY.  Finally, Israeli torpedo boats blasted a forty foot hole in the side of the LIBERTY.  The attack lasted more than two hours.  34 Americans were killed and 171 others were wounded.

Finally rescue aircraft from the Sixth Fleet responded and it became known to the U.S. that the attacking forces were Israeli.  Israel claimed that her forces mistook the LIBERTY for an Egyptian ship.

The USS Liberty Veterans Association wants the American People to know the truth about this incident and does not believe that the attack was an accident.  Individuals may type USS Liberty into the search box on the homepage of this website and read several articles about this topic.  Also, Mr. Carlson could google USS Liberty Veterans  Association to obtain the names of individuals who are alive today who were on the USS Liberty on that fateful day.  The U.S. Government ordered individuals on the LIBERTY not to discuss the incident.  Does Tucker Carlson remain the enemy of lying if the lying is promoted by the U.S. Government?

TOPIC TWO:  The Roman Catholic Church is one of the richest and most powerful organizations in the world.  While researching connections between the Vatican and the Nazi Government of Adolph Hitler about nine years ago, I encountered information about the sexual abuse of children by Catholic priests.  Tucker and anyone else can obtain information about this topic by typing VATICAN in the search space on the home page of this website.  There are more than eleven articles about this topic presented that I believe are 100% factual.

Since U.S. Law enforcement had to know about these vile and reprehensible acts by Catholic priests, I can not help but wonder why the highest authorities in the U.S. did nothing to prevent this form of human abuse.  It is my belief that the abuse was so egregious and prolonged that the Catholic Church gave up its’ right to remain a religious organization in the U.S. These vile acts of pedophilia were covered up by the highest authorities in the Catholic Church in the 1950’s and the 1960’s and the 1970’s.  I admit that I strongly believe that the RICO criminal statutes should be employed against the Catholic Church and that the Catholic Church should cease to exist in the U.S.

It amazes me that state law enforcement and Federal law enforcement did not act against the Catholic Church to protect future innocent children from this form of abuse. In order for individuals to understand the present and have some predictability about the future, it is absolutely essential for individuals to have a truthful understanding of the past.

The understanding of these two topics may help Tucker Carlson, and other law abiding Americans, understand why events are happening in 2019 and may continue to happen in 2020 and beyond.

R. Van Conoley







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The Robert S. Mueller Perversion

This website was created with the intent of serving as a watchdog for the American People.  This website was not designed to support any political party, any religious group, any corporation, or any special interest group.  In a disgusting era of fake and false news, this website was designed as an anti-toxin to the many lies, distortions, and biased news found in many newspapers, television shows, and the increasingly pathological garbage published on some politically disguised websites.

The Mueller investigation has been completed and President Donald Trump has been cleared of all allegations of Russian Collusion.  The same democrats who praised Mueller for two years now demonize him.

Some may say justice was served.  As a law abiding American Citizen, I do not believe that justice was served.  Mueller, and his totally partisan group of political psychopaths, should have never been created in the first place.  As an American citizen who has lived on this earth for more than seven decades, the Mueller investigation was the worst political distortion of the U.S. Constitution in my lifetime and in the history of our great Republic.

Instead of justice, the Mueller investigation was a totally political investigation from the beginning that never sought fairness nor justice.  The entire Mueller investigation was vile, reprehensible, immoral, and totally unethical from the beginning to the end.  It was politically motivated and based on false information provided by the Clinton Foundation, the DNC, and a group of high ranking and totally corrupt individuals in the Justice Department and the FBI . Innocent individuals, who happened to know President Trump or to have been affiliated with his campaign, were damaged by the psychotic actions of this out of control group who damaged their lives by having a Swat team of FBI agents sweep down upon their residences in the early morning hours with assault rifles to arrest non violent individuals.  I can not believe that this and many other forms of political intimidation happened in the United States.

I will never have my faith in America restored nor will I ever view our great Republic in the same way again.  However, I can clearly define and explain how the U.S. Government failed me, the American People, and our Constitution.

In 1978, the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act became U.S. Law.  This Act created FISA courts which allowed certain Federal Judges to issue warrants against individuals living in the U.S., INCLUDING U.S. CITIZENS, if the federal government and/or U.S. Intelligence agencies believed that these individuals created a ” Clear and present danger” to the government of the U.S. or to the people of the U.S. Unlike all other rights guaranteed by the Constitution, the FISA Courts were in effect “secret Courts.”

Politics is a dirty game.  The American People know this.  Both the Trump Campaign and the Clinton Campaign conducted ” opposition research” against each other.  If the situation had stopped at this point, the 2016 Presidential campaign would have been just another sleazy political event that American Citizens tolerate as a cost of democracy.  But it did not stop here.  The opposition research paid for by the Clinton Campaign went beyond the usually sleazy levels that Americans tolerate.  The Clinton Campaign paid for opposition research that was called ” The Christopher Steele Russia Dossier.”  The Steele Dossier was just a lot of nasty, vile, false, and reprehensible slanders directed against Donald Trump.

But it did not end here.  Barack Obama was President of the U.S. and was supporting Hillary Clinton for President.  With the help of the Obama Administration and corrupt individuals in the Justice Department and the FBI, the Steele Dossier was brought before a FISA Court BEFORE the 2016 election and the Court authorized warrants to spy and wiretap Donald Trump and his associates based on the false Steele report.  This was a serious act of Treason against the American People and the Constitution and was totally illegal.  The guilty parties believed the false and fake news media that Clinton would win the Office of President.  When Hillary became President, all traces could have been erased and Hillary and her criminal associates would have been protected.  But Hillary did not get elected; Donald Trump was elected President and the criminal evidence could not be completely erased even though the Clinton campaign destroyed evidence that was under subpoena.

Now it is the job of Attorney General William Barr to investigate the many criminal actions that occurred during the final months of the Obama Administration and to sort out legal actions that need to be pursued against such individuals as James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Hillary Clinton, The DNC, The Clinton Foundation. Loretta Lynch, Barack Obama, and possibly Rod Rosenstein and many others in the Justice Department and the FBI and possibly the CIA.

It will be a very difficult job for Attorney General William Barr because he had established friendships with many of the individuals in previous years who now will be charged in 2019 and 2020.  I believe that Attorney General Barr will follow the rule of law and place the U.S. Constitution ahead of any past friendships.  Essentially the future of our Republic is in the hands of William Barr.

R. Van Conoley  ( Editor’s Note: While CNN and several other organizations ran non stop slanders against President Trump for two years, I hope that the more conservative media will remember that all individuals who come under investigation by A.G. William Barr are presumed innocent until found guilty in a legal court proceeding.  Possibly Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch had their famous airport meeting and only discussed their grandchildren.  Possibly the Clinton Foundation was really supporting world justice rather than accepting money for future influence in a Clinton Administration.  Possibly, Hillary never destroyed evidence that was under subpoena and never kept a computer at her home that contained classified information that was easily available to all computer hackers.  Possibly there was a valid reason not to place Hillary under oath when she came to “talk” with the FBI.  Time will tell. )

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The 2020-2023 Mexican War of Terror

In 2015, just 62 individuals possessed more wealth than the poorest half of all people on earth.  Recently Credit Suisse stated that the richest one percent have now accumulated more wealth than the rest of all the other people on earth all added together.

Corporations of mercenaries are presently available for anyone to rent if you have the vast sums of money required.  War is now for sale on the open market.  War has become a commodity that any super rich individual can purchase.  There are a lot of super rich billionaires who can purchase a mercenary military force to act in their behalf.

Private mercenary forces now allow all of the men and women listed as billionaires on Forbe’s list of billionaires to become the Supreme Commander of their own military.  The World Bank states that the top one hundred economies consist of 31 countries and 69 corporations.  Walmart has the tenth largest economy in the world.  Can anyone really believe that the Central African Republic or Haiti have more influence in the world just because they are countries ?

Will ExxonMobil purchase its’ own military and take over smaller countries or regions of countries ? It makes great sense for ExxonMobil, Shell, and BP to have their own armies.  After all, the corporations have been dealing with extremely corrupt governments for decades.  Wouldn’t it be easier for these corporations to own certain countries ?

In 2013, terrorists attacked a gas facility in Algeria operated by two international oil companies.  It would not have happened if the corporations had mercenary armies guarding their property.

By 2020, megacorporations and the elite global billionaires will own their own mercenary armies and it will be legal. Shareholders will demand this and expect this.  A Chinese oil company has already hired mercenaries in South Sudan.  Many other corporations will follow this trend.

Organized criminals can become superpowers by hiring mercenaries with attack helicopters and other advanced weapons systems.  Narco states and regions exist throughout Latin America and West Africa.  In Mexico, over 11 thousand people were killed in drug related violence in the first half of 2017 ! Terrorist groups like al-Shabaab, Boko Haram, and al-Queda will pay anti-Western mercenaries to help in their global jihad.

The British East India Company founded in 1600 became the greatest corporation in history.  The company was a corporate raider and a corporate murderer serving the British Crown for 275 years.

By 2020, Mexico will be at war.  There will be a number of mercenary armies fighting each other and the ineffective government of Mexico.  The Sinaloa drug cartel was run by ” El Chapo ” Guzman.  With Guzman in jail in the U.S. the bloody war for control of all of Mexico is getting bloodier.

Twenty-seven of Mexico’s 31 states recorded increases in murders.  Farmers in Michoacán decided to fight back and won several victories over the cartel members.  Vigilantes have become mercenary groups.  It is estimated that by 2026, Mexico will be divided into six or seven separate states.  Many will die in the Mexican Civil Terror funded by mercenaries, drug cartels, and elitest billionaires and megacorporations.

R. Van Conoley

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A Wise Saying – Part 176

If you must play, decide on three things at the start: the rules of the game, the stakes, and the quitting time.

Chinese proverb

Editor’s Note: It seems very wise to apply these three factors to U.S. involvement in foreign wars, U.S. trade talks, and changes in U.S. economic policy.

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Lawsuit Of $250 Million Against Jeff Bezos And Others

Nicholas Sandmann, along with his fellow classmates from Covington Catholic High School, were standing quietly while waiting for a bus.  Nicholas, and some of his classmates, were wearing ” Make America Great Again ” hats.  MAGA hats are worn by individuals to show support for President Donald Trump.

A group of African American men who call themselves Hebrew Israelites began shouting vile and reprehensible racial slurs at the Covington High School students.  To make matters worse, Nathan Phillips who claims to be a Native American activist, walked up to Nicholas Sandmann and began beating a drum in Mr. Sandmann’s face.

The parents of Nicholas Sandmann have filed a defamation lawsuit against The Washington Post newspaper.  The suit seeks $250 Million in damages claiming that The Washington Post ” targeted and bullied ” Nicholas in order to embarrass President Trump.

Having watched this video five times, it is belief of this website that The Post engaged in a vile form of ” McCarthyism ” in collusion with CNN and NBC and others to attack, vilify, and threaten an innocent 16 year old school student.

L. Lin Wood is the Sandmann’s lead attorney.  WWW.Sanityandsense.com believes that this legal action will become one of the most important court cases in the past 100 years.  This website finds it difficult to believe that The Washington Post can mount any reasonable excuse for their vile and reprehensible actions.

This court case could redefine how media organizations collect and disseminate news.  Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon, bought The Washington Post in 2013.  Sanityandsense.com continues to support the rights of responsible free speech, but this website believes that Bezos greatly abused his Constitutional rights of free speech to promote a political agenda at the expense of an innocent 16 year old high school student.

R. Van Conoley

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A Wise Saying – Part 175

A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on.                           Sir Winston Churchill

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