7 Billion 321 Million People : 7,321,472,368

In June of 2015, the population of the world will be 7,321,472,368.  Also, there are twelve countries in the world whose population will exceed one-hundred million in June of 2015.  China and India have populations that exceed one Billion.  The following is the list of the twelve most populous countries in the world.  They are: 1) China = 1,401,635,962 ;  2) India = 1,282,074,334 ;  3) United States = 325,007,411 ;  4) Indonesia = 255,643,912 ;  5) Brazil = 203,634,861 ;  6) Pakistan = 188,091,410 ;  7) Nigeria = 183,301,850 ;  8) Bangladesh = 160,356,177 ;  9) Russia = 142,120,759 ;  10) Japan = 126,863,368 ;  11) Mexico = 125,209,080 ;  12)  Philippines = 101,741,682.

At 8,000 B.C., the world population was about 5 million.  Over the 8,000 year period until 1 A.D., the world population grew to only 250 million.

It took all of human history to the year 1800 for the world population to reach one billion.  The second billion in growth was achieved in the next 130 years.  The third billion in growth was achieved in only 30 years.  The fourth billion in growth was achieved in just 15 years.  The fifth billion in growth was achieved in just 13 years !

During the 20th. Century alone, the population of the world grew from 1.65 billion to 6.0 billion !

With the above facts in mind, I would like to evaluate two areas of concern that are of great interest to many people.  They are: 1) Global Warming and 2) World Population Growth.  I will use a scale from 0% to 100% where 0% represents no threat to human population survival and 100% represents an absolute threat to human survival.  I rate global warming  at 10% on my scale, meaning that I believe that it is almost no threat to human survival.  I rate world population growth at 92% on my scale, meaning that I believe that it is a major threat to human survival.

R. Van Conoley

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A Wise Saying – Part 119

” Those who corrupt the public mind are just as evil as those who steal from the public purse. ”

Adlai Stevenson

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A Wise Saying – Part 118

Whoever gossips to you will gossip about you.

Spanish proverb

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The New 2015 DeBary City Manager

I was elected to the DeBary City Council in November, 2008, and I began serving my term in January, 2009.  In 2009, I and the other Council members went through the entire process of hiring a new city manager.  This Council consisted of: 1) Mayor Bob Garcia, 2) Vice Mayor Norman Erickson, 3) Councilman Van Conoley, 4) Councilman Jack Lenzen, and 5) Councilman Lenny Marks.  While self analysis is always suspect, I believe that this Council displayed an example of open, honest, clean, and responsible government by conducting the search in public and not behind “closed doors.”

It turned out that this Council had to go through the long and difficult process of a second selection when the first selected candidate later decided that he would not accept the position.  A small group of citizens spoke out forcefully against our first selection and a number even phoned him and suggested that he go elsewhere.

In 2009, the city placed an ad in a national newsletter that was widely read by municipal administrators across the United States.  As a result, our city received resumes from individuals throughout the U.S. as well as local administrators.

I hope that members of the present Council will conduct the 2015 selection process like we did in 2009.  Democracy only works when the process is fair and open for inspection by all citizens.  While the present Council is within a their legal rights  by asking the retiring city manager for advice, only the five Council members have a vote.  Each of the five Council Members should do a great deal of work and analysis so that the Public can understand that the process was in the best interests of open, honest, clean, and responsible government.  Also, I believe that the Public should be allowed to speak on this important issue before the Council votes.

R. Van Conoley

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Two New E-Mail Posts Sent To Sanityandsense.com

Rick Dwyer writes: ” As an honorably discharged U.S. Navy Vietnam Era Veteran,  I thank you for acknowledging all those who have served this country. ”



Morton Culligan writes:  ” You should have been to the last City of DeBary council meeting… it was a pathetic mess as usual.  Just when you thought it could not get worse, it does.  A property owner with 64 acres … that may make the city millions in revenue over the years… our elected officials refuse to advance the idea. ”


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Memorial Day

On Memorial Day, I believe that each of us should ponder facts that pertain to our country.  Santayana stated:  ” Those who cannot remember the past are doomed to repeat it. ”

I try to learn something new and valuable each day.  I never considered that my five university degrees made me smarter or wiser than the average.  Rather I believe that my degrees provide me with an opportunity to study and learn new things.  Yet I believe that all people regardless of educational level or age can learn new things if they make the effort.

I recently learned that during World War II, the U.S. avoided bombing the Emperor of Japan and the Imperial Palace.  Douglas MacArthur, who became Supreme Commander after World War II, worked to avoid trying any members of the Imperial Family for War Crimes in spite of evidence that at least two members of the Imperial Family were guilty “beyond any reasonable doubt. ” I suggest that Americans should ponder this on Memorial Day.

The last war that was legally declared was World War II, when congress declared war on Japan and then on Germany.  Only congress can declare war for the U.S.  I suggest that Americans should ponder this on Memorial Day.

The Stuxnet computer ” worm-virus ” was developed jointly by the U.S. CIA, the U.S. NSA, and the state of Israel.  The main target of this computer virus was the nuclear program in Iran.  This act of war against Iran was not authorized by congress.  I suggest that Americans ponder this on Memorial Day.

The U.S. has drones, pilotless aircraft, that are armed with very deadly rockets.  These drones have been used to kill people in foreign countries.  Many Constitutional experts in America believe that this type of warfare is prohibited under our Constitution.  Will these drones be used in the future to kill Americans?  I suggest that Americans ponder this on Memorial Day.

While the present congressional crooks continually demand more and more investigations about Benghazi, it is interesting that there has never been a serious congressional investigation into the USS LIBERTY incident.  On June 8, 1967, Israeli armed forces attacked this American ship in International waters.  The attack killed 34 American servicemen and injured an additional 171 Americans serving our country.  Israel stated that the ship was mistaken for an Egyptian ship.  Sane and sensible individuals do not believe that the attack was a mistake.  The USS LIBERTY was flying an American flag and Israeli aircraft flew over the ship for hours before the attack.  I suggest that Americans ponder this on Memorial Day.

The electronic media in the U.S. continually terrorize Americans by stating that Iran may someday obtain a nuclear weapon.  Yet, the same media never mention that Israel has nuclear weapons.  Israel is a nuclear armed country not recognized as a nuclear weapons state by the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.  This Orwellian doublespeak is an open invitation to Israel to use their nuclear weapons against other countries.  Also this Orwellian doublespeak is a statement that International Laws that apply to other countries need not apply to Israel.  I suggest that Americans ponder this on Memorial Day.

When the U.S. left Viet Nam, there were about 2,000 American deserters living in and around Sai Gon and another 500 living in the Da Nang area.  It was easier for Americans to think of our deserters as MIA’s.  Of course, there were real MIA’s and our country has worked to bring their remains home.  I suggest that Americans ponder this on Memorial Day.

I have a deep respect for all Americans who served their country honorably and died for our freedom.  I wish that I had the same respect for our incompetent congressional crooks and our last two totally incompetent presidents.

R. Van Conoley



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Administer The Death Penalty

Dzhokhar  Tsarnaev was recently convicted by a federal jury on all 30 charges in the Boston Marathon Bombing of April 15, 2013.  The bombing killed three people and injured more than 260 others, including 17 who lost limbs.

Apparently our government is so busy spying on honest and law abiding Americans that terrorists like Tsarnaev can enter our country on a visa !  Also, both American law enforcement and American Intelligence were warned far in advance of the bombing that the Tsarnaev brothers had trained at a terrorist camp and had terrorist affiliations. Sanityandsense.com believes that the Tsarnaev brothers should never have been admitted to the U.S. under any circumstances !

Sanityandsense.com has a policy of not commenting on guilt or innocence of individuals until the court case has concluded.  Now that this individual has been found guilty of all charges, the only thing left to decide is whether Tsarnaev will spend the rest of his life in jail or be executed.  Sanityandsense.com believes that Tsarnaev should be executed.  While compassion and mercy are sometimes appropriate, Tsarnaev deserves neither.  Sanityandsense.com believes that a quick execution without endless appeals would be appropriate.

R. Van Conoley

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Pricella and Sleazy

( Editor’s Note:  All individuals in this article are figments of the imagination of the author.  Any resemblance between these fictional characters and real people is purely coincidental. )

Pricella Goodbody was an attractive woman by almost all standards of beauty.  It was rumored that Pricella was terminated from her previous position in city government because she had sexual encounters with members of the city Council.  However, the citizens of the city of Altona were more open minded and Pricella was hired as Executive Coordinator of the city of Altona.  Her yearly salary was $ 85,000.00 plus benefits amounting to $ 7,325.00.

Sleazy Scumbo was the Director of Articulation at the City of  Altona and quickly became a close friend of Pricella Goodbody after Pricella was hired.  It was extremely well known throughout the City of Altona that Sleazy Scumbo was not ” the sharpest knife in the drawer. ”  Indeed many people thought that Sleazy was challenged both intellectually and in her physical appearance.  Since even Sleazy knew that she was intellectually challenged, she became paranoid about losing her job.  Like Pricella, Sleazy had also been terminated from city employment in another region.  In order to alleviate her fears about losing her job, Sleazy developed relationships with three different reporters at three different newspapers in the region.  Over the years at Altona, Sleazy continuously leaked private information about the city of Altona  to her newspaper friends in hopes of creating job security.  Sleazy earned a salary of $ 72,360.00/year plus benefits of $ 5,785.00/year. Since Sleazy’s only job was to occasionally type something and to turn on the microphones before each Council meeting, many residents thought that she was vastly overpaid.

When Harold Pigeon was hired as the new city manager of  Altona, he told his staff that he expected eight hours of work for eight hours of pay every day.  Harold Pigeon was a man of integrity who expected his staff to work for the best interests of the citizens and would not tolerate laziness.

Both Pricella and Sleazy were accustomed to doing very little work.  Pricella even attended college classes on city time because she was uneducated and decided to take a college degree in Woman’s Studies.  Pricella soon learned in her college classes that ” men by nature exploit women. ”

Both Pricella and Sleazy knew that they were essentially parasites and were only hired so the City of Altona could comply with Federal Guidelines relating to ” gender equity.” When Sleazy asked Pricella what gender equity implied, Pricella told her that it stated that a woman could not be fired.  Still Sleazy and Pricella were worried about their employment and they formed a secret pact to accuse any man of gender bias if either got into trouble.

So Sleazy and Pricella continued to receive salaries even though each did very little work.  Harmony ruled in Altona because gender equity guidelines were in place.

However, Pricella found a new boyfriend and lost her focus on what little work was assigned to her.  Pricella began to send her boyfriend e-mails at lunchtime.  Soon Pricella began to e-mail her boyfriend throughout the day.  It soon came to pass that Pricella would lock her office door and send her boyfriend nude pictures.  Pricella liked her boyfriend so much that she had a heart tattooed near her vagina.  While her boyfriend was out of town, Pricella sent him a close up of her vagina with the new tattoo. Unfortunately, Pricella forgot that information sent over a city computer was immediately public record and created a legal public document.

Were it not for former city councilman Storman Erickman, Pricella’s e-mails may have gone undiscovered forever.  Storman Erickman was only one of three individuals in the city of 20,000 who ever read and studied public records.  While former Councilman Erickman was reading public records that he obtained through a public records request, he noticed a picture of a vagina with a tattoo of a heart next to it.

Soon former Councilman Erickman began to spend hours every day after  work viewing city documents in his den with the door locked.  Eventually his wife became suspicious and viewed Storman Erickman’s computer after he left for work.  When she discovered the picture of Pricella’s vagina with the tattoo next to it, she sent the e-mail to the news media.

Soon the news media were questioning City Manager Pigeon.  One media representative said to Mr. Pigeon: ” Can you prove to our readers that you have never seen this vagina before.”

To his credit, City Manager Pigeon attempted to keep the situation quiet.  However, two Council Members came to Mr. Pigeon and clearly stated that they would lose the backing of the Christian Coalition in the next election if he did not act.  Mr. Pigeon asked Pricella if she would resign and reminded her that he stood by her and helped her a few years ago when she was arrested for public drunkenness. Pricella claimed that she had a constitutional right to e-mail a picture of her vagina to anyone at any time.

Mr. Pigeon then terminated Pricella’s employment with the city of  Altona.  Then Sleazy and Pricella filed ” gender discrimination ” charges against Mr. Pigeon and the city of Altona.  Later Mr. Pigeon terminated Sleazy after learning about her improper activities.

The good news is that the taxpayers of Altona will only have to pay about $ 300,000.00 in legal fees to settle this sordid mess.

R. Van Conoley





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A Wise Saying – Part 117

”  The greatest dangers to liberty lurk in insidious encroachment by men of zeal, well-meaning, but without understanding.  ”       Louis Brandeis

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Evaluating The Evaluators

   Clint Johnson was elected Mayor of DeBary in 2014.  Mr. Johnson was sworn in as mayor at the first 2015 Council meeting on January 7, 2015.  Mr. Mike Brady was elected in 2014, and he was sworn in as a Councilman on January 7, 2015.  Ms. Lita Handy-Peters was re-elected in 2014, and was sworn in again as a formality on Januaty 7, 2015.  Mr. Chris Carson and Mr. Rick Dwyer are both halfway through their terms and both were present at the January 7, 2015 meeting. 

   I attended the 1/7/2015 meeting so I could observe how the council worked with two new members.  At this meeting, Mr. Johnson made a motion to increase the yearly salary of City Manager Dan Parrott.

   As a DeBary resident, and as a former DeBary City Councilman, I would like for Mayor Johnson to have handled the situation differently.  The following is what I would have liked to have heard from Mr. Johnson.  { ‘ Since I have just assumed the office of mayor, I have noticed that former Council and the city manager have failed to follow certain established rules and regulations that are needed to establish open, honest, and clean government.  Long established policy in DeBary has been for each council member to complete and submit a written evaluation of the city manager on a yearly basis.  Therefore, I move that this council direct the city manager to place a copy of the established evaluation form into the mailbox of each council member by 3 p.m. on Jan/9/2014.  Additionally, in this motion, each member is required to complete, date, and sign the evaluation in full and return the evaluation to the city manager on or before 3 p.m. on January 21, 2015, date certain.  This will allow the DeBary Public to read and inspect the individual evaluations, which are public record.  At a council meeting in February, 2015, I would seek a motion to discuss the evaluations in public and also listen to any and all input from the Public. I seek a second to this motion. ‘ ]

   Ms. Handy-Peters clearly stated that the previous council had failed in their responsibility to follow this simple established proceedure.  Mr. Dwyer also stated that this council should base decisions relating to the city manager on written evaluations and established proceedures. 

   Based solely on remarks made at the council meeting on January 7, 2015, I would like to evaluate all council members on a scale from A( Excellent) to F ( Failure. ) Mayor Johnson  = grade F;  Councilwoman Handy-Peters = grade B;  Councilman Dwyer = grade B;  Councilman Carson = grade C;  and Councilman Brady = grade C.

                      R. Van Conoley

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