” Quid Pro Quo Joe ” Speaks

Good evening my fellow Americans.  I am sad to announce that I come to you today with empty pockets.  Yes, empty pockets !  My drug snorting son, Hunter Biden, embezzled the last billion dollars from my campaign treasury and absconded to Las Vegas with three nymphomanic chicks with huge knockers.  He plans to celebrate my campaign victory this Tuesday.

Unfortunately, Hunter was never very bright and the election is not this Tuesday but next Tuesday.  So I am asking you to help me raise another billion dollars because I need the money for last minute political bribes.  Also, I have an army of the best campaign crooks who need a little extra cash to insure that the legions of homeless street people will vote for Biden at least five times each on election day to insure a victory for our cause !

The good news is that I have a super PAC that can accept unlimited donations since it is not legally connected to my campaign.  So here is the deal of a lifetime.  If you send a contribution to my super PAC for $ 500,000.00 or more, you can become a special friend of ” Quid Pro Quo Joe. ” Yes friends, when you become a special friend of Joe Biden, you can make millions of dollars in return after my election.

I will help each of my new special friends connect with a different corrupt political scam that will make you super rich.  I used to tell my good friend Barack Obama, who by the way is a clean Negro, ” Trust me Barack, I know how to bring in the graff. ”

Also, in the past, I told my friend Cornpop: ” Give me a large campaign contribution under the table and you will not end up like your six brothers in jail.  Just join Quid Pro Quo Joe and I can help you become rich. ” Unfortunately Cornpop did not listen to me and he is doing 10 to 15 years in prison.

So, do yourself a favor and get these contributions into my super PAC within 24 hours and you can become my new special friend and possibly manage a billion dollar hedge fund to some corrupt country somewhere in the world.  Support Joe Biden and we can both become rich with taxpayer money.

( Editor’s Note:  The associate editor of this website, Jonathan Swift, obtained an advanced copy of the above campaign commercial from Donna Brazile and CNN.  CNN is laundering illegal contributions for Joe Biden through the Ukrainian National Bank.  CNN has modeled their money laundering using the Clinton Foundation as their model. )

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Dr. Michael Broom and My Wife, MaryAnn

My wife, MaryAnn, was a teacher in a middle school in Orlando in March, 2006. While at work, she slipped and landed heavily upon her backside.  Although I always told my wife to file a report of any work related injury, she did not file anything.  It turned out that her fall caused her to damage a spinal disc which later ruptured or herniated.

Spinal injuries, in my view, are a serious matter.  She was prescribed medication for the pain, but not every surgeon will operate on a spinal injury. She went to one M.D. and I accompanied her.  The M.D.  was  unacceptable to MaryAnn, and I believe that she was correct in not wishing to use his services.  A few years later, MaryAnn consulted a different surgeon because he had such ” a great reputation. ” He stated that she was not a candidate for surgery.

During the time my wife continued to experience pain,  I was reading and studying books that were published mainly for MD’s in hopes that I could better understand her condition.  I located the name of Dr. Michael Broom whose office is at 1450 S. Orange Ave; Suite 200; Orlando, Florida 32806.  His office number is 407-481-2244.

I suggested that my wife consult with Dr. Broom and ask if he could help her.  I went with my wife to Broom’s office and I sat quietly while Dr. Broom spoke.  Before going to Broom’s office, I clearly told my wife that any surgical decisions were for her to decide. I was there to help, but any decision was her decision.

Broom entered the exam room and displayed an X-ray of MaryAnn’s spine.  It was easy to see from the X-ray that a disc was damaged and the disc was clearly out of line.  Broom stated that he could help.  I asked my wife not to make a decision if the doctor said that he could perform surgery.  We had agreed to go home and talk about it.  My wife came to the decision that she would like to have surgery. On November, 2013, MaryAnn was operated on at Orlando Regional Medical Center.  After the surgery, Broom came over to the waiting room and said that the operation was successful and everything was fine.  I was thankful and hopeful that my wife would have a better and less painful life.

A few months after her surgery, my wife who was never pain free, stated that she was having more pain. I said that possibly it was just from healing.  It turned out that during her operation, MaryAnn contracted an infection and it was growing in her spine.  After demanding to know all information, I was told that the bacteria was Staphyloccus epidermidis.

My wife was re-operated upon on May, 2015, to remove rods that were placed in her back from the first operation and to help remove some of the problems created by the first operation.  But that was not the end of the problem.  MaryAnn needed infusions of Vancomycin that I administered for about six weeks to kill the staph infection. I followed the directions of an infectious disease physician.

After her second operation by Broom, my wife has more pain than she had before the first operation. Needless to say, I was extremely disappointed with Dr. Broom. I consulted several attorneys to see if my wife had any legal actions against Broom. It turns out that the basic law states that infections are a risk that a patient must assume from surgery.  While I understand the law, I do not believe that the law is just.

One of the things that I found interesting was that Broom never stated that he was sorry that my wife got an infection as a result of his surgery. He even lacked the decency to talk directly to my wife and only spoke to me once after the second surgery.  His PA even implied that this bacteria could have ” burrowed ” into the spine after the surgery.  This of course is just nonsense and when I verbally challenged his statement, he backed away from the statement.

Today I suffer from arthritis and the related pain.  That is my physical suffering.  Yet everyday I suffer psychologically for my wife who continues to suffer pain. Much of her pain seems to be caused by the additional scar tissue from the second surgery.

While I am not a vindictive person, I wonder if Broom ever thinks about my wife or any other patient that he operated upon.  It seems to me that every doctor who performs surgery should have a website, required by law, and any patient can publish a notarized document about the results of their surgery.  In my view, I do not believe that Broom should be allowed to practice medicine any longer.

Also, I remember one news article about a patient who was operated upon at Orlando Regional Medical Center ( ORMC ) who had two legs amputated because she contracted MRSA.  The legal actions resulted in a non disclosure agreement when compensation was paid to the patient and her caregivers.  In my view, there is no amount of money that can compensate a patient for something like this. A million is not enough in my view, nor is a billion nor a trillion.  But the greatest injustice is that negligent doctors seldom have their license to practice removed and the proceedings are kept from public knowledge.

I plan to spend time during the remainder of my life in creating a more just medical profession.  Unfortunately federal officials are making health care less patient friendly and more helpful to incompetent doctors.

R. Van Conoley



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An Analysis of MSNBC, CNN, and Fox

This website was not designed to support any political party, any religion, nor any race. This website was designed to truthfully inform individuals in a rhadamanthine manner about various areas of knowledge and information.  Also, the author has gone to great lengths to separate his opinion from factual information.

I watch MSNBC, CNN, and FOX. These three media corporations present a lot of political information and a surprisingly large amount of disinformation.  My main question is as follows.  Are Don Lemon of CNN, Sean Hannity of FOX, and Rachel Maddow of MSNBC more qualified than the average man or woman in America to present and analyze political information ? My answer is NO.  But it is important to understand that none of the mentioned media outlets are highly motivated to present accurate information and new ideas.  These corporations are concerned with ratings and high ratings means more money for their respective advertisements.

If Don Lemon were replaced by a talking dog and CNN’s ratings increased, that would be the end of Don Lemon.  If Sean Hannity were replaced by a dancing turkey and FOX’s ratings increased, that would be the end of Sean Hannity.  If Rachel Maddow were replaced by a singing cockroach and MSNBC’s ratings increased, that would be the end of Rachel Maddow.

Now surely the men and women who read my website have clearly figured out that MSNBC and CNN strongly attempt to appeal to the liberal and left wing individuals to support their ratings. FOX appeals to moderates and conservatives.  However, two of the three corporations transmit a large amount of false information and what I view as hate speech.  As a law abiding American, I sincerely believe in free speech. However there are limits to the dissemination of false information and hate speech.  I will leave it up to my readers to determine the media that is best for them.  But remember, propaganda does not fool anyone, it only helps people to fool themselves.

Therefore, without malice, I hope that I have made a point without bashing any of these three corporations.  Additionally, I would like to suggest that each of these three profit making corporations increase their viewers by allowing some average Americans to appear on their programs.  Possibly there could be a 20 minute segment titled: 1) America Speaks, or 2) The People Speak.  It might work like this: Eight people are on a panel of people.  Two of the eight would be Clinton supporting Democrats from the 2016 election.  Two others would be Trump supporting Republicans from the 2016 election.  The remaining four would be independent voters from the 2016 election.  The moderator would ask fair questions like since you voted for Trump or Clinton in 2016, would you do so again? As a democrat, what do you like best about Trump. As a republican what do like best about Hillary Clinton? Do you feel that you are financially better of now than you were in 2016 ? Allow each person a fair amount of time and each corporation might be surprised by the amount of unbiased information that could be presented.  ” Stacking the deck” by selecting a surplus of liberal or conservative individuals would be readily understood by the viewers.

I would like to give some well deserved praise to Tucker Carlson since he presents new ideas and allows multiple views to be presented.  Both the left and the right should attempt to present new ideas to expand the knowledge base of the American People.

R. Van Conoley

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Trump’s State Of The Union On 2/4/2020

Donald Trump hit a home run on 2/4/2020, with his State Of The Union Speech.  It was magnificent and solidified his base of republican support and increased his support with independent voters.

This website has received numerous comments about the impeachment. Most from independents have increased Mr. Trumps support with this group.  Unfortunately, this website does not edit comments and most of the comments contain vulgar language that is not publishable on this website.  The vulgar language was directed toward the democrat party in general and especially toward Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff. Unfortunately neither Ms. Pelosi nor Mr. Schiff are anatomically capable of implementing the many suggestions made in reader’s comments.

R. Van Conoley

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Epstein Associate Contacts Carlos Ghosn

On January 30, 2020, the National Security Agency intercepted an e-mail sent by Ghislaine Maxwell.  Ms. Maxwell’s e-mail was sent to Carlos Ghosn in Lebanon.  The e-mail is replicated below and is NSA Intercept TC-468-2020-GMCG.

Dear Mr. Ghosn:  My name is Ghislaine Maxwell and I was born in 1961, in France, the ninth child of a dysfunctional marriage.  I was born just two days before a car accident left my brother Michael at age 15 in a prolonged coma.

Being ignored a great deal by my family, I began to experiment sexually with older men while I was still underage.  My youthful actions led me later to an association with Jeffrey Epstein, a man who liked to have sex with underage females.  You must know that Jeff Epstein was murdered while in a very high security federal prison on August 10, 2019.  Epstein was an international financier and a convicted sex offender.  Jeff began his life as a teacher where he traded high grades to underage females for sexual favors.  Jeff then worked at Bear Sterns before forming his own financial firm.

I became an executive assistant to Jeff Epstein and I helped Jeff procure young girls aged twelve to sixteen for use as sexual assistants in Jeff’s businesses.  Jeff’s financial business grew and he bought several multi-million dollar mansions in the U.S. Jeff had one of his mansions built on an island in the Virgin Islands.

Jeff also owned a Boeing 727 plane nicknamed the ” Lolita Express. ” The plane had a bed installed where group sex with underage girls often took place.  Jeff often invited the rich and famous for trips on his plane.  Jeff quickly knew if one of his VIP guests was sexually attracted to any of the underage girls on his staff.

What most people do not know is that Jeff had extremely high quality video cameras secretly placed in the bedrooms of his mansions and in the bedroom of the Lolita Express. Epstein secretly recorded sexual sessions between his VIP guests and the underage girls.  I, Ghislaine Maxwell, trained and mentored the young females in many aspects of sexual activity.

Even fewer people knew that Jeff Epstein had a large collection of high quality CD’s that depicted the many sexual acts between the VIPs and his young staff.  Former President Bill Clinton is recorded on five different CDs.  Four of Clinton’s CD’s involved underage girls. But one of the CDs with Bill Clinton involved moderate bondage between Clinton and a Black dominatrix.  On that CD, Bill Clinton is lying on a bed face up with both hands and both feet tied to the bedposts.  The Black Dom asks Bill Clinton if he likes Nig*** Pussy. When he says yes, the Dom refuses her sexual favors until Clinton sings a song about Nig*** Pussy.  Jeff and I used to watch this video and laugh until tears flowed from our eyes.

However, Jeff’s CD collection is extensive and contains sex videos of six democratic congressmen, four democratic Senators, and five democratic governors.  It contains recordings of many other famous people.

I believe that Jeff’s downfall began when Donald Trump expelled Jeff from his hotel in Palm Beach County.  Trump is alleged to have said: ” I do not want that pedophile on my property at any time. That scum is bothering my female staff.  Keep him out. ”

Carlos, this brings me to my important point.  I made copies of every single sex video ever recorded by Jeff.  I knew that I might need them for insurance against my life.  They are kept in a safe place and if anything happens to me, several friends have instructions about how to distribute the videos.  I knew that Jeff would be re-arrested again sometime.  He was and then he was murdered in a federal prison.

After Jeff’s murder. the FBI obtained a warrant to search all of Jeff’s properties and the FBI discovered and removed all of the sex videos along with other evidence.  But the FBI does not know for sure that I have copies of all of the videos.  This protects me at the present time.

I believe that President Donald Trump will announce that the Epstein sex videos exist about ten days before the November 3, 2020, election.  I also believe that Trump will play some portions of these videos on TV that show at least the faces of his democrat tormentors.  Then I believe that Trump, through the Attorney General, will order my arrest.

Therefore, Carlos, I would like to offer you something far more valuable than money and gold.  If you offer me safe haven on Carlinton, I will give you all of the videos and one million dollars American.  Yes, I have heard about the free and independent country of Carlinton inside of Lebanon just like the Vatican is an independent country inside of Italy.

I plan to meet you inside of Lebanon and would like to finalize this deal.  Time is of great importance and I hope to conclude this deal with you by August 10, 2020.

Best wishes, /s/ Ghislaine Maxwell.

( Editor’s Note: Interested readers can read other articles relating to Carlinton by typing into the search box, Carlos Ghosn, and then type go. The articles will appear.  All readers should remember that: ” The truth will set you free. ” )



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A Wise Saying – Part 186

War is delightful to those who have had no experience of it.

Desiderius Erasmus

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A Wise Saying – Part 185

Give me the liberty to know, to utter, and to argue freely according to my conscience, above all liberties.

John Milton

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A View Of The National Debt To GDP Ratio By Country

The article published before this article was titled: ” President Trump Will Initiate An Eisenhower Economy If Re-Elected in 2020. ” I received a number of comments about this article. The basic thesis of the article was that if re-elected, President Trump will not only continue to increase a growing economy in the U.S. for four years, but Trump will also attempt to produce a yearly budget surplus for his last four years.

The economists use a ratio of National Debt to GDP ratio in evaluating economic activity in countries around the world.  Those individuals in finance use this ratio to help their investment strategy when investing in stocks and bonds issued by countries in the world.

Here are a few examples of the National Debt to GDP ratio of some countries.  (Editors Note: GDP is defined as the total sum of the market values, or prices, of all final goods and services produced in a country during a period of time, usually one year. ) ( Note 2: A higher percentage indicates a high debt level in relation to the economic activity of the country.) 1) Japan=237.54%; 2) Venezuela=214.45%; 3) Sudan=177.87%; ….  13) United States=106.70%…… Finland=59.88%… Germany=56.93%  .. China=55.36%.

Bahrain has a ratio of 100.19%. This means that Bahrain’s debt is almost equal to its GDP. The same for Belgium with a ratio of 99.57%.

It has amazed me for a long time that the ratio in Japan of about 237% did not create an economic crisis.  In a way Japan has been able, in my view, to maintain this high debt level by decreasing the net wealth of the citizens in Japan.  Venezuela with a debt ratio of about 214% is for all practical purposes in a state of bankruptcy. Germany with a ratio of about 57% is the economic powerhouse of Europe.

The GDP formula involves the use of imports and exports to a country.  President Trump’s phase one trade deal with China will lower the U.S. ratio from about 107% just by creating a better deal for the U.S. with China.

While Trump’s economic policies were good for all Americans in his first term, his second term( if re-elected) would be even better for the American People.  Sadly the fake news media does not bother reporting on economic activity because: 1) They do not understand it, and 2) Americans seem more interested in what color shoes Ms. Trump is wearing.  Trump’s greatest asset is his amazing ability to point out, in very understandable terms, how his policies have benefited the American Citizens.

R. Van Conoley

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President Trump Will Initiate An Eisenhower Economy If Re-Elected In 2020

To understand the future, individuals must have an understanding of the past.  This article, extremely well researched, projects Mr. Trump’s policies through January 2025, if he is re-elected in 2020.

In 1945, World War II ended.  Harry Truman was President and in 1948, President Truman was re-elected even though every political poll showed that Truman would not be re-elected.  War is very expensive and the National Debt of the U.S. was very great when Truman left office in 1953.  Dwight Eisenhower was elected President in November, 1952, and assumed the office of president in 1953. Ike traveled to Korea after his election in November, 1952, and set in motion an armistice on the Korean peninsula.

Eisenhower’s team was shocked by Truman’s defense budget that was 6% higher than Ike thought necessary.  Under Eisenhower’s direction, the inherited Truman Budget was cut by 30%.  The reduction of Truman’s budget was swift and drastic. The new policy doctrine of the Eisenhower administration called for a sharp reduction in both land and naval military forces, coupled with a significantly increased reliance on nuclear weapons.

During Ike’s eight years as president, Ike did something that no president has ever done again.  Ike increased the Gross National Product ( GNP ) year after year and at the same time REDUCED the National Debt of the U.S. year after year. This was a truly remarkable achievement ! ( Editor’s Note: During the Eisenhower administration, the U.S. was on the gold standard. That of course was a driving standard for financial responsibility. )

Every president who followed Ike: 1) John Kennedy, 2) Lyndon Johnson, 3) Richard Nixon, 4) Jerry Ford, 5) Jimmy Carter, 6) Ronald Reagan, 7) George H.W. Bush, 8) Bill Clinton**, 9) George W. Bush, and 10) Barack Obama did not even come close to Eisenhower’s economic accomplishments.  Then along came Donald Trump.

Regardless of your viewpoint of Donald Trump, he is probably the smartest individual in the area of economics and international finance ever to occupy the office of president.  Trump has indeed improved the economy of the U.S. with his policies since his election in 2016.  It is obviously true that Trump has a great interest in his legacy.  He wants history to state that he was a great president.  The projection is that if Trump is re-elected in 2020, he will do to things to establish his legacy. They are: 1) Continued GNP growth each year during of his second term, and 2) A yearly budget surplus during each year of his second term.

If Mr. Trump accomplishes these two goals that would indeed be enough to get his likeness on Mt. Rushmore. Trump has already demonstrated that he can accomplish goal 1.  He has demonstrated that goal in his first term.  To accomplish a budget surplus, congress and the president must pass a budget in which the federal tax revenues exceeds the federal expenditures for the year. Budget surpluses reduce the U.S. National Debt while budget deficits increase the U.S. National Debt.

Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama irresponsibly increased the U.S. National Debt the most by their reckless spending. While it is indeed true that a small yearly budget surplus will do very little to reduce our U.S. National Debt because the National Debt is so great.  But four years of yearly budget surpluses under Mr. Trump in his second term will demonstrate that Donald Trump has accomplished something that has not been accomplished since President Eisenhower.

Also, the stars next to Bill Clinton’s name denote that Bill Clinton had a yearly budget surplus for one year during his eight years as president.  Additionally, the U.S. was taken off the gold standard during Richard Nixon’s presidency and presently the U.S. dollar floats against other currencies in the world on the international markets. Lastly, while the U.S. National Debt is excessive, the dollar remains fairly strong because many other countries throughout the world are even more irresponsible in their GNP/National Debt ratio.

R. Van Conoley

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A Wise Saying – Part 184

We learn from history that we do not learn from history.

Georg Wilhelm F. Hegel

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