Dogs and the County Council

   Not too long ago, our County Council was considering an ordinance that would require all dog owners to spay and neuter their dogs.  I thought that this was just another example of politicians “barking up the wrong tree.” 

   It is believed that our caveman ancestors developed a symbiotic relationship with wolves.  The wolves were given food, and then the wolves warned our ancestors of impending danger by using their superior senses of smell and hearing. It worked out well for our ancestors and the wolves.

   However, with the passage of time, humans began to selectively breed the wolves into many different breeds of dogs.  As a person who believes that dogs make wonderful pets, I am saddened that this inbreeding has resulted in neurological, endocrine, and skeletal diseases for our pets.  I have long advocated the crossbreading of dogs to reduce disease and to breed healthier and happier dogs.

   Since the Volusia County Politicians tend to believe that they have the right to regulate every aspect of our lives, I suggest that the politicians pass an ordinance that encourages the crossbreading of dogs.  If memory serves me correctly, I believe that it was Andrew Marvell who said: ” Men are generally more concerned with the breed of their dogs and horses than of their children.”  

   In summary, I believe that we should crossbreed our dogs and spay/neuter all corrupt and incompetent politicians. I have long believed that it is immoral to allow corrupt politicians to procreate.  Now here is an idea whose time has come.

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