The Need for Third Parties in the U.S.

   The power of our Federal Government resides with all of the People in the U.S.  As I look at the U.S. Government today,  I am deeply saddened  to see that the People have failed to better monitor the irresponsible actions of the U.S. Congress and several incompetent Presidents. 

   I read the garbage printed in the newspapers by Republican ideologists who blame everything on the Democrats. Also, I read the garbage printed in the newspapers by Democrat ideologists who blame everything on the Republicans.  The sad truth is that these narrow-minded ideologists  offer no new solutions 99% of the time.

   The Democrat Crooks and the Republican Crooks in Congress use many corrupt tactics against the American People.  One example of their corruption is the endless number of committees that a bill must pass through before becoming law.  Many of our Congressional Crooks will vote for a bill in Committee A and against the same bill in Committee B.  Then, the Congressional Crook can tell one group of people: ” I voted for that bill in committee.”  Then the same Congressional Crook can tell a different group of people: ” I voted against that bill in committee.”  Our Congressional Crooks really know how to twist the truth and keep most people confused. 

   The question that needs to be asked is: ” Why can’t the Congressional Crooks play it straight with the American People?”  The answer has two parts.  The first reason is money.  The Congressional Crooks are so busy helping the greedy special interest groups that fund their campaigns, they have no time or inclination to help the American People.  The only solution to this part of the problem is to enact sensible campaign finance laws or to Amend our Constitution with a Constitutional Amendment. 

   The second part of the answer is more complex.  It involves understanding the role of third parties in a democracy.  Every democracy in the world that I know about has third party representation in government. 

   What I have noticed over a forty year period of world government watching is that third parties play the role of “watchdog” for the People.  Whenever the major party strays from what is ethical for the People, the third party speaks out loudly.  If the major party ignores the People, the way our Congressional Crooks do, then the third party may be placed into power in the next election. 

   Why does this not happen in the U.S.?  The reason is that our Congressional Crooks know that a viable third party would place limits on their corruption and also place limits on their ability to gain special interest “contributions”. So the Democrat Crooks have joined the Republican Crooks and have an absolute understanding to keep third parties out of the game. 

   Our great Constitutional Republic can never become a representative democracy until we allow third parties fair access to the ballot box on election day.  I suggest that any individual who collects one thousand signatures be placed on the ballot in any U.S. House and any  U.S. Senate election.  The Congressional Crooks spin it to sound like two parties are enough and give the People a real choice.  They do not tell the American People that democracries all over the world have a better and more representative form of government. 

   I strongly doubt that our Congressional Crooks will ever allow fair and reasonable access to the ballot by third parties, so I believe that a Constitutional Amendment is the only answer to this problem.

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