Charlie Wilson’s War?

   Toward the end of 2007, I read a book titled: CHARLIE WILSON’S WAR. I got a lot of laughs from reading the book and a friend recently invited me over to watch the movie version.  Here is a short summary of the movie and book.  The protagonist is Charlie Wilson, a Texan,  who decides to run for state office after a “bad man” poisons his dog.  After serving in the state legislature, Charlie Wilson wins election to the U.S. Congress.  Wilson is a hard drinking, coke snorting, womanizer who has an episodic  moment while immersed in a hot tub with several well endowed women of  questionable repute.  While in the hot tub, Charlie realizes that the U.S. can not stand quietly by while the Soviet Union invades Afghanistan.  The rest of the movie depicts how Charlie Wilson and one rogue CIA Agent manage a covert war against the Soviet Union in Afghanistan.

   As most Americans remember, Ronald Reagan was President and George Bush (Senior) was Vice President during most of the Afghan- USSR War.  Some people may have forgotton that before he became Vice President, George Bush (Senior) was Director of the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency.  Both the book and the movie would have us believe that President Reagan had little knowledge or involvement in this CIA operation.  While that is extremely hard to believe, it is totally beyond comprehension that then Vice President Bush, a former CIA Director, was not much involved in this operation.

   I do not know if I should label this book/movie as a comedy or a new form of political science fiction. I do know that if the operation had ” gone bad” no individual in the CIA or the U.S. Government would have accepted any responsibility.  Good old Charlie would have been labled as a drug snorting drunk and been allowed to ” twist slowly in the wind.”

   What I do know is that extremist elements on both the far right and the far left are attempting to rewrite  historical facts every day to suit their political agendas.  Each evening I watch the far right spin the news on a right wing TV Channel and then I turn the dial to watch the far left spin the news on a left wing channel.  As the extremists on both sides attempt to rewrite history, truth along with our Constitutional liberties slowly fade and continue to disappear.

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  1. At the time, Texas congressman Charlie Wilson was a key member of the hugely powerful House Appropriations Committee. Science Fiction

  2. The "Andy" says:

    The main problem with government is the nepotism, patronage, favoritism, and cronyism. If there was a system of merit in hiring from the school house to the white house government would function so much better. Half the problems would be solved. As it stands now, since it is not there many people with some power give jobs and promotions to their friends and people who engage in “quid-pro-quo” positions. Why give the jobs to the most qualified when positions can be given to friends, as pay back,
    and in exchange for something for themselves or a family member or a close friend. A system of merit in hiring at all levels of governemnt would solve at least 50% of our problems-things would be more efficient and money would be dispersed correctly. If people really want change in government this is the only way to achieve positive change and better and more efficient government. Start a real revolution: “Merit in Hiring and Promotions”-this will give real positive change to the country from sea to shining sea.

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