Homocysteine, Kilmer McCully, and the FDA

   The human body is made up of many different atoms and molecules.  Protein is one class of compounds.  Since this essay is written for everyone, I am going to make the lesson in protein chemistry very short and easy.  Proteins are made from molecules called amino acids.  Your body makes all of your protein from about 20 different amino acids obtained from your diet.  Hey, that was easy!

   Biochemists have different names for each of the individual amino acids.  Cysteine, lysine, methionine, and glycine are four examples.  Some of the 20 amino acids are called essential.  Methionine is essential because your body can not “make” methionine from any other amino acid.  Glycine is a non essential amino acid because your body can make glycine from one of the other amino acids. 

   Kilmer S. McCully, M.D. wrote a book titled: THE HOMOCYSTEINE REVOLUTION.  The book was published in 1997, and I enjoyed reading the book.  The research is extraordinary.  The  book was written for individuals with some basic biochemistry and understanding of biochemistry. 

   Dr. McCully studied one of the essential amino acids called methionine.  Through excellent scientific research, the doctor discovered that when the body acts on the methionine molecule, a new molecule is sometimes created called homocysteine.  This molecule, homocysteine, is toxic to the body and the longer the molecule remains in the blood, the more damage this molecule can do to you.  This allowed the doctor to formulate a new theory about arteriosclerosis.  Arteriosclerosis remains a leading cause of death from coronary heart disease, stroke, and kidney failure. 

    It turns out that medical researchers could not explain “the whole picture” by just looking at fats and cholesterol alone.  The traditional cholesterol theory that cholesterol is toxic and damages blood vessels was not satisfactory.  Dr. McCully explained , with some outstanding research, that the underlying cause of arteriosclerosis is basically an imbalance between the methionine in dietary protein and the amounts of Vitamins B6, B12, and folic acid in a person’s body.

    One more concept and you will see the picture.  Your body has enzymes that regulate very specific chemical reactions in your body.  The knockout name for one of the enzymes studied was methyltetrahydrofolate homocysteine methyl transferase.  Biochemists love a fancy name like this.  It turns out that what this enzyme does is “attack” the toxic homocysteine molecule and change it to a safe compound again.  It also turns out that if your body has sufficient B6, B12, and folic acid, things work even more efficiently.

   Now you would think that a very smart man like Dr. McCully would be awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine or at least given high praise for his work.  And you would be wrong.

   The doctor’s work proves that cholesterol is not really the “bad molecule” that it is made out to be.  Who, you might ask, is spreading these unkind words about cholesterol?  Can you say the pharmaceutical industry? Now you may ask, how come?  Three reasons: 1) Money, 2) Money and 3) Money.  Yes, Big Pharma is the very same industry that holds the all time record for congressional lobbyists.  Big Pharma has over 600 lobbyists working with the Democrat Crooks and the Republican Crooks in Congress.

   One of the reasons that Big Pharma has so many lobbyists in Washington is because their product injures and kills Americans every year.  The U.S. Food and Drug Administration ( FDA ) regulates drugs and medical devices.  Still more than 770,000 Americans die each year or are seriously injured by drug complications. 

   So, what do we do?  The best thing that can be done immediately is to establish an FDA that has competent and honest people on it like Dr. McCully.  We need an FDA of watchdogs that will safeguard the American People instead of a group of lapdogs that work for Big Pharma. 

   Finally, what do we do about the 600 Big Pharma lobbyists in Washington?  Personally, I support a public hanging of all Big Pharma lobbyists on the Washington Mall.  But knowing that this idea might be difficult to promote, I believe that all Big Pharma lobbyists should be rounded up and forced to take tablets from the latest drug recall that has proved fatal.  Surely we can see the wisdom of this suggestion.

                             R. Van Conoley

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