Public School Administrators and School Boards

This is the second conversation that has been recorded by the National Security Agency ( NSA ) and forwarded to the website,   I can only assume that my Freedom of Information Act ( FOIA ) request for declassified military information has been processed by the software system incorrectly.

However, I believe that the readers will find this conversation worthwhile.  Voice recognition software has identified the two speakers as:

*** Martin R. Furtig, Public School Administrator, North Florida; designated as (MF)

*** Bill Simpson, Public School Administrator, Central Florida, designated as (BS).

NSA Recording:  OWDYTRPW – 382548734 – Rolling Blab

BS: Simpson residence.  Bill speaking.

MF: Hello Bill.  This is Martin Furtig.  I got your voice mail on my office phone several days ago, but I have not had time to return your call.

BS: How come you took so much time?

MF:  Well, do you remember that beautiful blonde, with the fantastic figure, who applied for an elementary school teaching job this year?

BS: Sure do.  You faxed me her picture that you stole from her application.

MF: That is the one.  I have so much evidence on the Superintendent, that I made him a deal that he could not refuse.  Now this babe is my executive assistant at         $60,000/year.

BS: Very nice.  I can understand why you have been so busy.  But just keep in mind that the former heads of the teacher’s unions of both Dade and Broward Counties have served jail time and there have been two arrests recently of Broward County School Board Members.

MF: Yeah. It looks bad for the latest Board member arrested.

BS: You are 100% correct.  So what can I do for you?

MF: I am worried about Constitutional Amendment # 8.

BS: What is the worry?  If the people allow it, we can place more students in each teacher’s class.  That means that we can grab even more tax dollars for the administrators, and don’t we deserve it?  If the people vote no, our friends in the legislature will say small classes cost more money and increase taxes.  Then we can grab some of that money.

MF:  This is what you don’t understand.  There are a growing number of political activists out there.  They are reading and understanding and publishing financial information from our school budgets.

BS: Give me a break.  I’m an Associate Superintendent with a yearly salary of          $136,000/year, and I have never read a budget.

MF: That is true.  But your school board members never read budgets either.

BS: HaHaHa.  That is for sure.  We know how to keep our board members busy with ribbon cuttings, awards, and proclamations.  They vote the way they are told.

MF: That may be true, but there are activists out there.  They will reach your county sometime.  They show how little school bus drivers, secretaries,  janitors, teacher aids, and teachers are paid.  Then they show my salary of $181,000/year and it looks so big compared to a cafeteria worker.

BS: Who cares.  The administrators are rich and the rest of the system is poor.  I say let the little people eat cake.

MF: You still do not get it. There is some talk of making school administrators do some real work.  If we are not careful, we may end up back in the classroom doing real work.

BS: Oh my God.  Please hold while I get a drink.

BS: I am back.  In a moment my hands will stop shaking.

MF: Bill, You know damn well that both you and I keep our high paying administrative jobs because we are great fundraisers for the crooks in the legislature and we both know how to kiss school board ass and blame problems on the teachers.

BS: True.  But don’t forget that we have the teacher’s union leader in our back pocket.

MF:  Yeah. But don’t forget that those arrested have shared info with law enforcement and the Courts for reduced sentences.

BS: Yeah.  However, you and I are not doing anything illegal.

MF: True. But the real problem is tests.

BS: What frigging tests?

MF: The international tests show that American students are at the bottom, or near the bottom in mathematics, world history, world geography,  and all areas of science.

BS: Hell. We know how to play that.  We just say that in America we educate everyone.

MF: You still do not get it.  Our high school graduates need jobs.  We are in the worst economy since the Great Depression.  As part of the job application process, many employers give a simple test in English and Math. About 80% of our high school kids can not pass it.

BS: This sounds serious. OK. I have it figured out.

MF: Tell me.

BS: Martin, you and I must get jobs where there is no accountability.  We will get elected to the State Legislature on the issue of education reform.

MF: That is perfect.  Absolutely perfect.

***************************************************     The following, below the stars, are the names of real people.  The facts are true.  Read it and weep.

Pat Tornillo:  The longtime head of the Teachers Union of Dade County ( UTD ) pleaded guilty to public corruption.  He was sentenced to two years in jail.  NBC News// August 25, 2003

Tony Gentile: Head of the Teacher’s Union of Broward County, Gentile was sentenced to 46 months on a charge of child pornography. 2/18/2002

Sept/24/2009-  Broward County School Board Member Gallagher arrested.

Oct/4/2010- School Board Member Stephanie Kraft arrested along with her husband. She is charged with unlawful compensation, bribery, and other charges.

                              R. Van Conoley

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