Facts and More Facts: Part 1

In 1951, there was a science kit on the market for young people.  It was named the “Gilbert U-238 Atomic Energy Lab.” It actually contained samples of rocks containing U-238. U-238 is now linked to cancer and other health related diseases.   ***********************************************************************************      The element Lithium is the lightest solid element.  It is about half as heavy as water and can be cut with a butter knife.  This element is important in our 21st. Century electronic devices.  Bolivia has a large amount of Lithium  that has not been mined.   ***********************************************************************************  In all of history, only 161,000 tons of gold have been mined.  That is about enough to fill two large swimming pools.  **************************************************** *********************************************************************************** In 1999, the NEAR  spacecraft found a lot of gold on the asteroid Eros.  There is more gold on this asteroid than on all of earth.  *********************************************************************************** Some 70% of the world’s gold goes into jewelry.                      *********************************************************************************   Only about 15% of all living species on earth are believed to have been discovered and classified.                                            *********************************************************************************** The world has six distinct genetic population groups based on DNA analysis.  By geographic location, they are: 1) Africa, 2) The Americas, 3) East Asia, 4) Eurasia, 5) Oceania, and 6) Kalash.  ( Note: Kalash is a region inside Pakistan.)                          **********************************************************************************     About 10,000 years ago, the first person with blue eyes was born somewhere in Northern Europe after a genetic mutation took place.  All blue-eyed people alive today are descended from this one individual.                                                    ***********************************************************************************  Nitrous Oxide is called “laughing gas” because it makes you feel happy.  In the early 1820’s laughing gas parties were popular in the U.S.  In 1844, a dentist attended such a party and realized that the gas could be used as a painkiller by dentists.      ***********************************************************************************   One acre of woodlands can remove up to thirteen tons of gasses and dust from the environment.                                                                                       **********************************************************************************  During the French Revolution, the country had a ten day week and a ten hour day.  An hour consisted of one hundred minutes and each minute had one hundred seconds.  This system remained in place until Napoleon gained power.         **********************************************************************************   In California, it is illegal to use human medical waste to power a vehicle. This law was enacted when a plastic surgeon started using fat he liposuctioned out of his patients as a bio-fuel for his car.  

                                    R. Van Conoley                        **********************************************************************************

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