Aphorisms: Part 5

Pride is a sense of worth derived from something that is not really part of us.  Self esteem comes from our real achievements.  We display pride when we identify ourselves with an imaginary self, a holy cause, or material possessions.  There is fear and intolerance in pride.  The core of pride is self-rejection.                                           **********************************************************************************

Notice how strange the attitude is of the weak toward their benefactors.  They see generosity as oppression and they want to retaliate.  They say in effect: ” We hope soon that the day may come and you shall be weak and poor and then we can send care packages to America.”   You can never win the weak by sharing your wealth with them.  You can only win the weak by sharing your pride,  hope, or hatred with them.  **********************************************************************************

Beware of any individual who does not pretend to be decent and just.  Lack of hypocrisy in these areas hints at a capacity for pathological ruthlessness.                *********************************************************************************

You can always discover what your enemy fears most by observing what he does to frighten you.   ******************************************************************

When we accuse others of a crime that we are about to commit, we invalidate any accusation that may be leveled against us.     *************************************

It is not the principle of justice that keeps people from being unjust.  It is the trait of compassion that allows us to be just to our fellow man.  ***************************

To learn a person’s religion, we need not listen to his profession of faith.  We merely need to find his brand of intolerance.  *********************************************

Our greatest pretenses are built up not to hide the evil in us, but our emptiness.  The hardest thing to hide is something  that is not there.  ******************************

The true prophet is not a person who can see the future but one who can reveal the present.     *************************************************************************

The fear of being a “has been” keeps some people from being anything.   ************

We do not feel grateful to those who make our dreams come true.  They spoil our dreams.    *************************************************************************

True wisdom means that we lnow how to grow old gracefully.    *********************

We feel free when we escape- but too often it is from the frying pan directly into the fire.  *****************************************************************************

Often the means we use to hide something only serves to advertise it.  **************

We usually see only the things that we are looking for.  This often prompts us to see them where they are not.  **********************************************************

To many people, we are what other people say we are.  People often know themselves by hearsay.   **********************************************************************

When we are not governed too much by what other people think of us,  we are likely to be tolerant toward the behavior and opinions of others.  Also, when we do not crave to be important, we are not awed by the importance of others.  ****************

People who are ready to praise others usually accept praise with a grain of salt.  On the other hand, those who praise others reluctantly foolishly accept praise from others at face value.  Hence, the less magnanimous a soul, the more readily it does succumb to flattery. 

                        R. Van Conoley



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