Gambling in DeBary: 2011 Headlines Today

   None of the candidates seeking election to the DeBary City Council have told our citizens what this election is really about.  There are three main issues: 1) gambling, 2) gambling, and 3) gambling. 

   Remember there are only two things that you can not find in the newspapers. They  are: 1) thoughtful commentary, and 2) truthful news.  So here is a newspaper headline from 2011, for’s readers. It reads: ” DeBary City Council Approves Race Track/Gambling Complex.”

   Since this website does not indulge in any ad hominem political attacks on individuals seeking local political office and this website does not endorse candidates for local office, the analysis that follows is not intended to help or harm any candidate. 

   The DeBary City Council, in 2011,  voted to approve gambling for three primary reasons.  They are:

***1) The unemployment/underemployment rate that is unacceptably high in 2010, will remain about the same for 2011. 

***2) The slick public relations campaign by the pro gambling forces will imply that the “gambling complex” will bring a huge number of jobs to DeBary.  Also, the PR blitz will emphasize that huge amounts of tax revenues will be generated from the gambling complex and allow for huge city tax reductions on property in DeBary.  The truth is that the small number of jobs created by the gambling complex will not in any way offset the high losses most working and middle class people have suffered as a result of the 2008 depression. When was the last time a city government lowered city taxes? 

***3)  If you look at a map of Volusia County, you will notice that Volusia has two population centers.  The Western border includes DeBary, Deltona, Orange City, DeLand, and continues up to Pierson in the north.  The Eastern border consists of Daytona Beach and the many cities along the eastern coast. Between the Western border and the Eastern border, there is a massive amount of land that is not incorporated into any city and is effectively under the control of the County Council. ( There are some State Laws and regulations in place that govern this massive amount of land in Central Volusia.  However, as we have recently seen, state laws and regulations can be modified.)

   If our state government, our county government, and our city governments had one scintilla of common sense, they would have worked jointly to entice high technology corporations to build and open businesses in the Central Volusia region.  This common sense approach would have created many high paying 21st. Century jobs for our region.  It would have been very helpful for our citizens.  Also, it could have been done with very little impact upon our environment and it could have been a win/win situation for everyone.  We could have limited the building permits to environmentally friendly businesses only.  Other states have done this.

   So, how can we summarize these facts?  Since government is broken on all levels, our region is not getting any high technology jobs.  But the People should not worry.  We can gamble our way to wealth.  Can’t all gamblers be big winners?

                                 R. Van Conoley

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