Independent Presidential Candidates 2012: Part 2

   As a retired math teacher with an MBA Degree, I enjoy investing in the stock market.  The 2008 economic depression really surprised me by the magnitude of economic loss and the incredible stupidity of the government of the U.S.  There are still millions of honest and hard working Americans attempting to recover from this tragedy.  I have friends in the region where I live who are now working two jobs and making less than they did five years ago with one job.  The statistics do not look good for 2011.

   Since my wife and I are both retired, I suppose that it is not necessary for me to pursue my hobby of investing by studying economic and financial data.  Yet, I do.  I am seriously troubled by what I see.  What America needs is an individual who can cure America’s economic burdens without traveling the established roads of corruption so firmly implanted into our society by the Democrat Crooks and the Republican Crooks.

   I believe that Mayor Mike Bloomberg has all of the necessary qualifications to become President of the U.S.  He has integrity, common sense, honesty, and a proven track record of achievement.  He earned his money in the private sector through honesty and hard work.  There is no doubt in my mind that Mike Bloomberg would make a great President and would repair the economic problems that exist in America today.  If we, as Americans, fail to face reality, our economy will only worsen. 

   However, as I write this article, I have a booklet on the armrest of my easy chair.  The booklet was published by United We Stand America and was given to me in August, 1995, when my wife and I traveled to Dallas, Texas, to attend the convention organized by Ross Perot.  There are a series of famous speakers listed in the booklet that had many nice sounding words for the People.  They included: Dick Armey,  Haley Barbour, David Boren, Tom Daschle, Chris Dodd, Pete Domenici, Richard Gephardt, etc, etc. 

   To me, Ross Perot was a great American.  However, he was not ready “to stay the distance.”  Is Mike Bloomberg ready “to stay the distance?”  Good luck.

                          R. Van Conoley

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