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Aphorisms: Part 8

To bring forth self-improvement, a person must have self-awareness of what he is and must be able to see himself clearly.  Sadly, the individuals who desire a new identity are the same individuals with the least self-awareness.  Often, they have … Continue reading

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Stealing Your Social Security – Part 1

   You may be wondering what the Congressional Crooks have planned for 2011.  With the largest National Debt in the history of the U.S. and many other serious economic problems, I would anticipate that Congress plans to debate gay rights … Continue reading

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Suggestions To the Royal Family

   His Royal Highness, Prince William, soon plans to marry.  From many Americans, the reaction is: ” Who cares?”    Well I certainly do.  As an American of English,  Irish, Welsh, and Scottish ancestry, I have had to go through … Continue reading

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Women’s Breasts and Stem Cells

   The first question that needs to be asked is: ” What is a stem cell?”  Let me answer that question in a way that is easily understandable by everyone.  A friend of mine recently had a skin cancer removed … Continue reading

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The Corruptocracy

   The United States has changed from a constitutional republic to a corruptocracy.  A corruptocracy is a word that I “coined” to describe our country.  A corruptocracy is any government that was founded on democratic ideals and has a founding … Continue reading

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Bush’s Decision Points

   President George W. Bush’s book titled: DECISION POINTS is in bookstores everywhere and on bookshelves in public libraries across the United States.  This is Bush’s attempt to rewrite history.  The sad thing is that some readers may believe that … Continue reading

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Facts and More Facts – Part 2

On ceremonial occasions, central Australian Walibri men from different tribes greet each other by shaking penises, not hands.                                                                      ********************************************************************************** Mt. Athos, in Macedonia, is a self-governed monastic state comprised of twenty monasteries.  The monks ban all females, human and animal.  … Continue reading

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Men Contemplating Marriage

   More than several decades have passed since my wife and I got married.  While my wife deserves a lot of credit for keeping me as her “big cuddly bear,” I feel compelled to advise some of the younger gentleman … Continue reading

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The Nobel Peace Prize for Terrorism Twice Over

   Many people forget the aphorism: ” One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter.”  This essay examines two terrorists and may help to explain a third terrorist. Menachem Begin – was born on August 16, 1913, in Poland.  During … Continue reading

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Website Ethics

   Operating a website requires a set of values.  When I started a website, I had to make value judgements about the structure and nature of my website. covers a lot of topics and I attempt to present many … Continue reading

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