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Aphorisms: Part 8

To bring forth self-improvement, a person must have self-awareness of what he is and must be able to see himself clearly.  Sadly, the individuals who desire a new identity are the same individuals with the least self-awareness.  Often, they have … Continue reading

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Stealing Your Social Security – Part 1

   You may be wondering what the Congressional Crooks have planned for 2011.  With the largest National Debt in the history of the U.S. and many other serious economic problems, I would anticipate that Congress plans to debate gay rights … Continue reading

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Suggestions To the Royal Family

   His Royal Highness, Prince William, soon plans to marry.  From many Americans, the reaction is: ” Who cares?”    Well I certainly do.  As an American of English,  Irish, Welsh, and Scottish ancestry, I have had to go through … Continue reading

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Women’s Breasts and Stem Cells

   The first question that needs to be asked is: ” What is a stem cell?”  Let me answer that question in a way that is easily understandable by everyone.  A friend of mine recently had a skin cancer removed … Continue reading

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The Corruptocracy

   The United States has changed from a constitutional republic to a corruptocracy.  A corruptocracy is a word that I “coined” to describe our country.  A corruptocracy is any government that was founded on democratic ideals and has a founding … Continue reading

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Facts and More Facts – Part 2

On ceremonial occasions, central Australian Walibri men from different tribes greet each other by shaking penises, not hands.                                                                      ********************************************************************************** Mt. Athos, in Macedonia, is a self-governed monastic state comprised of twenty monasteries.  The monks ban all females, human and animal.  … Continue reading

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Men Contemplating Marriage

   More than several decades have passed since my wife and I got married.  While my wife deserves a lot of credit for keeping me as her “big cuddly bear,” I feel compelled to advise some of the younger gentleman … Continue reading

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The Nobel Peace Prize for Terrorism Twice Over

   Many people forget the aphorism: ” One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter.”  This essay examines two terrorists and may help to explain a third terrorist. Menachem Begin – was born on August 16, 1913, in Poland.  During … Continue reading

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Website Ethics

   Operating a website requires a set of values.  When I started a website, I had to make value judgements about the structure and nature of my website. covers a lot of topics and I attempt to present many … Continue reading

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Aphorisms: Part 7

It is strange that much that can be achieved by faith can also be achieved by frivolity.  If faith rejects the present, frivolity makes a joke of the present and disregards it.  Both the devout and the utterly frivolous are … Continue reading

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