Aphorisms: Part 7

It is strange that much that can be achieved by faith can also be achieved by frivolity.  If faith rejects the present, frivolity makes a joke of the present and disregards it.  Both the devout and the utterly frivolous are capable of self sacrifice. ****************************************************************************              Our sense of power is greater when we break an individuals spirit than when we win an individuals heart.  We can win an individuals heart one day and lose it the next.  But when we break a proud spirit, we achieve something that is final and absolute.*************************************************************************** Absolute  power desires simplicity.  It wants simple problems, simple solutions, and simple definitions.  Absolute power views complexity as a form of weakness.  Those individuals who can not simplify a “complexity” can never assume a role of true leadership effectively.                                            ***********************************************************************************

Modern man is weighed down more by the burden of responsibility than the burden of sin.  Many view an individual who shoulders their responsibilities as a greater savior than an individual who shoulders their sins.        ***********************************************************************************

The only way for a person to predict the future is to have the power to shape the future.  Those in possession of absolute power can predict the future and make their predictions come true.  Much more importantly, they can lie and make their lies come true.                            ***************************************************

It is very strange that a preoccupation with the future not only prevents us from seeing the present as it really is,  but it often prompts us to counterfeit the past.  To enter the future, we need a passport.  Too often it is a forged passport.  ************

A person can not dream passionately of the future without making a counterfeit of the present.    ********************************************************************

There are many who have grave scruples about deceiving others, but think nothing about deceiving themselves.                               ********************************

Throughout history, action has been the echo of words.  An era of talk was often followed by an era of events and forceful actions.  The new barbarism of the 21st. Century, is the echo of words bandied about by speakers and writers of the past.  ***

A great evil will befall our world when the powerful begin to copy the weak.  The devices which enable the weak to survive are unequaled instruments of oppression and terror when placed in the hands of the strong.   *****************************

However unjust and unreasonable the attitude we assume toward an individual, we seem to set in motion a process which works to corroborate and justify that attitude.  It is hard to believe that when we expose people to hatred, they tend to become hateful.  Our prejudices and our lies have the awesome power to compel individuals into a conforming pattern.  *****************************************

The attempt to justify an evil deed has has more pernicious consequences than the deed itself.  The justification of a past crime is the planting and implementation of future crimes.  Indeed, the repetition of a crime is sometimes part of the device of justification.  We commit the crime over and over again to convince others that it is a common thing and not a serious matter.  **************************************

                              R. Van Conoley

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