Website Ethics

   Operating a website requires a set of values.  When I started a website, I had to make value judgements about the structure and nature of my website. covers a lot of topics and I attempt to present many facts that will help individuals make more informed decisions.  Of course, anything can be misunderstood.  A lady recently asked my if I really wanted to neuter corrupt politicians.  Since she was serious, I attempted to explain the section labeled satire. 

   One of the tools that is in use in the U.S. today is what I refer to as an “attack website.”  The purpose of an attack website is to promote a specific political cause,  or to attack a city or local government.  In fairness, there are a number of websites that promote a specific cause, but too often they support their arguments with false and misleading information.  Young people can sometimes be extremely cruel, and they sometimes attack a classmate on a website.  I read of several individuals who committed suicide after being “verbally abused” on a website.

   While I will not permit unfair and unjustified ad hominem attacks on individuals,  I welcome responsible comments, in English, from  anyone who signs their real name to their correspondence.  I also welcome individual comments from people who disagree with me on any topic presented.  Comments should be limited to a page or less.  The more valid facts that you use to support your issue,  the more likely you are to find your correspondence published. 

                 R. Van Conoley

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  1. Why would you think neutering corrupt politicians is satire? It should go in “Environmental Issues.” Title: Preempting Future Toxic Waste. They sad thing is that these guys have such a sense of entitlement they don’t even know they are corrupt.

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