Facts and More Facts – Part 2

On ceremonial occasions, central Australian Walibri men from different tribes greet each other by shaking penises, not hands.                                                                      **********************************************************************************

Mt. Athos, in Macedonia, is a self-governed monastic state comprised of twenty monasteries.  The monks ban all females, human and animal.  However, chickens, which lay eggs,  and female cats, which catch rats, are tolerated.  *************

One study indicates that people who kiss their spouse goodby in the morning tend to make more money.   **********************************************************

In sixteenth-century Naples, public kissing carried the death penalty. ************

About 74 percent of the brides in the Republic of the Congo are teens.  **********

Girls may marry at the age of eight in Saudi Arabia.  ****************************

In Nepal, about 10 percent of the girls are married before the age of ten.  *********

In five South American countries,  the legal age for girls to marry is twelve. ******

Divorces are not permitted on Malta or in the Philippines.   *********************

Giovanni Vigliotto married 104 women between 1941 and 1981.  He was sentenced to twenty-eight years in jail for bigamy in 1983.  ************************************

In 1922, a twenty-four year old Englishwoman, Theresa Vaughn, was convicted of marrying sixty-two men in five years.  ***************************************

Brigham Young had fifty-five wives.  *******************************************

During the 1200’s, European Noblemen openly displayed their genitals through a hole in the crotch of their tights.  **********************************************

In Stockholm, those with a need can call a “condom ambulance”  which is a white truck with a red winged condom painted on the side.  This service delivers a condom ten pack to the front door.  ***************************************************

Women who are ovulating prefer the scent of, and are sexually attracted to men who have immune genes that are different from their own.  Taking the pill shifts a woman’s  preference toward men who have similar genes, so that when a woman goes off the pill, her attraction toward a mate may go off also.  Scientists suggest that women should select a mate before going on the pill.  ***************************

Prostitution is legal in Rhode Island, as long as it takes place in a private residence.********************************************************************

The first human artificial insemination was performed in 1785. ********************

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