The Corruptocracy

   The United States has changed from a constitutional republic to a corruptocracy.  A corruptocracy is a word that I “coined” to describe our country.  A corruptocracy is any government that was founded on democratic ideals and has a founding document like the U.S. Constitution, but has become corrupt in almost every aspect.  The key to understanding a corruptocracy is that the corrupted government continues to pretend that it is a government for all the People. 

   Recent events have clearly shown that the U.S. Congress is a legislative body of the special interests, by the special interests, and for the special interests.  Is it possible to find a special interest group more corrupt than the big pharmaceutical lobby?  The answer is yes.  Is it possible to find a special interest group even more corrupt than the Banking lobby?  The answer is yes.  This article is a discussion of  corruption on a massive scale.

   So, who is the most corrupt of them all?  By far and away the health care/insurance lobby wins the big prize for absolute corruption. 

   Here are some basic facts.  Fact 1) Most countries around the world offer much better health care to their citizens than the U.S.  Fact 2) Even though health care is better in most other countries, it costs LESS. Fact 3) Using a disinformation campaign, the health care/insurance groups have convinced the American people that health care costs are much higher in other countries. 

   Lets go back to the year 2001 and look at some data that is factual and verifiable.  In 2001, health care spending in the U.S. was $4887 per person.  This was 75% more than the cost in Canada which was $2792 per person.  Also, Canadians can expect to live 2.5 years longer than Americans.  In that same year, American health care spending was 205% greater than Spain’s.  The Japanese insure all of their citizens at 41% the cost of the U.S. and the  life expectancy in Japan was 80.9 years.  Also, the World Health Organization, ( WHO ), ranked the U.S. 29th. among countries. 

   Here is a personal example of how bad medical care is in the U.S.  I have a very close friend who is a small businessman in Central Florida.  My friend met and later married a lady from Costa Rica.  He and his wife and both of their sons are American citizens living in Central Florida.  But since my friend is married to a Costa Rician by birth, everybody is covered under the Costa Rician system.  My friend, his wife, and his two sons fly to Costa Rica to meet friends yearly, and once down there, they all get their yearly physicals.  The physicals are free.  So, you ask, ” Why doesn’t your friend buy health insurance here in the U.S.?”  You can not buy something unless someone will sell it to you. 

   The health care system in the U.S. simply refuses to sell health insurance to any individual who poses a risk to the profitability of a health insurance provider.  What kind of a system will sell insurance to a husband, but refuses to sell a policy to the wife for any amount?  The obvious answer is that model fits a corrupt and profit driven system.

   The big health care/insurance industry, through extraordinary contributions to select members of Congress, made certain that there was no FEDERAL law that established fair and understandable health care regulation.  This, in effect, allowed the health care/insurance industry to “buy” state insurance commissioners and regulators.  While many insurance commissioners on the state levels were elected, would you care to guess who funded their campaigns?  This in turn led to the ability for large health care providers to “fix” rates.  This resulted in health care price fixing on the Trillion dollar level.  Big Pharma and the Bankers can not even begin to generate such unethical profits.  And believe me both Big Pharma and the Bankers take all they can get. 

   Medicare fraud in the U.S. is a public disgrace.  It is absolutely shameful that the U.S. Government has not acted more forcefully against Medicare crooks who commit fraud against all of the People.  However, to fully apprteciate the direction the U.S. is taking, lets take a look at Richard Lynn Scott better known as Rick Scott.  Rick Scott was one of the founders of the Columbia Hospital Corporation in 1987.  This corporation merged with the Hospital Corporation of America in 1989 to become Columbia/HCA.  Mr. Scott was forced to resign as CEO of Columbia/HCA in 1997.  The resignation involved the company’s Medicare billing practices.  The company finally admitted to fourteen felonies and agreed to pay the government over $600 million.  Now it seems to me that the corporate shield should have been pierced and members of this corporation should have been prosecuted for Medicare fraud.  Possibly you feel the same way, so you need to learn how the U.S. Government decides who and when to prosecute.  ( Please refer to” Bush’s Decision Points” on this website for details.  )  Rick Scott was elected Governor of Florida on November 2, 2010, and will assume office in January, 2011.  Need I say more?

                                R. Van Conoley

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  1. R. Van Conoley says:

    The Republicans have announced that they plan to undo legislation passed by the last Congress regarding healthcare. This is simply going to create more gridlock between the Republican Crooks and the Democrat Crooks in Congress and will create nothing for the citizens of America. A much better idea would be to explain to the American People how so many countries around the world have better healthcare for far less costs. You might wish to direct your representative to the article titled: ” The Corruptocracy.” R. Van Conoley

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