Aphorisms: Part 8

To bring forth self-improvement, a person must have self-awareness of what he is and must be able to see himself clearly.  Sadly, the individuals who desire a new identity are the same individuals with the least self-awareness.  Often, they have turned away from an unwanted self and hence have never taken a good look at themselves.  These individuals are transparent and their unwanted qualities persist in spite of all attempts at self-transformation.   *************************************

Lack of sensitivity is basically an unawareness of ourselves.   **********************

There are some people who continually engage in an effort of self-proselytizing.  Whenever they talk or write, it is to themselves.  They are continuously engaged in talking or writing themselves into a conviction or more likely an illusion. **********

Those who remain in the dark about their own motives are strangers to themselves.  Those individuals have extraordinary powers of self-delusion.  *********************

Lack of self-awareness renders us transparent.  A soul that knows itself is opaque. **

The most sensitive among us can not be as observant of themselves as the least sensitive are observant of others.   ************************************************

Each era demands a particular kind of God.  There are eras where people can believe in a far off God in heaven.  There are eras where people can only believe in a tangible God.  ***************************************************************************

We do not worry about our footing when we are ready to jump.  It is when we have nowhere to jump that we begin to worry about the soundness of our position. *****

It is remarkable how much a pinch of malice enhances the penetrating power of an idea or an opinion.  It seems that our ears are strongly attuned to the sneers and evil reports about our fellow man.   ***************************************************

Of all the ways of filling a person’s life and creating the illusion of purpose and worth, none seems so effective as the voluntary subjugation to a set of duties.  ****

The basic test of freedom is not in what we are free to do, but in what we are free not to do.  It is the freedom to refrain, withdraw, and abstain that makes a totalitarian regime impossible.   ***************************************************************

It is impossible to think clearly in understatements.  Thought is a process of exaggeration.  The refusal to exaggerate is frequently an alibi for not thinking. ****

                                    R. Van Conoley

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