Part 1 – Murder In America

   With the recent shooting of Congresswoman Gabrielle Gifford,  the talk radio psychos have started an absolutely psychotic frenzy of psychobabble and gobbledygook. 

   A right wing talk radio psycho stated: “……..  if there had been more republicans and conservatives at Congresswoman Gifford’s rally,  then there would have been more armed citizens at the rally and then the gunman would have been likely shot down quickly ……….”

    A left wing TV psycho stated: ”   ….  We do not need to read the Constitution.  The republicans and the supporters of the gun lobby always talk about the second amendment.  The issue is the size of the magazine in the pistol………. ”

   Where do they get these psychos from?  I often wonder what planet these people came from or how they managed to escape from the institution.  There are a small number of exceptions in the media who manage to speak sensibly.

   Are you ready for some SANITY and some COMMON SENSE? If you answered yes, you came to the correct website.  First, lets look at some facts.

   I will begin this SANE  analysis by presenting some facts.  FACTS first and opinions at a later time.  I begin the factual statements by presenting FACTS  about shootings in our public education system.  Below is a list that gives:  1) The name of the institution or school; 2) Location; 3) Date; 4) Number of victims.

1) Univ. of Texas Massacre; Austin, Texas;  Aug/1/1966;  16.           2) SC State Killings;  Orangeburg,  South Carolina;  Feb/8/1968; 3.         3) Olean High School Shooting; Olean, NY; Dec/30/1974;  3.         4) Clevland Elemantary School Shootings; San Diego, CA;  Jan/29/19979;  2.     5) Deer Creek Middle School Shootings;  Littleton, Colorado;  Apr/7/1982;  1.       6) Parkway Middle School Shootings; Manchester, Missouri; Jan/20/1983; 2.              …………………………………….  …………………………………..  36)  Heath High School Shootings; Paducah, Kentucky;  Dec/1/1997;  3.      37) Westside Middle School Shootings;  Jonesboro, Arkansas;  Mar/24/1008;  5.          ………..    ……     40) Columbine High School Massacre;  Littleton, Colorado;  Apr/20/1000; 15.        …….   ……………………..   44)  Lake Worth Middle School Shooting;  Lake Worth, Florida;  May/26/2000; 1.     ………………….   ….  60)  Essex Elementary School;  Essex, Vermont;  Aug/24/2006; 2.                        ………………………………………………….

   There is not space enough to list all of the public school shootings. However, if you GOOGLE  school shooting, you can select from many sources.  Wikipedia will fill in the above list through the Aug/24/2006 shootings. 

    The Heath Shootings in Paducah, Kentucky, are typical of a pattern.  On Dec/1/1997. Michael Carneal brought three weapons to school.  However, he only used one, a .22 caliber pistol to kill 3 and injure 5 others.  He was captured and entered into a plea deal.  He was 14 years old.  In 2007, Carneal filed an appeal claiming that he was too mentally ill to have entered into a plea deal and demanded a new trial. 

   I studied the Carneal murders in detail since both my wife and I were teaching in South Florida at the time.  I told my wife that the Carneal murders would bring another incident like it to another public school and it might be just as bad.  I was wrong, it was far worse.

   On March/24/1998, two students planned and implemented an unspeakable crime.  This was only four months after the Carneal murders.  The perpetrators were 13 year old Mitchell Johnson and 11 year old Andrew Golden.  On the night before the shootings , Golden assisted Johnson in loading his mother’s Dodge Van with camping supplies,  food, and seven weapons.  The weapons were two semi-automatic rifles, one bolt action rifle, and four handguns.

   The next morning in Jonesboro, Arkansas,  the two boys drove the Van to the middle school. After they arrived, Golden pulled the school fire alarm while Johnson carried the weapons to the woods outside the school.  Golden then ran to the woods to join his friend.  When the children and the teachers filed out of the school, the two boys opened fire.  They killed four female students and one teacher.  They wounded ten others.  They attempted escape, but were captured by the police.  These were the two youngest people in American history to be charged with mass murder. 

    The punishment ( or lack of punishment ) is the issue in this case.  Under Arkansas Law, both boys were sentenced to confinment until they reached the age of FOURTEEN!  Federal authorities added additional charges and both boys were confined until the age of 21 years.  Johnson was released on Aug/11/2005, and  Golden was released on May/25/2007.  People in Jonesboro and throughout the U.S. were outraged that these two cold blooded murderers were free and UNDER NO LEGAL SUPERVISION AND HAVE NO CRIMINAL RECORD AND WILL BE FREE TO PURCHASE FIREARMS. Judge Ralph Wilson commented: ” This is a case where punishment will not fit the crime.”

   The Columbine High Massacre occurred on April/20/1999, in Colorado.  Like Jonesboro, two students worked as a team to murder their classmates.  Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold embarked on a murder spree that killed 12 students and one teacher.  The pair committed suicide.

    Hathaniel Brazil was a 13 year old student at Lake Worth Middle School.  He shot and killed at point blank range 35 year old Barry Grunow.  Grunow was a teacher at the school and Brazil was his student.  Brazil did not enter a plea and was found guilty at trial.  He remains in state prison in Florida.   

    In Part 1 – Murder In America, I only wanted to present facts.  In Part 2 – Murder In America, I will present some opinions based on these facts and discuss juvenile crime in America. 

                                   R. Van Conoley

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