Gene Stump, Herb Moody, and Greg France: Three Good Neighbors

   The thing that I enjoyed the most about campaigning for a candidate or issue is that it gave me an opportunity to meet many interesting people. 

   I met Gene Stump in 2005 and I am glad to have him as a friend.  Gene was born in Indiana in 1933, and joined the U.S. Air Force after he graduated from high school.  He was active in the Air Force from 1951 until 1971 and he served our country in both Korea and Vietnam.  He was awarded the Bronze Star for his service.  Gene has been active in politics in this region.  He sought office on both the city level and the county level.  His common sense ideas have proven to be helpful to the residents of Volusia County. 

   I met Herb Moody in 2005, when I knocked on his front door and told him that I was a candidate for public office.  Before I could say more, Herb started talking and informed me, in detail, that he did not think too highly of politicians.  He talked on this subject for at least five minutes.  When he finished, Herb said: ” So what do you have to say to that?” I replied that he thought a lot like me and that we might be related since we were both of Irish ancestry.

    Herb invited me inside and I met his wife, Gwen.  It turns out that Herb has a remarkable background in the natural sciences.  He owned his own computer business from 1953 to 1980.  He has also worked in scientific research and was a talk radio show host.  He worked as a teacher for nine years and attempted to modernize the curriculum in the natural sciences.  I am glad that I have Herb as a friend and a neighbor.

   I met Greg France in 2005 when I was campaigning.  He graduated from high school in Maryland and earned his A.A. Degree and his B.S. Degree in Maryland.  After completing his B.S. in Business and Public administration,  Greg moved to Orlando to accept a position with Dunn and Bradstreet.  Greg later moved on to accept employment with Seminole County government where he worked for eighteen years. 

    Greg decided that more education was a good idea and earned an M.P.A. Degree from the University of Central Florida.  He was soon recruited to work in the newly incorporated City of Deltona.  He was recruited from Deltona to work in Daytona Beach. 

   Greg was elected to the DeBary City Council and has also sought election to the Volusia County Council.  I am glad to have Greg as a friend and as a neighbor.

   If any residents are interested, two City Council seats are open for election in 2011.  The Honorable Jack Lenzen will finish his second term in December, 2011, and he is not allowed to seek re-election.  His seat will be up for election in 2011.  Also, Mayor Robert Garcia will finish his  term in December, 2011.  His seat is up for election and Mayor Garcia may seek election again.  Mr. Garcia is in his first term.  Mr. Lenzen is in his second term. 

                                            R. Van Conoley

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