Attack On The Liberty

   I received a newsletter from the U.S.S. Liberty Veteran’s Association.  I am not a veteran of the U.S.S. Liberty but,  I have been reading their newsletter for years.  The first book that I read about this tragic incident was written by James Ennes, if I recall correctly. 

    James Scott is a journalist and the son of a  surviving LIBERTY officer, John Scott.  Mr.  Scott has incorporated newly declassified information into his book.  In June, 1967, the state of Israel attacked an American ship in international waters and killed 34 Americans and wounded 171 others.  Autographed copies of this book are available at the USS Liberty bookstore at $25.00 each including freight.  You may contact   You  may contact Ernie Gallo at 386-446-6855 or Joe Meadows at 361-387-6699 if you wish information regarding a public presentation. 

   There are no men who have served America who were braver than the men on the LIBERTY.    They deserve our respect forever and our appreciation for their service.  Sadly, our own government has lied to the American People about this incident.  This book is required reading for Americans.  Written correspondence may be sent to:

Stan White, Editor;   USS LIBERTY NEWSLETTER;    11360  3000 North Avenue;   Walnut, IL. 61376.   

   The title of the new book by Mr. Scott is:  ATTACK ON THE LIBERTY: The Untold Story of Israel’s Deadly Assault on a U.S. Spy Ship.  I suggest that you make certain that your local library obtains a copy for the new book section.

                                   R. Van Conoley

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2 Responses to Attack On The Liberty

  1. Ernie Gallo says:

    As a USS Liberty Survivor, I want to thank Mr. Conoley for his article. The book “Attack on the Liberty” by James Scott is a honest and objective account of the attack and related information. Because I was an eye witness, I can assure everyone that the attack was deliberate and the Navy Court of Inquiry or anyother document that says differently are false and inaccaurate. Therefore, the crew of the USS Liberty is fighting a state lie and because the attacking country is Israel, we are then labeled anti-semitic. America needs the truth of the attack and the details of what the crew (American Patriots) have experienced since. The USS Liberty Veterans Association will fight until our deaths for public truth by our government. Please read this book, go to, and other sources and discover this current American trajedy is taking place while our politicans have lost all sense of objectivity when it comes to our Middle East Policies. God bless America and its ideals.

  2. R. Van Conoley says:

    It is I who owe you thanks for your service to America. Possibly you might enjoy reading my article about how the Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to two terrorists. As far as anti-Semitism is involved, I do believe that one of the past presidents of the USS Liberty Association was of the Jewish faith. Most respectfully, R. Van Conoley PS.- I believe that his name was Golden if memory serves me correctly. Please let me know if I am correct on this statement.

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