Religious Thoughts On The Anti-Christ

   My favorite uncle, Judge Ray Pearson, was president of the Council for Christians and Jews in South Florida for many years.  Uncle Ray passed away not too long ago and I thought that it might be a nice gesture to honor him by sending a contribution to this organization.  It seems that this  organization is not exactly as I remember it from the late 1950’s and 1960’s.  So I decided to search around for an organization that was similar to the way the Council use to be.

   I was recently given a copy of a newsletter from what I can only describe as a ” far right wing Christian organization.”  In case you missed this newsletter, it had two main points.  They were: 1) The people of Israel are very special to God, and 2) The anti-Christ will soon appear on earth.  At the bottom of the page about the anti-Christ, there were three pictures.  The first picture was of the President of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.  The second picture was of the President of China, Hu Jintao.  The third picture was of the de facto leader of Russia, Vladimir Putin.  The message was not very subtle and very political in nature.

   Addressing the first message, I believe that all people on earth are special to God and God does not favor one group over another.

   Addressing the second message, I do not believe that the “Christian theologian” has given the anti-Christ enough credit for evil.  I believe that the anti-Christ will make his evil presence known by corrupting a major world religious order.  One of the ways to corrupt a worldwide religious order is to allow that order to own, operate, and control a large bank.  By using the bank to launder money and involve itself in fraud in order to increase the assets of a religious order would indeed be anti-Christian and an example of greed that violates the teaching of Jesus.  Also, this religious order might promote evil by aiding and abetting Nazi War Criminals by issuing passports and other false documents to help known war criminals evade justice.  Finally this religious order would permit some of its religious leaders to sexually molest children AND THEN COVER UP THIS EVIL AGAIN AND AGAIN IN ORDER TO PROTECT THE ASSETS OF THE ORDER. 

   The above is how I personally believe that the anti-Christ will appear upon this earth.  The only thing of greater evil is for good and decent people to ignore evil like this and remain silent.

                                                  R. Van Conoley

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