Part 4- Independent Presidential Candidate 2012

   Robert B. Reich is an economist, professor,  author, and political commentator.  He served in the administrations of President Ford, President Carter, and President Clinton.  He is a graduate of Darmouth, Oxford, and Yale Law School. 

   Mr. Reich’s ability to explain complex economic issues in a clear and understandable manner is a testament to both his financial accuman and his common sense.  He is in touch with both Wall Street and Main Street.  His ability to delineate many viable economic options is exactly what America needs in these difficult economic times. urges Robert Reich to seek the office of President in 2012 as an independent.  

   Mr. Reich has served America very well as an assistant to three presidents.  It is now time for Mr. Reich to consider serving America as president.  Mr. Reich has the ability to work with Congress and return our country to a state of economic sanity and ameliorate the many economic difficulties caused by the labefaction of the office of president that existed under Mr. Bush and Mr. Obama. 

   In his recent book, AFTERSHOCK,  Mr. Reich explains many arcane and labyrinthine aspects of the American economy while sedulously eschewing any attempt to bowdlerize his chrestomathic and somewhat alembicated prose.  The anthropolatry by both the far right and the far left of their respective ideologues causes me to vaticinate that the ophelimity enunciated by Mr. Reich would not discourage these soi-disant sans-culottes from supporting doppelganers from their ideological past.  However, it would require no fourberie or legerdemain for Mr. Reich to acquire a vast majority of moderate Americans as his epigoni.

                                               R. Van Conoley

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