I just wrote a check to the USS Liberty Veteran’s Association.  I suggest that you do the same if possible.  The yearly dues are only $20.00, but you can write a check for more.  Send your contribution to :  USS Liberty Veteran’s Association;  c/o Blazer Brusa Sales;  4994 Lower Roswell Road- # 33;  Marietta, GA. 30068.  It is suggested that you write to the attention of Moe Shafer. 

   If you are somewhat like me, you really hate how the federal government lies to the American people over and over again.  Your contribution will go to an honest group of people who have established a great organization.  More importantly, your membership in this organization will help send a strong message to the political crooks in Washington, D.C.

   Also, I have been reading the excellent book titled: ATTACK ON THE LIBERTY.  The author, John Scott, is very talented and the book is factual and very readable. 

    The following are the names of the 34 Americans who were murdered by Israel in the unneeded and unprovoked attack on an American ship in international waters on June 8, 1967.  No words are adequate to express my appreciation for their service to the United States.        William B. Allenbaugh;    Philip McC. Armstrong,Jr.;    Gary R. Blanchard;    Allen M. Blue;    Francis Brown;    Ronnie J. Campbell;    Jerry L. Converse;    Robert B. Eisenberg;    Jerry L. Goss;    Curtis A. Graves;    Lawrence P. Hayden;    Warren E. Hersey;    Alan Higgins;    Carl L, Hoar;    Richard W. Keene, Jr.;    James L. Lenau;    Raymond E. Linn;    James M. Lupton;    Dwayne R. Marggraf;    David W. Marlborough;    Anthony P. Mendle;    Carl C. Nygren;           James C. Pierce;    Jack L. Raper;    Edward E. Rehmeyer, III;    David Skolak;          John C. Smith, Jr.;    Melvin D. Smith;    John C. Spicher;    Alexander N. Thompson, Jr.;    Thomas R. Thornton;    Philippe C. Tiedtke;    Stephen S. Toth;                         Frederick J. Walton.  

                                                  R. Van Conoley

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