Person of the Year for 2010

    Charlotte Greenbarg was selected as person of the year for 2010 by 

    Ms. Greenbarg’s work to support open, honest, clean, and efficient government in Florida has gone on for decades.  Many years ago, Ms. Greenbarg attempted to work within the establishment by serving as head of the PTA -PTSA of Dade County, Florida.  She worked within the system to help the school board  convince the public to vote for a bond issue to improve public education.  She was astounded and dismayed to observe that the public funds were ” poured down a well of corruption and incompetence.”   She was also dismayed to observe that the print media would publish anything handed to them by the Dade County School System without attempting to verify the accuracy of the report. 

   In 1990, Ms. Greenbarg and others started a statewide organization to advocate for educational reforms and accountability.  She has worked to improve the exceptional student program ( ESE ) on both the local and state levels.  She has worked to help poor and minority students and she has worked against corruption inside teacher’s unions. 

    Ms. Greenbarg presently holds the position of Vice President of Independent Voices for Better Education also known as IVBE.  IVBE is represented by the Pacific Legal Foundation in efforts to improve public education in Florida.  All donations to IVBE are fully tax deductible under IRS rules for 501 (c) (3) corporations.  Ms. Greenbarg lives in South Florida and she can be reached at 954-927-9902.  She can also be reached at  She is a gentle and kind lady who displays the highest levels of honesty and integrity.  She also has the ability to become a county school board’s worst nightmare if the board is misappropriating public funds to support a mindless bureaucracy or to misuse funds intended for the student’s welfare. 

                                          R. Van Conoley

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  1. charlotte says:

    Thank you so much, Van. I’m honored and look forward to seeing real education reform and accountablity nationwide.

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