Reduce the Number of Public School Administrators

   Because the Democrat crooks and the Republican Crooks in the U.S. Congress have increased the National Debt to over $ 14 Trillion, you can be sure that somebody is going to have to pay for this.  Since the Bush-Obama “Welfare for the rich and the super-rich” remains firmly in place, the burden will fall on the working and middle income taxpayers as it has for over a decade.  

   But corruption and political incompetency does not end with our congressional crooks.  America has an abundance of political crooks in our state ” laughislatures” in all fifty states.  What many average people fail to realize is that the state “laughislatures”  have created economic problems on a state level that are as bad as what our congressional crooks have created on the national level.  The Democrat crooks and the Republican crooks on the state level have allowed state backed public pension funds to be greatly unfunded and underfunded. Once again, our political crooks are going to attempt to place their irresponsible actions on the backs of the working and middle income citizens.

   Public school education is an area that is going to be greatly reduced in funding sources over the next decade. strongly supports a reduction in public education funding, but ONLY FOR CERTAIN AREAS. is opposed to any reductions in the number of employees for school bus drivers, school cafeteria workers, school janitors, and school teachers. strongly supports reductions in the number of public school administrators.  In Florida, state law requires that each county school system have a school superintendent.  Each school must have ONE school principal.  GET RID OF ALL OF THE REST OF THE ADMINISTRATIVE BUFFOONS.  Get rid of ALL of the assistant principals, all of the assistants to the principal, all of the deputy superintendents, all of the assistant deputy superintendents, all of the associate superintendents, all of the assistant associate superintendents, all of the assistant superintendents, all of the regional directors,  all of the area directors, etc, etc, etc. 

   Let these bureaucratic buffoons go out into the real world and get real jobs in the private sector.  Many corrupt Florida school systems, like Broward County, have used this multilayered bureaucracy to reward their political friends at taxpayer expense.  If Govenor Scott needs to hear more details, I would be glad to talk to him and share my data that I have gathered over a 30 year period.

                                                            R. Van Conoley

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