Save the Dogs in Japan

   Almost 4,000 dogs served in Vietnam.  As American forces withdrew in 1973, the military classified the dogs as surplus to be left behind.  Many of these dogs perished and many of the dog handlers were traumatized by having to leave their faithful companions behind.

   The military has since changed this  policy and military dogs are now returned to the U.S. when they retire. 

   Since the military is sending dogs rescued in Afghanistan and Iraq back to the U.S.,  possibly the military could rescue some of the abandoned dogs in Japan.  In Japan, the number of owners who were forced to abandon their pets is so high that Japanese authorities are devising new ways of disposing of them.   It is a policy that some Japanese animal lovers find hard to accept.  So do I.

                                                              R. Van Conoley

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  1. R. Van Conoley says:

    Great response in one day! Another record! In one day readers visited from 15 foreign countries. U.S. readers visited from 24 states. Readers came from 27 different cities in Florida!! I regret that I can not recommend an animal rescue organization that you interested individuals could donate to. Remember, Japan alone has legal control in this matter. Hopefully the Japanese authorities may find time to help rescue some of the abandoned animals. The entire world appears very sympathetic to the Japanese people and many people have expressed an interest in helping the abandoned dogs. Thank you for the many kind responses. R. Van Conoley April/14/2011

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