Part 2 – Jack Wilson’s Sword

   Jack Wilson, a DeBary resident, stated before the city council that size matters.  He then stated: ” … My sword is bigger than your sword…”  These turgid words became a major topic of discussion on Mr. Erickson’s website. 

   Today will penetrate the implicit meaning behind Jack Wilson’s words and will plunge to the naked truth by evaluating three hypotheses.

   Hypothesis # 1 ( THE CONFUSION THEORY )  Some people have stated that they thought Mr. Wilson appeared confused and somewhat disoriented.  This, if true, might have been caused by some medication or by unusually high levels of beta-amyloid in the cerebral cortex. 

   Hypothesis # 2 ( THE SEXUAL OBSESSION THEORY ) – Some have suggested that sexual obsession might be involved.  Others fear that Mr. Wilson might be attempting to imitate Tucker Max and Charlie Sheen.

   Hypothesis # 3  ( THE GENIUS THEORY ) – Some people believe that Jack Wilson is a genius who purposely used psycholinguists in a unique manner to promote discussion of a topic that will promote the welfare of all DeBary residents. 

    After very careful analysis, rejects hypothesis # 1 and rejects hypothesis # 2.  It is indeed clear that Mr. Wilson used psycholinguistics to engender a meaningful discussion.

   When Mr. Wilson stated that size matters, he was obviously referring to the field of nanotechnology.  Nanotechnology is the study of manipulating matter on the atomic scale.  Nanotechnology deals with matter that is 100 nanometers or less in all dimensions. 

    Obviously Mr. Wilson was fully aware of the high levels of unemployment in Volusia County and the U.S.  He was obviously attempting to advocate for new nanotechnology jobs in Volusia County.

    Yes, size matters.  In the field of nanotechnology, Mr. Wilson knows that smaller is better.

                                                                  R. Van Conoley

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