The Broward County Public Schools Cesspool Overflows Again

    Diana Wasserman-Rubin was elected to the Broward County Public School System several times before she was elected to the Broward County Commission in 2000.  Ms. Wasserman-Rubin resigned from the Broward County Commission in 2010 after being charged with SEVEN counts of receiving unlawful compensation.  These felonies carry a maxium penalty of 75 years and fines up to $ 55,000.00. 

   Richard Rubin, the husband of Ms. Wasserman-Rubin, was very recently charged with FEDERAL tax evasion. Ms. Wasserman-Rubin is the second former school board member waiting to go to trial.  Another Broward School board member remains in jail after conviction. ( Possibly singing to the authorities!) has published several previous articles about the Broward County Public Schools Cesspool.  The author of this article is familiar with the fraud, waste, abuse, mismanagement, Nepotism, racism, and generalized incompetency that so characterizes the Broward County Public Schools Cesspool. 

   THIS ARTICLE EXPOSES ONE OF THE SCAMS USED BY CROOKED BOARD MEMBERS AND CROOKED PUBLIC SCHOOL ADMINISTRATORS TO STEAL PUBLIC TAX DOLLARS.  Here is how the scam works.  Let’s say that Ms. X gets elected to the Broward School Board.  NOW THE SCHOOL ADMINISTRATIVE CROOKS WANT TO CONTROL HOW MS. X VOTES.  They want this so they can also steal public tax money and give themselves and their friends raises and BONUSES.  Soon asfter election, Ms. X meets with a top level administrator.  A REALLY SHORT CONVERSATION ESTABLISHES IF THE NEW BOARD MEMBER WISHES TO DIP INTO  TAXPAYER MONEY.  If Ms. X signals to the administrator that she is ready, willing, and able to sell her soul to a group of corrupt administrators, the business deal begins.  The sleazy administrator tells the crooked board member that each principal in each school has DISCRETIONARY money available.  Discretionary money is taxpayer money that a principal can spend FOR HIS/HER SCHOOL WITHOUT SCHOOL BOARD APPROVAL.  The amount when I lived in Broward county was $ 5,000.00.  This means that a school principal can spend up to $ 5,000.00 for his school WITHOUT BOARD APPROVAL.  Sums greater than $ 5K require a vote by the board and a record for public information. 

   Now suppose that the crooked school board member has a girlfriend, boyfriend, or other “friend” who is willing to act as the BAGMAN.  The administrative crook would then advise the crooked board member to instruct her bag man to designate themselves as a CONSULTANT or A MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKER.  Once the bag man had a few cards printed as a SPEAKER or as a CONSULTANT, then a principal would meet with the bag man.  Let’s go with MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKER since ANYONE CAN CALL THEMSELVES A MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKER.  The bag man, with an understanding from the schoolprincipal, would go to the designated school and deliver A GREAT SPEECH that might take an hour.  The bag man would then get $ 5,000.00 in compensation for his hard work.  Now suppose this scam happens 20 times a year.  That is $ 100,000.00 cash for about 20 hours of work and it is ALL LEGAL.  NOT ETHICAL. but legal.  The bag man and the corrupt board member are now free to divide up the money. 

     I was a political activist who wanted to clean up the cesspool of corruption in the Broward schools. The administrative crooks did everything on God’s earth to keep information from me, yet I knew of this scam and it was common knowledge in Broward County.  YES, SOME HONEST PEOPLE TRIED TO GO TO THE AUTHORITIES, but they were told that the information was ” hearsay”.  It was hearsy. that is why each judicial circuit has a State Attorney with subpoena power to protect the People.  DO YOU BELIEVE THAT THE GOVERNMENT HAS PROTECTED YOU AND YOUR TAX DOLLARS FOR EDUCATION? Not many do.  That is why really honest citizens have gone to the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT AND SKIPPED TALKING WITH LOCAL LAW ENFORCEMENT. 

    WHAT IS REALLY ENOUGH TO GAG A MAGGOT is the way the yellow journalists behave.  Members of the print media often endorse an individual beacause they wish to endorse a winner and not a loser.  WILL THE YELLOW JOURNALISTS APOLIGIZE IF SOME OF THE CROOKS THAT THEY ENDORSED FOR ELECTION ARE LATER SENT TO JAIL?


                                            R. Van Conoley

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