Columbine, Juvenile Crime, and Adolf Hitler’s Birthday

   Today, April 20th, is the birthday of Adolf Hitler.  Hitler died on April 30, 1945, and the world was free from one psychopathic monster.  Yet twelve years ago on April 20th, Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris went on their deadly killing spree at Columbine High School.  They killed thirteen of their fellow students before they killed themselves.  They chose the date of April 2o, because it was Adolf Hitler’s birthday.

    After working for the state attorney’s office, I worked as a research psychologist and later as a graduate instructor.  Yet, much of my working time was spent as a public school teacher where I had an opportunity to observe crime and violence.  The following are incidents that happened at schools where I was employed as a teacher.  All of the following facts are accurate and truthful.  IN MY OPINION, I BELIEVE THAT 98% OF THE STUDENTS WHERE I WORKED WERE GOOD AND DECENT INDIVIDUALS.  But the corrupt and criminal 2% was the issue then, and I believe that the small 2% estimation has increased greatly in recent years. 

   INCIDENT # 1 ) I was a science teacher at a Junior High school.  One student hit another student with a padlock in the head and the injured student hit his head on a cement bench as he fell.  The student died.  I was not present at the incident, but my co-teacher was there and rode to the hospital with the dying student.

   INCIDENT # 2) At the same Jr. High school, two intellectually challenged students were looking at a pistol stolen from the home of one student.  The gun discharged killing one of the students.  I was not present at the incident, but I have always attempted to prevent harm to students that are mentally or intellectually challenged.  I knew slightly one of the students and tried to be kind to him when I was on supervisory duty.

   INCIDENT # 3 ) On the high school level, I had a student who refused to sit up in his seat and do work.  After a few days, I contacted his mother who informed me that her son was standing next to a student who was shot and killed.  I observed the tragic effects on the surviving student.

   INCIDENT # 4 ) A different student in another class was shot and killed by his girlfriend’s grandfather.  The student was killed when he attempted to climb into the girlfriend’s and grandfather’s apartment through a window.

   INCIDENT #5 ) Another of my students killed his gay lover and was arrested by police with his gay lover’s body in the trunk.

   INCIDENT # 6 ) A student who attended a high school where I worked was shot and killed by ambush after a football game.  The murdered student was known to be involved with several different types of criminal actions.  The community seemed happy that he was gone and nobody gave information to the police. 

   INCIDENT # 7 ) When a student stopped attending my class, I called his mother to inform her that he would fail.  His mother informed me that her son was shot in the face and was seriously wounded.  After I expressed sorrow, the mother informed me that her son was not guilty of anything because ” the other person drew his gun first. ”  Her wounded son was able to draw his gun and return fire. 

   There is clearly a very serious problem in the U.S.  Violence among teens is increasing.  It is extremely apparent to me that society, and especially our PUBLIC educational institutions,  are the major causes of teen violence in the U.S.

                               R. Van Conoley                    SUGGESTED READING; website. Archives dated January 14,2011.  TITLE = Part 1: Murder In America.


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