Administrator In the Broward County Public Schools Finds a New Job

   The following transcript was recorded by the National Security Agency on April 20, 2011, in the office of Lloyd Scumfeld, Chief Executive Officer of Silver-Shirt Investment Bankers Corporation.  The individual speaking with Mr. Scumfeld was identified as Mr. William Wacko, Vice Administrator of the Broward County Public School System.  The recording started at 14:21:36 on 20 April 2011 and was forwarded to by Waterleaks Limited .

CODE:  LS = Lloyd Scumfeld;  WW = William Wacko, Vice Administrator of the Broward County Public School System

LS:  Good afternoon Mr. Wacko.  Please come into my office and have a seat.

WW: Thank you for your time Mr. Scumfeld.

LS:  I have heard some really interesting things about your job with the Broward School System.  Tell me about your job and other details.

WW:  I am presently a Vice Administrator with Broward Schools earning $193,274.00 per year and have a vested pension with the Florida Retirement System.  Also, I get health care and other perks.  I am very proud of the fact that I have received a $12,000.00 bonus each year for the past seven years.

LS:  Our corporation likes to award bonuses to our employees.  What did you do to receive your bonuses?

WW:  Actually some of my influence with the board is in what I did not do.  See this picture of a man having sex with a woman at a swingers club in Mexico? That man is Carl Payne, a school board member and Deacon in the Church of God the Creator.  The woman, of course, is not his wife.  As long as Payne does what I tell him, the photo stays hidden in my safe deposit box.

LS:  I see.  That is only one board member.

WW:  Exhibit number two is a cancelled check made payable to a child prostitution ring whore master in Thailand by school board member John DeVaro.  Mr. DeVaro likes to vacation in Thailand.

LS:  Let me guess.  If DeVaro does as you instruct him the cancelled check remains in your safe deposit box.  Is that right?

WW:  You are 100% correct.  Now the remaining two board members are stealing taxpayer money through the Motivational Speaker Scam.

LS:  The Motivational Speaker Scam.  How does it work?

WW:  It is simple.  I meet with all newly elected school board members.  I quickly determine which ones would like a little extra taxpayer money under the table.  Since each school principal has a discretionary fund of $ 5,000.00 that he/she can spend on anything during the school year without board approval, I explain this to the crooked board members.  I then suggest that each crooked board member obtain a bag man/bag woman  that is not traceable back to them.  Then the bag man gets a few cards printed stating that he/she is a motivational speaker.  Then I call a few principals and suggest that they need to hire a motivational speaker at  $5,000.00/hour with their yearly discretionary funds.                       

LS:  I see.  But $5K is not a lot of money these days.

WW:  True.  I guarantee each crooked board member that their bag man will get at least 20 invitations for the year.  That comes to at least $ 100,000.00 for the board member to split with their bag man each year.

LS:  Mr. Wacko.  You are a totally immoral man without any ethics.  Also, you are a sleazy and underhanded dirtball who has no respect for the law or for taxpayer money.  In reality, Mr. Wacko, you are everything that Silver-Shirt Investment Bankers Corporation has been looking for. 

WW:  I knew that I would fit right in here when I read in the newspapers how your corporation lost billions and billions of dollars in 2008 and had to be propped up with federal taxpayer dollars.  I just loved it when you gave million dollar bonuses to individuals who lost billions in the markets.

LS:  We are indeed fortunate to have two Presidents, Bush and Obama,  and a congress that is willing to destroy the middle class to make the super-rich even richer.   Our corporation purchased two new corporate jets this year.  I am going to teach  you, Mr. Wacko, to become our executive director of Congressional Lobbying.  Welcome to Silver-Shirts Investment Banking Corporation.

                                                  R. Van Conoley

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