The cesspool known as the Broward County Public Schools continues to overflow.  The fault lies with  incompetent school board members and  dim witted public school administrators.  WILL ANY MEMBER OF THE INCOMPETENT SCHOOL BOARD DEMAND TO KNOW HOW THE HIRING PROCESS WORKED FOR Ms. MIRIAM OLIPHANT? Simply firing Ms. Oliphant must not be the end of the story.  REMEMBER THAT THE SUPERINTENDENT, who is appointed  in Broward County,  works for the school board.

   I do not care if the superintendent stated that he did not wish to serve out his contract.  Since the Statewide Grand Jury report happened on this superintendent’s watch, the responsibility is his.  The Board should TERMINATE THE SUPERINTENDENT NOW.  The Miriam Oliphant situation happened on this superintendent’s watch.  TERMINATE HIM.  Let him try to sue the county for perks, perks do not go to employees that are terminated for incompetency.   It is incredible how stupid some of the superintendents have been.  There was a super about fifteen years ago who admitted that HE NEVER UNDERSTOOD THE FLORIDA EDUCATION FINANCE PROGRAM.  THERE IS CLEARLY A SERIOUS DOUBLE STANDARD REGARDING HOW EMPLOYEES ARE TREATED.  Worthless bureaucrats are treated like kings and the rest of the employees are treated like garbage.

When will it end?    Clearly the Broward County School Board is guilty of fraud, waste, abuse, mismanagement, Nepotism, racism, and GROSS ADMINISTRATIVE INCOMPETENCY.

   Honest, decent, and law abiding citizens want the Broward County School Systrm to work for all of the people.  Most do not know what to do to fix the problem.  I suggest that you call Charlotte Greenbarg at 954-927-9902.  She is one of the founders of a statewide organization that has worked for clean, open, and honest government for more than two decades.  She has the data and knows exactly how to clean up the Broward County Cesspool.

                                       R. Van Conoley

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  1. R. Van Conoley says:

    For public information, state law requires that each of the 67 counties in Florida act as public school districts. Each school district must have a Superintendent of schools. However, STATE LAW REMAINS SILENT ON WHETHER A SUPERINTENDENT SHOULD BE APPOINTED OR ELECTED. Hence, some counties have an ELECTED super and other counties have an APPOINTED super. AN APPOINTED SUPERINTENDENT IS AN EMPLOYEE OF THE SCHOOL BOARD. An elected superintendent is NOT AN EMPLOYEE OF THE SCHOOL BOARD. Many individuals believe that an elected superintendent promotes a cleaner and more efficient school district. However one thing is certain, if the superintendent is a fool, it does not make any difference if he is appointed or elected. R. Van Conoley

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