Now that cowardice has been made respectable in the U.S., it has massive followers from both the weak and the strong.*************************************************

Stupidity is not ALWAYS  a lack of intelligence.  It is not possible for the good of heart to be stupid.  **************************************************************

The humble do not renounce pride.  They substitute one form of pride for another. *

Add a few drops of venom to a half truth and you have a politician.  *****************

It is not simple to understand the simple. *************************************

My disgust with most politicians is not due to their lies.  I am most insulted that they assume that I am stupid enough to believe their lies.  **********************

A great man’s greatest luck is to die at the right time.  ******************************

Wise living does not involve acquiring good habits.  Wise living involves acquiring as few habits as possible.   *********************************************************

Politics attracts crooks the way dog feces attracts flies.   ***************************

Our desire to persuade others is strongest when we have to persuade ourselves. ****

Compassion is the ONLY anti-toxin of our being.   ******************************

Secretiveness can be a source of pride.  Secretiveness plays the same role as boasting.  Both attempt to create a disguise.   *************************************

Conservatism often indicates sterility.  Those that have nothing in them that can grow and develop must cling to their beliefs.  More importantly the sterile radical is often very conservative.  He is afraid to let go of the ideas he picked up in his youth lest his life be seen as wasted. ************************************************

When I stop by a Christian church as I do from time to time, I expect to hear the teachings of Jesus Christ.  I do NOT expect to hear the hate filled diatribes directed at the Prophet and Islam. This is Un-Christian.  *******************************

                                                   R. Van Conoley

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