A Dog Predicts the Future

   Karl called me about three months ago.  Karl is a trained killer and a hard drinking womaniser.  Let me quickly add that Karl only kills for the U.S. and was trained by the U.S. special forces and was a true hero in Vietnam.  It seems that Karl’s fifth wife recently left him and he was unhappy.  Since Karl and I are the same age and have known each other for a long time,  I told Karl that I would get back to him very soon.

   I called a friend George, whose nickname was the hammer, and told him about Karl.  George was also in special forces and is also the same age as Karl and I.  George spends his time and much of his own money working in dog rescue operations in the southeast Florida area.  I asked George if he would locate a dog for Karl and I would cover the expenses.  George agreed to take the dog over to Karl’s house and “get the mission accomplished ” once he located a friendly dog. 

   George located a Pug that the owners had to give up because of a job loss and relocation by the married couple.  He took the Pug over to Karl’s house and explained that the Pug needed a new home.  Karl agreed to accept the dog.  It worked out well and both Karl and the Pug were getting along very well.  Karl, who lacks originality, decided to name the dog Pugsy. Karl even told me that Pugsywas a dog that he could trust and a dog who would defend him at all times.  How a small Pug could defend someone is beyond me, but Karl seemed a lot happier with his new friend.

   A few days ago Karl called me and he sounded upset.  When I inquired, Karl told me that he was worried about his dog, Pugsy.  ” What is the Problem,” I asked.  Karl told me that the dog was trying to send  him a message.  I asked Karl if he weretaking any new medications or drinking heavily.  ” I don’t take medicines and with this new dog, I really do not have time or a need to drink.” Karl then described that his dog Pugsy would stand on her back legs and bark twice and then lie down and roll over three times. I told Karl to give the dog a few extra dog munchies and call me again in a few days.

    Karl called again in a few days and stated that he was driving into my region to consult with a certified pet psychic near the Orlando area.  A few hours later, Karl parked his BMW behind my wife’s car and came to my front door holding a very cute little dog.  I invited Karl and Pugsy inside.  Karl was burdened with the dog, a dog blanket, a plastic dog bone, and a plastic dog bowl. Once inside,  I told Karl that Pugsy could sit on my lap and I would soon discover her problem.  ” Don’t joke. This is serious,” replied Karl. 

    With Pugsy sitting on my lap, I rubbed her neck.  “Are you a good dog?” I asked.  Pugsy replied: ” Snork. Snork.” ” Are you happy to be here?” ” Snork. Snork.”  I told Karl that everything was OK and placed Pugsy down on the floor.  Pugsy then got up on her back legs, barked several times and then rolled over. Karl replied: “See.  The dog is trying to tell us something.”  I make it a point not to argue with Karl so I just laughed.  Karl said:  “Pugsy  and I are leaving here at 14 hundred and since you owe me a favor, I want you to go with us to visit the dog psychic.”  I told my wife that I was going on a short drive with Karl and Pugsy.

    The three of us left at 14 hundred sharp, and Karl already had the dog psychic’s address in the navigation system.  Madam Lenzel, a world famous animal psychic,  had a farmlike house about 30 miles south and east of my house.  Karl pulled his BMW into her driveway at the same time Madam Lenzel appeared.  After all the introductions,  Karl handed Madam Lenzel an envelope and we all went inside. 

    Karl, Madam Lenzel, and I each took seats in very comfortable chairs that were more or less facing one another.  Madam Lenzel then told us that she would enter a psychic trance and that Karl and I were not to talk.  Without a single word being spoken, Pugsy jumped up into the Psychic’s lap.  Madam Lenzel placed a gentle hand on each side of Pugsy’s head and closed her eyes.  To my surprise, Pugsy also closed her eyes.  For over five minutes total silence enveloped the room.  Then both Madam Lenzel and Pugsy opened their eyes and Pugsy jumped to the floor and curled up by Karl’s feet. 

    Madam Lenzel tokd us that Pugsy did indeed have very important information for us.  She stated that the little dog’s real name was Nostradogmus. It turns out that Nostradogmus was the only living member of the 39th. generation of dogs directly descended from a dog that was Nostradamus’ pet dog.  Nostradamus published a series of prophecies in a famous book titled: Les Prophetics.  This book appeared in 1555, and was to be followed by a second book.  Unfortunately, before the second book could be written, Nostradamus became ill.  Shortly before his death on July 2,, 1566, Nostradamus called his faithful dog to his side and informed Nostradogmus the 1st.  that upon his death all of his amazing psychic skills would be transferred to his beloved pet.  The dog that Karl knew as Pugsy was in reality Nostradogmus the 39th.  Nostradogmus the 39th was instructed to reveal  three great prophicies in the year of our Lord 2011, to Van Conoley for publication on the famous website known as sanityandsense.com.  Madam Lenzel then revealed the three great prophicies to me and instructed me when I was to relaese them to the world and the known universe. 

   The date is drawing near, so I would suggest to one and all that you closely moniter this website for the great three prophicies.  SOON YOU WILL BE ABLE TO READ WHAT THE FUTURE HOLDS IN AN ARTICLE TITLED: NOSTRADOGMUS PREDICTS.  Please do not be fooled by false prophets, only this website will bring the exact words of Nostradogmus.   

                                                             R. Van Conoley

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