Before you read this article, you should read the proceeding article titled: A Dog Predicts the Future.  While I helped my friend , Karl,  rescue a Pug, it turned out that a pet psychic revealed to us that the Pug was really a direct descendant of Nostradamus’ beloved dog.  This small dog, known as Nostradogmus, has revealed to me three Noble Truths through the famous dog psychic, Madam Lenzel. 

   Here are the exact words of Nostradogmus.  Please do not be fooled by false prophets.  Only this website has the exact words of Nostradogmus. 

   1)  The North will go South.  The South will go North.   A great magnetic flux will re-order the earth as we know it. 

   2)  The smallest of organisms will fight the most advanced intellectually.  The war will be on the molecular level and the smallest will damage their intellectual superiors until a natural order is restored.

   3)  On December 22, 2012, the earth will be much the same except for the fact that the false prophets will be known to all.

                                                    R. Van Conoley

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