Global Warming or Global Cooling?

   The climate of the world is always changing.  There are short term cycles and long term cycles that are taking place at the same time.  Humans have survived and thrived in times that were both cooler and warmer than they are now. 

   Scientific evidence that was obtained from reliable sources supports the belief that OUR PLANET IS EXPERIENCING A GLOBAL COOLING TREND.  It appears that our present global cooling trend is similar to the cooling trend that took place between 1940 and 1975.  During the cooling trend of 1940-1975, alarmists began to write and speculate about a new ice age! 

   A major part of the false and misleading information involves the “single cause implies a single trend” thinking.  The single cause is the variable of Carbon Dioxide ( CO2).  The single trend, of course, is a rise in world temperature.  Here is an example to easily demonstrate how foolish this thinking really is.  Suppose that two professional football teams are playing a football game  24 hours from now.  You ask an “expert”, who will win?  Your “expert” finds out that Team A has a bigger and stronger left offensive tackle than Team B.  Your “expert” now tells you that he is absolutely certain that Team A will win.  Would you believe him?  If you know anything about football, you readily recognize that he is a fool.  Possibly you might be more polite and tell him that he needs to study the coaches, the quarterbacks, the running backs, the kicking teams, the return teams, the punters, etc., etc., etc. 

   NASA satellites have taken temperature measurements of the lower atmosphere and have determined that there have been reductions in temperature at THE SAME TIME THAT LEVELS OF CARBON DIOXIDE HAVE BEEN INCREASING.  Scientific organizations have determined that world temperatures have decreased by about one degree Fahrenheit in 2007.

   The year 2008 was colder than 2007 even when all mathematical models PREDICTED that 2008 would be the hottest on record.  Obviously our mathematical models for prediction are in great need of improvement.

   Global warming and global cooling have taken on political aspects and much of the data is of questionable worth.  NASA ( The National Aeronautics and Space Administration) and NOAA ( The National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration) collect large amounts of data that I sincerely hope is unbiased.  Without creating additional federal bureaucracy, I believe that it would be a very sane and sensible action for the president and congress to designate one individual to collect and analyze any and all data from these two governmental organizations.  This “Weather Czar” would then issue a yearly report that analyzes the temperature change for the world and for regions within the world.  Such a sane and sensible suggestion would serve the interests of all Americans. 

                                                 R. Van Conoley

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