Verizon Wireless: A Lot of Illwill

   About two years ago, I decided to purchase my own cell phone and stop using my wife’s cell phone.  I have watched my wife bang her phone around for more than five years and the phone still works, so I know that some cell phones are extremely durable. 

   I went to my friendly Verizon store and spoke with a salesman who looked like his picture should have been on a billboard with the warning: ” Children, do not take candy from this man. ”  Anyhow, when I am in the mood, I enjoy listening to really slick salesmen lie.  Some are so good that they could have a great future as a U.S. Congressman.  The slick salesman advised me that I should purchase a contract where I was allowed unlimited calling for about $ 40/month.  I asked the slick salesman if unlimited calling meant that I could call anywhere at any time.  He looked rather uncomfortable as he explained that to Verizon unlimited really means unlimited at certain times.  Then the slick salesman explained that this wonderful deal went with a two year contract.  So to pull his chain, I stated that I assumed that Verizon would give me a free phone for signing that contract.  He looked pained as he explained that I would have to buy my own phone. 

   Anyhow, I signed the two year contract and paid for a rather expensive cell phone.  Each month the bill came and I paid the bill immediately.  When I mentioned that I had purchased this “package” from Verizon, my friend warned me that just after one year my cell phone would die.  He claimed that this happened to him and his wife.  I was skeptical.  However, after hearing this over and over again and again from many different people, I began to wonder. 

   Well, sure enough, just after one year my cell phone died.  I did not drop it or damage it in any way.  I took my phone back to the unfriendly Verizon store and asked what was wrong with my phone.  A slick sales woman stated: ” Your phone is dead.”  I asked why my phone died since I did not drop it or damage it and my wife had a much cheaper phone that she couldn’t kill after dropping it many times.  The unfriendly sales woman was unsympathetic when I stated that Verizon should give me a new cell phone.  She stated: ” Your year warranty is up.  You have to buy a new phone.”

   It is certainly a strange coincidence that this has happened not only to me, but also to many of my friends.  I decided to search the Internet to see if there were any other individuals dissatisfied with Verizon.  It turned out that there were entire websites dedicated to discussing their problems with Verizon.  I refer to this type of negativism as ILLWILL toward a corporation.  Goodwill is something that a corporation wants and needs to make long term profits.  It turned out that I decided to search the Internet because I invest in corporations from time to time.  Goodwill is a factor that I study about a corporation before buying their common stock.  Verizon had more ILLWILL and negativism directed at them than any other corporation that I could find on the Internet.   The comments were horrible!

   I am a person who pays all of my bills on time any without discussion.  I have never had a dispute over a bill with anyone until I became involved with Verizon Wireless. 

   It is my opinion that Verizon Wireless is a sleazy,  duplicitous, underhanded,  double dealing group of dirtballs who are going to destroy their own corporation in the long run by focusing on short term profits in the present.  Of course, I would be delighted to hear from readers who have an opinion on this topic. 

   Where is Ralph Nader when we really need him?  Ralph, get on this right away and grab a share of the youth vote in 2012!

                                                R. Van Conoley

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  1. Andy says:

    I purchased a plan by Consumer Cellular several years ago. They gave me a free phone with the purchase. They also have many plans which you change any time in the month depending on how many minutes you have spoken on your phone. they have $10 plans and up. I currently have a $20 plan which gives me unlimited 300 minutes any time and any where in the continential U.S. They just added another plan for $15 a month for 100 minutes which I may change to as I only use my cell for about 75 minutes a month. You may want to check out Consumer Cellular-by the way my free phone after several year works fine.

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