The Hydrogen Hoax

   The atom of hydrogen is the smallest atom known.  Hydrogen is the first element on the Periodic Table of Elements.

   For almost 50 years, individuals have predicted that hydrogen would be the great energy source for mankind.  Hydrogen will combine with oxygen and produce water.  So why aren’t we using hydrogen to run our cars and heat our homes?

   We are not using hydrogen today because it is not feasible or cost efficient.  Producing hydrogen through water electrolysis will work, but it is prohibitively expensive WITH A GREAT NET ENERGY LOSS.   Hydrogen can be produced by other means, but in each case there is a GREAT NET ENERGY LOSS. 

   Hydrogen is difficult to compress.  It is more difficult to transport and store.  A given volume of liquid gasoline would weigh 9 units and contain MORE hydrogen than the SAME volume of pure hydrogen that would weigh about 6 units. 

   Hydrogen is clearly not the answer to any of the world’s energy problems with our present technology.   

                                        R. Van Conoley

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