The Colombian-Mexican Cartel Finds a Banker

   The following transcript was obtained by a National Security Agency ( NSA ) audio intercept: NSA277J8651.  It was released to by Waterleaks.  There are six individuals that have been identified by voiceprint software.  They are:  1)  Pablo Carillo Hernandez: Designated as ( PCH ) – Presently head of the Colombian drug cartel in Northern Colombia;  2) Amando Guzman Dominguez: Designated as ( AGD ) – Presently head of the Mexican Drug Cartel;  3)  Gilberto Zamboda Rodriguez: Designated as ( GZR ) – Presently head of the Peru and Bolivan Drug Cartel;  4) Fredrick Albert Guttenberg: Designated as (Guttenberg)- Presently CEO of Union Credit Bank of Switzerland;  5)  James Blankmind: Designated ( Blankmind ) – Presently CEO of Silverton Bank Corporation;  6) Cardinal Luigi Sleazvali: Designated as ( Sleazvali ) – Presently director of the Vatican Bank.  Recorded 11 May 2011, in Colombia.  Location restricted. ( Class Eyes only restriction). 

PCH:  Let us begin.  We have to find a new banker to launder our drug money.  As you know, our friends in the CIA are no longer willing to launder our money.  Amando has fifteen large boxes of money sitting in his headquarters and it is not earning us any interest. 

AGD: Pablo, it is sixteen as of this morning.  Why have our CIA friends abandoned us?

GZR:  My sources in the U.S. Congress have informed me that the CIA is making so much money in the Afghan and Iraq Wars that they are having difficulty laundering their own money.  You have heard about the 6.6 BILLION dollars that disappeared and nobody knows where it went.  The greedy Americans are stealing from each other.  Can you believe it?

PCH:  Everybody knows that the American military and the CIA steal money from the American people.  Enough idle talk.  I have three bankers waiting to be interviewed by us.  We will select the best to launder our money.  I’ll bring in the first banker.

PCH:  Mr. Dominguez and Mr. Rodriguez may I present to you Mr. Fredrick Alfred Guttenberg from the union credit Bank of Switzerland?

Guttenberg:  Thank you Mr. Hernandez.  I am delighted to be here.  For over 300 years Swiss Bankers have had a code of secrecy.  The Great Council of Geneva, in 1713, established regulations of secrecy.  Our bank stands ready to assist you in the transfer of your assets for a modest fee of 1%. 

AGD: I have heard some fine things about your bank.  Is there anything that you can tell me that helps me understand that you are tough enough to handle our transactions?

Guttenberg: Of course.  May I point out to you that during the Second World War the most powerful German army did not dare cross our borders at any time.  Also, many European Jews placed money into our bank.  You will be glad to know that we still retain that money and will do so until the depositors show up with the proper identification codes.  Their money is safe with us. 

PCH:  Thank you so much for meeting with our corporation.  You will receive word from us by 7:00 p.m. tonight.  If you desire any additional entertainment, please let my assistant know if you desire Maria or Carmen.

Guttenberg bows to each and leaves. 

PCH:  Gentlemen.  I have the honor to present to you Mr. Blankmind of Silverton Bank Corporation.  This is Senor Dominguez and Senor Rodriguez.

Blankmind:  I would like to thank you gentlemen for your hospitality.  I am going directly to the heart of the matter.  Silverton Bank Corporation is the Bank for you.  Silverton engineered the greatest transfer of wealth in the history of the world in 2008.  When it looked as though the entire banking system was failing in 2008, I spoke directly to the President of the U.S. and the Chairman of the Federal Reserve.  I personally helped write legislation that transferred BILLIONS and BILLIONS of working-middle income taxpayer dollars away from the middle class and redirected it to the investment bankers on Wall Street. 

GZR:  Amigo, that was some move indeed.  Our organization knows that you own most members of Congress and can manipulate the President and the Chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank.  Yet with your massive debt and vast unemployment, I am told that revolution may indeed happen in your country. 

Blankmind:  With only the exceptions of George Soros, Mike Bloomberg, and Warren Buffett I can assure you that every other billionaire stands firmly with Silverton Banking Corporation.  You have absolutely nothing to fear.

PCH:  Thank you so much for your time.  You will receive word from us by 7:00 p.m. tonight.  If you desire any additional entertainment, please let my assistant know if you prefer Margarita or Lucinda. 

Blankmind nods and leaves.

PCH;  Gentlemen.  May I present Cardinal Luigi Sleazvali?  This is Mr. Dominguez and that is Mr. Rodriguez. 

Sleazvali:  Gentlemen.  I oversee the Institute for Religious Works (IOR), which you know as the Vatican Bank.  This bank was founded in 1942, by Pope Pius XII to manage our money.  Since then the Vatican Bank has expanded greatly.  Let me assure you that the Vatican Bank knows how to transfer your assets secretly and safely.  As a sovereign country, the Vatican has diplomatic immunity and we can cross borders in a manner that can not be matched by any other organization.  The Vatican Bank is ready to transfer your assets for a small fee of 1.5%. 

AGD:  Cardinal, the other two bankers have asked for only a 1% fee for their services.  Why do you ask for 1.5% and how can you assure us that you have the strength to deal with this project?

Sleazvali:  You probably have read about the pedophile priests inside our church that have sexually abused young boys throughout the world.  The Vatican had a clear choice.  We choose to keep the pedophile priests because they were bringing in money for the church.  We have the will and the strtength to place money before the welfare of children.  Regarding your question about the 1.5% fee, if you work with us we can make money together.  As you may know, it is legal in Thailand to have sex with anyone who is willing as long as they are eight years old or older.  Many of our priests who meet their financial quotas are rewarded by being given vacations in Thailand.  Many of our priests who visit Thailand like to film some of their sexual adventures.  With the underground demand for child pornography, the Vatican had hoped that you could market these videos for us and we can split the profits.  We can work together for the glory of money.

PCH:  Thank you so much for meeting with our corporation.  You will receive word from us by 7:00 p.m.  If you desire additional entertainment, please let my assistant know if you prefer Juan or Jose. 

Sleazvali makes the sign of the cross and leaves.

PCH: I believe that we have our money launderer.  Any comments before the vote?

AGD:  Sleazvali is a slimy piece of human garbage.  He will do anything for money.  I vote for Sleazvali.

GZR:  Sleazvali is very underhanded.  I vote for Sleazvali if you can assure me that we can control him.

PCH:  I too vote for Sleazvali.  I know that the Vatican will not double cross us because I have seen the films of Sleazvali that were made last night with Juan and Jose.  We have a nice insurance policy with that film which will keep the Vatican from stealing our money.  Meeting adjourned.

                                       R. Van Conoley

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