The Destruction of Common Sense In American Public Education

   Politicians seldom do anything worthwhile.  Often politicians develop a cute and catchy slogan and actually believe that they have done something worthwhile.  In the field of public education President George W. Bush gave America a warm-fuzzy program called: ” No Child Left Behind” ( NCLB).  The theory behind no child left behind was that schools would improve if every child in grades 3 to grade 8 were tested every year and the results published. 

   The state of Texas did exactly what NCLB advocated.  The supporters of this program claimed a ” Texas Miracle.”  IN REALITY, THE TEXAS MIRACLE WAS A HUGE TEXAS LIE DESIGNED TO PROMOTE THE POLITICAL GOALS OF GEORGE W. BUSH!   On FEDERAL tests for 8th. grade students, test scores were FLAT between 1998 to 2009!  Watch my lips,  George W. Bush’s program was an ABSOLUTE FAILURE WITHOUT ANY REDEEMING VALUE. 

   So along comes BarakObama with a scam called : Race to the Top.  Mr. Obama has finally convinced me that he is even stupider than George W. Bush.  Race to the Top is an inane program that places the responsibility of student failure ONLY ON THE TEACHERS.  The incompetent administrators are not accountable, nor are incompetent parents.  ONLY TEACHERS ARE ACCOUNTABLE!

   It is always easy to sit back and point out gross stupidity in high level politicians.  This website is designed to give common sense answers and sane solutions to problems that our ” do anything for a vote ” politicians can not solve.  Watch my lips now.

   A major part of the answer to solving the “American Educational Disaster” is to simply reconfigure some basic ideas.  Americans MUST LEARN TO ACCEPT THE SIMPLE COMMON SENSE FACT THAT COLLEGE/UNIVERSITY WORK IS ONLY FOR ABOUT 15% of the students who graduate from high school.  We must stop encouraging functional illiterates to go to college.  Presently, American Education promotes the delusional psychosis that our public high schools should be designed to prepare all students to go to college. 

   Suppose that you agree with me, what should happen to the 85% of high school graduates who do not go to college?  I contend that our public high schools should educate and train this 85% group so well that after they graduate on Tuesday, they can start a meaningful job on WEDNESDAY!!

   I know that such common sense thinking is incomprehensible to many Americans.   It is incomprehensible BECAUSE AMERICAN PUBLIC HIGH SCHOOLS HAVE ALMOST NO TECHNICAL TRAINING THAT ALLOWS  OUR STUDENTS TO GRADUATE WITH HIGH LEVEL TECHNICAL SKILLS. 

   Manufacturing in the U.S. will account for about 12% of the U.S. Gross Domestic Product in 2011.  Now watch my lips very carefully, AMERICA HAS SOME REALLY GOOD PAYING JOBS IN MANUFACTURING FOR INDIVIDUALS WHO KNOW HOW TO OPERATE” SMART MACHINES.” 

   With the cost of labor rising in many third world countries, MANY Blue Chip corporations like Ford and Caterpillar are looking for individuals  to operate their “smart machines” in FACTORIES RIGHT HERE IN AMERICA.  Cheap, unskilled laborers can not do the job.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if 25% of our high school graduates had the ability to operate these machines?  Unfortunately, American corporations can not find qualified high school graduates to operate their “smart machines” BECAUSE AMERICAN PUBLIC HIGH SCHOOLS HAVE TOTALLY IGNORED HIGH QUALITY TECHNICAL TRAINING SO THEIR SCHOOLS COULD MEET THE ” WARM-FUZZIE’ SLOGANS BLABBERED ABOUT BY OUR INCOMPETENT POLITICIANS. 

   I believe that the main goal of a public high school degree  should be to provide the opportunity for a high school graduate to obtain a meaningful job immediately upon graduation.  Unemployment will destroy America and long term unemployment will destroy the self concept of our high school graduates.  Welfare, drugs, poverty, crime, and the destruction of our American values are waiting to claim unemployable high school graduates.  Every high school graduate should be allowed the DIGNITY OF MEANINGFUL EMPLOYMENT.

                                                  R. Van Conoley

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