6/29/2011: The Broward County Public Schools Cess Pool Continues to Overflow

   For a very long time, I have considered the Broward County Sun-Sentinel to be a newspaper filled with yellow journalists who did not have the ability to conduct investigative journalism to any significant degree.  Also, I considered the Sun-Sentinel  to be very helpful to some  corrupt school board members with their editorial endorsements. 

   Finally, the Sun-Sentinel has an investigative reporter with intelligence, integrity, and common sense.  To my absolute amazement, the Sun-Sentinel is acting like a REAL NEWSPAPER AND IS EXPOSING PUBLIC CORRUPTION WHICH HAS BEEN RAMPENT IN BROWARD COUNTY FOR YEARS.  I would like to praise Cara Fitzpatrick for excellent investigative reporting. 

   Cara Fitzpatrick recently reported that AT LEAST six staff members at the Sheridan Technical Center in Broward County were paid AT LEAST $ 100,000.00 a year to teach and never performed their duties.  This, of course, is called STEALING.  In my view, ANY ADMINISTRATOR WHO HAD SUPERVISORY POWER OVER THIS ACTIVITY IN THE BROWARD COUNTY SCHOOLS SHOULD: 1) Lose their education certificate PERMANENTLY; 2) be investigated UNDER OATH by a  grand jury convened by the state attorney, Michael J. Satz; 3)  be arrested if the grand jury finds sufficient cause for misfeasance, nonfeasance, and /or malfeasance of public funds; 4)  be tried by another state attorney since Mr. Michael J. Satz probably knows many of the individuals in question and he may even have accepted political contributions from some involved;  5) have their guilt or innocence determined in a court of competent jurisdiction.  If federal money was involved, as I suspect that it was, the same procedure applies to the federal court system. 

   School Superintendent Jim Notter is quoted as saying: ” …they would probably not realize the mistake was being made…”  Mr.Notter, as Superintendent, should BE HELD FULLY ACCOUNTABLE FOR ANY AND ALL ILLEGAL ACTIVITIES THAT HAPPENED WHILE HE WAS SUPERINTENDENT.  I can not understand why Mr. Michael J. Satz has not convened a grand jury to investigate the rampant public corruption that continues in the Broward County Public School System.

   It appears to me that there is more than sufficient evidence for the Governor of Florida, Rick Scott, to act.  It appears that the criminal RICO statuate would apply to the Broward County Public School System since the BROWARD COUNTY PUBLIC SCHOOL SYSTEM APPEARS TO BE AN ONGOING CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE. We now have a newly appointed Commissioner of Education in Florida, and if I were the Commissioner, I would be investigating the possibility of removing permanently the educational certificates from a number of Broward County School Administrators.  I have total and absolute contempt for Mr. Notter who has empowered a corrupt system to continue the FRAUD, WASTE, ABUSE, MISMANAGEMENT, NEPOTISM, RACISM, AND GENERALIZED ADMINISTRATIVE INCOMPETENCY THAT HAS CHARACTERIZED THE BROWARD SCHOOL SYSTEM FOR YEARS!

                                                  R. Van Conoley

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