Increasing the Debt Limit: A Reasonable Suggestion

   The democrat crooks and the republican crooks are playing their usual games in Washington, D.C.   They mistakenly believe that the American Citizens are too stupid to understand what they are doing.  They are greatly mistaken and most Americans have had enough.

   The greatest amount of waste in the U.S. Federal Budget involves the excessive costs of the Military- Industrial Complex.  Do people in the U.S. Military believe that the U.S. is going to be attacked by Haiti, France, or The Central African Republic?  Of course not.  The U.S.military, like many huge bureaucracies, never admits that some project is no longer needed or necessary.  They just say: ” Spend more.”  Clearly the U.S. Congress is always looking for new ways to waste American tax dollars and please their special interest lobbyist friends. 

   WATCH MY LIPS.  THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO JUSTIFICATION WHATSOEVER FOR THE U.S. GOVERNMENT MAINTAINING AND OPERATING OVER 700 Military bases all over the world.  It is an outrageous waste of American Tax dollars that could be used here in the U.S. to help America and create American jobs. suggests that the U.S. Congress agree to fund our government for an additional 100 days.  In that legislation the congress should specify that before the hundred day limit expires, congress requires the TOTAL AND ABSOLUTE CLOSURE OF 50 military bases.  The exact names of the bases should be listed.  Closure would require ALL AMERICAN PERSONNEL TO VACATE THE BASE and all American equipment to be relocated.  If this is done completely, without any exception, then congress should fund the government for an additional hundred days with the provision that an additional 50 bases be closed completely.  If the deadlines are not met, congress would be able to say to the American People that they did their best and no additional debt limit increases are acceptable.  The President would be fully responsible to see that the quotas and time tables are met. 

    When about 400 military bases are completely closed, the cost savings will be very great.  What should the U.S. Government now do with the excess money available from the closing of unneeded and unnecessary military bases? suggests that the excess money should be used to repair and rebuild the federal highway system and failing bridges and our failing infrastructure system that is 30 years past due.  This sane and sensible suggestion would help all Americans and create meaningful and much needed jobs in the U.S.

                                          R. Van Conoley

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  1. carldagostino says:

    The bases cost a lot of money and most are unnecessary, The big problem is in many cases they are the sole entity that puts money into their communities to keep the cities from becoming ghost towns. That’s been the trade off. My other gripe is medicare fraud and those millions. South Florida fraud among worst in nation. The just busted a state legislator for her scams in several provider homes her and her husband run. Her campaign slogan was “Stop Medicare Fraud”.

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