Which Is Better: 1) Corrupt and Fascist Capitalism or, 2) Honest and Just Socialism ?

   What most Americans can not understand is that honest and just socialism, when applied fairly to all aspects of a government, is far better for 99% of the citizens than the corrupt and fascist form of capitalism that exists in America today.  The present form of corrupt and fascist capitalism that exists in America today serves only the corrupt special interest groups,  corrupt Wall Street Bankers, corrupt multinational corporations, and the ultra-corrupt U.S. Congress!

    I would select a third choice if I had a choice.  I would prefer an honest and just form of capitalism to either just socialism or to corrupt capitalism.  Unfortunately, the U.S. Congress has so corrupted our ” capitalist system ” that Americans today have less economic freedom than some communist governments of the past in other countries.    

   It is not reasonable to believe that America will ever return to a fair and just form of capitalism until the entire U.S. Congress is ABOLISHED and  replaced with a one chamber legislative body that has a strict code of ethics and strict term limits. 

   What an absolutely horrible tragedy it would be in 2012, for Americans to be subjected to ” Presidential Debates ” that only involve a Democrat crook and a Republican crook like we had in 2000, 2004, and 2008.  America needs a Ralph Nader to say things that the two party crooks can not say.  Who will make the decision regarding how many candidates get in the Presidential debates?  Senator Bernie Sanders is truly the only independent candidate in Congress who can tell the whole truth as he sees it since he is independent of the two corrupt parties.  I hope that the 2012 Presidential Debates have : 1) Bernie Sanders; 2) Ralph Nader; 3) The Libertarian candidate; 4) The Democrat crook; and 5) The Republican Crook.  That would be democracy and an opportunity for a real debate. 

                                                    R. Van Conoley

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2 Responses to Which Is Better: 1) Corrupt and Fascist Capitalism or, 2) Honest and Just Socialism ?

  1. carldagostino says:

    Great post. Socialism was such a trigger word in the Goldwater camp when the Red Scare was a significant part of our political consciousness. The Right and Tea Party are still using that s word. Don’t they get it? Don’t want socialism? Give up medicare, medicaid, public schools and even your town library. I voted for Nader in 2000. Am a Burnie Sanders fan too.

  2. R. Van Conoley says:

    Thank you for your comment. I enjoy your very sound and thoughtful comments. Possibly you could recommend a way that Americans can be assured that we have a real Presidential debate somewhat like we had when Ross Perot was in the debates against Bush the elder and Bill Clinton. Since you are a noted political authority, I would welcome your advice Mr. D’Agostino. Thanks, R. Van Conoley 7/14/2011

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