Ralph Nader for President 2012 ?

   Mr. Nader graduated Princeton University and then attended and graduated from Harvard Law School.  He served in the U.S. Army in 1959 and then became a professor of history and government from 1961 to 1963.  In 1964, Mr. Nader worked for assistant Secretary of Labor, Daniel Patrick Moynihan. 

   In 1965, Mr. Nader published a book titled: UNSAFE AT ANY SPEED.  This book achieved fame with the public,  but caused General Motors to launch a ” personal campaign ” against Mr. Nader.  Many young and well educated Americans joined Mr. Nader’s campaign against governmental corruption and were labeled as ” Nader’s Raiders.” 

   In 1990, LIFE Magazine named Mr. Nader as one of the most influential Americans of the 20th. Century.  Mr. Nader sought election to the office of President several times.  In 2012, it is certain that the Presidential race will not be a two way race between a Democrat and a Republican.  The key issue so far is who will decide which independent candidates are allowed to participate in the 2012 Presidential debates.  I strongly suggest that that important decision NOT BE LEFT UP TO RUPERT MURDOCH AND THE FASCIST media on the right or the NEO-COMMUNIST media on the left.  The Presidential debates often decide who will be the next President.  The American People are not willing to accept a debate between a democrat and a republican as a fair and just discussion of the issues.  POSSIBLY MANY AMERICANS NOTICE THAT THE QUESTION OF WHOM YOU WILL VOTE FOR NEVER INCLUDES THE NAMES OF INDEPENDENT CANDIDATES.  Here is a sample question that the right wing fascist media and the left wing neo-communist media might like to use.  IF THE ELECTION WERE HELD TODAY, WHICH OF THE FIVE CANDIDATES WOULD YOU MOST LIKELY VOTE FOR: 1)  Mr. X, the Democratic nominee, 2) Ms. Y, the Republican nominee, 3) Mr. Mike Bloomberg, a moderate independent,  4) Mr. Ralph Nader, a consumer oriented independent, or 5) Mr. Bernie Sanders, an independent U.S. Senator from Vermont?

   Mr. Nader in the past has been supported by: 1) The Green Party, 2) The Reform Party, 3) The Peace Party, 4) The Natural Law Party, 5) The Populist Party, and 6) The Progressive Party.  At the age of 77, some people believe that Mr. Nader might be too old to run for President.  Then again, he is no John McCain or Ronald Reagan.

                                             R. Van Conoley

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