Balanced Budget Constitutional Amendment 29 Years Overdue

   Twenty-nine years ago, I sought election to the U.S. Congress.  The year was 1982, and President Reagan was in his second year as president. 

   I was fully aware that I had no chance of winning against a well financed incumbent.  I sought election anyway because it was clear to me that the irresponsible spending by the U.S. Congress would destroy the American economy sometime in my lifetime. 

   The key issue in my low budget campaign was that the U.S. needed a balanced budget constitutional amendment.  At that time, many people in the U.S. did not believe that a growing National Debt could ever pose a serious threat to our economic system.  I was ahead of the curve and it was not until another decade passed that the “intellectuals” began to understand the problem.  While I did not win that election, I remained politically active and have supported a balanced budget constitutional amendment for almost 30 years. 

   I believed until recently that a powerful independent third party was the only thing that could save our Constitutional Republic by defeating the corrupt democrats and the corrupt republicans in 2012.  It turns out that the Tea Party Republicans have become a de facto third party in Washington, D.C.  Even more amazing is the fact that the Tea Party has been able to resist the pervasive corruption of the crooked democrats and the crooked republicans.  I never thought that the Tea Party people would have both the courage and the intelligence to survive the Washington, D.C. cesspool. 

   Lady Margaret Thatcher stated: ” Consensus is the negation of leadership.” I hope that the Tea Party will never enter into a consensus with the other two corrupt parties.  A Balanced Budget Constitutional Amendment would not only help restore financial sanity to America, but it would also require that the members of congress become responsible to the American People.  This amendment would also greatly reduce presidential and congressional corruption, so I hope that the Tea Party is ready for the fight to ensue.  Good luck.

                                         R. Van Conoley

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  1. carldagostino says:

    Certainly for balanced budget. A balanced budget would prevent the deficit from rising but we could not service the debt unless 1/3 of all govt spending is slashed. A complete collapse of federal government would follow just as a complete collapse will follow if we don’t stop the the debt. Even if we stopped deficit spending it will take 400 years to pay off the debt at the rate of megabazillions payoff a day. Service debt would still take 1/3 of all federal income.

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