Do Not Be A Fool

   Now that the Democrat crooks and the Republican crooks in the U.S. Congress have finally managed to severely damage the economy of the U.S. as I have frequently warned, now is not the time for panic.  It is far too late for panic.

   Let me inform you that Monday, August 8/2011, through Friday, August 12/2011, will be the week that will redistribute the economic resources and the capital of the world as the free market system operates.  If you are a individual with a portfolio of equities (stocks ), the dumbest thing that you could possibly do is attempt to outsmart the world markets.  Unless you are a very sophisticated equities trader or analyst,  you would be extremely smart to wait until the “dust settles” at 4:00 p.m. Eastern Standard time on Friday, August 12, 2011.  At this time, you should  begin a thorough analysis of world markets.

   Since the credit rating of the U.S. Government has never been downgraded before, the trading volume in U.S. stocks might be so great that our supercomputers are not able to keep pace with buy and sell orders in real time.  There might even be times when the computers “blow-out.”  No, this is not a governmental conspiracy in some unusual form, but only a simple reality that even our fast fiber optic cables have real time physical limits.  These are not things that you have heard on TV or read in the print media simply because they are not known by the buffoons that report the news. issues the following advice for our readers and all Americans.  If you listen to the electronic media the following individuals will be lying to you as they have so frequently done in the past: 1) All members of the U.S. Congress with the exception of the Tea Party members;  2) Mr. Obama and all members of his incompetent administration; 3) The Chairman of the Fed; and most importantly 4) The Grandfatherly Warren Buffett who is a very slick gambler who acts increasingly as a mouthpiece for the establishment.  Be warned.

                                               R. Van Conoley

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