A New Day For the Broward County School Cesspool

   Two Broward County School Board Members have recently resigned from the super corrupt Broward County School Board.  The Broward County School Board which has a longstanding record of fraud, waste, abuse, mismanagement, Nepotism, racism, and generalized incompetency has been a great embarrassment to public education in Florida for years. 

   Sanityandsense.com STRONGLY ENCOURAGES GOVERNOR RICK SCOTT TO FILL THESE TWO POSITIONS WITH INDIVIDUALS WHO WILL BE WATCHDOGS FOR THE PEOPLE.  Charlotte Greenbarg is a long time political activist who has dedicated much of her adult life to promoting quality public education and acting as a watchdog for the public.  Governor Scott should immediately appoint her.

   Andrew Greene is also a longtime political activist in Broward County and is an extremely honest man who has a complete understanding of how the Broward County School Board works.  Mr. Greene is an individual who has worked for open, honest, and clean government in Broward County for decades.  Mr. Greene was a candidate for the Broward County School Board in the early 1990’s and ended up suing the Broward County School Board for unethical actions that were directed against him.  ALL CITIZENS OF BROWARD COUNTY CAN BE CERTAIN THAT MR. GREENE WILL WORK OVERTIME TO MAKE CERTAIN THAT SCHOOL BOARD PUBLIC CORRUPTION WILL BE ELIMINATED.  Mr. Greene should be appointed by Governor Scott. 


                                           R. Van Conoley

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  1. Andy says:

    Thank-you for the endorsement-though I doubt the governor would consider me. I would like to see someone in there to put an end to the nepotism, cronyism, politicalism, patronage and favoritism. I have always said if you get the person with the most merit in there the job will be done correctly and money and resources will be saved and used correctly.

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