Dr. Ron Paul Gives the Congressional Crooks a Fair Warning

   Before I listened to the Iowa Republican Debate,  I had no idea if I would like any of the candidates.  I now have a new and profound respect for Dr. Ron Paul.

   After World War II, the United States was ” supreme king of the entire world.”  We had everything.  We had the strongest military in the world.  We had the strongest economy in the world.  We had the greatest wealth of any country in the world.  Life was good.  Life was so good that the American People “went to sleep at the switch.”  America was so powerful and rich that the American People ignored the lies our congressional crooks were telling us.  America had so much money that our congressional crooks could lie and make their lies come true. 

   But gradually, over time, the lying began to take a toll.  Deficit spending kept growing as did our National debt.  The wake up call was loud and clear in 2008, when many Americans did not know if our economy would survive.  Today our military-industrial complex is one of the most wasteful items in our disgraceful budget.  Today our Federal Reserve System serves the rich and the special interest groups instead of serving all of the American People the way it was intended.  The problem is not in a faraway land.  Our main problem is the corrupt U.S. Congress.

   During the Iowa debate, Dr. Ron Paul made one thing very clear.  Dr. Paul stated that if he were elected President that he would obey the Constitution and require the U.S. Congress to obey the Constitution.  Now there is a novel idea, the U.S. Congress following the Constitution and obeying the law.  Dr. Paul made this point so clearly that I can see him now standing as President before the U.S. Congress and stating that congress will obey the Constitution that has made our country so great! He is not the type of individual to compromise the welfare of the American People for some short term political gain.  He was able to convince me that he is the man for the job of President.

   Dr. Ron Paul’s journey toward the office of President is not going ro be an easy road.  He will be opposed every step of the way by the democrat crooks and the republican crooks who wrongly believe that the U.S. can continue to spend our tax money recklessly and cover up their crimes by just printing more paper money.  He will be opposed by the Neo-communist left wing media that support the democrats at all costs.  He will be opposed by the Neo-Fascist right wing media that support the traditional republican candidates. 

   If you listen to the debate on the internet, I strongly believe that you will agree that Dr. Ron Paul is the only fully qualified candidate who can restore financial integrity to our economy and has the courage to force the congress to follow the Constitution and the law.  This wise man will restore greatness to America. 

                              R. Van Conoley

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