Broward County School Board Openings

   Presently the Broward County School Board has two openings on the school board because two board members resigned.  The Broward County Public School Board and the Broward County Public School System are well known for promoting fraud, waste, abuse, mismanagement, Nepotism, racism, and generalized incompetency. has written several articles about the Broward County Public School System.  By law, the Governor of the State of Florida is required by our constitution to fill these two vacancies.  Since Governor Rick Scott works for YOU, I suggest that you tell him directly whom you believe should be hired to fill these positions.  You can call the Governor at 1-850-488-7146.  Wait until the long message finishes, and then let the Governor know what you suggest.  Also, you can fax the Governor at 1-850-487-0801.  JUST STOP AND THINK ABOUT THE FACT THAT THE LAST TIME A SEAT WAS FILLED BY A GOVERNOR, IT WAS “WALKING LAWTON CHILES.”  Possibly Mr. Chiles needed a little extra advice since he appointed Miriam Oliphant. 

   I would suggest that Rick appoint two individuals who have full and comprehensive knowledge about finance in general and school finance in particular.  Also, I would want someone with enough courage to ask the superintendent very specific questions in public while the recorders are running.  I would like to see two individuals who are just more than wealthy fund raisers for Rick Scott.  It might even be a good idea to require candidates for this position to answer questions in public. 

   I am sure that Governor Scott will select two highly qualified and intelligent individuals who will support open, honest, and clean government.  I am also sure that the Detroit Lions will win the Superbowl this year. 

                                   R. Van Conoley  ——  PS Did I mention that one former school board member is in jail and two other former board members are awaiting trial?  Well don’t worry too much.  It seems that one of the former board members awaiting trial is going to be a judge in a parade.  ONLY IN BROWARD COUNTY.

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