The Cowboy, The Chicago Huckster, and Michael Moore

   Michael Moore is an example of a political activist that I both like and dislike.  I like the Michael Moore who has been so effective in explaining how the ” health care lobby”  was able to “buy” many U.S. Representatives and many U.S. Senators.  Both my wife and I thought that Moore’s movie “SICKO” was excellent.  Great praise from my wife who calls Mr. Moore an extreme leftist.  In spite of the name, the movie was in good taste and provided a great amount of FACTUAL INFORMATION that the public should know. I recommend this movie to anyone who has not seen it although an updated version may soon be in order.

   At one time, I enjoyed Michael Moore’s book titled: ” STUPID WHITE MEN.”  It is an indisputable fact that stupid white men have made a great mess of the government here in the U.S. in recent years.  The strong implication of Mr. Moore’s book is that an Asian,  or a Hispanic, or a Native American, or a Black, or a woman would be a great improvement over the stupid white men we have had as presidents of the U.S. in recent years.

   Well, the American voters elected a Black man as president in 2008.  Even though I voted for a third party candidate in 2008,  I thought that it was absolutely impossible for any individual to be as stupid as President George W. Bush ( Bush 43 ).  I was wrong.

   I am absolutely amazed that President Obama is even stupider than President Bush-43.  All of the dumb things that President Bush was doing were continued and expanded upon by Barack Obama.  Even Bush’s inane educational reform known as ” No Child Left Behind” was replaced with an even dumber program known as  “Race To the Top.”  Now America has learned that a Black man can be dumber than the dumbest of the of the stupid white male presidents. 

   Possibly Mr. Moore owes the American public an apology.  Possibly Mr. Moore should write a new book and get it done correctly the second time.  I suggest that Mr. Moore’s new book should state that gender, race, and religion are not important factors when selecting a president.  What America needs in a president is: 1) Intelligence, 2) Integrity, 3) Common sense, 4) Real world work experience outside of the political field, and 5) An honest desire to work for the American People and follow the Constitution of the U.S.

   If the American People fail to understand this concept, America might get a ” Cowboy President” riding into Washington with his famous father’s Rolodex of billionaire donors and oil company tycoons.  Or even worse, America might get a Constitutional Lawyer whose main ambition seems to be to subvert the U.S. Constitution while surrounding himself with ” political thugs” from Chicago.  God help us if that ever happens.  It could bring on great unemployment and a depression.

                                                 R. Van Conoley

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