Wasting Your Tax Dollars

   Sanityandsense.com has posted several articles about state managed public employee pension funds and explained why they are either going broke or have negative cash flows that can not be sustained.  Unfortunately even the act of returning federal tax dollars to city governments often results in more government waste.  Some important and easily understandable facts follow.

   From February, 2009, to March, 2010, the city of Los Angeles received over 500 million dollars from the federal government.  Of course, this 500 million dollars came from federal tax dollars collected from all tax paying Americans.

   Of that $ 500 million, about $ 111 million went to two city departments.  The two departments were the public works department and the transportation department.  According to reliable financial records,  these two departments managed to create or save 55 jobs.  That computes to over $ 2 million for each job!

   The cesspool of public corruption is not just in Washington, D.C.  Many city governments in the U.S. are corrupt.  In the state of Florida, the Broward County Public School System has become known all over the U.S. for their ongoing fraud, waste, abuse, mismanagement, Nepotism, racism, and generalized administrative incompetency.  Readers are encouraged to google Broward County Public Schools Cesspool for a listing of articles on sanityandsense that relate to and explain this ongoing form of public corruption. 

                                                       R. Van Conoley

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