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Part 6 : Facts and More Facts

   If marijuana were legal in the U.S., our government could save $ 8 billion each year in enforcement costs.  Also,  it is estimated that it would bring in about $ 8 billion in tax revenues each year.  ********************************************************    … Continue reading

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PAC Man Perry: The story behind Governor Rick Perry of Texas.

   The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are collectively called the CDC.  The CDC is a federal agency supervised by the Department of Health and Human Services.  The CDC is located in Atlanta, Georgia, and is the main federal … Continue reading

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Influenza Vaccine and Thiomersal

   On Monday, I received a phone call from Walgreen’s Pharmacy in Orange City, Florida.  Sheryl informed me that the pharmacy had some influenza vaccine available WITHOUT  thiomersal.    I went over to Walgreen’s pharmacy and I got my yearly … Continue reading

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Yellow Journalism and the Orlando Sentinel

   As a resident of DeBary, Florida, I sought election to the DeBary City Council in 2005 and in 2008.  Between 2005 and 2008, I was active in supporting my candidate for Volusia County School Board in 2006.  I supported … Continue reading

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Who Read Sanityandsense In August, 2011?

   The number of readers of sanityandsense continued to increase in the month of August/2011. The explosive exponential growth which has lasted for almost a year has given way to a more modest form of growth defined as linear growth.  … Continue reading

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The Real Michele Bachmann Defined

   Michelle Bachmann at age 16 attended a prayer meeting in her cheerleading uniform.  Ms. Bachmann stated that she was not a serious sinner but asked God to “cleanse me and change me and turn me into His likeness.”     … Continue reading

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